Court Adjourned For A Second Day Due To Persistent Technical Problems

The trial of former Liberian president Charles Taylor was adjourned for a second day in a row due to persistent technical problems with the courts hardware system, thus impeding the court’s ability to produce live notes of the transcripts inside the court room.

When court resumed this morning, presiding judge Richard Lussick informed all parties present that “the problems yesterday are still with us today.”

Proceedings in the trial were adjourned yesterday due to the same technical problems with the court’s live notes.

He said that the parties in court had agreed that the trial be adjourned for the day so as to give the technicians the opportunity to fix the problem. He, however, added that “the chamber is considering proceeding tomorrow using limited technology if this problem is not solved.”

The cross-examination of Mr. Taylor continues tomorrow.


  1. Yeh , Yeh ,Richard Lussick,
    President Taylor is not or will not say anything to you behind any kind of unpresidented close door.. The only group I have sympathy for in this technical delima is our hard working Tracey and her coworkers. Who knows wether you guys are playing some of your western tricks inoder to find mr. Taylor guilty in darkness..Your system is supported financially by the international community.. Your Technicians are well paid people.. infact, your system was up and running just at the last day of mr. Taylors’ cross examination, how come now your technical problem has gone so high with out you using these equipments during the reses…did it break during the reses???? Was somebody playing with it ?? what’s up?? Are you about to do what people are antecipating??(CHEATING)???? What kind of electromachenical equipment will just be sitting by itself without anyone fingering it , and will just get damaged.. Tell us what’s going on please,,, SAY THE TRUE OLDMAN !!!!!

    1. Noko5,

      Since my computer kept losing internet connection, I probably missed something, but I thought the problem with the system worked in CT’s favor. For instance, the audio interview with the BBC, the judges initially threw that out….during my time away, I am not sure if it was more audiable and permitted. If it was then, I stand to be corrected. If the judges earlier decision stood, I think the glitch work in the defense favor. Anytime new evidence is not allowed, system faulters or fails during cross examination, its good for the defense–I think.

      What I found interesting was the newspaper article that photographed Agnes in a chair with no image of a building in the back, but the new paper claimed that it was she in her mansion in Gbanga. That picture could have been taken anywhere, it could have been at Buchanan “flour mill” or at our Cousin’s place and her aunty’s place where she frequently visited while we where there–for those familar with Buchanan, on Tubman Street. Anyhow, that’s neither here nor there, but that document in my opinion should not have been allowed, it was vague (in my opinion).

      I think the day overall went to the prosecution team…..

      1. Bnker — After being unable to play the BBC audio on Monday morning due to the poor quality of the tape, the court was able to play an audible version of the tape after the judges returned from the lunch break that day.

        1. Tracey,
          Was the tape played and the poor quality prevent what was been said not heard or heard clearly and what happen to the tape. Why has the court not try to play the tape again?

          1. Hi Ken — the court had trouble playing the tape last Monday during the morning session because it was of bad quality and they could not get it to play in a way that everyone could hear it properly. They did manage to get it to work and play it on Monday afternoon.

          2. Thank Tracey,
            This BBC tape was a key piece of evidence that the Prosecution and their witnesses was depending on as a linkage to Mr. Taylor and the RUF. Would you ask Alpha to give more information and summary about it. Alpha fail to mention it in his weekly summaries.

          3. Hi Ken — I’ll ask Alpha if he is able to tell us more about it, or find out about it.

  2. Hi George Dillion — a warm welcome. I don’t think I have seen a comment from you before and I am glad you have joined us on this site.

    I just wanted to alert you for reference: we have one policy for this site in relation to comments: that is to focus on the issues and not on other readers (ie personal attacks or personally directed comments that could, under objective evaluation, potentially cause offence). For posts not meeting this policy, we ask people to revise their posts and then we are happy to post them.

    WIth the comment you just submitted, would you mind just removing the first sentence? I would be happy to post the remainder of your comment as is. If you need me to send it to you by email, I am happy to do so.

    Apologies for the inconvenience caused — but I hope you understand the reasoning behind our policy.


    1. Hi Tracey and thanks for both the welcome and clarification of rules governing the site. I totally agree and have re-phrased my post. Sorry for my irritation.

      George Dillion

      1. Hi George — not at all. I understand. This trial provokes emotional responses. Thanks so much for rephrasing — I do appreciate it. It is now posted.

  3. Noko5,
    What do you mean by accusing a decent man like Richard Lussick of “ playing some … western tricks inoder to find mr. Taylor guilty in darkness.” It is your “mr. Taylor” who belongs to DARKNESS with his blood stain hands, not decent people like Richard Lussick. Are you are one of those who are advocating for “mr Taylor” freedom so as to get some of his blood stained diamonds?
    The truth is that “mr Taylor” is douched with blood.

    George Dillion

    1. George Dillion,

      Be advised that this case is about Sierra Leone and not Liberia. I don’t know where you are leading us. Your statement of Noko5 advocacy of President Taylor release so as to get some of his “blood stained diamonds”, is a total joke.

      Dillion, where is the “blood stained diamonds” that Noko5 will receive after his release? The prosecutors are looking for the “blood stained diamonds”, but it’s nowhere to be found. They started looking since around 2003. Can you help by providing informations that will lead to the whereabout of the “blood stained diamonds”?

      Dillion, we are in court here. This is about the rule of law. This is about evidence. This is about facts. This is about documents. This is about justice. This is about proof. This is about fairness. However, this is not about “sidewalk talk”. What you have said, it’s not surprising, but familiar. In fact, we have heard far more worse thing than that which you have said.

      1. You don’t know where the blood stain diamonds at? Well I will tell you, it is in the 1.6 billion dollars asset Mr. Taylor had in the world bank. Oh maybe you should consider how did he turn into a billionaire over night. Other billionaires have account of how they turned into billionaire but not your Mr. Taylor. Oh……maybe the angel of the Lord give it to him, uh……that’s how.

        1. Lotson,
          You said that Mr Taylor’s wealth “is in the 1.6 billion dollars asset Mr. Taylor had in the world bank”? This is new evidence. infact i wonder why you have not provided this evidence to the prosecutors yet because it is not too late . this will really help the prosecutor’s case and provide evidence beyond reasonable doubt. but like you Taylor haters always do, you just make wild allegations without any evidence to back them up. I am not surprised.

        2. Lotson,

          This is my first post I’ve read of yours….I want to make some correction if I may, “world bank” if you are referencing the “World Bank” in DC, they do not hold personal account. The World Bank Group in DC is a financial, and investment institution set up by the world leading economies to stabilize economies and lend money to developing countries. They basically serve at times as financial intermediary btw investors (western countries) and borrowers (usually other nations). The World Bank has members and each country is supposed to pay dues based on several factors. They don’t keep personal funds for leaders or individuals.

          While it is believed that CT has a stach of money or monies out there, it is yet to be proven. I personally believe that he has money out there too (but my speculation does not translate to facts). In one of my latter threads to Jose, I explained the money retrieval process from the Swiss bank. It’s very much possible that he has money in the Swiss bank, but to get information on that account could take years, in fact just finding it might take a long time. First, Swiss bank accounts are not in the names of the account holder as in the USA. For bank secrecy, they issue a 10 digit pin, only known to the account holder and the bank computer system. While the SCSL could write the Swiss gov’t and request information on the account, the process is still long and frustrating. The court has to show or prove without doubt that CT stole the money, then it has to go through their court system and the crime (my the court SCSL standards) must also meet crime in the Swiss legal system. If it fails this litmus test, then the funds is not released. This process as explained is a “light speed” procedure. In reality this process is at best “snail speed”. As I suggested in that thread, it’s possible that the money that the court seek, if it’s in that bank, they may not get it. The banking system in Switzerland prides itself in secrecy. In my opinion, I think they will try to convict CT without that account.

          Pleasing of convictions, I was reading the list of those convicted by the court in SL for crimes against humanity. Some where sentenced to 45 and 50 years plus…in some cases there were verdict for over 300 and 600 years, but (they) were later reduced to 50 or more year. Those guilty of 15-18 counts were given the heaviest sentences of 300 and more years, initially.

          I will look forward to more of your threads and follow up on them….thanks and happy New Year

        3. Sam
          I’m not making any wild allegations without evidence. Taylor was questioned in December 2009 about the 1.6 billion dollars account in his name, as posted on front page Africa website at he (Taylor) agreed that it was in his name but that the money was for the Liberian government. Does that make any sense? why will the Liberian government money be in an individual name and wasn’t turn over to the next administration until it was publicize? he only said that because he couldn’t give account of how he got the money.

          Sam don’t be guesting on whether I hate Charles Taylor because I do, really really do. I hate him and every thing about his evil acts he carried on in Liberia. Unfortunately Liberia is not suing him so that’s why I wish he’s proven guilty so he will face justice. yeah I said it and I enjoy saying it. I hate him and all others that are keeping the people of Africa suffering each and everyday. All those who don’t see better ways to help Africa accept bringing blooded wars on our people to get their own benefit.

          bnker, you said this is my first comment you’ve seeing on this site. I wasn’t commenting until Tracey Gurd told VOA that there were lot of people hoping for Taylor to be set free while since I have been reading these comments, it has just been a handful of people who have nothing to do but to write 10 to 15 comments repeatedly to show that Taylor have lot of supporters.

        4. Lotson,

          You are misrepresenting the facts here!! Where is the blood stained diamonds? However, your website that you provided did not tell us anything about any blood stained diamonds. GOOD TRY THOUGH.

      2. jOSE,
        Thanks very much for taking that trouble from my head. I am happy you give him the kind of tutorial he needs. Brother Dillion, I hope Jose time he took off his normal duties to give you these lessons will not go to waste… Please take some time at some point to extend thanks and appreciations….

        1. Lotson,

          the website you provided, did not say anything about 1.6 billion dollars. On top of that, it says LBDI Bank and not foreign banks. Besides, it did not mention Sierra Leone money or diamonds with respect to the account.

    2. George Dillion,

      Welcome to this site. It would be good if you focus on the trial and never play with fire like noko5.

      Harris K Johnson

      1. Ohoo, I see Noko is a fire so nobody can play with him even if he deliberately tries to assassinate the good character of other people, right? You guys are all jokers

  4. Mr. George Dillion,

    Can you point to where those Blood stained Diamonds are, perhaps the Prosecution will finally have some solid evidence against Mr. Taylor. Look George Dillion, We’re not on this blob with empty and unproven lies, this is my first time reading your comment on this blog and you’re coming-up, all Swinging at the wrong man NOKO5, take your time my dear friend. Don’t let your hate sentiment take control of your utterances because, Pro-Taylor folks are all about evidences, not hear-say and bogus statements. I believed you came in with this new evidence we all have been awaiting for some time now. Please show us where those diamonds are, who bought them and we’ll also appreciate a traceable document to that effect. No empty PALAWA-hut talk/argument please. I agreed with you that Mr. Richard Lussick is a good man and that’s how far my bus will stop to say the least.

    1. Noko5, I really don’t know or understand what you mean by “We will revert….”
      However, I accept your welcome statement and thank you. As I said earlier, the truth is that your mr. Taylor is douched with blood and believe me the truth will always win.

      Jose, I sincerely understand that this case is partly about Sierra Leone but, look the innocent people who were victims of that tragedy in Sierra were human beings as well. We have already heard enough proof of Killer Taylor involvement in the killing and maiming of innocent people in Sierra Leon and believe me the spirits of those people are seeking Justice. Perhaps, you all were not affected one way or the other by this mad man action and so you are talking about “sidewalk talk”; but look Jose the joke is yours…wait and see.

      Aki, I may not have been following the trial up to this point but, I witnessed the madness of Charles Taylor and I believe justice will prevail.

      Grebo, I wish you and your “Pro-Taylor folks…” well. I may be swinging as you say but brother; I am hanging on the pendulum of Justice and time will tell. Thanks for agreeing with me that Mr. Richard Lussick is a good man…

      1. Dillion,
        What are some of the enough proofs that you say, you have heard in this fake case? Please answer this simple question?

  5. Lotson,

    I see you have strong dislikes for CT and you are at liberty to do such. I home that we Liberians can gather up the courage to seek justice for CT and other cohorts. If African are always afraid of their leadership and allow things to go unpunished, then the cycle of violence will never stop. In the interim, I think the general idea of these international courts is good, I see it as a check and balance mechanism. Since leaders think they are above their national laws and get away with crimes, guess what? There is the bigger net seeking prosecution now, its called the UN. This might keep these blood thirsty creatures at bay.

    The LBDI account thing, the “covert” account as CT calls it was a serious discussion in this room. Of course some will support it and others found it strange that a covert account would be in someone’s personal name and co-signers are not anyone within the security hierachy….anyhow, this was a long, long, looonnng discussion.

    1. Yes bnker. I do and anyone like me who was born during the evil days of men like CT and when through almost all of his youth days in war will definitely do but since Tracey said we should focus our comments on the trial, I respect that. I just wanted to express myself before getting on the issues of the trial itself, that’s all. At least I have introduce myself for those who don’t know to know my stand point in this case.

      1. Lotson,
        you are not more Liberian than the over 75% of Liberians that voted for him. Knowing what we know now,we are still supporting himand will continue to support him, until you guys can bring Ellen, Sawyer, Brownie Samukai and the rest to book.

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