Court Adjourned For The Day Due To Absence Of Defense Counsel

The trial of Charles Taylor took an early adjournment today as the former Liberian president’s defense counsel, COurtenay Griffiths, was absent from court.

The Special Court for Sierra Leone discussed Mr. Griffiths absence in a private session, and the Trial Chamber’s Presiding Judge, Justice Julia Sebutinde, informed the court in a public session that the trial could not proceed for the day as the defense counsel was indisposed.

The trial will resume on Friday with a continuation of the testimony of convicted former interim leader of the Sierra Leonean rebel group, the Revolutionary United Front (RUF), Issa Hassan Sesay.


  1. Where are we heading with all the excuses? Had Prosecution taken off as defense there would be out cry from support group for possible “delay tactics” However, now , this is more time is given Sesay to plan more damage control to save poro bush brother! Please hurry up so this man should return to serve his time in dungeon. Soon, he will have taylor join him. Also, I suggested long ago about Rwanda housing taylor instead of Britain so we can save the tax payers some money as , also, suggested by support group earlier!

    1. J.Fallah Menjor, Ziggy Sallis, Faud, Ms Teage,

      Firstly who are you guys?
      If you are DISGRUNTLED LIBEREAN that want Charles Taylor punished for the civil war in Liberia I hear you…you should be campaigning for a war court in Liberia but you would find your current leaders backed by the prosecuting governments(U/K-USA) are also implicated.
      Having your ex-president indicted when he was still in office, forced out from office by his indicter and their helpers in Liberia, arrested and send to a war crime court in Europe(sierra Leone),not for what he did in his own country but for what he allegedly did in another country.

      So think about the bigger picture ladies and gentlemen and the precedent you are about to help set over the leaders of Africa…..

      I am not comfortable with this new mind set been encourage, were European think they can jail our African leaders that cross them in anyway possible, WHILES THEY WALK ANGLOSAXON FREE AFTER COMMITNG WAR CRIMES IN IRAQ,AFGHANISTAN,PARKISTAN.i could go on!!!!!!!!

      You want justice on Mr Taylor so any justice regardless of it implications. Don’t let them take advantage of your emotions people; they are making us look simple.

      Or do you work for amnesty international? Or are you a mole in this forum agitating…..ambitious oxford /Yale graduate in African studies starting his career with the CIA/M15?

      If you are Liberians I reiterate I understand your grieveances, but I’m afraid it’s been hijacked and it been made a nonsense of, this is a conspiracy.

      1. Cee,

        I am under the impression that most of these Taylor haters are not Liberians. These guys are Sierraleons with ties in Liberia. These guys must have attended school in Liberia and lived in Liberia for a while. They were able to learn the local “Liberia English” and made some Liberian friends over the years.

        I did a population sampling of Liberians in Liberia and abroad on the Taylor trial, the result was fascinating. 10:10 Liberians agreed that President Taylor should not be trial for the atrocities in Sierra Leone.

        So, who are these Taylor haters? They are a handful of Sierraleones who want justice for the atrocities committed in their homeland, but the sad thing is they are seeking justice in the wrong place.

        1. Why does Big B seem to feel uncomfortable about whether others are Liberian or not? Why will I want to claim false nationality of a country such as Liberia, 8th poorest nation amongt the developing world? The answer is”birthright” simple as that Big B! If your patriotic claims were true, you would probably have a different approach than what I see from your expresasions. And what would it matter if jfallah menjor were Sierra Leonean or Gambian? Nothing, as long as he is African!

      2. CEE, I was wondering too as to who this CEE was! I am a Blogger on the site , and a bitter opponent of taylor’s criminal enterprises in the West African Region, during his tenue. As for your reasoning about the bigger picture of protecting the “African Leadership” over “individual basic rights”, sounds not only silly, but same culture of ignorance that have continued to plague africa. This idea of some about this “great conpiracy theory” that the West is after African Leadership or Neocolonialism, is not only stupid but naive! Why China, Japan, Latin America, Cuba,India, and many others continue to strive in spite of the West attacking their leadership in all forms of political means? My answer is;”Nationalism” If Africans would think first of being true Africans, there would be no outside propaganda to prevent you from becoming a strong independent Power of the World! But look at how divided we are on this blog over whether a brother african had the right to destroy other africans in the name of material wealth or not.To you, CEE, it is okay and to me it is wrong. Simple as that. Now how is the West interfering with the quest for Justice in this Taylor Case?

      3. Cee,
        Who do we blame for such NONSENSE?? To some degree, I blame Mr. Taylor for some of this mess but mainly on the current gov’t of Liberia….the agreement that got Mr. Taylor out of Liberia stipulated that he can only be send out of Nigeria if Liberia ask for his return……and Pres. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf did just that after Rep. Royce, who chaired the Committe on Africa Affairs, to a hold on the 50 million dollars aid to Liberia.

        But here is what I don’t understand for the Gov’t of Liberia did all in her to make sure Mr. Taylor didn’t leave Robertfields Airport….my question is WHY WASN’T MR. TAYLOR NOT GIVEN HIS CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS TO FIGHT HIS EXTRIDICTION TO FREEDOM INSTEAD HE WAS CUFFED AND SEND OFF??

      4. Cee,
        I’m a happy go-lucky, fun loving young woman that believe that given the evidence of this Trail that Taylor is guilty of the crimes he’s accused of in SIERRA LEONE.

      5. @Cee
        You seem to be somewhat confused. The offences of ‘War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity’ etc are not ‘Nation Specific’. what this means is that, a Nigerian could commit War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity in China, as indeed could a kenyan, in say, France, and as such, the fact that Taylor is Liberian does not preclude his facing these charges for offences committed in Sierra Leone nor does it preclude him been subsequently arraigned for crimes committed in Liberia.
        In other words there can be no dispute as to the validity of the charges levelled at Taylor. At Issue is whether they can be proven beyond reasonable doubt.
        As Always Wadi’The Zima’

        1. Wadi Williams,
          sorry ,i am just confused because the fact of one africa leader commiting war crime in another country in africa is quite new to me….more akeen to Europeans,well for the past few years(jokeing)

          Wadi!I think we leave in a mad world ,the very people that have a culture of invading another country and commit war crimes and get away with it are prosecuting,these prosecutors are not even signatory to the ICC .

          Wadi,this is an insult to the human conscience.This exercise is a request for submission.

          Thank god the other African leaders don’t depend on the Sierra Leone and Liberian interlectuals or shall i say educated fools for guidance and good on the AU in putting the brakes on the ICC western drive to start jailing our leaders if they refused to be exploited,under the guise of human rights violation accusations with help from their local amnesty internationals dummies.

  2. please accept my best wishes Mr Griffiths. You have demonstrated beyond all doubt that you are a defender of truth and justice.

  3. Facts abouts the previous trial that Issa Sesay was convicted of:
    Ruf summart of charges, the accused Issa Sesay, the alleged interim leader of the RUF was indicted on march 7,2003 on 17 count indictment for crimes against humanity ,violations of article 3 common to the Geneva cinvention and of additional protocol #2 ( commonly known as war crimes ), and other serious violations of international humanitarian law ( an 18th count was later added.) Sesay was arrested on march 7, 2003, an taken into the custody of the court, at his initial appearence on march 15, at the temporary court house on Bonthe Island, Sesay pleaded not guilty to all charges, and was cought& convicted in many lies while answering to:
    1.Terrorizing the civilian populations and collective punishments
    (a) acts of terrorism
    (b) collective punishments
    (c) unlawful killings
    (d) exterminations
    (e) murder #1
    (f) violence to the health physical or mental well being of persons in particular murder #2
    2. Sexual violence
    (a) rape #1
    (b) sexual slavery and other forms of sexual violence
    (c) other inhumane acts
    (d) outrages upon personal dignity
    3.Physical violence
    (a) violence to life health and physical or mental well being of persons in particular cruel treatments
    (4) Use of child solider
    (a) conscripting or enlisting children under the age of 15 years old into the arm forces or groups or using them to participate actively in hostilities.
    (a) enslavement and forced labour
    6. Looting and Burning
    (a) pillage
    7.Attacks on Unamsil persons
    (a) intentionally directing attacks against personel involved in a humanitarian assistance or peacekeeping mission
    (b) for unlawful killings, murder #1
    (c) for the adductions and holdings as hostages.

  4. My well wishes to Courtney Griffins, a true African. Hope he recovers and be more stronger than ever to combat the injustices of multi-national corporations against poor people in Africa. US Congressman Patrick Kennedy’s statement in Liberia is the icing on the cake that this case is a big international conspiracy against Mr. Taylor.

    Kennedy said it clearly that if Taylor is release from this case, the international financial institution will not be happy. Yes, those big banks that finance the exploitation of poor countries will not be happy because Mr. Taylor have refused to sell Liberia natural resources for pennies. This is what this case is about, international financial institutions wanting a free hand to exploit poor countries.

    This case is an injustice and insult to the whole of the African people.

  5. Lets not lose sight of the fact that ‘justice must not only be done but must be seen to be done’, and in the name of justice the ‘Defendant’ must be provided with the wherewithal to mount an effective defence, and in this context it is doubtful whether Taylor could have secured a more able, competent, brilliant and committed defence lawyer than Courtenay Griffiths, he is a man of impeccable intergrity and as such Taylor can expect to recieve the finest ‘Defence’, possible.
    There is no basis to doubt his veracity and the genuineness of his illness. I know Courtenay and he has had problems with his health for many years.
    That said I am of the view that he has a monumental task facing him and the defence team. I am not sure that even with the formidable talents and skills he has at his disposal that he can turn this case around, however, whatever the outcome of this Trial I am sure justice would have been done and be seen to be done.
    As always Wadi’The Zima’

  6. I want to address an issue that seems to permeate the thoughts of many participants in this forum..I refer of course to the claim by both sides that ‘God is on their side’. I am somewhat bemused by this, and it begs the question, Where was God when our children were been Raped & slaughtered, our mothers and fathers were been butchered, where was God when so many of our people were been tormented and tortured? Why do we continue to pay lip service to what is no more than organized supersitition?
    We would do well to reflect on the following :-
    Is God willing to prevent evil but not able?
    Then he is not omnipotent
    Is he able but not willing?
    Then he is malevolent
    Is he both able and willing?
    Then whence cometh evil?
    Is he neither able nor willing?
    Then why call him God?

    I hope upon reflection most of us will recognize the inherent absurdity of these outdated and ridiculous supersitious nonsense that holds so many of our kind psychologically and culturally enslaved.
    As always Wadi’The Zima’

      1. @Fallah menjor
        I have ,over the years, read the Bible from cover to cover, thrice, the Koran twice, works on ‘Zen Buddhism’, Hindu scriptures etc etc, and it is my study of these religious texts which has convinced me that all these Religions are nothing more than ‘Organized Supersitition’ founded on ignorance and Fear…They are logically inconsistent, irrational, absurd and in many cases misanthropic.
        Fallah, the story of ‘Job’ in no way address the issues raised in my previous post. Please read my previous post closely.
        The key issues here are these:-
        Is your God omnipotent – All Powerful?
        Is your God Omniscient -All Knowing?
        Is he a Loving and compassionate God?
        Is he a Just God?
        Is he willing and able to prevent ‘Evil’?
        Clearly if your response to the above is in the affirmative, then the horror and nightmare that visted our Region and is currently visiting millions of our kind from the Congo to Somalia, from Afghanistan to Haiti, Iraq to Pakistan etc is evidence of only two possiblities
        a)That your God is NOT Omnipotent, NOT Omniscient, NOT Loving and Compassionate, NOT JUst,NOT Willing and Able to prevent Evil.
        b) God does not exisit.
        I am firmly of the view that the evidence overwhelmingly supports option (b)
        As Always Wadi’The Zima’

        1. Wadii, the story of Job is simply a demonstration of man’s fibble weakness in time of great calamity, and his questions about the powers of God, just like you seem to fall into the trap Job experienced, not only all His children dying, but his entired body covered with horrific disease worst than leprosy! At that point, Job, who had trusted God all along, was tempted to question His Mighty Powers, just like you are doing here!”blasphemy.” Have a Blessed day,THOSE WHO TRUST! Let’s return to the case in question: Was taylor guilty of coniving into criminal enterprises with the Notorious ‘rag-tag”rebel forces of Sierra Leone, and thus destroying lives of innocent civilians in the process?

        2. Wadi,

          Of all books, the HOLY BIBLE is the only one that is consistent form start to finish. I challenge you to point out a single part that is inconsistent. I’m fully prepare to send you my contact and email address if you want to take me on with this. Only the fool says in his heart that there is no God. May God have mercy upon you for you know not what you are saying.

          Harris K Johnson

  7. Hello everyone, the Eagle-Eye has return after a long time. As they say in Liberia, WHAT NEWS IN TOWN?.

    So I hear the trial is heating up with Issa Sesay making his debut on taylor’s behave. I think Taylor is going to need more than Issa Sesay to get him out of this one. Its good though that Issa is playing his part in helping the papay.

  8. From the horse’s mouth they under their own command, with their own hand and with no love for their own people Kill and malhandle their Mothers, Fathers, Brothers and Sisters. Then why I we still pointing fingers at a Man Who Kowns nothing of their evil. Please this man has had much of his own trouble let go of him. If he is to be guilty of anything It has to be what he did in liberia.

  9. Wadi, I do understand what you are saying. But he is still God . He was there saw and know everything. He knew and saw it and allow it to happen.he is for every one good or bad. In this case he know who is right and who is worng. He punish men for their sins. And also we are punish for our fathers, and fathers sins. Liberia was punish by God for what ever reson he knows best. He also hhe also punish us Buz we do not listen to his words.God has own way of doing things so you see,wehaghtve to look into our hearts and for give .if not , Liberia will way be ththere e same.some in the pass brought this on our people. God ways, and men ways are not the same . There were and stil big hands into the war , and also this case. It is just Taylor head is the one rolling. For the others.ssee what happen the other day when all those people died doing the game? Poor people suffer. Forothers worng doings So we should not blem one person for liberia trouble.

    1. @Korma
      I am not sure you fully understood my comments. May I suggest you re-read the said Post and perhaps read my response to fellah.
      As always Wadi’The Zima’

      1. Wadi,
        Are you reading a book called “the problem of evil” just asking, cuz I did it in my one of my under grat semisters as a humanity six years ago… it is good to read but confusing and crazy…I only read it for grades…..

  10. I’m not sure what’s ones nationality has to do with the issues. Or why a total stranger would make claims about the nationalities of bloggers. But this seems to be the same type of conversations that get bloggers away from doing what we’re here to do, which is discuss ‘this’ trail not each other, especially when some of us are total strangers to other. Its distracting and counter-productuve to the vibrant debates happening on this blog. I once again would like to implore ALL bloggers to stick to the issues and not others. We can all be civil and agree to disagree on our opinions of Taylor….lets just stick to the issues.

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