Naomi Campbell’s Testimony Moved to August 5; Issa Sesay Says He Was Made Interim Leader Of The RUF By West African Leaders, Not Charles Taylor Alone

As the trial of former Liberian President Charles Taylor resumed today, the much-anticipated testimony of supermodel Naomi Campbell was delayed until Thursday next week, August 5. Meanwhile, a former Sierra Leonean rebel leader returned to the witness stand today and said that his appointment as the top rebel was made by a group of West African leaders – not by Mr. Taylor alone, as prosecutors have alleged.

Before last week’s judicial recess, prosecutors had asked the Special Court for Sierra Leone’s judges to reschedule Ms. Campbell’s testimony from the end of this week to a later date.  (Judges had previously issued a subpoena for Ms. Campbell to testify on July 29 regarding allegations that she received rough diamonds from Mr. Taylor after they had both attended a star-studded dinner in September 1997 in South Africa). When court resumed today, prosecution counsel Nicholas Koumjian told the judges that Ms. Campbell’s representatives have made a written request for the supermodel’s appearance to take place a week later.

“There is an outstanding court order for her [Campbell] to appear on the 29th of July. A communication has been received by, I believe, the court, that they are requesting a modification of the order to the 5th of August. The prosecution has no problem with that, so we would request that the date of appearance be modified to 5 August, for Ms. Campbell,” Mr. Koumjian asked the judges.

After consulting her colleagues, presiding judge of the Trial Chamber Justice Julia Sebutinde granted the prosecution’s request.

“We can only say that the leave is granted and the date is postponed accordingly for her appearance, with the hope that it would not be postponed yet again,” Justice Sebutinde said.

Issa Hassan Sesay, the former interim leader of the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebel group, then took the witness stand to resume his testimony as a defense witness for Mr. Taylor, who is responding to allegations that he had control over and provided support to RUF rebels during Sierra Leone’s 11 years civil conflict.

Mr. Sesay today denied claims that he was appointed as leader of the RUF in May 2000 by Mr. Taylor (a claim that the former Liberian president has also denied). According to Mr. Sesay, his appointment as leader of the RUF was made by West African leaders at a meeting in Liberia. He said that the West African leaders told him that working with the RUF leader, Foday Sankoh, to bring the Sierra Leonean conflict to an end had become impossible. The leaders present at the meeting were Mr. Taylor, former Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo, former Togolese president Gnassingbe Eyadema, former Malian presiden Alpha Oumar Konare and Gambian president Yayah Jammeh, Mr. Sesay said.

Mr. Sesay explained that “…during that meeting, the Heads of States spoke one after another but the main thrust of their discussion was that they were the moral guarantors of the Lome Peace Accord [peace agreement between the RUF and the Sierra Leone government] and that they were no longer able to work with Foday Sankoh.”

“President Obasanjo asked Mr. Taylor that the time you were negotiating the release of the peacekeepers, ‘who did you speak with?’ and Mr. Taylor said it was this young man sitting here. And Obasanjo said ‘well it seems like Issa is someone who listens to people so do you think we should give him the leadership?’ and Mr. Taylor said ‘yes, Issa is a man that listens to people’,” Mr. Sesay said.

The other West African leaders at the meeting agreed to the suggestion that Mr. Sesay be made leader of the RUF, Mr. Sesay said.

According to Mr. Sesay, he insisted that Mr. Sankoh be consulted on the matter. He then wrote a letter which the West African leaders took to Mr. Sankoh (who was then in the custody of Sierra Leone government). Mr. Sankoh wanted another RUF commander, Mike Lamin, to be given the RUF leadership but according to Mr. Sesay, the West African leaders insisted that Mr. Sesay was the person with whom they were prepared to work.

At a second meeting that was held at the Roberts International Airport (RIA) in Monrovia, the West African leaders informed Mr. Sesay that they had got support from other West African leaders — including Sierra Leone’s president Ahmed Tejan Kabbah  –that he (Sesay) was to become leader of the RUF. The following day, a helicopter flew Mr. Sesay from Monrovia to the Liberian town of Foya, before he proceeded to Sierra Leone.

Prosecutors have long maintained that it was Mr. Taylor who appointed Mr. Sesay as leader of the RUF. This, prosecutors say points to the control that Mr. Taylor had over the Sierra Leonean rebels. Prosecution witnesses have also testified that it was Mr. Taylor who made Mr. Sesay leader of the RUF and that on his return to Sierra Leone via Foya, Mr. Taylor had given Mr. Sesay supplies of arms and ammunition which were dropped at Foya by the same helicopter that Mr. Sesay had used, and were then transported to Sierra Leone. Mr. Sesay today described these accounts as false.

“Were you appointed leader of the RUF by Charles Taylor alone?” Courtenay Griffiths, lead defense lawyer for Mr. Taylor asked Mr. Sesay.

“No. In fact, it was Obsanjo who brought about the idea,” Mr. Sesay responded.

When asked whether he returned to Sierra Leone with a consignment of arms and ammunition, Mr. Sesay said “no, not at all.”

The former rebel leader insisted that Mr. Taylor never at any point gave him arms and ammunition to be taken to Sierra Leone.

Mr. Sesay’s testimony continues tomorrow.


  1. Why would Isa sesay collaborate Prosecution’s initial accusation about helicopter that dropped arms in foya was same helicopter that dropped him off at foyah and again, the same helicopter Charles flew in on this same date? Why must charlie hands appear everywhere there is smoke? The answer is simple and as alleged; this man was in criminal enterprise with these low class rag-tag-tugs, calling themselves, RUF as possible facilitator! No one in his right mind would support such low class individuals without having personal interest in some gains as end result, knowing gangay’s ambitious goals in life. Am sure support group would agree with me that taylor started his croke deals in Doe’s Nationa Redemtion Council as GSA director when, it’s alleged, he stole $2,000,000.00 entrusted to him for purchase of equipment for the Liberian Government. That’ why I think taylor is always around smoke! Pretty soon we may find hind in the fire itself..I bet you BIG B and Helen!

    1. What are you talking about Fallah? did you watch the same trial that I watched? maybe it will do you good to read the transcript for that day which is now on the court’s website.

      for your information Issa Sessay did not only corroborate Mr Taylor’s testimony he vehemently denied and seriously contradicted prosecution allegatioons about the helicopter.

      He said no helicopter ever brought arms to foya for onward transmission to the RUF in SL. he also said the helicopter that brought him did not carry any ammunition. and the bit you included in your comments above about Mr Taylor also in the same helicopter, where did you get that from?

      Crtainly everyone has a right to hold whatever opinion he wants but no one has the right to hold a WRONG opinion. In this case you have simply got your facts wrong.

    2. Fallah,

      The allege $2,000,000.00 is just another white lie just like the million dollars that prosecution say Mr. Taylor has in over sea banks in heaven, which the court does not have a super get to fly to. The moment you people realize that Mr. Taylor is a victim of organized western conspiracy; the better it would be for all peace loving people of Liberia and Sierra Leone.

      Harris K Johnson

    3. Fallah,
      Wasn’t this money issue addressed when Mr. Taylor was on the stand?? So it went from $1 million to $2millions?? And what does it have to do with the CHARGES??? Really, I will want to know!!!!

      Why can the prosecutors look at the records of the Court in Boston and follow where the money leads to?? Totally WASTE of time.

      It looks like you have come to the conclusion the man is NOT GUILTY but won’t say it…I understand broo.

  2. It is a fact that Issa Sesay was appointed interim leader by ECOWAS.Prosecutors are just twisting and turning the facts to get at Taylor

  3. Maybe (to the prosecution) this means that Mr. Taylor controlled the other West African leaders who were at the two meetings Issa mentioned in this testimony. What a shame for a bogus prosecution that has no legal claim on the man who was widely demonized by western governments through their mouthpieces: their media entities and such organizations as Amnesty International and Global Witness. The interesting thing now is that these organizations and the media are nowhere around to provide their proof of Mr. Taylor’s involvement in Sierra Leone.
    The trial of Mr. Taylor creates the scenario of the “unjust” and the “wicked” policing the world. What a shame!

  4. I am not a racist, and I don’t want to play the race card in this trial. However, it’s what it is. I have no other alternatives but to call an Ace of spades what it is, an Ace of spades. This trial is compacted with bigotry, disrespect, and ethnicity and above all, the “Whiteman” still believes that Africans are sabbages, even though, the most powerful man on the face of the earth is not only an African American, but an African. I am referring to the president of the United States of America, President Barack Obama.

    Africa is one of the richest continents. Africa doesn’t really need the West, the West needs Africa. The west has been exploiting Africa’s wealth from day one, but the more they exploit our wealth God replenished it double. Africa needs to find a solution to stop this exploitation, because God himself will soon get tired replenishing what he has blessed us with. Then, the question becomes, if Africa is so naturally rich, why on the other hand Africa is so underdeveloped? Well, you go figured.

    Most African Leaders are puppets to the West; they do exactly what the West wants them to do. The West referred to these type of leaders who are in compliance “A good boy” now they have “a good girl” added to the list. (Ellen Johnson Sirleaf)

    Historically, African leaders who have stood up to the West, and have refused for the West to have their ways have either being killed, jailed or labeled as dangerous. For example, Krume Nkrumah the father of Pan Africanism” was allegedly killed by the “Whiteman” because at the time he (Nkrumah) believed that capitalism was not the best for Africa. Nkrumah, believed in what he called “African Socialism.” Basically, African socialism is a belief in sharing economic resources in a “traditional” African way, as distinct from classical socialism.

    Charles Taylor, a Pan Africanist, who refused for the West to exploited the off shore oil reserved for little or nothing, (investment with out development) that will not benefit his Country and people, the West have him locked up.

    Muammar al-Gaddafi, another Pan Africanist, the founder of the African Union (AU) believes that for Africa to develop and to be respected in the West, Africa not necessarily needs to unite as one country, (United States of Africa) but to implement a trade/economy system amongst African States, and with the use of one currency. Gaddafi is labeled as dangerous. I may not agree with all of his philosophy, but with out a doubt, Giraffe means well for his continent.

    To the contrary, Samuel Doe was one of the most tyrant and dictator leaders of our times but, the West pumped money into Liberia to back Doe’s killing regime then any another time in history. Doe was a “good boy”

    Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, someone who fully participated in financing the Liberia civil war, is a “good girl”. She is giving the West whatever they want. Despite, her government is one of the most corrupted governments of all times.

    Former President of Sierra Leone Kabba should actually be the one on trial in The Hague, but because he allegedly gives David Crane and the West all what they wanted, Kabba is moving around scotch free. “A good boy.”

    The Struggle Continues!

    1. Big B, this is the type of reasoning, followed by conclusion, that gives credibility of how one thinks or analizes history. You are putting Charles Gankay McArthur Taylor, the Rebel Leader of NPFL, that was responsible of a quater million deaths, on footing with Kwami Nkrumah of The Great Gold Coast(Ghana)? I don’t think you meant this Sir, with all due respect! Now where will you put Isa Sesay if we are to follow your narrow minded logic or 11th grade History on Pan Africanism! You probably need to go back and read about the Birth of Pan Africanism and who belongs to that group. What scholarly writings did taylor put out on this subject in his pathetic life one..Big B..this is shameful. As I always say: “He who knows not and knows not that he knows not, is a fool.”

      1. Fallah,

        The way you sound on African issues, is making me to feel that you are one of those disappointed Africans with a serious missing link. Why are you so blind on African History not even to talk about the trial of President Taylor.

        Harris K Johnson

        1. Harris, Fallah teaches African History for free in an institution. I could teach it to you too if you want me to..You will learn as Taylor trial unfolds Mr. Harris Johnson..I am learning a lot from you too;”a man is never too old to learn” Let’s leave that topic as it does not address the trial about millions lost and not to mention lives of innocent people. Maybe to you deaths of poor native people is not the same as rich associates and cousins of taylor would. But to Fallah this is very important and taylor will not rest until he is brought to justice! Peace!

      2. They are waiting for Ms. Campbell Winslow…

        From the GET ON, I said setting of this SPECIAL COURT was all about ONE MAN…Charles Taylor. And it seems like the wheels have fallen….if those judges CONVICT him…..I will like for them to show the evidences.

        This trial is about A LINK!!! and so far, no one sees it even those that are ANTI TAYLOR…have come to see the HALLOWEEN dressing in this trial.A DISGRACEFUL DISGRACE is all I can say.

      3. Fallah,
        All SIDES in the Liberia’s wars are responsible….To blame this one man for ALL the illness in the region is just SILLY and CRAZY.

        Be FAIR please!!!!

      4. Dear Big B — I received a comment from you on July 27 at 9:53pm which alas I cannot publish because of the langauge in the second last sentence. If you could rephrase and resubmit, I will be happy to post.

          1. @ Eagle-eye

            I BEG YOU!

            Samuel Doe and his supporters changed the whole trajectory of Liberia! Liberia was the second fastest growing economy right behind Japan at the time President Tolbert was assasinated. The atrocities and set backs that followed that coupe still profoundly effect Liberia today. The most tragic being the loss of life, the stripping of Liberia’s infrastructure, the pillaging of resources and the displacement of thousands of people from their country. ANYONE that disputes, minimizes, or distorts these facts can’t be taken seriously.

    2. Big B: you have correctly analyze this kangaroo trial. There is no other conclusion any rational person can reach. Imagine all of the high profile positive statements on behalf of Issa Sesay at his trial n Freetown, statements from President Kabbah himself, UN Secretary General special representative, UN Peace Keeping Force commander, another West African president and those who played key roles for peace in SL. Yet Issa was found guilty only because he refused to lie against Charles Taylor.

      Issa is only in jail because he is an honest person. And the same reason that Issa was convicted, due to international “economic hit men’s” interests, will be the same reason that they will find Mr. Taylor guilty despite all the facts. The judges’ hands in this court have been tied. I suspect that the rules of this court will cripple the judges from rendering a fair judgment. This is pure miscarriage of justice!

      I am really really disappointed in this kind of justice and have lost any hope in the future for Africa’s development. The Uncle Tom’s mentality of Ellen Johnson , Tejani Kabbah and other weak African leaders will continue to keep Africa backwards. There is no HOPE for Africa, Africa is a doom continent , a real dark continent without guts to stand on its own feet except rely on international donations- this is the Ellen Johnson and Tejani Kabbah kind of leadership-donors’ support.

    3. Dear Nosirrah,

      I received a comment from you on July 28 at 3:25am which alas I cannot post. I understand your frustration with other readers’ comments at times, but our policy here is to ensure that the commetns remain on the issues and not on other people. Can you please reformulate your policy to make your point in a way taht fits with our policy, and I will be happy to publish it. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.


  5. I hope that at least one of the former heads of state mentioned above comes to testify for the defense to corroborate Mr. Sessay’s account of his appointment.

    1. Paivy,
      No you dont’t want any head of state to corroborate Issa Sesay’s testimony. You want Mr. Taylor convicted.

      1. The supposedly billion dollars that David Crane said President Taylor has in offshore Banks, that’s a lie.

        The prosecution allegation that President Taylor appointed Issa Sesay as head of the RUF, that’s a lie.

        The prosecution allegation that President Taylor supplied arms to RUF, that’s a lie.

        The prosecution allegation that President Taylor used child soldiers, that’s a lie.

        And, the prosecution allegation that President Taylor gives Ms Campbell diamond that too will be a lie comes August 5th.

        Therefore, if the evidence is not there, the judges MUST acquit.

    2. Paivy,
      So the DOCUMENTS showing those Leaders showering Mr. Sesay with THANKS are LIES??? If one of them shows up….will accept the FACT that this man is NOT guilty of the charges……I repeat, THE CHARGES??

  6. And we march on…..Really, why can’t the prosecutors seek Mr. Obsanjo for CLARITY?? Here is the man who was there and he’s telling us HOW and WHY he was appointed to be.

    Ms. Teage, do you think he is LIEING??

  7. Big B, I will disagree with you profoundly on the “whiteman” sing song. Was Doe a dictator, Yes. Was Taylor a dictator, Yes. Did the West Help both of them YES and the comparison can go on forever.

    I believe in the strength and vibrancy of africa but Charles Taylor was never and will never be a true pan africanist. So don’t try to insult those who actually fought for actual african freedom by putting them in the same place as Taylor. History will judge Taylor in the same light as Doe, Amin, Bokassa Mobutu etc. These people brought suffering degradation and in some case destruction to the people en masse. He will not fall in the same place Mandela, Nkrumah etc.

    1. Right on! Taylor is nothing but a self-seeking meglomaniac without politics. How can you call him a Pan-Africanist or anything else than a thug bullyboy. He has no political philosophy except get rich quick and screw everyone else. This is obvious. Furthermore the man does not know the difference between what is morally right and morally wrong. All he knows (and says) is whatever will further his own very selfish interests. The man used child soldiers to do his dirty work. Need I say more? Take away his flat screen TV and wifely visits- send him back to Freetown and make him eat salty food with no water. Lock him up and throw away the key. Execution is too good for him.

      1. Tim,
        Are you okay??? Put away your EMOTIONS and follow the evidences presented….there where the judges are looking.

  8. Eagle-eye: Charles Taylor was no Samuel Doe and the rest you have named.. Taylor is simply in jail because he refused to mortgage Liberia’s natural resources for world bank projects: “GROWTH WITHOUT DEVELOPMENT.” Ellen is a puppet for international financial crooks, the same crooks that plunged America into ts current economic mess.

    Africa needs a leader like Charles Taylor and history will judge Mr. Taylor as one of Africa’s best leader.Just image the gross injustice against Issa Sesay. After this guy went against his organization for the sake of peace , yet those international financial crooks influenced his prosecution and imprisonment while the real SL killers enjoying liberty. It is so disgusting and disgraceful to the African humanity.

    1. Momo Dahn,
      It is a disgrace how some of you guys speak of Taylor’s angelic disposition. The only difference between Taylor and Doe is in their name. Doe rebelled and so did Taylor; Doe killed innocent civilians and so did Taylor in the same capacity (leaders of their hoodlums); They were both backed by the U.S in the beginning and later dumped when they veered off course; i can go and on with their similarities.
      Taylor is not in any way better than Doe. I can understand your affiliation with Taylor but don’t be blinded by it by denying every vice of his. I am out of words to even respond the way i want to this lunatic fanaticism of yours.

      1. Nosirrah,
        Doe rigged his elections which caused the mayhem to come. Charles Taylor was freely democratically elected by a land slide. This is the big difference between Doe and Taylor.

    2. Momo Dahn

      All I can say is that the just will always suffer for the unjust as in Biblical times. But bless is he that suffered and died for the cause of mankind. God bless you brother.

      Harris K Johnson

    3. Momo,
      Can I buy a big bottle of Club Beer please??

      Just looking at the way Mr. Griffith is laying out the case tells anyone that Mr. Sesay was not given a FAIR trial!!!!! Evidences hidden from him; his witnesses been bought by the prosecutors…infact, they tried to make him their witness but he didn’t fall for the trick….

  9. Wonder never ends.
    The interpretation of Alpha Oumar Konare’s purported statements taken in French included a complete paragraph exalting the great virtues of Issa Sesay but is no where found in the ordinary. A transcript of a purported telephone interview with UN Secretary General (SRSG) to Sierra Leone, Ambassador Oluyemi Adeneji, was read instead of the audio record of the said interview.
    When last did peace negotiators and highly reputable diplomats start to decide who heads a warring faction? It would little sense to say, ‘for the sake of peace, leaders of ECOWAS accept Issa Sesay as head of the RUF upon Taylor’s recommendation.’
    No wonder why those trashes were never taken serious in Issa Sesay’s trial.
    It is high time these judges tell Taylor and his lawyers to stop wasting precious time and resources on nonsensical issues.

  10. Aki,
    But why should anyone in his or her sound mind want a dangerous criminal like Taylor walking free?

    1. Why will a SOUND MIND wants INJUSTICE Morris??? We are in a court and from what you see, the FACTUAL FACTS are NOT there to convict this man….

      I can see a DEAL been broker…..Mr. Taylor stay away from West Africa and you are FREE TO GO….Mr. Taylor is telling the prosecutors HELL NO….I promise the citizens of Liberia…”BY GOD’S GRACE, I’LL BE BACK” and it looks like his words will come true.

  11. Big B

    What are you really saying here? This is about the trial of Charles Taylor not white vs blacks. This is about victimizing your own people not who support the west or east. Your assumption that Liberia has oil, who perform the exploration survey?

    1. Justice Lib,

      In short, what I am really saying is this. The West have supported worst dictator imaginable than Taylor. Because Taylor failed to comply with the West that’s the reason Taylor is where he is.

      So, if the West is predominately White, than of course it becomes a Black vs. White issue.

  12. Bro. Momo, I think you’re in the minority here on Charles Taylor. You see even those who worked with Taylor cannot say what you’ve said. Taylor the best african leader, well you must haved lived in a different Liberia. Anyway, to put matter short, Taylor was a failure in every sense of the word, the only unfortunate thing is he took Liberia with him on his cry almost maniac journey for nearly a decade and half, in the process helping to destroy Liberia even further.

    Please don’t tell me about mortgaging liberia resources. Taylor controled most of liberia’s resources for over a decade, please tell me one single development. I have shipping manifest which shows the amount of cubic meters of logs shipped from the port of Buchanan and Sinoe between 1991 and 1992 and it shows millions of dollars. Where is the development?. That is not all, some went to San Pedro.

    I am not here to defend President Sirleaf, I think she can do that for herself but her record so far is more that satisfactory. Infact I think she has done what any successfully post-war president should do, RESTORE PEACE AND CONFIDENCE. Liberia today is not the backwater of warlord’s ville where most decent people in the world would run a million mile from. Credit must go to the Liberian people first and international community but the policies of her govt have indeed enable and enhance the process. WELL DONE MADAM PRESIDENT.

    Just one more thing, Issa Sesay did not accept peace by his good will. Him and the reminant of the RUf knew the game was over. They either had to stop their murderous spree or face been killed, they chose to stop, hopping to bargain their way out of the mayhem they created. I guess Taylor was hopping for the same.

    1. Eagle-Eye, You are very right in your response and simple explanation to Momo Dahn. You see, most of these fellows that support taylor have no place in Ellen’s Government because of their past profile and they are simply “disgruntles” who seem to make any efforts to descredit Her Government, even though they see the facts of what Liberia is today from taylor’s yesteryears! Many want to return to warlords days, which is okay for them. However, they could find jobs in Somalia that still needs types of such individuals, or take to to the High Seas…piracy, and forget about returning to Liberia, which does not belong to them. anyway!

    2. Eagle-Eye
      Maybe a FAIR cut will be right… can one compare Mr. Taylor’s era with that of Mrs. Johnson-Sirleaf’s?? Really HOW???

      No, let’s look at FACTS on the ground when both came in…..were the Europe and the US in support of Mr. Taylor??? NO!!! Were in support of Mrs. Johnson-Sirleaf?? YES!!! How much AIDS did Mr. Taylor get from the West as compare to Mrs. Johnson-Sirleaf?? Is Mrs. Johnson-Sirleaf fighting a WAR supported by the West?? NO!!! Was Mr Taylor fighting a war supported by the West?? YES. So are you telling us the climate were the same??

      Really, what has Mrs. Johnson-Sirleaf done??

    3. Eagle Eye Return,
      I just want a simple yes or no answer from you. Without all of the international support the Ellen Sirleaf government has gotten. Do you think she could have done anything better than Taylor Did? Remember we Liberians were punished by the Intl. Community for voting for Mr. Taylor.

      Lastly, I can truly tell you that most common people in Liberia will tell you that things were better for them living wise under Taylor then this present govt. I must say I don’t totally agree with that however.

  13. I will resist the attempts by opponents to engage in personal attacks. Those of you who obsessively hates Mr. Taylor can enjoy the personality debates. I will focus on the great issues here that affects a whole race of people and a continent. We do not have to agree here but one cannot imposed their wrong value judgment upon some of us. This is the distinguishing characteristic of western democracy, the ability for the individual to be an individual-freedom, liberty, and justice: a characteristics that was raped from the African consciousness by the advent of SLAVERY.

    Thus, most of those against Taylor have lost the sacred human creed of JUSTICE and the true sense of the African communal spirit of FAIRNESS. We have been plunged into the economic abyss of dependence-DONOR SUPPORT and baptized in the renew supremacy of plantation justice- a real state of legal paralysis. And so, what we are witnessing is a pure contraction of rationality and utter promotion of inhumanity. Garb one poor African leader and pretend that you are in the interest of JUSTICE-hog!

    The contradiction is stark and sharp: SPONSORING WAR , they say is evil and inhumane. But nobody has been held for SPONSORING WAR AGAINST POOR LIBERIANS. Liberians have no blood? Are we less than humans? Do we lack human rights-why? Because the powerful money people in this world do not care about human life, except profit. This case is not about JUSTICE or HUMAN RIGHTS, it is simply about the financial interests of the rich and powerful: DIAMONDS AND OTHER RAW MATERIALS!

    Again, who are the slaves that continue to increase the wealth and power of those “economic hit men?” The views express on this site against Charles Taylor points directly to the suffering of poor people around the world. The brain washed and Uncle Toms will always stall African redemption-we are doom, condemn to the dark continent.

    1. Momo,
      well said mate,to some of our educated deem wits in Africa the path to rightiousness is through the wisdom of the Europeans…..How complacent can one get.

      I think the mindset of some africans to easily hand over their brothers and sisters to be sacrficed by Europeans is been there for a while,look at the slave trade.

      And these people knows how to play this out,they’ve been doing it for 500years.

  14. This trial is part of the western arrogance that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. talk about the other day.
    ‘the believe that the west has everything to teach the world and they have nothing to learn from the rest of the world.’ what a shame!!!!!!!!!!! what Fallah and the some guys on this blog have failed to realize is that they are the victims of information illiteracy; it is one inability to obtain, evaluate and make maximum use of information provided. as long as the BBC, CNN, RFI, CBN and Euro news remain the major source of your information u will continue to be misinformed or disinformed.

  15. The West was not behind Mr. Taylor. The West did not ask Mr. Taylor to overthrow his government. This has nothing to do with black vs white.
    35 years ago when I knew Mr. Taylor, he was planning an overthrow at that time and freely spoke about it in America where he was receiving his education. He was in his 20’s when he started to plan this. This was his plan, his plan alone and he started to get his backers while in America.
    Please do not put a race on this, do not blame the West, do not blame America. It is something that Mr. Taylor wanted.

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