As Prosecutors Conclude His Cross–Examination, Charles Taylor Maintains That “Lets Get Taylor” Conspiracy Brought Him To The Special Court for Sierra Leone

As the cross-examination of Charles Taylor drew to a close after almost two months, the former Liberian president repeated his claim that a conspiracy by western powers to oust him from Liberia is what landed him in the Special Court for Sierra Leone today.

“Throughout your testimony to these judges, you have talked about a  supposed conspiracy against you, and you have referred to this whole case as being about ‘let’s get Taylor’ and referred to is as a ‘construct’ — yes, Mr. Taylor?” asked lead prosecutor, Brenda Hollis.

“That is correct,” Mr. Taylor responded, arguing that the conspiracy was led by Britain and the United States.

Ms. Hollis pointed out that in Mr. Taylor’s own testimony, he had agreed that cooperation existed between his government and the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) when Mr. Taylor was in power in Liberia. He had also told the court that the CIA had even tipped him off to an assassination attempt against him, Ms. Hollis said.

And yet, Ms. Hollis continued, if there was such cooperation between the CIA and Mr. Taylor’s government, then the CIA would have been working against the interest of the United States – which, according to Mr. Taylor, wanted him out of office.

“Was the CIA part of this supposed conspiracy against Charles Ghankay Taylor?” Ms. Hollis asked.

“It could have been, because sometimes intelligence agencies do one thing on one side and do another thing on the other side. So it could have been,” Mr. Taylor replied.

Mr. Taylor also extended this supposed conspiracy against him to other institutions which included the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Union.

Asked whether former Sierra Leonean president, Ahmed Tejan Kabbah, was part of the conspiracy — considering that the Sierra Leonean president had constantly accused him of providing support to Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels in Sierra Leone — Mr. Taylor demurred.

“Oh, Kabbah is in a little different boat. Kabbah was doing what he had to do as president of Sierra Leone. I don’t know as to whether he was part of that conspiracy. But Kabbah was doing what came natural for him as president of Sierra Leone given the situation,” Mr. Taylor said.

“So you are saying that he was simply doing the bidding of others, Mr. Taylor?” Ms. Hollis enquired further.

“I would say that, yes,” Mr. Taylor responded.

Responding to a question as to whether Maxwell Khobe, the former Nigerian commander of the West African peacekeeping force that was based in Sierra Leone was part of the conspiracy, Mr. Taylor said no.

“No, Khobe is small potatoes. Khobe was doing what he was told to do. He’s small potatoes,” Mr. Taylor said.  

The former president also exempted other military commanders of the West African peacekeeping troops, including General Timothy Shelpidi, General Victor Malu and General Mujakpero from involvement in the conspiracy against him.

“When it comes to these military people I don’t put them in this conspiracy thing. These military people were more concerned about getting their work done or whatever. No, they are not a part,” Mr. Taylor said.

These military commanders, all, at one point or the other, accused Mr. Taylor of providing support to RUF rebels in Sierra Leone.

According to Mr. Taylor, former Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo was not part of the conspiracy against him, but was pressured by the United States to arrest Mr. Taylor and transfer him to the Special Court for Sierra Leone. This pressure, according to Mr. Taylor, forced Mr. Obasanjo to yield to the conspiracy.

Ms. Hollis, in disagreeing with Mr. Taylor’s alleged ‘conspiracy’ theory told the former president that he was in court because he had brought untold suffering upon the people of Sierra Leone. Mr. Taylor disagreed with Ms. Hollis’ allegation.

“And as the leader of the NPFL [National Patriotic Front of Liberia] and president of Liberia, your actions brought immeasurable suffering to countless victims in Sierra Leone, to your African brothers and sisters, that’s the truth of it, isn’t it Mr. Taylor?” Ms. Hollis asked Mr. Taylor.

“That’s not the truth. I’ll care about them more than you,” Mr. Taylor responded.

As she concluded her cross-examination of Mr. Taylor today, Ms Hollis has this to say to the former president;

“And Mr. Taylor, at the beginning of your testimony on 14 July 2009, your defense counsel asked you if you were guilty of the charges on the indictment, and you said you were not guilty of all these charges, not even a minute part of these charges. Mr. Taylor, the tragic truth is that through your choices and through your actions, Mr. Taylor, you indeed are guilty of all the charges in this indictment against you. That’s the truth of it, isn’t it, Mr. Taylor?” 

“I disagree. That’s not the truth of it. And that’s what you have to prove beyond reasonable doubt before these professional judges. I disagree,” Mr. Taylor responded.

“Madam president, the prosecution has no further questions at this time for this accused, former president Charles Ghankay Taylor,” Ms. Hollis concluded.

Mr. Taylor who is being tried for his alleged support to RUF rebels in Sierra Leone commenced his testimony as a witness in his own defense on July 14, 2009. His cross-examination by prosecutors started in November 2008 with the court taking a one month recess on December 11, 2009. Mr. Taylor’s cross-examination resumed on January 11, 2010. Mr. Taylor’s defense counsel will start re-examination of the accused witness when court resumes on Monday, February 8, 2010.


  1. The score reads Ms. Hollis & Mr. Koumjain 2 vs Mr. Taylor 19.

    Nothing else to be said…….

    I cannot wait for Perry Mason to give us a better understand of the FRESH EVIDENCES. This time around, Mr Taylor will be given ample time to EXPLAIN.

    1. Hi Tracey/Alpha

      I must have missed something pertaining to the judge’s ruling on appeal. Did the prosecution file for an appeal but was denied by the judges. From my understanding the appeal was based on (3) rules that governor’s the court the prosecution believed were violated.

      Judge Sebutinde stated that their formal decisions for the denial will be post probably next week for the public.

      What was that all about? I don’t want to speculate, I log on in the middle of judge Sebutinde’s ruling.

      1. Hi Big B — I do not know but hopefully Alpha will be able to help out on this next week (I’ll be away until the 15th now).


        1. Tracey,

          Have a wonderful time off. You deserved it.

          If you are going home to Austria please remember this time to bring back one of those famous Austrialian kangaroos for Ms Hollis. The only thing that is missing for her to turn this court into a kangaroo court is a kangaroo.

  2. All I can say is “WOW”!!! THAT IT?!! Ms. Hollis has to be ashamed of herself. The Sierra Leonian people could have benefited more from the money spent on this trial to help those affected and help rebuild their country than to put it in prosecuting one individual, who up to now, has not by any standard being proven guilty.

    What a waste of money, time, and reputation.

    Set Taylor Free!!!! The proof was not in the pudding!!!

    1. Yea and Fallah too. He has kept mute since it has finally dawned on the prosecution supporters that Ms Hollis and Mr Koumjian had no smoking gun to produce in their cross examination.


  4. Eagle-eye,

    You told us to be patient that the evidence was going to come just coupl of week ago. Do you still want us to be patient? Eye, there is no proof. The prosecution has rested their case. I can imagine how disappointing it may be for you and even including me. Anyways, Now you know, how these guys go about destroying people.

    Folks, I must concede. This battle is not over yet. In fact, it is just the beginning. Though, we all know that the prosecution has failed miserably to prove beyond all reasonable doubts to the court and the world at large, that this man bears the greatest responsibility. But, beware, that they will embark on a massive propaganda spree. And folks, we don’t have the resources to even match or even come close to their PR war. Like I always say, had not it been for this great site, man old man, this trial was over long time in their favor. Guys, justice will be served. President Taylor is innocent.

  5. Guys please help me out here, was there any evident presented against Mr. Taylor so far by the prosecution? A document with his signature, a satellite image, video tape, audio recording, whatsoever that incriminates him. Or did the prosecution based there case only on “They say” a third and forth parties account?

    Alpha I like to thank you guy for providing this opportunity to share our view in this proceeding. But without substantial evidence can one be convict of war crime?

    1. The notion that there is no evidence or insufficient evidence to convict Taylor borders on the delusional…..We have listened to a veritable army of witnesses who have testified as to Taylor’s involvement in the tragedy that was Sierra Leone, we have seen and heard the result of his destructive and pathological blood thirstiness, we have heard from his own mouth, the Lies, evasive answers,and blatant obfuscation, we have tracked down funds that were paid into his personal account as he had challenged the court to do, We also have a massive body of circumstantial evidence which go to both ‘Guilt and impeachment’.
      If the judgement was delivered today Taylor would be spending the rest of his life in jail….however, today is not ‘judgement day’ for Taylor, we need to hear his witnesses and the rest of the defence case before a definitive judgement is made and to that exten,t we would all do well to defer judgement till we have heard the entirety of the Prosecution and Defence cases.
      As Always Wadi’The Zima’

    2. Darkface,

      No solid, concrete, and and convincing evidence buddy. All their evidence on Sierra Leone is hearsay, they say, rumor, and, dead people.

  6. At long last, the cross examination of Mr. has ended. It all started with Liberia and ended with Liberia without Ms. Hollis and her team presenting a single proof that is convincing to the guilt of the accused former President Charles G. Taylor. I’m sure the victims of war in Sierra Leone are greatly disappointed and will never forgive Ms. Hollis and her team. Hey you Taylor haters, where are the millions?

    Harris K Johnson

  7. Well folks, the good news is that the first chapter of the defense case is over. I find it interesting how Mr. Taylor’s “western conspiracy” does not seem to include any Africans–I mean, he explained away the actions of all the Africans who accused him of the carnage in Sierra Leone. Secondly, I felt that some of the prosecution’s final questions were redundant and senseless. The prosecution should have known by now that it is senseless to ask Mr. Taylor if he is guilty because, for better or worse, he will never admit anything.
    So far, we have mainly seen the prosecution’s case. Let’s see what the defense has to say. It will be especially interesting to me to see what evidence the defense brings in support of Mr. Taylor’s “western conspiracy.” There seems to be much talk about this conspiracy, but very little in the way of directly observable proof.

    1. Paivy,

      Be advised, the burden of proof is on the prosecutors and not the defense. So buddy, the defense has nothing to prove: including the western conspiracy theory, and what soever you want them to prove. Thank you very much for finally saying “the prosecution final questions were redundant and senseless.” We told you from day one that there is no case against this innocent man about Sierra Leone. You didn’t believe us until the end of the prosecution’s deliberation. Paivy, this trial of Ghankay is about control and resources in Liberia and Africa, and not justice. They are however, using this trying in disguise. Let’s come together bro and move Liberia forward. Because that which unites us is much more greater than that which divides us. And that is Liberia.

    2. Paivy,
      Why you think the prosecutors were left with the BAGS to carry?? The defense did a ring around him that they had to BEG the judges to introduce NEW FRESH EVIDENCES….at last even the judges didn ‘t buy it….they THREW ALL in the trash bag.

  8. I can really wonder about the fanaticism of the guys – I mean the Taylorists. I can further wonder whether some of were ever in Liberia during tyranneous reign of “super wolf”.

    Take for example their agreement and applaud for diabolical lies that their “Role Model” made that he was not the killer of great sons of Liberia in the like of William Gabriel Kpolleh, Moses Duopu, Jackson Doe, Samuel Dokie, Dr. Stephen Yekeson and the list goes on and on and on! I can wonder whether they mean some of things they say and write in support of Mr. Taylor-and I really hate to refer to him as a “Mr”.

    I am saying this because I was opportune or rather unfortunate to be in Liberia to many of these things. I even saw Sam Dokie on the day he was arrested by Benjamin Yeaten at Gbarnga Police Station. And taylor lied that the Dokies were arrested by some other guys and killed before Yeaten could get there. What a tactical Lier!

    1. Sankolo,
      You got fooled by the prosecutors….they told us Sierra Leone ONLY but we were in Liberia from day one….

      Did you hear what former Chief Prosecutor Crane said….if he skips Sierra leone, we can still nail him for Liberia…so the game plan to get much out of him for Liberia…but what they didn’t see was that TRC holds AIR and nothing more….it will be thrown in the thrash.

  9. I think alot came out of Taylor. Base on what he denied the prosecutors will be able to bring in other witnesses and target his witnesses. Be award that the trial is just in the middle part of building judgement. More to come.

    1. Lotson,

      Is there a third round for the prosecution? When will this trial ever come to an end? Is this an open ended trial? Taylor alone defeated the prosecution and its witnesses with no help yet from his witnesses. UNBELIEVABLE.

    2. Lotson,
      What more can they bring?? They brought in the kitchen sink along with the bath tub and threw in the baby….and look at what she got….

      The defense can play it SAFER but this is politic case….GOD knows what will happen.

    3. Jose,

      I don’t think you should jump into conclusion about Taylor defeating the prosecution alone. You should reserve that for the judges of this case. It’s okay for you to believe that Taylor is TOTALLY innocent of all the charges. However, I wonder why he lied in his testimony about simple things… like the whereabout of his chief of protocol, about knowing an arm dealer, about recruiting child shoulders etc. He seems to remember everything else except for the ones that might implicate him. The prosecution might have not been able to proof beyond all reasonable doubt but I think that there is some element of truth in their allegations. Of course, my opinion doesn’t matter here, evidences are what counts.

      1. Elbee,

        I reserve every right to do or say what ever I think about this fake trial once it does not harm another person. So please leave me alone and think about your failed prosecution and how President Taylor has defeated them all by himself. If you say he lied about little things, do you know and have any idea how the little things will be abuptably transformed into the big 11 charges that he has been falsely accused of? As far as we and the records are concerned, he did not lie about little things. That’s your interpretation and not the view expressed among many.

        1. Right Jose Rodriguez, you have the right to say what ever you want but one thing for sure that I know is that the judges won’t look at your opinion. If the judges final judgement is for taylor to go down, your thoughts won’t be consider. That’s why I always say that the judges are not looking at how much taylor denied but how logical are the evidences of the prosecutors. So while you’re there cheering because Taylor didn’t agree, you’ll just be outside of what is going on. I don’t think anyone will even expect taylor to agree to the prosecutors claims that’s why he plead himself not guity on the first day of the trial.

        2. Lotson,

          Yes but, the judges will look at the facts and evidence. And as far as the facts and evifeces are concerned, the prosecution failed to prove beyond all reasonable doubts that this innocent man did what they say he did. As the result, Taylor will be set freed.

  10. You guys are rejoicing over nothing. Taylor has neither been proven guilty or not guilty. Further more, any decision rendered for or against him will be based on evidence and his defense. What you fail to realize is that Taylor spent more time accusing America and Britain than defending himself. Right now he’s walking on thin ropes. So follwo the trial and not your emotions!

    1. Togba,

      Forget about President Taylor a little bit, and show us the proof. Please don’t change the topic. Show us the proof so we can discuss it. No proof Togba.

      1. Several proffs were produced during the trial-the testmonies of amputees, colaborators and others. Even some of Taylor’s men testified against him. It was in Taylor’s interest to defend himself against these testimonies rather than labelling them as western conspiracy. Furhter more, many people saw how Taylor’s rebels paraded with Sierra leonians rebels in and out of Liberia. The prosecution provided these and many others. What other proofs you need?

        1. Togba,

          Lets look at your first proof, Amputees. One of the prosecution own amputated witnesses said, she was amputated by Kabbah’s army and not the rebels. Besides, no amputees ever said Taylor or his NPFL amputated them in relation to the charges. All the amputees pointed fingers to either Kabbah’s army, Komarjor, RUF, and AFRC, all Sierra Leonean groups. None of them ever said President Taylor amputated them or his NPFL.

          Second evidence: you said others. Who are the others? Dead people, hearsay, second, and third party? Please be specific. This is the same lie you guys continue to spread without proofs. Who are the others Mr. Togba so we can discuss it.

          Third evidence: you said some of Taylor men testified against him. This is true. Produce the statement that they made in relationship to the charges. Did they say Taylor was the head of the RUF? Did they say Taylor bears the greatest responsibility? What did they say that was factual and incriminating? Even V.P. Moses Blah was asked specifically as to whether Taylor was involve with the RUF as charged. He said: “I don’t know.”

          Forth evidence: People saw Taylor rebels with Sierra Leoneans rebels parading in and out of Liberia. Just so you know. There was no such thing as Taylor rebels when we elected him as president. It was the Republic of Liberia security forces. Moreso, he personally told you and the world that his role as serving as a point man in the Sierra Leonean peace process, made it possible for him to host the parties involved in the conflict. He served within the capacity of a peacemaker in the Committee of Five. He showed you documents. Your failed prosecution could not disprove him by providing document on the contrary.

          Togba, just between you and I, you can not show any proof. That’s how hard it is on you bro. Just imagine, the great powers can not prove anything, do you think you can prove it? Prove it Togba.

    2. You must be NEW to this case….he answered questions as to put him unless you are telling us ALL the questions were about Britain and America.

      There isn’t much to follow…if the judges go on the MERITS of the evidences compound that with the MANDATE of this court….Mr. Taylor will WALK but we wait.

    3. Togba,

      Who was President George W. Bush?

      What country was he president for?

      Why Bush Told Taylor to step down, no matter what, and leave his homeland and go into exile?

      Why Bush said he was not meeting Obasanjo until Obasanjo turn Taylor over?

      What nationality is David Crane, Stephen Rapp, Brenda Hollis, Nicholas Koumjian? All white Americans.

      Which country is the highest donor to this court? Ok, Time for Great Britian.

      Which country was Tony Blair Prime Minister for?
      Who is Tony Blair?
      Which country has already built “jail house” specifically for Taylor?
      Which country single handily drafted the U.N Resolution of the arm embargo on Sierra Leone and wilfully broke it?
      Which country spearheaded the sanction and embargo on Liberia?
      Which country investigators are searching for Taylor alleged 5 billion dollars, according to Tracey Gurd?

      Togba, that’s what happen when “Big Countries” conspires. There is no way you can possibly denied any of these questions, if you truthfully answered. These are facts. There are documents, video recording, resolution, meeting, and etc ,available right now all over the world about Bush and Blair involvement in destroying Taylor. But you, Togba, can not show anybody one proof of Taylor being captured in Sierra Leone as an illegal enemy combatant. You can not show any proof of Taylor being the head of the Rebels. You can not show the 5 billion dollars. You can not show the diamonds. Look bro, my lunch break is over. Therefore, I have to go back to work.

      1. Jose Rodriguez

        If more than one of your friends say they saw an apple tree full of apples. The only question is “how many apples were on the tree”. In Mr. Taylor case it is what is he doing associating with the RUF. The prosecution have proved that Mr. Taylor had the means to supply arms (Mr. Taylor admitted he broke UN sanction to import arms to defend himself). In addition the prosecution supplied witnesses that indicated they saw NPFL soldiers fighting with the RUF (Mr. Taylor did not deny the possibility) and supplied witness testimony that contradicted Mr. Taylor version of his relationship with the RUF. One thing is clear Mr. Taylor and the RUF had a ongoing relationship. The only thing that convinced me that the relationship was for peaceful purposes was Mr. Taylor testimony (which is pretty much hearsay). You mention “that’s what happen when “Big Countries” conspires”. It’s more like “this is what happens when small countries goes against the grain and try to conspire”. A comment Mr. Taylor made during his testimony drew me to this conclusion. He said every thing he did in Liberia was for the best interest of Liberia. Liberia would have benefited if we had control or a major influence over our neighboring countries. Maybe for selfish reason or Liberia’s interest Mr. Taylor tried to take a play out of the west hand book.

        1. Al Solo Nyonteh,

          To me, this is Solo versus Al Nyonteh in your post. I get no fish to fry in your oil.

        2. Al Solo Nyonteh

          Almost the entire world said Sadam Hussin Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction. Even his own Arab people and some top Iraqi politicians said he had it. Remember that? Where is/was the WMD? Guess what? It was G.B. and U.S. leading the charges again. Nice try though.

      2. If we follow your logic than Taylor is indeed guilty as charged because of the following
        1. He had the largest rebel group in West africa.
        2. He had the backing of Libya’s Mohamed Gadafi
        3. He had the money and influence to finance a war in Sierra Leone

        Further more, it was clear that Taylor and his cohorts were imposing hardship on their own people. He ran the entire country from his home on Congo town and used the nation resources to enrich himself and his cronies and support conflicts in other countries. This man had the power to set himself up among the world greatest leaders but used that opportunity to kill innocent people and render his country bankrupt. These are the facts that Britain, america, France and other country used to openly challenge the Taylor regime. I believe you guys are venting your anger on America because you are nostagic and miss following him, for no sound and objective person who lived through taylor’s barbaric rule will ever want to see him go with impunity. Sorry guys, but your buddy will not get less than a hundred years for his crimes. He’s toast!

        1. Togba,
          I have not approved your post of 2010/02/10 at 12:38am because some statements such as the adjective you used to describe Taylor’s rule and the last two words seem like an attack, which violates the site’s policies of focussing on the issues in the trial. Kindly rephrase and i’ll be happy to get your comment posted immediately.

        2. Togba,

          What logic of mine that gave rise to your ranting? However, Taylor is not on trial for what you have listed. Besides, you have not proven none of the things you said this innocent man did. On top of that, you are not more Liberian, if you are even a Liberian than other Liberians. More importantly, knowing what we knew, we voted for him in mass droves in the 1997 election as our president. However, knowing what we know now, we will still vote for him. By any chance, do you remember that political slogan during the 1997 election? “you kill my ma, you kill ma pa, I will vote for you. Yes Togba, we will still sing that song and even more, if he is allowed to run in this coming election. Too bad for you bro.

  11. I don’t know, what others are seeing but my observations during this trial from day # one to now is that Mr. Taylor was accused of having greater influence over the Notorious RUF and did notting to exonorate himself, instead admitted to giving these guys money, small arms, lodgings, and communication equiptments under oaths he describe these gift especially the money was use to buy jeans, food at the time of their( RUF) visit to Monrovia.Those admissions along with his admission to Mr. Koumjian that he has lied to these judges under oath and not telling the truth during his direct that he knew via his Ivory coast connections, and later said he did not know rebel Leader Dr. Jonas Savimbi. His famous proclimations under oaths challenging anyone to produced a bank account in his name in foreign banks, which was produced by Mr. Koumjian, being caught in his lies, he attempted to sell that as the Liberian Government money but was put in his name for covert activities, that which he denials before. These were crucial admission in this trial that puts Mr. Taylor in bed with the notorious RUF gangs, and lies about other related issues in the region at the time. ie his accounts of non involvement in the rebel in activities in the Ivory coast, that lead to thousands of lives and properties, and his defense minister Mr. Daniel Chea’s contra account during his interview by a reputable news paper, which the panel accepted for identifications. Charles Taylor has lied under oath and justice is stearing in his face and QUILTY! it is.

  12. “Madam president, the prosecution has no further questions at this time for this accused, former president Charles Ghankay Taylor,” Ms. Hollis concluded.

    So all the noise and big mouth about diamonds, 5 billion dollars, arm shipment, command and control, greatest responsibility bearer, is this it? Ms. Hollis could not prove at least one of the charges. This is a shame for even some of your supporters who are still waiting patiently for the proofs. UNBELIEVABLE.

  13. I’m ashame and embarrassed by Ms. Hollis and the entire prosecution team. That’s all these people have on this man? Hague, free this innocent man and sent in back to his homeland, Liberia, where he belongs. Let me make it clear, I am an unaffiliated individual to this case. I choose no side/sides. After watching all the prosecutors’ evidence, I see no case against Taylor on Sierra Leone. Perhaps, a case against Taylor about Liberia, may work. But again, the international community overplay their hand. They put all their eggs in one basket. The TRC is dead. So how can they use the document to get their Arch Devil, Taylor?

  14. Noko5,

    Will you still live up to your promise of buying me Beer when I get to the States? Pekin, I stop drinking beer for couple of years now. I drink RAMI MARTIN COGNAIC, DISARRINO ORIGINALE, WHICH IS THE WORLD’S FAVORITE ITALIAN LIQUEUR, AND THE SCOTCHISH PREMIUM WHISKY, WHICH IS CHIVAS REGAL.

    Noko5, how will we even meet each other, if I do come back to this states?

    1. Jose,
      Pekin, I will live up to my promise, so help me God. This is my email.( Let me know at any time. I am in Boston.

  15. Hey guys,

    I have not been able to follow the case as I religiously did before. However, during one aspect of the prosecution’s cross examination, Mr.Taylor was accused of misleading the court on his acquaintance with and knowledge of Jonas Savimbi. I did not follow through on this.

    Can anyone give me an update as to how did it end?

  16. Hang on guys, what are you basing your judgement on that Taylor is innocent or there were not enough evidence?. He has been charged with 11 count and though he did not accept any of the charges, like Issa Sesay, Morris Kallon etc the Judges will look at the eveidence and pass their ruling. I still beleive the prosecution did a very good and clever one as well.

    This wasn’t a case of grand standing as Taylor was never on the scene, it is a case base on delicate inter-connections. I will await the judges ruling but I think answer, I am not ware, I did not give those instructions all goes toward taylor downfall. Interesting this will get.

    1. EAGLE-eye, do you want us to still be patient for the evidence? You told us the to be patient just at least a week ago. We still have not seen the evidence, while the prosecutors have rested their case.

      1. don’t take off your pants until you see the woman. You see excited, and chanting about taylor being innocent. is the case over? One thing you have to realize is that the prosecutions case was more harder to prove. Record keeping in Africa is not as good as it is in the west, this made it difficult for them to find records to use as evidence. The little they had were rejected. So don’t use that word innocent so loosely, if that was your mother or sister being raped or amputated during the war you won’t be using that word. But they did the best with what they had. As of that question about the ampution, Blah testified that Sankoh complained to Taylor that his liberian boys were doing it and taylor’s responded by saying that it’s war and such things happen during war. We have this saying in sierra leone that human blood is very very powerful and that once you get it on your hands, it will work against it won’t be good for you, and taylor has the blood of the sierra leoneans on his hand, so their deaths are not going to go in vain, and that’s a guarantee, i want you to remember this when it’s all said and done. If he gets acquited here (which i doubt), Liberia is waiting and Sierra leoneans will still rejoice over that. See a lot of us are pleased at the fact that he was made to stand trial whether he goes free, meaning he was made to answer to some questions, and he spent a couple of years in prison already. So keep rejoicing and calling him God, or saint or whatever. It’s not over till the fat lady sings bra.

        1. Madman,
          Can you please delete the first sentence in your post. I am not sure that statement is suitable for public consumption on a site like this. Once you get rid of that statement, the comment will be posted right away.

    2. Eyes,
      The difference is, there were EYE WITNESSES to point to men out….which one of the so call witnesses said Mr. Taylor INSTRUCTED or GAVE them ORDERS??

  17. Hey gang….this might make for some interesting reading…Chuckie owes restitution of $22M and a long article on George Boley arrest. I think me might be locked up if the case is pursued. I really don’t understand why he doesn’t have a green card. His wife is an American (not naturalized, but natural born US citizen). Anyhow, he is in deep trouble. Jose, I guess this serves as some redemption for your brother and others who LPC allegedly murdered. He was killed at LAC right? My cousin-in-law was the former MD at LAC for years.

    I wonder if this is a message to all warlords. Some of the warlords in Liberia have families here in the States and upon their arrival at JKF, would they be picked up for torture and other war crimes committed in Liberia? Tracey can you speak to this? Is it possible? Well, I guess since we (Liberia) don’t want to do it, someone is doing it for us.

    Yea, but read below—–

      1. I have told you….those who are on the TRC recommendation should face the consequences of their actions. So my question to you this, what are you doing to ensure that Taylor and Boley face trial in Liberia? If BJ is recommended for action sure, let it be, but he is not….unlike the others. Was BJ the founder of Black Beret or was it Sawyer? I am somewhat surprise why Sawyer was not on the list though.

        1. Bnker,

          For the Black Beret, it is two in one. Dr. Sawyer bearing the greatest responsibility and the warlord and notorious rebel leader of Black beret, B.J. turned defense minister should be charged with war crimes and answer questions from the Liberian people about their involvement of the killings and destruction of our country.

  18. Tracey,
    Although you will be away unitil the next week Monday. Please try to continue posting our blogs. As you know this week the redirect of Charles Taylor begins and it may be asking too much of Alpha to summarize the hearings and post our comments in a timely manner as well.

  19. well after getting up at 4.00am to listen to this trial. i think the man is free………thats it…..
    the proof was not in this pudding ms hollis. and it was sure not in mr kungin work i know i spell kungin wrong but thats ok it is as good as his work..(the pit-bill) mr kungin ha….did not make the grade=(

  20. “It could have been, because sometimes intelligence agencies do one thing on one side and do another thing on the other side. So it could have been,” Mr. Taylor replied.

    The statement of a desperate man. When a desperate man cannot offer concrete evidence to refute an allegation (which is actually written down in court records), then he offers us speculation about what ‘could have been’. That’s not going to work in court.
    I also take issue with the comment about the British government working against Taylor. If, as Taylor has pointed so so so often, he was working tirelessly to rid Sierra Leone of the rebels, why would the British government want to get rid of him? I’m afraid some things just aren’t adding up.

    1. Richard B,

      Connect your quote of President Taylor to a specific issue so we can discuss it. However, you were the same person who said if one contradicts his/herself in court, this person has no credibility. I pointed to you how the prosecutors contradicted themselves alone with their paid witnesses, and I even give you example. You are yet to reply. However, so boss, the quote you are giving, is in reference to what?

    2. Richard B,
      You are right that somethings are just not adding up. Like the United Kingdom offering to provide a prison cell for Mr. Taylor before the trial even begun. You go figure!

  21. Please help me out! you mean all this was for the people of Sierra Leone? Why was the persecutor asking questions related to the dealings in other countries other than SL? You mean to say SL is funding this trial? Trully this money would have been well used if the SL government used it to fund it national football team to prepare for AFCON. The masses would have benefited alot. Now there is this lots of shame on the part of those who initiated this conspiacy. I hope the jidges will not twist the stories to favour those unprofessional persecutors. Let CT free!!! Let him go home and stay with his children and wife. He is innocent on the SL charges.

  22. I’m very happy to have found the OSI site, but admisingly I got it late when the case was about to close. I hope those Judges will uphold the Oath and standards of Justice. I believe in God, and Gods willing

  23. . For all to read: Below is an excerpt from the class action law suit filed against the TRC by and through its chairman Mr. Verdier. This section of the law suit quotes an act of the national legislature granting immunity to all persons who participated in the liberian civil war.

    Tracey, please allow this excerpt as it is public record and does not compromise your policy fear of legal action.

    ” That following a general and Presidential elections on July 19, 1997, the National Legislature enacted an act entitled “AN ACT TO GRANT IMMUNITY FROM BOTH CIVIL AND CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS AGANST ALL PERSONS WITHIN THE JURISDICTION OF THE REPUBLIC OF LIBERIA FROM ACTS AND OR CRIMES COMMITTED DURING THE CIVIL WAR FROM DECEMBER 1989 TO AUGUST 2003.” In relevant part, the Act states thus:

    “Whereas, there is a need for total reconciliation amongst Liberians of all ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds, within and out of Liberia.


    “It is enacted by the Senate and the House of Representatives of the Republic of Liberia in Legislature assembled:

    “SECTION 1: That from and immediately after the passage of this act, immunity is hereby granted from both civil and criminal proceedings against all persons, officials of Government, Representatives of warring factions and former combatants within the jurisdiction of the Republic of Liberia from all acts, and or crimes committed by them during the 13 (thirteen) years and 8 (eight) months of the civil wars covering from December 1989 to August 2003.

    “SECTION 2: This Act shall take effect immediately upon the publication in hand bill.”

  24. Is this it???? What a shame and disgrace to the prosecution that after all of these years, the only thing that they could bring to court was he say, she say, they say, them say, dead person say, supermodel say, mystery man say, and say say say. What a disgrace!!!!

    But one interesting thing this trial has done is to finally vindicate Taylor that he stole the Liberian people money. Despite the “twist logic” of the prosecution, all their so-called fresh evidence that Taylor opened a private bank account in Liberia shows clearly, by their own accusation, that those monies were spend inside Liberia for the purpose to defend and secure the Liberian state, from military aggression sponsored by powerful countries.

    The prosecution own evidence, as they have alleged , that Taylor used the money to paid ATU, militia, and other security forces. If we accept this argument from the prosecution, it shows that Taylor did not used the Liberian people money for his personal use but rather used the money to fight a war , in defense of the Liberian people. Wow! The prosecution has vindicated Mr. Taylor here.

    Then another silly charge by the prosecution is that President Taylor give business contracts to his cronies, mostly those in the Taylor’s government or his personal friends. Lets accept this silly line of argument for a minute. Even if Taylor did that, are those people not Liberians? This is the whole reason that Taylor was dislike by the west because after more than a century since independence, Liberians did not have any control over their natural resources and have not been allow to participate in owning shares in commerce businesses. Charles Taylor changed most of this and insisted that Liberians must have a share of their own nation’s wealth.

    All of those Lebanese business people that the prosecutor has named in this trial have been doing business in Liberia for more than 20-30 years before Charles Taylor became president of Liberia. But the prosecution presented their case , as if to suggest that it was Charles Taylor that granted these Lebanese business people the right to do business in Liberia. President Charles Taylor has been view and vilified by people like Ms. Hollis and other multi-national corporate interests because Taylor insisted that business in Liberia will not be as usual. Taylor insisted that the Liberian people must participate in the business of their own natural wealth, and this is the reason that this case came to trial.

    Charles Taylor is no saint but no serious rational thinking Liberian can deny the positive effects of his presidency , in terms of the thought process of Liberians to engage in their own business and stand on the own two feet. This was the essence of the Taylor’s presidency, to inspire Liberians that they were Africans, and that they were wealthy , and that we should stop relying on handouts from people that only wanted to used and abuse us. This consciousness that Taylor introduced into the minds of Liberians, is what has made him the most HATED person by international profiteers and exploiters. The prosecution has proven nothing. This case is just the “twisted logic” of the prosecution. TOTAL TOTAL NONSENSE!!!

    1. King Gray,

      I salute you. Very well said and an extremely good analysis and pinning down of the situation as it exists. Great piece of posting bro!

  25. Lotos,

    Just one thing, the prosecutor case has finished so they can not bring any witness back. So whatever you heard from the prosecution, that’s it, Sorry.

  26. The notion that there is no evidence or insufficient evidence to convict Taylor borders on the delusional…..We have listened to a veritable army of witnesses who have testified as to Taylor’s involvement in the tragedy that was Sierra Leone, we have seen and heard the result of his destructive and pathological blood thirstiness, we have heard from his own mouth, the Lies, evasive answers,and blatant obfuscation, we have tracked down funds that were paid into his personal account as he had challenged the court to do, We also have a massive body of circumstantial evidence which go to both ‘Guilt and impeachment’.
    If the judgement was delivered today Taylor would be spending the rest of his life in jail….however,r today is not ‘judgement day’ for Taylor, we need to hear his witnesses and the rest of the defence case before a definitive judgement is made and to that extent we would all do well to defer judgement till we have heard the entirety of the Prosecution and Defence cases.
    As Always Wadi’The Zima’

  27. Wadi-Williams, all the evidences and witnesses you talking about was based on they say, he say, she say and all say say. Can you imagine some of the witnesses saying, John told me that Mary told his aunt but that aunt was told by Paul before he died. But Paul said he was told by Moses who overheard someone on the telephone talking but he did not know who the person on the telephone was. Are you serious that this court should find President Taylor guilty because of those kinds of evidence.

    Worst of all, the very witnesseses contradicted their own statements on many occassions. When asked the first time, they would say they was told my John, second time they was told by Peter, third time they heard the news but cannot remember where. Often those witnesses famous statement when confronted by Defense counsels, they would say “my brain is not a computer.” It just seems like all the prosecution witnesses were coach to make the same excuses, because all of them were saying that their brain not computer.

    More wrost, the prosecution witnesses contradicted one another, for example , one of their they say witness said that someone told him that Taylor provided arms to RUF and the arms was brought on a helicopter by Issay Sessay. Then another prosecution witness , one of those SLeons who the government of Liberia recriuted into the ATU. That ATU prosecution witness rode on that very helicopter to escort Issy Sessay to the Liberian border. That very ATU prosecution witness said that there were no arms on the helicopter and that Taylor only give Issy Sessay and his boys some money to buy jeans and other clothes in Monrovia, those were the only things they took with them on the helicopter. So you can clearly see that that the prosecution witnesses were not credible, they all contradicted one another , and their evidence were not direct, it was based on they say news.

    Imagine, another prosecution witness said that he heard Sam Bokarie talking to somebody on the phone and saying yes sir chief , so he knew right away that Bokarie was talking to President Taylor. Is that credible evidence? Above all, all of the prosecution witnesses were paid by the prosecution to come and tesitified. They were given huge sum of monies. “TOTAL TOTAL NONSENSE!!!”

  28. Jose,
    if you sincerely feel as though he should be there, seek it. You still didn’t answer my question abt Boley and CT.

    1. Bnker,

      1. Jose
        So, if you think reading needs “hearing aid”, then what a bomber, your logic is already flawed already…..let’s see you ask me one question over, over with the same context and I answer it more than often for you, but I don’t seem to wonder about “hearing aid” for you, but I wonder about other things, but I will be polite, “I” and there is another letter that comes after “P”. You know the question, where I stand with this trial, you seem as though you want CT guilty, why don’t you just say so, you are having your internal struggles with coming out with your position, tell me where you stand on this trial, come clean….and I politely answer them all the time, but never saw the need to suggest a hearing assistance, but since you’ve clarify that repeated question means possible a low ability to conceptualize or digest ideas, I gotcha…thanks!

        On the TRC report, if you think they should implement it before the trial is out, lets push for it. I am in favor. I personally think it should be implemented immediately. Join me, lets move forward and get all our trouble makers their offices in Grand Gedeh. You talk about prosecution of Ellen, the report don’t recommend that, so that means you don’t like the report in its current form?

        1. Bnker,

          You and I are communicating through this medium. Is a form of talking to each other. Either you are not listening or reading. These are all forms of communication. However, technological advances have made it possible to talk to someone from afar.

          Concerning the implementation of the TRC report, you and I have a unity of purpose. We both agree that it should be implemented and now!!! Why the president has not acted in a way of respecting this document by first adhering to the 30 years ban imposed on her? Why is she referring it back to the Liberian people to decide? When it came to President Taylor extradition, she did not say the Liberian people will decide. Instead, She unilaterally took that decision. Whether for good or bad reason, the Liberian through their Parliament did not sign on that decision.

          Bnker, you are absolutely right, when you said, the notorious rebel leader of Black Beret turned Defense Minister name is not on the TRC list. You are also right, when you said, Ellen is not named for prosecution by the TRC. However, the time will come, that Ellen will face justice. Mark my word. Not only Ellen alone, but also, Dr. Sawyer, Dr. Fahnbullah, Brownie Samukai, and all those trigger happy warmongers.

  29. Jose,
    In regards to the implementation of the TRC report, I don’t know the hold up. This is being volleyed btw the executive and legislative branch. It will not hold unless the Liberian people demand it.

    Again, if you think these guys need to be prosecuted, then call for it. Don’t just sit there, do something. Sawyer is in Liberia and so is the so-called, Progressive group.

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