Former Rebel Leader, Convicted of War Crimes, Testifies for Charles Taylor

A former Sierra Leonean rebel leader, released from his jail cell in Rwanda to testify on behalf of Charles Taylor, today rejected claims that the former Liberian president received diamonds from his neighboring rebel group, nor controlled the rebels’ actions during Sierra Leone’s bloody civil conflict.

Issa Sesay, who led the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebel group for a short period in the late 1990s, has himself been convicted of charges including war crimes and crimes against humanity for his role in the Sierra Leonean conflict and is serving a 52-year long jail sentence.  Prosecutors allege that Mr. Sesay had traveled regularly to Liberia to deliver diamonds to Mr. Taylor in exchange for arms and ammunition during the country’s brutal conflict, that that he had received direct orders from Mr. Taylor.  Mr. Taylor has denied all allegations against him.

“Was Charles Taylor ever in charge of the RUF, Mr. Sesay?” Mr. Taylor’s lead defense counsel, Courtenay Griffiths, asked the former RUF leader today.

“To my knowledge, no,” Mr. Sesay responded.

Previous prosecution witnesses have told the Special Court for Sierra Leone that Mr. Sesay was not the only rebel leader to bring diamonds to Mr. Taylor — others, including RUF founder and head, Foday Sankoh, and leading commander, Sam Bockarie, also traveled regularly to Liberia with diamonds for the former Liberian president. In his testimony today, Mr. Sesay denied taking diamonds to Mr. Taylor, and said neither Mr. Sankoh nor Mr. Bockarie told him about taking diamonds to Mr. Taylor either.

“Did you ever give diamonds to Charles Taylor, Mr. Sesay?” Mr. Griffiths asked the witness.

“Me, I never one day gave diamonds to Mr. Taylor,” Mr. Sesay responded.

“To your knowledge, did Foday Sankoh ever give diamonds to Mr. Taylor?” Mr. Griffiths asked again.

“Foday Sankoh never told me that,” Mr. Sesay said.

Asked again whether Mr. Bockarie ever gave diamonds to Mr. Taylor, Mr. Sesay responded: “Sam Bockarie never told me that.”

Mr. Sesay also spoke extensively about the training of RUF fighters at Camp Naama in Liberia and how the rebel group conducted itself during the civil conflict in Sierra Leone. Speaking about the RUF’s plans to invade Sierra Leone in 1991, the witness told the court that Mr. Taylor never played any role in the formation of the RUF. He did, however, admit that the RUF committed crimes against Sierra Leonean civilians, including rape, murder, looting, forced labor and recruitment and use of children for combat purposes– crimes for which prosecutors say that Mr. Taylor bears responsibility (and which Mr. Taylor denies).

When asked by Mr. Griffiths whether RUF members were involved in looting, Mr. Sesay said:  “yes sir, RUF members looted.”

On allegations that RUF members committed murder, Mr. Sesay said “yes, RUF members committed murder.”

On the crime of rape: “yes, RUF fighters, that happened.”

And on the recruitment of child soldiers: “well, the children, some of the commanders used to do it but it was not an official policy of the RUF that children should be trained like adults,” Mr. Sesay said.

Mr. Sesay also told the court that during the conflict in Sierra Leone, RUF rebels obtained arms and ammunition mostly from  enemy forces, but that Mr. Sankoh also used to buy some from Guinean forces.

Contrary to prosecution allegations that it was Mr. Taylor who appointed him as interim leader of the RUF, Mr. Sesay told the court that he was appointed by the West African leaders during a meeting in Liberia. His appointment was not made by Mr. Taylor alone, he told the court.

Mr. Sesay’s testimony continues tomorrow.


  1. What a bombshell ???? The Defense has out done them self on this one. I could not believe my ears when I first heard that Issa Sesay had taken the stand. This is a man who has nothing to gain but only wants to come and tell the truth. I had been saying all along that if truely Charles Taylor was the mastermind behind the RUF then one of their leaders in prison would have said so along time ago.

  2. Well we are now hearing from the horse’s mouth! did anyone notice Mr Koumjian’s demeanor in court today? he was like a man in torment. he stands up every now and then to object to questions by Mr Griffiths that he didnt like and was denied on almost all occassions he objected. Issa Sesay has now come out to tell the world the TRUTH about the war in Sierra Leone. Lets continue to enjoy the story as it unfolds.

  3. Another bomb blast from Mr. Taylor camp. I’m sure the prosecution and its so-called supporters are finding it difficult to believe that last man standing Issa Saysay, will come fresh from his 52 years jail cell and yet testify on behalf of the man Charles G. Taylor telling the entire world once again that Mr. Taylor did support the RUF in exchange of blood diamond as alleged by the prosecution all these wasted years. I wonder what will fallah and the few prosecution supporters say about Mr. Sasay testimony. But I got good news for them; we will raise the dead to testify on behalf of Mr. Taylor if any of have doubt.

  4. Tracy/Alpha,

    Please do not post my post of July 6, 2010 at 7:18am it contains some mistakes. Go ahead and post the one at 7:34am. Thanks for you usual understanding and support always.


    Harris K Johnson

  5. Alpha can you please assist me as to who I can get the transcript of Mr. Sesay testimony yesterday.
    Many thanks

  6. Wow,

    This is very interesting. Here is a man who led the RUF, who is in the most appropriate position to know if Taylor was their leader; yet he has said that Mr. Taylor did not lead them or provide weapons for them or assist them. He also said that he never give Taylor diamonds neither was he aware of Foday Sankoh or Sam Boukarie giving Mr Taylor any diamonds. What else is there left to be said?

    For those who, regardless of how much evidence to the contrary keep insisting that Mr Taylor is guilty, What more do you need to convince you of Taylor’s innocence in this SL conflict? Should God himself come and testify? Or would you still say the Almighty is lying for Mr Taylor?

    For one thing you have to know that Issa Sesay has no reason to protect Mr Taylor. He Sesay is in jail convicted of war crimes and serving a long sentence. Yet he is willing to come forward and speak in the interest of justice. I think this is the final icing on the cake for Mr. Taylor.

    As we can see here there is no media flurry to report the the story despite the monumental nature of this testimony. How biased can the international media be? It is so glaring and so absolutely disgusting and unfair. They were reporting about that Zigzag Mazar who was speaking like a lunatic about canibalism but when someone who is so highly placed as Sesay, and who would know the details comes forward, there is a total media blackout. Just last week every newspaper and television station in the Western world was yelling about Naomi Camball coming to testify about something that still does not prove anything but this very pertinent testimony is kept on the back burner.

    What an utter umbrage and total opprobriousness! They have no recriminations when they exaggerate the negatives in this case all in an effort to traduce Mr Taylor. I find this whole aspect very ignominious.

    There is a very clear onesidedness here culminated to satisfy some avaricious sense of superiority of the oppressor. I hope in the interest of justice they will see it fit to not just sensationalize the bad but when the good come they would also speak about it. Whose agenda are they putting forward here by this kind of bias reporting? I guess we already know.

    1. Hi Helen – if it is any consolation, I know some media houses were following Issa Sesay’s testimony the last few days as they contacted us today. It is, hopefully, not a media blackout as this is a key witness for the defense, as you rightly point out.

      I also just did a search to see if there were more coming out in the past couple of days — if you and other readers are interested, here are a few links:
      Mail and Guardian Online – South Africa:
      Associated Press:


    2. @ helen
      you are on point. there was a media black out of sorts. i barely watch the news and i still heard without number about naomi campbell. yet, not a scintilla about issa sesay.
      @ tracey… no consolation…thanks any way.

      1. Cen — yes, the lack of media coverage of Issa Sesay’s testimony is a disappointment. He is the most high profile witness for the defense we have seen to date, aside from Mr. Taylor himself. Perhaps he will get more coverage during cross-examination — let’s see.

  7. What are we supposed to learn from this lowly pathological liar, Isa sesay? Nothing as far as I am concerned. He better be grateful to come from his dungeon in Rwanda, ride free plane, and feed on free men’s delicious foods! This is a man that has shown no remorse, to say the least, for all that he did to his own people, and now conniving to save the commander in chief,another colleague. Maybe, I have an idea; taylor will testify for him too from Britain’s prison when Isa’s appeal is considered for parole! Despicable characters! These guys are a disgrace to Africa! Africa should never stand still to see such characters get away with it! Thank God he has no more freedom to enjoy. Hopefully he will finally meet his maker some day and pay the ultimate wages for his sins..death!

    1. Fallah,
      Admit it…..he has done the IMPOSSIBLE in this case!!!. Whoelse can we go to to know the details of RUF?? He follows Ms. Kalloh and backing up some of her testimony. And they are the TWO MOST senior members of RUF still alive. And I don’t want to believe that POWER HOUSES in the theater were blind to these FACTS. ECOMOG did more to prolong the wars both in Liberia and Sierra Leone because the leaderships benefitted!!!. Remember the UN Pakistan’s General’s report about ECOMOG been involved in arm sales???

      Mr. Taylor said he bought arms from one group of ECOMOG to fight another group within; Ms Kanlloh said she bought arms from ECOMOG and now, Mr Sesay is telling us the same. Plus look at how ULIMO played a BIG PART….now we know the involvement of Mr. Sherriff aka the Insider. I guarrantee you that photo he presented telling the court that was a photo taken when Mr. Taylor send him with arms for RUF was one of those taken when he brought arms for sales.

      Again, now we know the true reason why he Mr. Sherriff was been contacted thru the Liberian Embassy in Guinea by RUF ranks while he served in the Taylor’s gov’t…..they dealt with him before.

      GOD is GREAT!!!!! Things are finally falling into place. Fallah knowing and hearing what have been told to this court, do you still believe Mr. Taylor should be found guilty??

      I cannot wait to see the summary out of California.

      1. Dear kingston,

        Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, we cannot post it at this time because you use a word in the second paragraph that does not comply with our site’s policy for comments – If you can remove the word within the phrase starting with “so he needs to…” we will gladly publish your comment.

        Thank you.

    2. My brother fallah, the game is over. Mr. Taylor is on his way back home.

      Harris K Johnson


    THIS IS WHAT TAYLOR SAID IN ONE OF HIS TESTIMONIES; Characterizing the claims as ‘political,’ Taylor said the allegations were brought against him at the behest of Britain and America.

    I CAN SEE THAT THE US HAS GIVEN UP ON THE CONVICTION OF CHARLES TAYLOR BY Congressman Patrick Kennedy SAYING ‘Taylor Will Destroy’ Liberia -‘If He Returns.

    1. The POWER HOUSES have been told….Mr. Taylor cannot be convicted and now we see they are begining to talk. I say look at web. The US wants Liberia to have a Special Court for she and her partner, the British, know that under NO CONDITION will Mr. Taylor be convicted for Sierra Leone but the catch is, if they persue the Special Court line for Liberia, their dariling, Pres. Johnson-Sirleaf, will be haul into court and should be standing on the sideline during the election. So which one do they pick???

    2. borris,
      If you don’t mind, I see the statement as one of the most childishly disgusting pronounciations ever from someone who the public supposingly percieve as a great statesman. These guys are so so much afraid of Taylor to the point that, they are even angry why his mother conceived him….

  9. A convicted criminal is hardly a credible witness. I get that these guys still in their own fantasy world believe that “Charles Taylor is ‘our leader”, but the choice of witness is propostrous. Mr. Sesay’s is no doubt going to claim that Taylor is innocent as he (Sesay) is innocent. Wow is all i can say,

    …who remembers this song.
    “Anybody say no more taylor we will treat you like a dog
    Anybody say no more taylor we will treat you like a dog
    Charles Taylor our leader, Charles Taylor our leader”

    No more Taylor, no more buffonary, no more circus witness. If it’s left with the defense this trail can go on for months and years.
    As the judge stated the burden of proof lies on the prosecution not the defense. Why make such mockery of this trial by getting this witness to testify. How many more murderers and master minds of acts of genocide does the defense have to testify on behalf of Taylor?

    1. Ms Teage and Fallah,

      Shame on your! You are begining to become very comical. I thought you all were supposed to be educated individuals? If this man who is convicted is willing to come forward and tell the truth what more needs to be said? He has absolutely nothing to lose by speaking the truth. I guess for some it is an alien possibility here right Ms Teage? I can see that. Bitterness reigns regardless of the truth staring you and Fallah blattantly in the face. What a sad couple you make.

      Sorry, this is the real deal here not your insignificant liars brought forward by the prosecution who had no real relevance or actual prominence in the scheme of things.

      I suggest you go back and rethink your arguments as this line of argument just has no salt and is bordering on be ridiculous.


      Thanks for the link but when I referred to the media blackout I was doing so in comparison to the level of media coverage given to say a Zigzag Mazar and the Cambell stories as opposed to this very siugnificant witness. Zigzag Mazar who rambled on as a lunatic was given serious prominence in the Western media despite the fact that he appeared to be a bit unstable; yet this story is treated in such a low keyed way.

      I appreciate that the press want sensationalism but this is supposed to be sensational enough but I guess not for the right group of stakeholders. Those whose agenda is being put forward may not be pleased by this turn of events which does not favour their cause so are ensuring that the story is downplayed indeed.

      1. Hi Helen — I do take your point that the media coverage is not as extensive for Issa Sesay’s testimony as it was for Zig Zag Marzah, for example. It is a shame generally that more media is not able to cover this trial from start to finish — it is a very important trial internationally.

        Also just a reminder to all readers: let’s focus on the issues and not on other readers, yes?


    2. Ms Teage,
      I feel your pain but that song was sung in Liberia and not Sierra Leone…in case you don’t remember or have forgotten, he is on trial for Sierra Leone.

      Ms Teage, how many witnesses did the prosecutors presented and will still be presenting if they have thier way?? The case is OVER and you yourself have come to that realization. Mr. Sesay has bursted this case WIDE OPEN that even the blind man can see and the deaf can hear. AMAZING GRACE HOW SWEET WILL IT SOUND……NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS!!!

      Then you and I can start pressuring the POWER HOUSES to create a Special Court so we can HANG HIM for we got enough evidences out this trial on him for his deeds in Liberia but he should’t the only one…..all SHALL put on the stand!!! But it won’t happen trust me….those other warlords in the LEG won’t sign their death warrant. So to you I say, LET’s MOVE ON……

    3. Ms Teage,
      The BURDEN of PROOF always lies on the laps of the prosecutors…it’s not the judges saying that, that’s how JUSTICE is sought…..give it up dear….it’s over. Nothing more can the prosecutors do….Mr. Sesay is already serving his time; Mr. Kounjaim cannot retry him….he will have to go with what Perry Mason is putting to the witness.

      And if I was Mr. Sesay, this case has given him ARMO to repeal his conviction….do you recall Mr. Kounjaim objecting to the reasons why Mr. Sesay was convicted eventhough he was not given said evidence???? Stay tune….you might see Perry Mason and his crew doing some work for Mr. Sesay after this case is close.

    4. Ms Teage,
      The reason why the defense chose to bring Issa in court as a witness is simply to destroy the many lies told about Mr. Taylor involvement in Sierra Leone, which you and others were made to believe. The defense is not leaving any stone unturned in order to prove Mr. Taylor innocent even if Christ will have to come back to earth.

      Harris K Johnson

    5. Ms. Teage,
      I want you be honest, what would you have said if Mr. Sesay was going to testified that Mr. Taylor supported them with weapons and other materials? You wasn’t going to say that indeed he’s telling the truth? Well, all members of true Justice, the only way Mr. Taylor will be guilty of these charges is through flase Justice. We do have more witnesses to come after Mr. Sesay, so keep your fingers cross people!

  10. WELL WELL WELL…. What have we have here? There is no hearsay here ppl… This is the real deal… This man has no reason to lie… FREE CHARLES TAYLOR….

  11. I have one question for those who feel that Charles Taylor is guilty of the charges in Freetown:
    What does this witness stand to gain for defending Charles Taylor?

    1. Bro. Wright,
      And Perry Mason has ceverly put the charges against Mr. Taylor to Mr. Sesay in broad day light and to ALL he keep coming up with NO Mr. Taylor DID NOT.

      Nothing he gains and if you go back to Mr. Taylor’s testimony, he mentioned somewhere that Mr. Sesay was ECOWAS best hope in bringing the war to an end….and Mr. Sesay shouldn’t have been send to jail…..

  12. Borris
    The statement by US Congressman Patrick Kennedy is more than enough to inform a sane mind that Charles Taylor has all along been correct about western conspiracy against him. Who is Patrick Kennedy to tell the Liberian people who to choose for their leader? Oh I forgot, Patrick Kennedy is the slave master, and he does not want a reasonable leader to protect his people from multi-national wall street like crook businesses. The same kind of financial institutions that nearly drown American political power.

    It is people like Patrick Kennedy that fuels negative reaction against America in various parts of the world. Instead of Patrick Kennedy supporting the poor people of Liberia and their democratic right to choose their own leader, he is supporting a single individual-Ellen Johnson , against the wishes of the majority of the Liberian people. We the Liberian people loves America and expect America to support democratic institution in Liberia, instead of supporting a single individual Ellen Johnson or hating a single individual Charles Taylor. America needs to support the Liberian people just as the Liberian people loves America.

    The fact that Patrick Kennedy realizes upon his visit to Liberia that Charles Taylor is still more popular than the current Liberian president should suggest to the whole world that indeed Taylor was not a brutal leader as greedy capitalists, exploiters , and profiteers want the world to view Mr. Taylor. The Liberian people just do not like president Ellen Johnson and the international community cannot impose this woman upon the citizens in next year elections.

  13. Aki and Helen,
    It is one thing for you and informed and knowledgeable people to know that Issa Sesay has no reason to protect Mr Taylor or nothing personal to gain by coming to testify for Taylor but a completely different thing for an embodiment of acute illiteracy, abject ignorance and great desperation Issa Sesay to know so.
    Just reading your posts, Issa Sesay will pass as a man of great virtue and a great lover of truth and justice; for a man with serious issue (jailed for practically the rest of his life) to come to the Hague just to say the truth placed him on the Parthenon of heros and make him a role model. No wonder why Helen even had the courage to bracket him in the same set with God.
    It’s naivety of the highest order to think that because a man is in jail, convicted of war crimes and serving a long sentence than he doesn’t have interest to protect. It is very simplistic to think that because Issa Sesay is jailed then he has no reason to protect Taylor. I can come up with a litany of possible reasons why Issa Sesay has chosen to keep on lying (rather than having a remorse of conscience for the great harms and destruction he and his cohorts visited upon our people) and why he is now in the Hague but the below personal opinion of mine will suffice.

    1. Gullibility
    He would had been easily persuaded that defending Taylor to a much more wider audience will give him the opportunity to indirectly deny the charges for which he is already convicted of and help him gain some much needed sympathy. He might silly think that his own case is interwoven with those of Taylor and Taylor being found not guilty would automatically led to revision of his own case.
    Following his cross examination and some of the questions he is being asked make my assumption not farfetched at all.
    2. Dirty lucre
    A free Ghankay will be very grateful to those who help free him and considering that Ghankay is a financial terrorist, Sesay could be convinced that with a free Ghankay Sesay’s love ones financial difficulties would vaporize into thin air.
    3. Ransom
    A free Taylor, given a third chance to reign havoc on the subregion would either create a puppet government in Sierra Leone that would quash the indictment against Sesay and his cohorts or Taylor would hold the subregion hostage and use our people as ransom for the freedom of his demons.

    It is really pathetic that these illiterates and ignoramuses continue to allow themselves to be used again and again without realizing the consequences of their actions. It is high time that all lovers of peace , unity and the general welfare of our subregion pump in sufficient resources, time and energy at reducing the very high degree of illiteracy and ignorance that is holding our region hostage.

    1. Morris Kanneh, you have said it all! Thank you Sir! Helen , Sam, and others should carefully read your great analytical break down in simple Liberia English for their understanding as to why Isa Sesay should not be glorified as man of truth as this support group is preaching as they usually do; hiding behind the word of God! How can an educated Lady like Helen jump to conclusion about Isa’s testimony, even before cross-examination, as credible enough to acquit taylor? Insanity..wake up Helen, you should learn about fair debate from Ms Teage, who brings no emotional feelings to the table, but rather, an intellectual approach. There is no need of you calling names here, because it makes no sense to getting others buy your rambling arguement on Isa being a God sent Truth teller just like Jesus! These guys fair taylor as much as some of you on this blog do, or hopes taylor brings back the glory days of chaos so he can live on others sweat!

      1. Fallah,
        Need I remind you that mojority of Issa sesay’s testimony is backed up by kdocumentry evidence? what then do you want to challenge as false in his testimony? just one example from you will suffice for discussion here please.

  14. Simeon Wright,
    I’m not a mind reader and I’m not privy to Issa Sesay’s communication with Taylor’s lawyers and supporters so I can’t tell u crystal clear what Issa tend to gain or what he has already gained for/by testifying for Taylor.
    All I can do is pretend illiteracy, ignorance, gullibility and desperation and walk in Issa Sesay’s shoes. In short, play the despicable Issa Sesay for few seconds .
    I would demand huge sum of money for my family. Don’t forget that despite me being a murderer, I love my family especially my children dearly. Considering I’m now in jail and incapacitated to provide for my family , I would consider going to the Hague as a great opportunity to find much needed cash for my family. Rather than risking the lives of my love ones by refusing to lie, I would make their lives better by lying.
    I would also see going to the Hague as an opportunity to tell the whole world that I was wrongly imprisoned especially if the lawyer has agreed to ask me questions about my own activities and questions intended to make the criminal organization I ran look like a patriotic and nationalistic organization. Considering I’m very gullible, I would have been easily convinced that verdict on Taylor is tie to my own case. A non guilty verdict for Taylor would call into question my indictment and I wouldn’t have to look far for good lawyers to advocate and defend me.
    Also, I go there to help free my master because I know what he is capable of doing when he get back to our base. I will be convinced that my chances of freedom greatly increases with the freedom of the boss and greatly diminishes or becomes zero with the indictment of the boss.

  15. Fallah, the truth can be as big as the house you live in and you would still miss it. What have Issa Sesay said that made him a lair? You might want to join the prosecution team since you have the ultimate truth detector.


    I did not follow the trial of ISSA SESAY and therefore don’t know how it transpired. Did Sesay confessesd and owned up to his crimes during his trial? If he implicated himself during his trial, then he is a credible witness, other than that he is not going to plead guilty now by affirming Taylor’s involvement in Sierra Leone. Another thing to consider too is that he is entitled to couple of appeals and any divulgence of information of his and Taylor’s crimes will jeopardize his (Sesay) appeals.

    I don’t think there was a smoking gun in Sesay’s trial and yet he got convicted. PLEASE STOP THE PREMATURE CELEBRATION. “A hint to the wise is quite sufficient.”

    1. Nisirrah,
      Issa sesay was tried and convicted under the doctrine of command responsiblity i.e he was held responsible for the crimes committed by the RUF due to his serving as its”interim” leader and he was their overall commander. So even though he may not have personally ordered some crimes to be committed, he would still be liable due to his having a command authority over his surbodinates. were Foday Sankoh and Sam Bockarie alive, he may not have been charged since other senior commanders of the RUF are now walking free despite partaking in the carnage that took place in SL. He was not charged nor convicted for individual offences.

  17. Shame on me, yeah right. Shame on you for thinking that I should be ashamed of expressing my opinion beccause you don’t agree….
    Issa Sesay is not a credible witness, or a upright person.
    Since Mr Morris Kanneh already explicitly detailed what Sesay seeks to gain by testifying on behalf of Taylor,I’ll add a bit to that response.
    Sesay has nothing to lose at this point he has been trailed and found guilty, so what does he have to lose by lying for Taylor. He gets to get out of the heated Rwandan prison fly to a different country and see the face of Taylor. The reason Mr Sesay is so willing to do all this because Taylor was once his ‘bossman’….and Sesay looked up to and admired Taylor just like RUF admired NPFL…
    RUF was attempting to do exactly what NPFL thugs did, which was invade Sierra Leone and topple the government. I’m not gullible as you all are to think that a convicted psychopath as Sesay has nothing to gain for testifying someone he looked up to once and admired.
    Secondly you think I ‘should’ respect Sesay with a rapp sheet as his, this man was charged with
    murder, rape physcial violence, use of children as soldiers, numerous crimes against, all charges he denied and was eventually convicted of them except two counts. You DONT see why this witness’s integrety is compromised and why he will not be looked at as a credible witness. Shame on Issa Sesay for wasting the courts money he’s always been selfish and egotistical but guess what his character speak for it self. I do not consider this witness credible there is much to gain and nothing to loose for Mr. Sesay.

  18. This witness is lucky that Mr. Bakari and Mr. Sanko are now dead, and that we must now rely on his account. If Mr. Taylor is freed at the end of his trial, I hope there is enough pressure from the international community for Liberia to create a war crimes court. Although I am not a fan of the current Liberian president, I am worried that a free Taylor would spell disaster for the subregion and reverse its fragile recovery.

    1. I understand your fears, but believe me, we will not sit by idle and let it happen! Taylor will not go unpunished if it will mean the second round! I am serious, that won’t happen and taylor knows it as well as his die-hard support group! The Guma Forest will turn to football field and the Gola and Kornia forests to gulf resorts! Boy, I will give free service to mobilize strong defenders of Democracy In West Africa, if taylor returns to Liberia, even if under House Arrest and confirmed to his farm! Let them dream on but we are waiting for equal and opposit reaction to such action!

    2. Paivy,
      I think the word “lucky” literally is understood in a sense of positivity when it comes to being successfull or aquiring some form of an accomplishment. How could you claim that Issa is lucky, when he has been stocked for FIFTYTWO YEARS. I don’t see any luck about that kinda stuff. This guy just decided to clear all doubts surrounding the myth that Mr. Taylor partook in the carnaige and mayham that went on in Sierraleone..
      Regarding the issue that Taylor will destroy Liberia or wherever, I think PATRICK KENNEDY lost controll of his thaugt processing machinery. So please my friend , don’t follow his lead. I think as well meaning Liberians, his irresponsible statement should be strongly denounced by us all.

      1. Now Noko5, why would you call someones’s opinion, irresponsible? Patrick Kennedy is only voicing out similar thoughts that you hear from most of us on a daily basis. No, this is a bit not in line, Buddy:”Regarding the issue that Taylor will destroy Liberia or wherever, I think PATRICK KENNEDY lost controll of his thaugt processing machinery. So please my friend , don’t follow his lead. I think as well meaning Liberians, his irresponsible statement should be strongly denounced by us all.”

  19. Fallah,
    When did Patrick Kennedy observed that Taylor was destructive???
    After the death of 300,000 Liberians..or because he intends to support the rigging of the Liberian elections again for the impositon of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on the Liberian people again? Can he , Mr. Kennedy come up to the family and friends , loveones of those who have lost lives and valueables, and address the idea of freeing Mr. Taylor and sending him to wage war on the Does government, knowingly knowing that the cosequencial result of( DEATH AND DISTRUCTION) would have been unimmaginable ? WHEN WILL THEY APPOLOGISE?? In my opinion,as a Liberian, Mr. Kennedy needs to be asking the legislature and the present Liberian Goverment about when, this leadership is going to impliment the TRC findings which emphaticlly and clearly bans Ellen from practicing politics in Liberia for 30 years..orelse his widow dressing speeches will be deemed very very childish and irresponsible by all well meaning Liberians. LET HIM SHUT THE *** UP.. PERIODE. TELL HIM I SAY SO.

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