NPFL Radio Operator Contradicts Taylor’s Account About NPFL Radio Operations in Liberia And Sierra Leone

A defense witness and former radio operator for Charles Taylor’s rebel group in Liberia today contradicted the former president’s account about the existence of radio stations belonging to the rebel group in Liberia. The witness also said that there were no communications between Mr. Taylor’s Liberian rebel group and Sierra Leonean rebels in the early 1990s, contrary to what Mr. Taylor himself had told the court in his testimony as a witness in his own defense.

Joseph Menson Dehmie, Mr. Taylor’s 12th defense witness who served as a radio operator for the National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) rebel group, today told Special Court for Sierra Leone judges that he did not know anything about a radio station belonging to the NPFL that was called “Tree Top.” The witness, who has testified as being a senior radio operator for the NPFL, has, using a map of Liberia, identified the various posts where the NPFL installed communication radios and the names used for the said radio stations. However, he said today that he did not know about any NPFL radio station called “Tree Top.”  As he was being cross-examined today, lead prosecutor, Ms. Brenda Hollis, sought to know why the former NPFL radio operator did not know about the existence of “Tree Top,” after Mr. Taylor himself, along with previous witnesses have testified about the radio’s existence.

“You have told the judges that you were a radio operator for the NPFL and you did not know about Tree Top?” Ms. Hollis asked the witness today.

In his response, the witness said that “I did not know any information about Tree Top, that is what I am telling you.”

Ms. Hollis pointed out that on September 19, 2009, Mr. Taylor himself, testifying as a witness in his own defense spoke about the radio station “Tree Top” when asked by his defense lawyers.

“Tree Top, to the best of my recollection – Tree Top was a radio – the principal – I think one of the principal radio posts in Gbarngha, if I am not mistaken, was called  Tree Top,” Mr. Taylor told the court in September 2009.

Ms. Hollis also read from a February 24, 2010 transcript in which she quoted Mr. Taylor’s first defense witness Mr. Yanks Smythe, himself a former member of the NPFL who said that the “radio station Tree Top was located in Gbarngha.”

Mr. Dehmie still insisted that he did not know about “Tree Top.”

When asked to explain why is it that Mr. Taylor and Mr. Smythe knew about “Tree Top” but him, as the person who monitored radio communications on all NPFL radio stations did not know about it, Mr. Dehmie said that “Mr. Taylor was the leader, he was busy and did not remember everything.”

When Ms. Hollis asked him whether he was suggesting that Mr. Taylor had told the court the wrong thing about this radio station, the witness responded that “that is not what I am saying. I am telling you that I did not know about Tree Top.”

Mr. Taylor also in his testimony told the court that the NPFL maintained a radio station at Foya in Lofa County and that in the early days of the Sierra Leonean conflict in 1991-1992, there was radio communication between Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels in Sierra Leone and his NPFL in Liberia. Today, Mr. Dehmie denied the existence of any NPFL radio station at Foya, insisting also that there was no radio communication between the RUF and the NPFL in the early 1990s.

“There was no radio communication between Charles Taylor’s radio operators and RUF radio equipments,” Mr. Dehmie told the judges.

“I monitored all communications but I did not monitor any communication with the RUF,” Mr. Dehmie added.

When asked whether other people would be lying if they said there was communication between the two groups, Mr. Dehmie said “in my view, they will be lying because I did not monitor that, I did not know that.”

Ms. Hollis read from an October 27, 2009 transcript in which Mr. Taylor’s defense counsel Courtenay Griffiths asked him (Taylor) about radio communications with the RUF in the early 1990s.

“If you wanted to communicate some information to an individual in Sierra Leone, how would you do that?” Mr. Griffiths asked Mr. Taylor in October 2009.

“I would instruct my radio operator Butterfly to transmit a message,” Mr. Taylor had responded.

When this was read out to Mr. Dehmie today, he responded that “I am not convinced that this is what Mr. Taylor said but if this is from Mr. Taylor, he would have communicated on a radio that I did not know about.”

When asked then whether “there were communications between the NPFL and outside groups that you did not know about,” Mr. Dehmie said that “I did not know about this, I cannot tell you.”

Mr. Dehmie is the 12th witness to have testified on behalf of Mr. Taylor, who is responding to charges that he provided support to RUF rebels in Sierra Leone.

There will be no court hearings next week as the judges will be busy with the Plenary Meeting of Special Court for Sierra Leone judges. Mr. Dehmie’s testimony will continue on Monday May 31, 2010.


  1. Joseph Menson Dehmie, Mr. Taylor’s 12th defense witness who served as a radio operator for the National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) rebel group, today told Special Court for Sierra Leone judges that he did not know anything about a radio station belonging to the NPFL that was called “Tree Top………

    However, he said today that he did not know about any NPFL radio station called “Tree Top.”

    So what is the contradiction here Mr. Alpha Sesay??? The witness said that he did not know about tree top. Did you expect the witness to know everything about the NPFL?? Wow !!!!

    1. The contradiction is simple; If Dehmie was a radio operator for the NPFL rebel group, and knew there were other radio stations across Liberia, then Dehmie, would have to know about a radio station called Tree Top, based in Gbarnga, the Head Quarters for taylor gankay charles, the rebel!Any attempts to attack the messanger, instead of the message is lurdicrous!

      1. Fallah,
        Please read and understand the wordings I beg….Alpha is doing us all DISSERVICE with his summary….let’s look at the words
        “Tree Top, to the best of my recollection – Tree Top was a radio – the principal – I think one of the principal radio posts in Gbarngha, if I am not mistaken, was called Tree Top,” Mr. Taylor told the court in September 2009.

        Was Mr. Taylor certain that was the actual name of the station reading his statement?? NO!!! But Alpha turned it into another drama…WHY??

    2. My brother Momo, Alpha is always Alpha. I’m sure this is his own way of interpreting what he calls contradiction, but the judges know better and will be the ones to point out contradictions here.


      Harris K Johnson

    3. Momo Dahn,
      If Dehmie was a radio operator in the NPFL, how could he not have known about the existence of sister stations? Either Dehmie is lying or Taylor is lying. LYING IS DIFFICULT TO MAINTAIN. In Dehmie’s desperation to exonerate and disconnect Taylor from RUF, he has contradicted his boss. We expect top bras in the NPFL to know key structural information about the organization. As a radio operator, Dehmie should have known about other radio stations the NPFL communicated on. It is so evident that these defense witnesses have lied, will continue to lie and the judges will see through them. DEFENSE WITNESSES, KEEP HANGING YOURSELVES WITH THE ROPE OF LIES. Momo, contradiction is when some information is opposite of what had already been said. IF TAYLOR SAID THE RADIO STATION “TREE TOP” EXISTED AND DEHMIE SAID IT DID NOT; THAT IS A CONTRADICTION.

      1. Nosirrah,

        To answer your redundant question as to whether Dehmie as a radio operator of the defunct NPFL could not have known about the existence of sister station? I say yes. He could not have possibly known. What’s up with this godlike status you pro prosecution supporters continue to bestow upon the defense witnesses, including President Taylor. Nosirrah, Mr. Dehmie is not a “SUN GOD OR SUPER HUMAN” to know or remember everything. By the way, is this fake case about Liberia now? Show us the proofs for the 11 counts against this innocent man in Sierra Leone. That’s all we ask. All your zigzagging about Liberia is irrelevant. Liberia has nothing to do with the case. Remember? That’s what they told us.

        1. Jose,
          My question is not redundant, it is you and other Taylor supporters that have swayed from every bit of truthfulness. If Dehmie himself said he “monitored all communications,” you expect me to believe he knew nothing about the existence of “TREE TOP?” Accordingly, Taylor admitted during his direct examination that Tree Top was a principal radio post. So, according to you, Dehmie is not a “SUN GOD” and i am not asking him to be one, but all i am asking is how does Dehmie answer for the discrepanies? If he monitored all communications, why did he not monitor the ones from the Tree Top? 2) If Tree Top was the “principal radio post” according to Taylor, why did Dehmie who monitored all communications, did not monitored communications from the principal station? Jose, before you start claiming amnesia for Dehmie, the “principal radio post” is nothing trivial to forget.

          If Liberia had nothing to do with this trial, instruct the defense team and its witnesses to stop answering questions or reciting instances that involves Liberia. You must be very naive to think that Liberia is irrelevant in this case.

  2. Do u think he was the operator he really said he were? it is not easy to be on that seat .I do think. he answer that question before he knew what was said. So mr.alpha that is not contradiction.

    1. Korma,
      I can say a resounding yes that Mr. Dehmie was a senior radio operator for the NPFL. What you people fail to know about radio operation is the different between a radio call sign and code name. For example, one prosecution witnesses said that sky one was a radio call sign for one of Taylor’s radios, which is not true. The code name sky one refereed to one of the radio operators of the NPFL during the war not a station as alleged. The same is with Tree Top, that’s why Dehmie said he knew not about Tree Top as a Radio station for the NPFL. Reading from Mr. Taylor’s testimony, one can see that he was not sure if Tree Top was a radio station. This is why he said I think Tree Top was one of the radio posts set up in Gbarnga. There is no contradiction here if one clearly follows Mr.Dehmie’s testimony.


      Harris K Johnson

  3. Momo Dahn,
    Joseph Menson Dehmie said that there was no radio station in Gbarnga called Treetop while Taylor said that the PRINCIPAL radio station in Gbarnga was called Treetop so if you don’t see that as a crystal clear contradiction then nobody can help you.
    Besides, the point of bringing in Dehmie was to debunk prosecution witnesses accounts that there were communications between the NPFL and the RUF. The fact that the buffoon Dehmie not only admit of not knowing of the existence of radio stations in Gbarnga and Foya of which Taylor admitted of knowing but also frequently contradicted himself and made nonsensical statements show how much Taylor and his Defend team are wasting the precious time and resources of the Special Court.
    It is high time, Taylor be made to either pay his own money for bringing useless witnesses to court or these honorable and fine judges ensure that Taylor only bring in serious minded witnesses.
    Taylor and his defend should save us the crap and start calling real witnesses like Muammar al-Gaddafi, Blaise compaore, Olusegun Obasanjo, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Tom Wowiyou (his wartime Defend Spokesman), Francis Garlawolo (his wartime Justice Minister), Prince Johnson, Adolhus Dolo , SS director Benjamin (chief Bodyguard and executioner of Taylor clandestine and devilish deeds), Joe Mulbah (his wartime Information Minister), Daniel Chea (his wartime Military advisor and later Defend Minister), Momolu V. Sirleaf (wartime Foreign Minister), jewel Howard Taylor (wife-3 and First lady of NPP led government), Agnes Taylor (wife-2 and first lady of the NPFL/NPRAG), Tupee Taylor(wife-1), Cyril Allen and his many other semi-literate and half-baked educated cohorts in the pillaging and destruction of our beloved country and the sisterly republic of Sierra Leone.
    Taylor and his team have to be made to understand that this is not a comedy show. This is the very serious issue of ending impunity in West Africa and bringing justice to our beloved and innocent ones who lives were put on the slaughter slab for Taylor and his cohorts selfish goal of obtaining illicit wealth and naked power.

    1. Morris Kanneh, My hat off for your simple and clear straight forward response to these liars narations, full of contradictions, to save their chief. They seem not to realize that people read and analize their arguements and the logic behind these elementry conclutions. This shows how shady taylor’s life and associates almost brought Liberia to a stand Still! Anyone closely associated with this man should not be trusted!~ Simple as that Momo Kanneh. I am glad there are few out here that see things rationally at least! For others who will follow this man to pit, so be it!

    2. Morris

      If contradiction is what you anti taylor will base his guilt on, I’m sorry to let you know that you don’t have a case because many of your so-called prosecution witnesses were in contradiction to each other on the most part. For example one of the witnesses said that it was AFRC soldiers that chop off her hands not RUF when being quizzed by the defense under cross where as other witnesses have said that it was the RUF chopping hands.

      Harris K Johnson

  4. Momo, I thought you ought to know that a radio operator must know most “secret things” concerning radio operations in a militant group such as the NPFL. Even if the witness could not know everything as you assume, at least a radio, “Tree Top”, should not be hidden from him.

  5. The witness claims to be the number one person for radio operation for NPFL; why can’t he know one of the main radio stations his boss used to communicate with rebels in Sierra Leone? You guys have to be real. Even if Taylor is set free from this court, another trail awaits him. He has a very long time to stay in jail, trust me.

    1. when did “the witness claims to be the number one person for radio operation for NPFL”? can you point to the relavant part of the transcript or at least the day the witness said so, so that we can have informed discussions here. Maybe Apha can help.

      1. Sam,
        The witness did not use the phrase that he was “the number one person for radio operation for NPFL.” He has only said that he was the “commander” or “the person in charge” of NPFL radio operations for all front lines under the 6th Battalion at Bomi Hills. In this position, the witness said he monitored all NPFL radio communications. When ULIMO forces captured Bomi Hills, the witness said he moved to Gbarngha where he continued working as radio operator.

        Hope this information helps.

        1. Alpha,
          That is precisely my point. Suneshince misrepresented the witness’s testimony I was only trying to help him see his mistake.

    2. Suneshince,
      Let me help you here if you are looking for NPFL number one radio operator. I can surely proxy for the person because I’m former the 2IC. I can take all of your questions.

      Harris K Johnson

      1. Nice to know this Harris k. Johnson. This’s why most your arguements seem like an “insider” all along. You must have either participated, or closely associated with what went on in the NPFL in order to be defensive as you have sounded! Great and I appreciate your frankiness for this once! Maybe others will follow suit as more become frustrated with revelations and the dooms’ day!

        1. Fallah,

          I’m in no way frustrated as you think. I’m simply what I’m, and that is I remain a strong supporter of Mr. Taylor till death.


          Harris K Johnson

        2. Fallah,

          which one of these two will be more credible, an insider or a second, third, fourth and fifth person account? To me, Eyewitness and insider have more weight and believable than the latter.

  6. This Trail is taking a different trench I don’t expect this trail to dig into the Liberian Conflict, If you do not able to convict this man, send him back to Liberia because he have so many lawsuits awaiting him in Liberia.

  7. It could be that there were radio stations used to communicate with the RUF, however, only Taylor and his in crowd knew about them. I’m starting to think that the defense is in such a hurry to vindicate Taylor that its own witnesses are jepardizing his case…

    1. Paivy,

      Can you prove what you are saying here. Just a reminder of what you said. “It could be that there were radio stations used to communicate with the RUF, however, only Taylor and his in crowd knew about them.” Well, let me treat you on a different level here today because of the the English word “could” that you have used. It “could” be, but it was not the case. So if you think otherwise, than prove your case. Until than, no proof.

  8. UMMM, Nosirrah, said all i was thinking, but at any rate, I say keep the defense witnesses coming and not only that keep them talking. I’m loving this everybody contradicting each other. The witnesses was specifically asked that if someone else said there was such a radio station in foyah will that be a lie; the witnesses said yes it will be a lie, only after he was read Taylor statement did he attempt to change it. No contradictions?

    Keep the witnesses defender please do!!

    1. Teage,

      It sounds like frustration to me. Show us your proof on the 11 counts. And Please ma’am, don’t tell me about Mai Farrow says and blah blah… Certainly, don’t tell me about 5 billion dollars. Show me the arms and diamonds manufacturing companies. Hey Teage, listen up. There is no case here. it is a hoax.

      1. Jose,
        Jose chill it…remember I keep telling you how many lessons is it going to take for you to learn I owe you no explanation or evidence…so take a breather and come back…
        Frustrated I’m not but even if I was there is nothing wrong with that after all I’m human with emotions and am not ashamed of expressing it. Annoyed yes..
        You always crack me up with ur assumptions wow…

        1. Ms annoy again??????? I know you are going to need a defibralater when TAYLOR leaves to go home…. and become your next president..LOL

  9. Harris K Johnson,
    You could do your papay Taylor great by going to the Hague to serve as defend rather begging Sunshine to pose questions to you.

    1. Morris Kannah,

      The defense has more than enough witnesses already than the prosecution can handle. As the result, they are asking for the defense to reduce the number of witness. Now, my question to you is this. Don’t you think if it is possible for Mr. Harris K. Johnson to go to this fake court that will create more headache for the already filthy abnormal prosecution?

    2. Noko5,
      Sweetheart you have no idea…I find it hard having a real conversation with you….i can’t really responde to half of the things you say anymore because I give it a lil laugh and keep moving as it doesn’t warrant a comment but just this one time.

      I can walk by Taylor on the street and be ok believe it or not. I reconciled my feelings towards these idiots a long time ago….my desire for justice for Liberians and Sierra Leoneans does not mean if I don’t see it I will have a fit. I know that even after this trail guilty or notTaylor will have to answer to someone greater. If Taylor walks that would only motivate me to get this law school thing behind me and work for justice for other nations affected by madmen like Taylor et al. Taylor walking I assure you will not affect my heart….the things that affect my heart is far away from ex-war Lords and their trails…..
      I like how u were so sure in your comment lol….you all figure you know the bloggers here so well. I’m not as invested emotionally because I know a higher judge has this all under control…however that will never stop me from sharing my opinions and desire to see justice for Sierra Leoneans…so I’m glad you were concern but by Gods grace there is no defribelator in my future 🙂

      1. Ms Teage,
        President Taylor supporters are only asking for one thing, a fair trial base on the evidence in front of the court.

      2. Ms. Teage,
        You are definitely right. My form of writing never creates conversation. I always go after opposing views when it comes to issues concerning transparent justice for mr. Taylor. Reason is that, all the terrible war lords are sitting in Liberia and Sierraleone having good time while only and only Charles Taylor is being charged and prosecuted for them. Trust me , I am not a writter. Sometimes I am sitting and troubleshotting a torn apart equipment , while at the same time checking my computer to see what some one had said against president Taylor. I am an individual with distinctly active engineering careers who needs absolutely nothing from Taylor, but will like to see justice be done to him. Maybe some of our views would have been different if atleast most of the bad guys were in the DOG HOUSE, not just TAYLOR…..If precedence should be set in africa or the world, let it be done FAIRLY…thats what we want.

  10. I think that the Trial of Former Liberian President is taking too long. If the Persecution done have Sufficient Evidence against Him, Let them acquit him and send him back to Liberia to face the Raft of his People in Liberia.

    1. Robert,

      Are you referring to the Raft of ellen and her comrades, a selected few. I 100% sure you can’t be referring the Liberian people. The Liberian people LOVE President Taylor, and that’s the fact.

      1. Big B,
        The Liberian people fear Taylor because he still has his insane, murderous cronies around. If you are referring to his election; they (Liberians) were trying to appease him, but it still didn’t make him to lead, instead he ruled. I did not hear the Liberian people petitioning Pres. Bush to leave Taylor in power. I was in exile when Taylor was elected and could not fathom how the Liberian people voted so overwhelmingly for Taylor, but having read the posts of his supporters here and the insanity spewed by his defense witnesses, i now understand why the Liberian people did what they did. The slogan “YOU KILLED MY MA, YOU KILLED MY PA, I WILL VOTE FOR YOU” is the epitome of the Liberian dilema. What kind of people or culture in their right state of mind would utter such a rubbish? I think only some enslaved people would do that and the Liberian people were enslaved by Taylor. His reckless abandon was just evident a year earlier during the April 1996 fight for Monrovia by Taylor, Kromah and Johnson and the painful memory was still on the Liberian people’s mind. THE LIBERIAN PEOPLE DON’T LOVE TAYLOR, WE FEAR HIM.

  11. Big B
    Are you talking about Krahn and Mandingos who lost love ones at the hands of NPFL AND Taylor or the Liberians who were fattened by Taylor’s greed, corruption and destruction. Because you might be looking at one side of the coin but there are two sides. Don’t forget Prince Johnson was Elected BY Liberians as senator of Nimba even though he murdered many Liberians but to many he’s a a hero, the same goes for Boley, Konneh they murdered Liberians but the are heros ti may. Taylor and NPFl murdered civilians yet are heros to you and many others, ‘Liberians’ don’t love Taylor ‘Some Liberians’ love Taylor. You know about ‘generalization’ applying a certain situation as if it is the prevailing position of majority of people…..I was in Liberia three weeks ago and there are many Liberians who love Taylor and many who hate Taylor…so once again I ask, who do you speak of.
    Hate Ellen all you want but your president Taylor did nothing for Liberia, he was president for many years and did nothing to combat corruption, did nothing to bring business to Liberia, did not to develope the ecomomic infrastructure, the roads stay the same no electricity no running NO DEVELOPMENT!! Hate Ellen or love her she’s building back the country she done more for Liberian then Taylor could ever do even if he had 30 years. And you don’t have to acknowledge it… post civil war Liberia speaks for itself dear.

    1. Ms Teage,

      You posting is nothing but contradictions, it’s not even funny. Taylor haters and the prosecution must have gone to the school of thought.

      Let me take a few moments to pin point some of your contradictions.

      1. It was not only Krahn and mandingos who lost love ones during the war. Everybody
      was affected. I lost my mother and three siblings.

      2. Prince Johnson was not elected by “Liberians as a senator of Nimba.” Rather, the
      people of Nimba elected Prince Johnson as a senator. Secondly, Prince Johnson didn’t
      murder People of Nimba, he went to rescued his people from being slaughter by the
      Krahn and Mindingos
      You have the nerves to tell me if I “know about generalization applying certain
      situation as if it is the prevailing position of majority of people”. Rubbish.

      3. You said “Liberians don’t love Taylor”, and then you said that “some Liberians’ love
      Taylor”. Which is which?

      4. You said that “Taylor was president for many years and did nothing to combat
      corruption”…ellen has been president longer then Taylor, what has she done to combat
      corruption? Why did AG Morlu referred to her government as three times corrupted
      then Bryant’s government?

      I see why the prosecution can’t get their facts right, they must be taking advice from you.
      You sound no different from your mentor Ms. Hollis.

      1. Big B,
        I order you to REST YOUR CASE against Ms. Teage….lol

        I don’t know how SIMPLE could have put it but you did…

      2. Ms. Taege,
        Can you please rephrase the last line of the first paragraph in your post of 2010/05/27 at 1:19pm? Once you do, your comment will be posted.

  12. Nosirrah,

    It is your subjective view about President Taylor and the love of him by his people. But let me reveal to you some of the reasons the Liberian people love President Taylor. You were in exile and not physically on the ground. I was on the ground and still on the ground, before and after President Taylor. Consequently, I am in a much better position to elucidate to what transpired.

    The phase “you killed my Ma, kill my Pa I will vote for you. As a matter of fact, it was ellen who said that during the campaign. She told the people of Lofa will your vote for a man who killed your Ma, killed your Pa? the people responded vehemently, YES! Since then, it became a campaign slogan for President Taylor.

    Secondly, subsequent to President Taylor departure the cost of living compare to now, is a immense difference. My people, our people are suffering. Our stable food rice, used to be under $25 USD per bag, compare to now a bag of rice has double. Don’t forget, President Taylor was fighting a war at three fronts, but things were much better for the common people.

    Most Liberians are saying the only difference between President Taylor and the ellen lead government, is the silent of guns. I was talking to a lady in Kakata, last month, she said me that even though the guns were sounding but she preferred President Taylor era. Her logic is simple. Even though, the sounds of guns were imminent, but she and her children used to go to bed with their stomach (belly) full, and her children were in school. But since the guns stopped sounding, she were hopping things could have been better. It’s not the case. She and her children are going to bed hungry, and the children are not in school. She can’t afford a daily meal, not to mention school. Long story short, she misses President Taylor. Tears ran down my cheek. I volunteered to pay her five children school fees.

    Thirdly, it is outrageous for you to have suggested that the Liberian people should have petitioned Bush to “leave President Taylor in power” how dare you say that! It wouldn’t have matter what the Liberian people have told Bush, and you know that. Bush had his mind made up the same way he had his mind made up for Iraq. “You are with us or against us”. Calling other nations Axes of evil. How Dare You!

    Finally, it appears as if you have been away from Liberia for a while. Your facts about President Taylor and the Liberian people are all twisted, same as the prosecution facts about President Taylor and the 11 counts indictment. Anti Taylor folks including the prosecution need to STOP making these wild assertions.

    1. Big B,
      Although i am in exile, i was in Liberia until the end of the fighting in April 1996. I actually left Liberia in june of 96′. For the six years i was in the war, i lived in Taylor’s area, Prince Johnson’s area and the AFL’s area therefore my assertion of the relationship between Taylor and most Liberian people is rather objective and not subjective as you claimed.

      Your point about cost of living being lower during Taylor’s administration should be save for the uneducated. These are the kind of rhetorics that was used by you and Taylor to decieve the Liberian people. Inflation is universal and is happening everywhere and therefore cannot be entirely blamed on the leadership. For instance; when i first moved to the U.S. a gallon of gasoline used to be 95 cents, we are now paying $2.80 a gallon.

      There are a minute few that wish Taylor was back because they were close to him and somehow benefitted from his embezzlement. That is not the hallmark of a sucessful government. The important things most civilized society can wish of her government is to provide the platform from whence the people can pursue happiness and that is protection and a stable environment. There will always be people in difficult situation as the lady you elaborated about and it is unfortunate and thanks to you for your benevolence. From all indications, there are more people advancing and more developments being undertaken during Ellen’s administration than Taylor’s and i am not an Ellen’s supporter.

      Don’t conclude that because i have been away, my facts are twisted. I have access through individuals and other technological means. The indictment against Taylor is legitimate and not wild assertions and once the dust is settled, we will have a GUILTY verdict from the judges.

      1. Nosirrah,
        If the trial was to end today…..what will be your judgement?? And why??

        1. Noko4,

          Regardless of the array of lies the defense and its witnesses are feeding us, everyone knows what happened. Taylor will be found guilty of all the charges. We are just awaiting the verdict so all Taylor hopefuls can start crying foul and blame the big powers as usual.

      2. Nosirrah,

        I am unable to engage you for the simple reason; you have been out of Liberia for 14 years. Until you can go on the ground see, feel and taste things for yourself and stop relying on circumstantial evidences, such as, “individuals and technological means” (he said, she said, they said, he and she said, Liberia news paper said, Sierra Leone web page said) are these words sound familiar?

        For now let’s discuss the issue at hand (the trial) and leave the Liberian people alone. They are in desperate need of help. Every day bla, bla means nothing.

        1. Big B,
          That is the flimsiest excuse i have ever heard. My been out of Liberia does not exclude me from ascess to information. I experienced enough of the carnage for the six years i was in the war and lived in multiple areas of the warring factions to have an eye witness account of some events.

          To use my absence as an excuse is so elementary. You don’t have to be a firsthand witness to know something. If your excuse was the case, then your education to its extend is not authentic because you were not there when this knowledge was formulated. I quess all the things you have alluded to on this site have not been an eyewitness account.

          I cannot blame you if you don’t want to engage an enlightened Liberian because your insane Taylor doctrine does not work with him. This is not one of your blind Taylor follower as you. Don’t dismiss a brother just beacuse he disagrees with you.

          And yes i am a bonafide Liberian. Both parents are Liberians and grandparents as well. I am a Liberian to as far as my ancestral knowledge can serve me. What’s in a name? I quess your pal Jose is an hispanic(spanish)??

          My been out of Liberia has been very helpful and sustaining. This is not bla bla as you percieved. I have helped and continues to help to revatilize the Liberian economy with my remittances and other investments. My exile has allowed me to provide jobs in the form of small businesses and that is why someone like Taylor should be penalized and not influence others to disrupt peoples lives and investments. You not wanting to engage me won’t stop me from posting on this site.

  13. BIG B,
    “subsequent to President Taylor departure the cost of living compare to now, is a immense difference. My people, our people are suffering. Our stable food rice, used to be under $25 USD per bag, compare to now a bag of rice has double. Don’t forget, President Taylor was fighting a war at three fronts, but things were much better for the common people.”

    Going by your logic then Taylor was absolutely wrong and evil in bringing war to Liberia, for cost of living was more than a 1000 times cheaper and life was far better for most of our people during the Samual Kanyon Doe reign. If somebody can miss and cry for Taylor’s absence because she and her children are hungry then Samuel K. Doe will pass as a god to many Liberians.
    I hope you can now see how simplistic your response to Nosirrah is.

    1. Morris,

      You have taken my response to Nosirriash completely out of context here. Your analogy also applies to Tubman and Tolbert, Tolbert and Doe, Doe and Taylor, Taylor and Bryant, Bryant and Ellen…That’s not what I meant. My intentions were clear and perceptible then what you perceived it to be.

    2. Morris Kanneh,
      I think you are speaking of Doe from another planet. Remember in one of Does’ last speeches, he made mention that a bag of rice was going to be US$40, what do you think the price was going to be in the lead ward counties? Remember civil servants started to get a months pay after 90days…WOW

  14. Keneneh you may be one of those people you are nameing here.I think u must in too to tell us the truth. People, like u are the ones that jump from side to side when thins go worng.u are the that talking nosencial.Why don,t they call ur big ma ellen too? We all have an inport of bring that country down. Just enjoy ur bread and honey .we know some of u that hate Taylor now, was right under his feet eatin from there.Some of u, your people died long before this war .pls Mr. Tell us thetruth so we can what really.

  15. Big B,
    I think u decided to read my comment and interpret it however you felt like interpreting it.

    Before I start
    Let me make this clear, I DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT support a single rebel faction not LURD or MODEL or ULIMO J or NPFL, LPC INPFL etc… all these idiots destroyed Liberia, Liberians and forced me out of my home land. SO I DON’T take sides with NOBODY!
    I hope that this is clear…..I’m for ONE NATION UNDER GOD INDIVISIBLE, not Taylor Kromah, Boley, Krahn Bassa, Mandingo Kru no ONE NATION…..

    Firstly, I brought up the Nimba issue to make the exact point you just made of Liberians specifically residence of Nimba electing Prince Johnson even though he murdered innocent Liberians, many Krahn and Mandingos, so of course Taylor is still a hero to you and many Liberians even though we all know about what he did to many Liberians………

    Secondly I used a quotation, (‘…..’)when i said ‘LIBERIANS’ and ‘SOME LIBERIANS’, you clearly missed the point I was making. When you say ‘Liberians’ you speak of the entire population, when you say ‘SOME LIBERIANS’ you speak of a smaller population….so not all ‘Liberians’ support or love Taylor ‘SOME LIBERIANS’ do.

    By the Way LPC LURD MODEL etc.. murdered many Mano and Gio citizens and even other tribes in cold blook, which I’ve mentioned only oh I don’t know like a MILLION times on this blog. So big B DO NOT take my words out of context and DO NOT twist my words around to make it whatever you want it to be. I stated in a post a while back that I will be ignorant and down right foolish if I claimed that only Taylor participated in the war…..I never mentioned ANYTHING about Krahn or Mandingos being the only ones killed, some family members were most likely killed by Krahn and Mandingos rebels so don’t even TRY to interpret my words incorrectly. I spoke of Krahn and Mandingos because you decided to make a very general and very ridiciulously incorrect statements about the “LIBERIAN PEOPLE LOVING TAYLOR” as it’s a fact, and not SOME LIBERIANS LOVE TAYLOR.
    I was simply pointing out to you that the victims of Taylor crimes some Krahn and Mandingos DO NOT LOVE TAYLOR and DONT want him back in LIBERIA, and that is a fact; and this is not limited to only Krahn and Mandingos either. It might be upsetting to hear that but I’m not really concerned with how that. Simply said Krahn and Mandingos lost many family memebers at the hands of NPFL/madman Taylor so they will not be happy to see him. SO you see Ellen (according to you is not the only one who doesn’t want to see Taylor.

    Big B, yes i have the nerves and still do.

  16. Taylor is loved by his commrades in crimes. People who never owned a bicycle in their lives before were given brand new SUVs by Taylor. This was to encourage loyalty and more crimes against the Liberian peolpe. Even satan has his lovers. Taylor being loved by the Liberian people and winning elections again in Liberia are only figments of some people’s imagination.
    The only Liberians that would vote for Taylor this late day, are those who don’t love Liberia, those who have a Personal stake in a Taylor presidency, or those who are just plain crazy.
    Looking at what this man introduced in Liberia and the trail of destruction, killings, and cultural and values breakdown that are his legacy, anyone wanting to return to this needs some serious help.
    Whether Taylor is brought down guilty or not will never erase his part in destroying life and properties in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and the Ivory Coast. All his supporters can argue his innocence all they want, but the truth is the truth. The legal aspect is different, but the reality will always remain and one day, Mr. Taylor will have to stand before a greater power than the SCSL to given an account of the mess that he made in those countries. All his supporters will also give account of their support.

    1. Sansee,
      If we are to use your logic then many many Liberians should LOVE Mr Taylor also…without the war, MANY would not have seen CIVILIZATION!!!! How many BENEFITED from the war in Liberia Sansee?? Most now live in the Western World…a place of their dream!!!

  17. Ms Teage,

    With the advice and consent of by brother Noko 4 I rest my case!
    Also, my mother advised me never get into a fight with a woman, you NEVER win.

  18. Hey everyone !!!!
    Lets give Alpha his flowers while he’s alive…even MS. Teage cannot be allowed to cut corners anymore. Hey brother,did you change your church?? Whatever it is, keep it that way. EXECELENT JOB. BRAVO to your highness. KEEP CATCHING THEM……No saying bad stuff to NOKO5 anymore..LOL

  19. BIg B
    No, I didn’t take your response to Nosirriash completely out of context here. Yes, my analogy equally applies to Tubman and Tolbert, Tolbert and Doe, Doe and Taylor, Taylor and Bryant, Bryant and Ellen. Your intentions were definitely unless you wrote what you didn’t mean.
    By rating one government that existed in different time to another that is existing simply by the prices of goods on the market without taking into account the difference economic reality of each reign is being simplistic.
    At least for once we have a common ground.

  20. noko5,
    I must confess that I find it very hard following your logic.
    What does one of Doe’s last speeches has to do with the crystal clear fact Liberia was a far better place and Life was far better for many Liberians during the Samuel Doe reign as compare to Liberia under Taylor’s reign? I wouldn’t be surprise if you also disagree that Doe’s Liberia was better than Taylor’s. I know and understand that some nobodies began wealthy out of the loot of Taylor’s war and for such person Taylor’s Liberia was a paradise but for most Liberians Taylor’s Liberia is to Doe’s Liberia as Hell is to Heaven.
    Your very question “what do you think the price was going to be in the lead ward counties?” goes to show the silliness in comparing two reigns existing in different time and under different circumstances simply on the basis of the price of rice and that you very intention of my analogy to Big B.
    Imagine two reigns. one kept the prices of food very cheap or even free because she took huge foreign loan and used all its revenue for buying foods for its citizens but neglected paying civil servants and carrying out any developmental projects including building infrastructures and educating its people while another reign spent its meager resources on infrastructural development, projects directed to making its nation self-sufficient and investing heavily in educating its people thus demanding that its people make some sacrifices. Only a narrow minded person will rate the former reign better than the latter.
    (During Doe’s reign) “servants started to get a months pay after 90days” Did I hear you well.
    The fact that you can even dare mentioning Doe owing civil servants for 90 days when Taylor hardly ever pay those who worked for his de-facto governments and rebel organization(most, up to 14 years) save few of his inner circle to the extent that the Sirleaf led government is still paying civil servants their salaries owed by the NPP led government shows you are being comedian. Please stop the comedy and let us discuss serious matters.
    Anyway, thanks for making my day.

    1. Alpha,

      I stand corrected; trial should resume Monday 31 May. We are bored as a result; posting unnecessary things that have nothing whatsoever relating to the trial.

      May I suggest, the next time when the court goes on recess, a legitimate question should be posted for our response, if not, it will be an appropriate time for you and Tracey to take a break for your endless work. Shut the joint down until the court re-adjourned.

      Apparently, fatigue is taking a tow on all of us.

    2. Morris Kanneh,
      I think you need to reread so that you understand my post. Theres nowhere did I state any form of comparisms between Doe and Taylors governments. I was only pointing hints of facts so that you think deeper. Quite surprisingly, you are prematurely down grading the issue of rice and generalising it with respect to food. My brother be wise. Have you forgotten the 1979 RICE RIOT????? The issue of rice is not simple in Liberia , if you don’t know. What infrastrucral development are you speaking about..did you mean the implimentation of the completions of president Tolberts projects? offcourse,! it was Does duties to complete those because he killed that very decent man in cold blood. You are here talking about education..what education? Bringing a bunch of very very illiterate elephants hunters from the forest of Grand Gedeh and forcing the University of Liberia to accept them orelese his death squad would have had the administrators killed in cold blood??? Look my friend, we know what went on in liberia and led to the war. I think some of you should be quiet if there’s nothing to be said. Your good education also mean Samuel Doe going to LU in his bed room and getting suma cum-laude… FUNNY…FUNNY..Funny..WOW!!! Liberians are not FOOLS….thank you

  21. Mr. Alpha Sesay,
    I have done what you asked only because I appreciate the great job you are doing. Nevertheless, I vehemently oppose, and respectfully disagree with your refusal to post my response to Jose and beg to differ with the reasons given.
    Calling Taylor a murderer, looter and rapist besides being my personal opinion and being an eye witness to the looting, rapes and murders perpetuated by the NPFL under the watchful eyes of Taylor, there are sufficient evidence to my claim. The Liberian TRC report, the BBC, VOA, Human Right Watch, Amnesty International, the UNO and many other credible organizations both local and Internationally attest to the uncomfortable fact that Taylor presided over the brutal murder, systematic rape and wholesale robbery of Liberia. Whether Taylor is responsible for murder, rape or loot in Sierra Leone is debatable. What is never debatable is his devilish acts in Liberia. Even the staunchest supporters of Taylor find it insurmountable denying that Taylor masterminded the taken away of the lives of over 10% of Liberia entire population, supervised the raping of over 30% of the women of Liberia and instructed his hooligans to loot as bounty. If such person can not be call a murderer, rapist and looter then someone need to educate me on the meaning of murderer, rapist and looter.
    I hope you are not suggesting that one cannot rely to his own his own account of events or on evidence from highly reputable institutions to make claims.

  22. Noko5,
    Iam a male and a Liberian. Read my post (12:29p.m, on may 29) to Big B foe details.

    What kind of name is noko? That term was a derogatory term used back in the days in Liberia to address soldiers by the Americo Liberian elite. It is similar to been called a nigger.

    1. Nosirrah,

      I will attempt to explain to you in simple English what I meant by, I am unable to engage you. Nosirrah, for example, when you left Liberia in 1996 you know for fact the Executive Mansion was painted Black. You know it because you saw it with your own two eyes. Now this is the tricky part. I Big B, left Liberia April 2010, and saw the Executive Mansion painted RED. Can you argue with me that the Executive Mansion is still painted Black? The premise of your argument is base upon; when you left Liberia in 1996 the Mansion was Black. Secondly, you heard from friends and read on Sierra Leone web page that the Mansion is still Black. Consequently, it will be a waste of my time convincing you that I left Liberia in April 2010, and I saw the Mansion with my two eyes, the Mansion is painted Red. Are you with me so far?

      To the contrary, if you want to prove me wrong that the Executive Mansion is still painted Black, then you need to take a trip to Liberia and see for yourself. Many things have changed since 1996. That’s what you call eyes witness evidence. Eye witness evidence always supersedes circumstantial evidence. Circumstantial evidences are second, third, forth …party evidence. An example of circumstantial evidence will be. John told Peter and Peter told Nosirrah that it snow in Liberia on December 25th.

      If this was a court sitting, and Nasirrah is on the witness stand testifying to the above scenario, that his source of information about show in Liberia on December 25th came from Peter but Peter said that it was John who told him that it indeed snow on December 25 vs. Big B an eye witness who was in Liberia on December on 25th, testify that it didn’t show in Liberia on December 25th. Big B testimony will have more weight because he saw it with his two eyes. No snows, vs. Nasirrah’s testimony base on hear said. Nasirrah, are you with me, do you understand. Yes? I can’t get more kindergarten than this. This is what I meant; I am unable to engage you because you have been away from Liberia for 14 years. I was in Liberia last month. Therefore, I am in a better position to attest to situations on the ground.

      I intentionally brought this scenario up to illustrate your (prosecution) case against President Taylor. All of the prosecution witnesses’ testimonies were base on circumstantial evidence. The next time my writing will be expository.

      Finally, I never questioned your nationality. Why did you have to bring that up? I am not dismissing you, I am sorry if you feel that way. I am grateful, even though you are not in Liberia, but you are contributing towards saving lives. After all, “it takes a village…”

    2. This is the best piece yet again from you , Nosirrah! Noko should surely know what his name means in Tubman’s and to Tolbert’s Liberia. It seems this name is not only an insult to the aboriginous Liberians, but to the Lorma Tribe of Great Lofa County, Liberia! Just as you say: “nigger”

    3. Nosirrah,
      Good gender description; but actually I didn’t mean in anyway to be sacastic. Was just being frank. I understand how emotions get out of controll sometimes, but thats ok. Always NOKO5….

  23. Ms. Teage, just how u feel about. Ur big girl Ellen, that is how others think of. Mr tell u the truth,everything ur lover girl is doing , was in the pipelines to be done.Buze , ur girl and her boys did not want this to happen for mr.Taylor,so they had this war going .She realy not sweetie u think .U were there few weeks ago, But some of us live here. Andwere. Here all the times the war was going on.Really what is she doing? Because she is stealin to. What ever she got went right into her pocket. And in that Hotlel right in SouthAfrica .so stop playing with ur mind. We live here and what’s going on. YESJ when TAylor was here, poor people could buy their littie this place was not that bad. Did u look at the farm ur dear made in her own villiage? Did u go htere to ? That should be some of your development .if u can not help ur own people what good is it? U came and slept in her light house and left. What’s about we the poor people,is there light for them?YES today is Mr.TAYLOR,s time.U are saying CORRUPTION, GREED? It is all in ur BIGMA LAP WITH SHE AND HER BOYS. So don,t talk about that.

  24. Mandingos were just as mad as u said madman Taylor.L,PC,LURD,KAHN EVERY ONE PLAY part the war. ELLEN HAD HER SUPORTED. WHEN SHE could not get alone with TAYLOR again. So what are u people saying here? That Taylor alone killed in this war?Do u know this is war all over again here?because. Some people to put it on one man? And there are others that. Will not stand for it. Feeling are been hurt on both sides. I can not see us for given each others, even if Mr Taylor die or stay as others want him to. There will still be Taylor around.just like the Mandingo andKahn saying Taylor killed their people. We know some of us know and seen the mandingo people that kill our mothers and every day , eat with then, play with their kids but what can we do? War is over now that one man was cought and given up by his people to pay for every one that. Fought this war.this is why I said war stilll going is this fair? We all did something here .BUT WE NEVER KNOW WHAT WE WANT .WE are fellows. THIS IS THE BIG BROTHER THEM TOLD US ONCE APON A TIME.

    1. Korma , I think you would do us great service if you write for average readers on this blog like me who do not understand what “ur” suppose to means or “apon”. I did not understand most of what you are attempting to convey grammartically. Every response to taylor’s trial is very important and therefore needs to be taken into consideration. Hope this is not taken negatively.

  25. Korma,
    Can’t follow you don’t know where you’re going with this post, don’t know where you got your info on my opinion on Ellen yet like most of you Taylorist who love to assume what Ms. Teage thinks you’re WRONG. If you want my opinion on Ellen I WILL be free to share with the entire site…….
    As far as your second post it has nothing to do with my true opinions about the perpatrators of war crimes in Liberia so I cannot have a legite convo with about that subject.
    But if you do decide to actually read and responde to what I wrote and note what you THINK I think then maybe we can converse…. u know….u share and I share….until then adios to this conversation.

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