RUF Rebels Used Terror Even Among Themselves, Witness Says

A defense witness for Charles Taylor today agreed with prosecutors that Sierra Leonean rebels used terror to keep themselves under control during Sierra Leone’s brutal 11-year conflict. He told Special Court for Sierra Leone judges that he was terrified when Sierra Leonean rebels killed their own colleagues, adding that it was out of such fear that he quit the rebel movement in Sierra Leone to join Mr. Taylor’s Liberian armed forces.

Under cross-examination, John Vincent, a former Training Commandant for Sierra Leone’s Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels today told the court that members of the group sometimes killed their own colleagues under mysterious circumstances. Mr. Vincent further said that sometimes the RUF rebels killed their own colleagues while fighting with enemy forces.  This, he said, caused some RUF rebels to live in constant fear. In response to questions from prosecution counsel Nicholas Koumjian about the use of terror by RUF rebels, the witness explained how he was also afraid for his life while serving in the RUF.

“Yes, I was afraid,” the witness said.

“So within the organization of the RUF, terror was used to keep control, isn’t that right?” prosecution lawyer, Nicholas Koumjian asked.

“Yes, as you rightly said, people felt they could do bad things, at least to keep them in their command position or make them powerful, I don’t know what their reasons were,” Mr. Vincent said.

Mr. Koumjian asked whether the witness was afraid “that the way that you would be killed is you’ll be going to the front line, someone will shoot you in the back and then they’ll say ‘oh John Vincent died in fighting with LURD’, correct?”

“Yes,” the witness said.

Mr. Taylor is charged with crimes including terrorizing the civilian population of Sierra Leone as part of his alleged responsibility for RUF rebels.  In soliciting answers on how RUF rebels used terror even among themselves, prosecutors are trying to establish that crimes committed by the RUF were a common practice and a consistent pattern. Prosecutors argue that Mr. Taylor was in a position of command and effective control of the rebels, he knew the rebels were committing crimes, and he failed to prevent or punish those crimes. Mr. Taylor has denied the prosecution allegations, telling the court that he never supported the RUF.

In talking about the reign of terror in the RUF, Mr. Vincent told the court today that because of such fear, he left the RUF and returned to Liberia where he was recruited as Colonel into the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) under Mr. Taylor’s presidency.

Mr. Koumjian drew the court’s attention to Mr. Taylor’s letter which he wrote to the Sierra Leone government under President Ahmed Tejan Kabbah in 1999, promising to take action against Sierra Leonean dissidents escaping to Liberia in line with a non-aggression treaty that exists between Sierra Leone and Liberia. Mr. Koumjian tried to get answers from the witness whether he, as a dissident, was arrested when he returned to Liberia after fighting with the RUF in Sierra Leone.

“No, I was not arrested,” the witness said.

“Mr. Witness, in this letter to President Kabbah when Charles Taylor promised to act immediately to arrest and keep in custody these dissidents from Sierra Leone which was a member of that treaty, that was a promise he didn’t keep, correct?” Mr. Koumjian asked the witness.

“Yes, according to the document, the promise was not kept because I have seen the document here,” Mr. Vincent responded.

Prosecutors have argued that in addition to providing support for the RUF rebels in Sierra Leone, Mr. Taylor also provided safe haven for them when they relocated to Liberia. Mr. Taylor has denied providing any such safe haven for Sierra Leone rebels, telling the judges that his aim was to help Sierra Leone attain peace.

Mr. Taylor himself was absent in court today as he stayed in his jail cell observing the Jewish Passover holiday.

Mr. Vincent’s cross-examination continues tomorrow.


  1. Passover is the celebration of God delivering President Charles Taylor out of slavery from the Blue eyes Devils, the Pharaohs.

    God commanded the Israelites to remember the Passover as a festival to the Lord for generation to come. (Exodus 12:14)

    President Taylor is chosen by God, he was born into God’s family by believing in his son Jesus, as our Messiah.

    President Taylor chose to be the sacrificial lamb in order for his people to be free.

    President Taylor, may the joy of Jesus Christ be with you every day!

    Happy Passover and Best wishes!

    1. @B
      ” Taylor is chosen by God, he was born into God’s family by believing in his son Jesus, as our Messiah.” You seem to be a little confused, one of the central doctrinal differences between judaism and christianity is that the former does not subscribe to the notion of jesus as the messiah or son of god.
      Further more, it is unfortunate that so many continue to cling to the delusional, and superstitious nonsence of gods ,devils etc If we wish to trace the pathology of the blood thiristy nightmare of our recent past we need look no further than these lunatic mindsets. It is these religiously induced superstitions, delusions and hatreds which have in the main informed the paroxysm of butchery which visited our region….We would do well to dispatch all these religions into the dustbin of history……..And to this extent, it matters not a dime, whether Taylor is a born again jew, christian, muslim or hindu, the issue is whether he is guility of crimes against humanity etc

      As Always Wadi’The Zima’

      1. Wadi,

        I am not sure who is confused here. If you revisit what I wrote, I was alluding to myself as a Christian and give reference to Jesus as our messiah.

        You are right though, there is a difference “between Judaism and Christianity and Judaism does not subscribe to Jesus as the messiah”.

        It was a Passover wish from a Christian to a Jew.

        If you are still not clear on this, please don’t hesitate let me know.

    2. @BigB
      Sorry 4 the delay in responding to your comments. I have just re-read your posting and as often as I repeat the process it still appears confused. At the risk of appearing pedantic let me deconstruct your posting.
      1)’President Taylor is chosen by God, he was born into God’s family by believing in his son Jesus, as our Messiah.’ What evidence do you have for these bold assertions? a) First you assume there is a god, then you go on to claim that he or she has chosen Taylor…Where is the evidence? Furthermore, what kind of psychopathic lunatic would chose a venal, blood thirsty, mass murderer like Taylor.If this were so, then god would also have to be in court charged with crimes against Humanity etc etc. You also claim that he(Taylor) believes in ‘Jesus as our Messiah’, this patently not the case, since by definition, as a jew, he cannot believe that jesus is yours or anyone else’s messiah’
      2)’President Taylor chose to be the sacrificial lamb in order for his people to be free’ This is verging on the delusional. Taylor did not ‘chose’ he was hunted down, captured and put on trial for crimes against Humanity and the only people he freed were the hordes of killers.
      As Always Wadi’TheZima’

      1. Dear Wadi Williams – first of all, my apologies for the delay in posting your comment. Secondly, your comment raised some concerns for me in the references you make to Mr. Taylor. On reflection, I realize you are expressing your opinion about Mr. Taylor, but I do want to draw your attention to the rules for commenting on this site, and that includes not flatly stating that any individual, including Mr. Taylor, is a criminal/murderer etc unless they have been proven to be so in a court of law. MR. Taylor has not been. I recognize your comment is a question indicating a personal opinion in order to make a point, but it does serve to highlight the line we are trying to draw here on the site. Just to refresh everyone’s memories, here is our policy for comments:

  2. Brovo! Devenport Noko 7 your last publications says volume and speaks to the hearts of this CT trial, especislly when you rightly stated CT’s proselytization to assist him to critically reflects on his mistakes, which lead to the lost of inocent lives and his absential to celebrate/observed a Jewish Passover which I must add that none of his vitims, namely Jackson F Doe, Sam Dokie, Dr. Steven Yekeson, Sam Bockarie & many others who were not afforded the oppoutunity of observing any holidays since this monster Charles Taylor mastermanded the seizing of their lives, and little did he know that today his witness John Vincent confirms one of prosecutors chief charges that Taylor provided safe haven to RUF fighters that had relocated to Liberia after their defeat in Sierra Leone. Taylor denied it, and Vincent has admitted being promoted to the rank of colonel in Taylor’s Armed forces of Liberia upon his return after fighting as an RUF from 1991 to 2003 and was never arrested. Taylor who has claimed in the past that he was a muslim, while working with Gaddafi and the Libyans before his entry into Liberia, and a christian after taking power in Liberia and now the change to judaism while behind bars is another attempt to fool the court but nobody is that stupid QUILTY it is…

    1. Ziggy Salis,

      You and your relished Noko7 need to take this Jewish Religious Holiday to reflect on your own character flaw and personal behavior problem and don’t worry about someone abomination against God’s law. I am pretty sure you are pruned to sins and you are not infallible as a result of you being a human being. However, the Bible says for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God; I think it is Roman 3:23(stand corrected) and you are included. However, you and Noko7 can preach on the topic sin all you want. But the prospect for the quick turn around of the prosecution fake case is dismal. It is not going to happen. You can fast and pray for God’s divine intervention as we all watch the death of the prosecution false case. But God sees through you and knows your true intent as you vibrate with nauseating disgust of “QUILTY”/guilty with your vein popping on your neck like an elastic rubber band.

      Ziggy Salis, President Taylor earns the right to the presumption of innocence if there is a rationale ahead of the trial judgment. Your repetitive plea of guilty poisons the tenets of true justice and I think this is lunacy as evident that you and your colleagues are not interested in seeking justice. Nonetheless, the whole thing about you declaring this innocent man guilty even before the trial could commence has been immensely naive and if you have your will, it will eventuate into steamy a anarchy.

      1. Dear Jose — it is indeed true that Mr. Taylor has the legal right to be presumed innocent unless proven otherwise by the judges, and we as onlookers need to respect that presumption.

        But at the same time, in this forum, people are also able to express their opinion on issues of guilt or innocence as part of their discussions about the issues arising in the trial, in the knowledge that they are expressly just that – their clearly stated personal opinions on a matter of public interest.

        Also, may I please ask all readers — let’s focus on the issues and not on each other, yes?


      2. Hey Jose, the point here is Charles Taylor’s witness, Vincent , has just confessed him as a pathological lier and pretender through the cleverness of the prosecution council. Justice is making final grip of your ‘Papay’ and you are here attacking your fello interlectual’s ,Ziggy’s, salvation. Mr. Vincent has tried to make-up for Mr. Taylor but the spirits of his victims and the resolve of tolerance has just coaxed the truth out of him. Charles Dakpana Gankay Taylor , your multiple names can’t fool the world , neither can your metamorphic religious games; from a christian to a muslim, then to a christian and then to a judaist… A Round Charater in deed…

        1. Edward Massaquoi,

          You wish witness Vincent, according to your so-call self description of confessing this innocent man as pathological liar. However, you fail to point out in your post where the witness confessed President Taylor to be a liar. In fact, the witness reinforced and corroborated what President Taylor said about the RUF clandestine operation in Liberia in 1991. Secondly, if you considered this identical prosecution to be clever, I say think again. They are nowhere near clever buddy. Their faulty gathering of evidence, paying of witnesses to lie, bringing charges ranging from 1996-2002, changing the rules in the middle of the trial and ect, is just utter incompetence. Sorry boss, this case is the worse prosecution case I have ever seen in my lifetime. Thirdly, I was responding to Ziggy Salis and Noko7 take on religion. I was not the one to bring about religion in the first place.

      1. Andrew please ask him if he knows the answer. I wonder how this Taylor haters think their logic through. How did they expect a nation at war to reject its citizens who have of their own volition opted to abandon their role as mercenaries in another country and return home to defend their country? Are they saying its realistic that in such a situation the government then open the books to prosecute them for mercenarism? I dont know what this prosecution wants they cannot be saying things from both sides of the mouths at the same time. The defence is winning this thing clearly.

    2. Ziggy Salis,

      Did President Taylor ever claimed to be Muslim according to you while working with Khadafi? UNBELIEVABLE. How do you know? Where you in Libya also? Folks, this thing is getting pretty bad, for real.

  3. Okay!

    Two quick facts gathered:

    1. A dissident of the RUF comes to Liberia and is not arrested as promised by CT.
    2. The same dissident joins the AFL and becomes a colonel, one rank short of a brigadier general…this is a very high military rank. Was this guy offered the rank on silver platter? How did he become full colonel that quick? How did he go through the ranks in a national army of a sovereign nation in a jiffy?

    1. Noko7,

      1: The witness was a Liberian citizen who had every right to his homeland. He could not have been arrested because he did not commit any crimes against Liberia.

      2: We the Liberian people did not elect Mr. Koumjian. Liberia belongs to Liberians. If Liberia and the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Liberia, President Taylor, did not find any problem with this witness rank, who is Mr. koumjian to find problem?

        1. Andrew,

          One step further for clarity.

          What are the processes and stages in our Liberian army for promotion?

          What is taken into consideration when a soldier is selected for the rank of full colonel?

          How did this dissident manage to “jumped the hoop” to obtain a military rank a stratum short of brigadier general (the pinnacle of military power) in a national army. Note: the AFL is a national army, not a NPFL rebel army, or was it the other way around when CT was president?

          Was the AFL a rebel militia and not a professional army during the presidency of Charles Taylor?


        2. Davenport,

          I do not know which question numbered (2) that you are referring to. However, my concern here is with regards to the constitutional rights of Mr. Vincent as a citizen of Liberia. With such capacity can he become a Sierra Leonean dissident? Consider as a counterexample, Gambian who participated in the Liberian war on Mr. Taylor’s behalf or Britons who participated in the Sierra Leonean war on Kabah’s behalf, can we label the Gambians as Liberian dissidents and the Britons as Sierra Leonean dissidents? Do you follow my logic?

          Let us move a step closer, could Britons be extradited for their participation in the Sierra Leonean war as executive outcome? Why insist that Taylor did the what others have not done? The only condition that I could concur with is that Taylor could evoke the non-aggression clause under the mano river treaty. Again, it is up to the option of Taylor’s government. I do not believe there is any basis surrounding the issue of Taylor appointing Vincent on grounds of sierra leonean involvement. Vincent is a Liberian and if the government believe he could be useful, so be it.

          Now to the issue of Vincent’s recruitment into the LIberian army, it is up to the army leadership to decide whether Vincent was potentially qualified. I believe that as a training commandant and a battlefield commander coupled with his knowledge of the terrain, place him in a unique position of eligibility. To what rank is up to the military leadership to decide. If you are implying that you davenport are quite familiar with the recruitment and appointment process in the Liberian army then outline them and we can research you information to determine its validity.

          In short sir, emotionalizing issues does not cut clear with some of us. Please support you assertions with evidence.

          A Liberian returns home and presents evidence of his military background and education, request employment and the government granted his request.

          Mr. Vincent was not and is not a Sierra Leonean dissident. Mr. Taylor therefore did not employ a sierra leaonean dissident into the liberian military.

          Davenport please prove that Vincent was and is a Sierra Leonean dissident.

    2. Cousin7,
      How come you ‘ve stop thinking? Ask your self, how many of these disidents came to Liberia? Did all of them arrive in one truck? Where did they pass to reenter liberia? How could these, could be returnees be Identify as disidents? Did they carry badges with disidents written on them? One little one… who was the minister of defence????? Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!..Dont let hate affect your thought process….

      1. cousin,
        Please answer my 2nd question…and let us not get into this Hello thing okay.

        Please post this version to noko5, Tracey.

        1. cousin5,

          A few more thoughts…

          I guess we can use as a frame of reference the lexicon for clarity and continuity of this dialogue. By referencing lexicons to extract meaning and perhaps explore the etymology of the terminology dissident or dissenter, I will seek to establish that there is no mention about nationality, citizenship, or country of birth as you are passionately asserting.

          Who is a dissident or dissenter (both words are the same)?

          Here are my findings:

          1. A dissident is “somebody who disagrees: somebody who publicly disagrees with an established political or religious system or organization.” ( msn Encarta dictionary)

          2. “A person who does not agree with an opinion, policy, or structure.” ( Wikipedia )

          3. Someone who is “disagreeing especially with an established religious or political system, organization, or belief.” Etymology: Latin dissident-, dissidens, present participle of dissidēre to sit apart, disagree, from dis- + sedēre to sit ( dictionary)

          4. “A person who dissents” (noun), or act of “disagreeing or dissenting, as in opinion or attitude: a ban on dissident magazines” (adjective

          5. “One who disagrees;” one who “disagrees, especially with the views of a government” (Webster dictionary and thesaurus).

          From my findings, it seems that a dissenter or dissident is anyone whose views challenge those of the government and perhaps show no intend of masking their views. So by this definition, it seems that your assertion that the witness a Liberian who left Liberia to kill and maim innocent Sierra Leoneans and than voluntarily returned to Liberia should not be arrested is redundant in face of these definitions…and here again, I am vigorously sticking to the meaning of the word, nothing else. Your assertion does not support established lexicon and convention thought regarding the meaning of the word dissenter or dissident.

          The bottom line: this guy was a dissident.


        2. Cousin,

          One step further for clarity.

          What are the processes and stages in our Liberian army for promotion?

          What is taken into consideration when a soldier is selected for the rank of full colonel?

          How did this dissident manage to “jumped the hoop” to obtain a military rank a stratum short of brigadier general (the pinnacle of military power) in a national army. Note: the AFL is a national army, not a NPFL rebel army, or was it the other way around when CT was president?

          Was the AFL a rebel militia and not a professional army during the presidency of Charles Taylor?


        3. Noko7, your first and second questions have already been answered by me. Engage Jose Rodriguez bro and don’t be scare.

        4. cousin7
          The question seem hypothetical and very theoritical to me. Let me ask you another question. How are ranks processed in the Liberian Army. Besides why do you, as an individual thinks the President should have had problem with the witness rank? The ministry of defence, with all of its’ vested authority given by the people should not do its job? Cousin7 what is the basis of your argument…..I will say hello again, cause I think you sleeping bro…

        5. Cousin7,
          Does the president of Liberia approve ranks when they during the commissioning of process of officers? I stand corrected on this. I don’t think so… Maybe any of our military brothers here could help. Even if Taylor knew later that this guy would have been a socall disident, how important was it especially when the nation was at war. Rationality plays major roll when decisions are made during times of caos (WAR TIMES) for that matters. Besides, Taylor was not a boarder officer to determine whether returning Liberians from Sierraleone would be disidents. HE WAS PRESIDENT…. I think you should be blaming people like Daniel Chea the defence minister then or the bereau of immigration.. NOT CHARLES TAYLOR

        6. Cousin7,
          Thanks for parading your regiment of definations for the word under review. Actually, the sence I am trying to imply through my questions to you is pecisely not go ahead wasting our time identifying the lexicon associate of the word disident. Not important in this case .
          What I am trying implant is the wisdom of identifying that Taylor was not the minister of defence. There is nowhere in this world where the president would be taking upon himself to repeal or scrap military personells off their ranks because he feels said officer is or could be a disident. First of all, thats not his job. Now pray tell me. If and only if the bureau of immigration has not come up with any form of cross boarder or cross country crime against this individual, do you expect the president to do so? Or, did you hear president come up point blank to say that he knew Vincent to be any kind of a criminal? I still need you to please tell me the process of giving commission officers ranks in the Liberian Military. Thank you

        7. noko,

          You keep circumventing the core of the issue, constructing smokescreens, insinuating, going on emotional rhetoric to derail the core of the issue, and at times recycling my questions…hmmmm! Well, no problem.

          On your understanding of the word “dissident,” I guess the philosopher Plato once said in essence ‘define your word and we can have a conversation.’ How can we discuss the issue when your understanding of the word dissident is remotely different from established conventional wisdom and lexicon meaning? How can we discuss the issue?

          On the promotion issue I take it that you are suggesting that the AFL can promote anybody to the rank of colonel or general in a jiffy as was the case with the proliferation of all kinds of “general” titles ( i.e., general this and general that) during Taylor’s war for self empowerment and greed? …and this continues right into what should have been a professional army – the AFL. It is pitiful that a RUF fighter will return to his country of birth and in a splash become a full colonel. How many years did he serve the AFL before becoming a master sergeant, 2nd lieutenant, 1st lieutenant, captain, major, Lt. colonel, and then a full colonel? In what capacity? What honors did he receive that merited such high position in an army tightly controlled by no other person but CT himself – CT who could appoint, dismiss, and even jail his cabinet ministers at well?

          I will rest my case on this one and move on because you are recycling questions without answering the original questions.

    3. Davenport noko7.

      Were any Liberian dissedents who fought along side the Tejan Kabbah government ever arrested by President Kabbah ? The answer is no. So why would Charles Taylor arrest a fellow Liberian especially when he needed trained fighters to fight against LURD and MODEL who were backed by the United States ?

  4. Why will Taylor denial providing safe haven for Sierra Leone rebels, when he admitted enlisting them into the ATU.

    1. Lib Justice, how did he deny what you say he denied? I think this is Lib Justice versus Lib Justice. Come clean bro.

      1. Jose — I’ve checked with the tech guys here — they asked me to check with you and Noko5 whether your comments included hyper links. That was the problem with mine when I had a similar concern about my responses not appearing, and they wanted to check if it was the same with you so they could try to track the problem. Can you let me know if you wouldn’t mind?

        1. Tracey,

          My window Explorer has virus; therefore, I am now using Google Chrome. Does this mean any problem?

          1. Hi Jose — I am not sure. I hope we will get an answer from our folks here sometime in the next day or so.

    2. Justice LIB,
      By the time those Sierra Leoneons joined ATU…they were Liberian citizens….

  5. Alpha,

    Are you implying that Mr. Vincent was a Sierra Leonean and a dissident? Mr. Vincent is a Liberian. Mr. Taylor by law cannot extradite Mr. Vincent because of his involvement in Sierra Leone. He is a Liberian national.

    Secondly, The issue of eliminating colleagues at the war front was corroborated because other defense witnesses have alluded to the practice.

    The main point here is to link Mr. Taylor to the practice. Did Mr. Taylor provide the instruction to eliminate their colleagues at the war front? I believe the redirect examination will address this.

    1. andrew jlay,
      Thanks for calling Alpha to attention once again. You have said all that I wanted so I will not say a thing today on this latest post.


      Harris K Johnson

  6. The prosecution went on a fishing expedition with defense witness Mr. Vincent. Unfortunately, the prosecution didn’t catch any fish; they came back with empty nets.

    Than, the prosecution tried to pick the witness pockets, there was not a penny found in the witness’s pocket, the prosecution came back empty handed.

    Noko4 what is the score?

    1. Big B,

      This witness is destroying most of the prosecution witnesses like Monger lies. Mr. Koumjian didn’t know where to start and don’t know where to end.

      1. Jose,

        I agree with you 100% percent that the prosecution’s witnesses are being destroyed. Yet we await a headline that Alpha will post highlighting these revelations. For example, ” Monger lied, he was not a training commandant’ says defense witness.

        Or Prosecution witness lied, ” Charles Taylor did not know foday sankoh in Tripoli” defense witness says.

        Alpha should balance his sensationalisation of headlines.

        1. Hi there Andrew — Alpha can only report what is said in court, and explain it in the context of the indictment and previous testimony. We try to ensure the headlines accurately reflect what was said in court and the main issue highlighted in his reports.

          Thanks for raising the issue, though.


  7. Hey Tracey,
    Can we get any of the apeal court Judges to take some questions? This may sound silly, but could we give that a shot?

    1. Noko5 — no question ever is silly here. I’m glad you asked.

      We can try — I think the most appropriate person to approach would be the president of the court — but he may not be willing to talk to us on the basis that this is an ongoing case that may eventually come before him, so we need to be prepared for that response.


        1. noko5,

          It looks like you recycled my questions…asking the questions I asked and not paying attention to answering my questions.

          How can I answer your questions if you are not answering mine?


    2. Cousin,

      You could push this one but I am not sure if it is the norm especially in an ongoing trial. We can get the defense and prosecution alright…but, hum…not the judges.

      Though this is for sister, Tracey, but since it is published, I am just chipping in.


  8. As a supporter of Taylor the god of NPL and stupid liberian I just want to say thanks to Ziggy Salis and Davenport.Noko7. tell then the true CT is hopeless

    1. Jeff,

      So Jeff, are you saying that vast majority of the Liberian people that supported the election of President Taylor in a democratic process are STUPID? Way to go boy.

        1. Jeff, who are those that were fooled by President Taylor specifically for job purposes and who are those remainder that were not stupid to vote for him? Please answer these simple questions Jeff?

        2. Jeff,
          “Some wanted job and power”. Is this any form of sensible reason why a person should be fooled by Taylor? Could you please organize and present your statement in a more mature and intellectual manner so that we understand where you are coming from and howyou are going to land…thank you.

  9. Jose,

    Frankly, you are not on my radar right now for intellectual dialogue.

    I think I am having a very healthy conversation with other commentators.


    1. Noko7,

      Choosing your fight will not help your cause. You guys always claim to be the most educated, intellectually sound, and good people. Engage this other so-call illiterate Charles Taylor human eater supporter. Why are you running away from me? I however, have responded to almost 80% of your post with no fight back from you. Why? However, we will expose you guys to the rest of the world. At least this forum has helped the world to understand why President Taylor dominated and still dominating Liberian politics. You guys are lying about being more educated than the rest of the people. Show your juice on this open website. Let us discuss this trial from different perspective bro. DON’T BE SCARE.

      1. Jose,
        “DE NOKO7 turned DAVENPORT” is afraid of intellectual fire power. Look jose, let me share a little joke with you. ha..ha..LOL. This is how the brother
        writes. He first of all opens wikipidia and types all the big words found…He started somthing about John Vencent . But now he is scare to be brought to book. Anyway, lets leave him alone…

      2. Jose,

        Since you asked, I will break to answer your questions:

        1. Restatement: I will assert unequivocally that we had the chance for a good, healthy, and intellectual dialogue on this website. However, you deliberately “blow” all your chances for further dialogues between you and me with unnecessary emotional rhetoric, insolence, name calling, threats, war jargons, and a false sense of self-perception.

        2. Language: The language you used to depict yourself is nerve-racking. Is that who you really are – “a human eater supporter?” If you are, then it is sad.

        3. Illiteracy: you portray yourself as illiterate but you write with an intelligent mind. You could use your intelligence to foster lively conversations and possibly reinvigorate the debate without perpetuating negativity and dissonance.

        4. Fight: You asked me why I am not “fighting back.” Here lies the problems intrinsic to your approach on this website – fight – a militaristic approach to what should be a healthy dialogue on issues arising from the trial. Why must we fight? Fight over what? Fight for who?

        5. Where things are: Friend, as I have said, I respect your views and admire your infatuation but at this time you are not on my radar for dialogue as I am having healthy, intellectual conversation with other commentators.

        6. In conclusion, I believe you will do well without me. Many thanks, my friend.


        1. Tracey,

          If I veered here on this post, I am sorry but needed to speak with my brother, Jose.
          Jose wants us to talk a little and I thought to honor his request.
          You can delete this post, if it is off course.


          1. Hi Davenport — apologies — the moderation is alas a bit slower this week with the recess. Thanks for your undersatnding.

        2. Noko7,

          I will “not” respond to you within the fashion and reasonable time frame that I will like to as the result of Tracey, though not surprising, but familiar bias. I will wait, see, and give her the benefit of the doubt that posting will be slow this week as the result of the break. My reason for invoking her name is because of what is happening behind the scene between she and Alpha, and Jose Rodriguez utter denial of admittance of a whole lot of post from being cleared. However, I will stop here for now and wait up to next week to see if all my previous posts have been posted, than I will respond with every fabric of my bone to your post that I will enjoy ripping apart. So Noko7, stand by and be patient.

    1. Yes, let me know how you go Noko5. It seems that some of your comments are coming through and not others.

  10. Ok Tracey,
    I think I got the solution to the problem. What I observe is that , if you backspace http:// in the web ID window , the comment will not get lost.

  11. Tracey, this is for mr. DAVENPORT.
    Sir Davenport,

    I am an engineer. Before I solve a problem, I first find out why it occured . So I don’t know why you are misusing the word circumventing. All I was driving to is at first establishing a common ground on the issue of ranks processing in the Liberian military so as to know, how could the president be a part of any foul play, if there was any. But you’ve chose to route the other way. So I think you are right. Lets for get it…Maybe since Jose is proffessional soldier, he may help you and I…Thank bro.

  12. Dear Morris — I have received a post from you on 10 April at 8:40am but unfortunately I cannot publish it as it focusses on another reader and not on the issues arising from the trial. I do absolutely welcome future comments from you, however, and I hope you understand the reasons for our policy.

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