RUF Bought Ammunition From Top Liberian Security Personnel But Taylor Didn’t Know, RUF Leader Says

Sierra Leonean rebels bought arms and ammunition from top Liberian security personnel to help fuel the brutal 11-year conflict in the West African nation — but Charles Taylor did not know about it, according to a former Sierra Leonean rebel leader.

Issa Sesay, formerly a leader in Sierra Leone’s Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebel group, said today that another top commander in his group, Sam Bockarie, bought arms and ammunition from Mr. Taylor’s top security personnel, including Benjamin Yeatean —  a close associate of Mr. Taylor and the former Director of the country’s Special Security Services (SSS). But this did not mean Mr. Taylor knew about it, according to Mr. Sesay.

“Did Bockarie say whether or not these purchases were with the knowledge and permission of Charles Taylor?” Mr. Taylor’s lead defense counsel, Courtenay Griffiths, asked Mr. Sesay this morning.

“The answer is no. Bockarie did not tell me that Mr. Taylor knew about the purchase of those ammunition,” Mr. Sesay responded.

“What was the quantity of ammunition purchased by Bockarie?” Mr. Griffiths asked.

“The AK rounds were up to 40 boxes, and the G3 round, I think it was about 15 boxes and the HMG rounds were about 10 boxes,” Mr. Sesay said.

Mr. Taylor has long maintained that he did not have arms and ammunition for his own military and so it was not possible for him to have supplied them to the RUF. Prosecutors maintain that the former Liberia president and his associates, including Mr. Yeaten, provided support to the rebel forces in Sierra Leone through the supply of arms and ammunition in return for diamonds.

Prosecutors also allege that RUF rebels attacked Sierra Leone’s diamond rich town of Kono with Mr. Taylor’s support. They claim that in addition to providing arms and ammunition, Mr. Taylor also provided personnel, led by a man called Senegalese, who provided assistance to the rebels in their attack on Kono. Prosecution witnesses have testified that Senegalese arrived with Liberian personnel sent by Mr. Taylor at the RUF headquarters in Kailahun in 1998, ahead of the rebel attack on Kono. Mr. Taylor has denied these claims and today, Mr. Sesay told the court that Mr. Taylor never sent men to help them in their attack on Sierra Leone’s diamond fields.

“Did Charles Taylor send a force of Liberians under the command of a man called Senegalese to assist the RUF attack on Kono? Mr. Griffiths asked Mr. Sesay.

“No. Not at all,” Mr. Sesay responded.

Mr. Sesay explained that Senegalese had strong links to the RUF and that he had been in Sierra Leone since 1997 — having come to the country with another RUF commander Mike Lamin — during which time he lived in different parts of the country with different RUF commanders.

“So in 1997, when Mike Lamin came, he came with Senegalese and from that time, Senegalese was with Sam Bockarie in Kenema, he even withdrew with Sam Bockarie to Kailahun in 1998,” Mr. Sesay explained.

“Senegalese was with Superman until December [1998] and he went to Makeni with Superman, they met me there. So Senegalese was in Sierra Leone from 1997 up to the time of this invasion,” Mr. Sesay said, referring to the January 1999 invasion of Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown.

Mr. Sesay also refuted claims that the RUF and the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC)- a group of disgruntled Sierra Leonean soldiers who overthrew the elected government of Sierra Leone in 1997 — were involved in a joint criminal enterprise when rebel forces invade Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown in 1999.  Mr. Sesay insisted that the 1999 invasion of Freetown was entirely an action taken by AFRC forces and that the RUF had no involvement in it. He denied suggestions that when the AFRC forces were committing atrocities in Freetown in 1999, they were taking orders from RUF commanders.

“The RUF was not in control of the AFRC during the attack on Freetown. It was not a common plan, nor was it a common purpose…because if you look at the reality at that time, they were separate operations,” Mr. Sesay told the court.

“The planning and execution was an individual plan by the AFRC. It was not a plan by the RUF because the RUF was not part of the army,” he added.

Mr. Sesay’s testimony continues on Monday.


  1. Alpha,

    Thank you for this post but I would like to point out an omission that I believe is important. Issa said that Senegalese was an ULIMO personnel. Prosecution has maintained that Senegalese was an NPFL personnel. This is crucial because NPFL and ULIMO were rival factions hence it was least likely that Taylor would be associating so closely with an opposing faction on a deal like gun running etc.

    But important is the information that Senegalese was a Ulimo personnel and not NPFL.

    1. Andrew — I was just wondering about you the other day as I didn’t think I had seen a post from you in a while (although I’ve been travelling a bit so may have missed them). NIce to hear from you. And thanks for adding this point.

    2. Andrew,
      It is not impossible that Senegalese could have associated and fought for ULIMO and NPFL. Those switches were commonplace during the war. Those rebels were fighters of fortune. Those fighters went wherever war and looting was.

  2. All I can say is that General Sesay needs to wrap up his tall tales and denials of events, he fully knows, took place! He is already counted out and only formality is keeping him on stage! Bye Isa the convict and prisoner of Rwanda, say hi to taylor for me yah?

    1. Fallah,
      He is CREDIBLE…if he in my view can tell the world arms were also bought from Benjamin Yeaten, a DIE HARD supporter of Mr. Taylor, that was telling. I am pretty sure the prosecutors will beat that part to death, but he said NOTHING as to Mr. Taylor was involved. Now, if ECOMOG, who was to keep the PEACE, was selling arms and ECOWAS didn’t know, why will we aspect Mr. Taylor to know of ALL things that were happening under his control??

      You must admint Mr. Sesay is telling us more and connecting those documents to the actions. He is so far the BEST WITNESS the court has had apart from Mr. Taylor. Mr. Griffith is doing the GREATEST job I have ever seen a lawyer do….COVER ALL POINTS so when the prosecutors come on……not much will be there to cover just how he did with Mr. Taylor.

    2. Tracey,

      Am here, just been playing low profile because the testimonies on both sides in the case have balanced or bracketed. Lies and accusations that Taylor controlled RUF and masterminded maims, rapes kidnaps, illicit diamond dealings, etc- that is the prosecution. Then comes the defense theories and proof that Taylor was not involved. It is up to the judges.


      By now you are aware that this is a case based on prejudice and not the quest for justice. The facts of the case have shown that those against Taylor from the onset were prejudicial. But prejudice should not stand in the way of justice. Those of us who support Taylor want justice not merely for Taylor but more importantly for the integrity of international jurisprudence. The wheel of justice they say turn but slowly.

      jiaos my friend

    3. Fallah,

      This is Jose Rodriguez at the Central Command and Headquarters. Be advised that Issa Sesay does not take instruction from man like you. Your instruction is not a lawful order: especially after ranting upon him provoking speeches and gestures. Fallah, you wish Issa Sesay being a Main RUF Rebel Leader was saying things favorable to the fake prosecution of this innocent man, or at least, being a prosecution witness. Fallah, let me ask you this. Why are you choosing a self human eating machine Man like Zigzag marzar statement over the man that served as a custodian and Interim Leader of the RUF? I know the answer. it is because Zigzag Marzar was a false and paid prosecution witness that was saying things to incriminate this innocent man.

      1. Good to have you back at the Central Control, Jose. I was curious that you went cold after I mentioned about Homeland Security’s requests for information about people living in United States who may have participated in crimes in Liberia and Sierra Leone for possible prosecution! Now I know my assumptions were false. You are always welcome Jose, because you get me going since you argue like an insider!Hope we reveal our true identities at the end so we can know “who be who.”

  3. Those inncent Liberian and Sierra Leone people that were send to their early grave by the hand of NPFL, RUF and all the other rebels group are crying for JUSTICE from their shawder grave. So what ever Issa Sasay may say on behave of his God Father Charles G Taylor will not stop JUSTICE and let the Special Court for Sierra Leone bring in the Leader of Libya and Burkina Faso to face same JUSTICE that their right hand man Charles Ghankay Taylor facing and by God willing JUSTICE will be done for my people.

    1. Aki can you give a credible link to the source of this news? As far as I am able to find the only link is that provided by the tweeter page of the SCSL which claimed that “according to media reports” Naomi Campbell has agreed to testify but they failed to name any media report or to provide any further evidence of the “media reports”. as far as I know I have not seen any media report claiming that Naomi Campbell has agreed to testify. We only need to wait till that date so see if she will actualy turn up in court.

    2. Great Aki..
      I just hope after she has told these liers in front of the Judeges to leave her alone , it will be the end of this whole thing. Look! we are really anticepating the candidacy of president Taylor in the insueing elections in Liberia. LET THIS THING COME TO AN END ONCE AND FOR ALL….

  4. Grebo,Sam, Noko 4&5,
    Frankly I had a very big laugh after reading your postings of 7/9/10, and will resist jumping to conclusions of desperations, first Sam quote ” when Issa Sasay went to Monrovia did he go as a guest of the Liberian Government?”and Grebo’s concerns & question quote”if Sesay indeed came to Monrovia to give Taylor diamonds why will the diamonds be in his pocket for all those day?” fellows I will tried to suggest an answer to both questions, the people’s case all along is that the RUF & the NPFL was one and the same those days, if an RUF fighter was in Liberia he was an NPFL fighter, and if an NPFL fighter was in Sierra Leone was an RUF fighter, so Issa Sesay did not need to be on any official Liberian government guest list to come to Liberia and see Charles Taylor their supreme leader and mastermind.secondly regarding why the diamonds were in Issa Sesay’s pockets this long? Lets remember that some of his closed associates in the RUF has testified for the people and alleged that they saw diamonds with Issa Sasay before he left for Liberia with intends to exchanged it with Charles Taylor for arms and ammunitions which were actually dekivered before the Kono attack.The one million stars question I was not able to answer was that from Faud and will pass it on for answers ” if the diamonds were intended for arms through Bokina Fasu, why would n’t Issa Sesay had travel through Guinea which is even shorter than through Monrivia via Ivory coast?

    1. Ziggy Salis,

      All your supposition might be correct; however, THE MAN WHO HAD THE DIAMOND SAID “HE DIDN’T INTENT, AND THE DIAMOND WASN’T FOR TAYLOR”. I m sorry Ziggy Salis, seems like you guys are too used to They say, He Say,she say, They say etc. This time around, its I say… Issa Sesay say…. so your argument doesn’t hold bro. I.e THEY SAY he stoled 5 billions HAHAHA … Where are the billions ?????????????????????????????

    2. Ziggy,
      Is that your BEST answer?? No wonder why the prosecutors are LOOSING like a leaking bucket.

    3. Ziggy,
      This still doesn’t mean Charles Taylor send anybody to deal in diamond by any means. Remember, Liberia shares boders with Sierraleone. The probabbility of cross border activity is a 1000000%. Ziggy, could you please petition the prosecution to drop their claims….please Sir.

  5. After following this trial and listening to most of the evidence.

    I analyse a unique situation of neighbouring countries having civil wars, consisiting of lots of war lords, none of them is in control of the other and they form alliances or becomes enemies depending on the battle at the time. Total chaos!!!

    We must make sense of this and try and ask ourselves why this madness and try and reconcile or penalise, each of these remedy is applicable only if it bring peace.

    Sierra Leone have decided to penalise the wrong doers including Issa Sesay.But what will Liberia do?.

    To the anti-Taylor people do not look to Sierra Leone and in particularly the west to answer this question for you know sierra Leone will not be able to answer this question as it stands’, they’ve been cohersed and a bit of a vitriolic posture by the kabbah government lending himself and the people of sierra leane to this point in time in the internal affairs of liberia,but in fact the west will not be able to answer that question for you either, they will only create more questions than answers, which can only result in more confusion and continuous hatred and bitterness and recrimination toward each other. The cynics will say then they will squander all your resources and leave your people in abject poverty and a state of confusion for another 100years.

    The question must be answered….as a cousin to you brothers and sisters and as things stands I think the way forward for you is to reconcile and look after your own.

  6. Folks,

    This is nothing short of a revolutionary. However, history is being written right before our own eyes. Issa Sesay, one of the main rebel leaders is giving an accurate account of events as it unfolded in the 11 years of civil war in Sierra Leone. MAN OooH MAN, the sense of drama is escalating for this fake case and its prosecutors. Anyways, before I delve into the nitty-gritty and celebration of the massive acquittal on the horizon for President Taylor, I will like to thank all the true justice seekers including Momo Dahn, King Gray, Grebo, Noko5, Noko4, Sam, Harris K. Johnson, Aki, Helen, Big B, Abe Lincoln, Jacomb, Crown Hill Pekin, Leoroy Dennis, Johannson, Johnny Ndebe, V-Man, Via Gbana, and ect. You guys are phenomenally awesome. Your never ending heroic and great personal valor in the face of intense extenuating circumstances clearly says to me, that we will get our country back. Good job guys. Keep it up.

  7. Hi Sam,
    In response to your questions posted on the 9/07/10, I would like to reciprocate alike with 4 counter questions.
    (1) When Foday sankoh went to Nigeria did he go there as a guest of the Nigerian government?

    (2) When major A.K sesay went to Guinea in 1998 after ECOMOG intervention, did he go there as a guest of the Guinean authorities?

    (3) Why didn’t Charles Taylor hand in Sam Bockarie to the special court of Sierra Leone after an indictment has been issued and a request made to your godfather to facilitate an immediate transfer of Sam Bockarie to the court and he faild to do so if there was no link between them?

    (4)Why did the Guinean government hand in all fugitives that escaped from ECOMOG intervention in 1998 to the government but the Liberian government lead bt C. T failed to do the same? This shows a clear manifestation of how C.T was behind the carnage that occured in Sierra Leone.

    Sam, be right assured, immediately you respond to the above questions, I will give you full details to your questions with dates and specifics,


    1. Faud,
      here are answers to your qquestions. reading the numerous transcripts in this case will aos do you a lot of good rather than reading only Apha’s summaries which have been shown to be either biased in favour of the prosecfution or at best inaccurate.

      QUESTION 1 = YES
      QUESTION 2 = NO
      QUESTION 3= Because there was no request from the SCSL for the Liberian government to hand him over. simply releasing an indictment does not automatically translate into automatic cooperation from other independent states like Liberia. There has to be a formal request. (Read the judgement of the court regarding the subpoena on Naomi Campbel).
      QUESTION 4 = Your question is a manipulattion of the facts in this case. First of all there is no evidence before this court that showed that “the Guinean government handed in all fugitives that escaped from ECOMOG intervention in 1998 to the SL government “. that is NOT true ( I request from you that date of the transcipt containing that testimony of at least the name or pseudonim of the witness that gave evidence). Those that where arrested in Guinea were RUF officials that went their to buy ammunition from the Guinean army personel. they were arrested with those arms and deported to SL. Mammy I was among those arrested since she was the one that arranged to buy that consignment of armunition- She has extensively testified about this in the court and even Ms Hollis who cross examined her did not dispute her account of events.

      Now comming to your conclusion, I think the conclusion is as twisted as the reasoning that lead to it in the first place. evidence before this court has shown that Guinea did much to distabilise the Mano river region than Liberia or SL ever did. So man get your facts right before jumping into inaccurate conclusions that negates all reason and just a reflection of the brainwashing that the prosecution has attempted to carry out with regard to the activities of this innocent man Charles Taylor which of course is not working. Based on the evidence before this court, as it stands, it will be injustice of the highest order if this court reach a verdict that is short of NOT guilty on all counts of the indictment.

      1. Hi Sam,
        I note what you say about Alpha’s summary. I hope we have been responsive to you each time you have raised any concerns about factual accuracy and addressed them. In doing so, I would hope that this might alleviate any concerns you have about bias, as some of the concerns I think you have raised have come as a result of the choice of words used in the editing process. Please do let me know how we can better address your concerns when you raise them than how we have done in the past.

  8. As I earlier said, I will be making my contributions as things unfold in this court.
    However before I go further, Tracey I would like you to make this correction as shown,

    (Mr. Sesay also refuted claims that the RUF and the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC)- a group of disgruntled Sierra Leonean soldiers who overthrew the elected government of Sierra Leone in 1999) It was in 1997 instead of 1999. In 1999, it was the attack on Freetown after ECOMOG kicked them out as a rebel government in 1998. Thank you for your audience,

    I would like to refute Issa Sesay’s statement and I quote; “Mr. Sesay insisted that the 1999 invasion of Freetown was entirely an action taken by AFRC forces and that the RUF had no involvement in it. He denied suggestions that when the AFRC forces were committing atrocities in Freetown in 1999, they were taking orders from RUF commanders”.
    The above statement by Issa Sesay is a falsified statement. In my early contribution at the time Isatu kallon was on the witness stand I did mensure about their policy of limb amputation(codon CUT HAND) but this site could not publish it. The January 6th. 1999 attack on Freetown was a planned attack by both AFRC and RUF. Infact most of the fighters that attack the city came from his own area of command, the northern axis of Makeni. Infact they had a code operation no living things. That year was the worst carnage sierraleone experienced. It was the year they instituted the worst amputation named short sleeve or long sleeve. The famous Isatu kallon was known as Isatu cut hand and she was one of the RUF command that upsurge mahem to the people of Sierra Leone in 1999.
    On the issue of Senegalese and Denis Mingo alais supper man all Issa Sesay is saying in court is false. Supperman was in control of the Eastern axis of Kailahun where the attack on Kono was planned. By then Issa Sesay was the jungle comtroller of the Northern asxis of Bombali district and he was stationed in makeni the district headquarter town.
    Before Issa Sesay became Intrim leader of the RUF there was a leadership problem between him and Supperman and this lead to several confrontation between them of which most of their loyalist lost their lives. By virtue of right it would have been supperman to be the intrim leader of the RUF because of his position. however been a foreign national from Liberia the struggle of leadership started.
    Therefore for Issa Sesay to tell the court about events that took place in Kailahun in 1998 and 1999 been controlled by a rival member of the RUF makes me to doubt about the authensity of his evidence. Issa Sesay I know you from Boy school, the gold mining field of Makong. You are a lier, a thief and a rogue and therefore all what you are saying to this court is nothing but terrible and fabricated lies.
    May God have mercy on you and those who feel you are saying the truth in court. I am sorry, nobody can convince me that what this horrible guy is saying is true. I know him.

    1. Dear Fuad,

      Thanks for catching the problem with the year. I will change it as you suggest. I’m so glad you and other readers are catching little errors when they appear to help ensure our record here is as accurate as possible.

    2. Fuad,
      I will employ you to stop basing your arguments on emotion or hearsay and stating those hearsay as facts. I mean we are in court for God’s sake. In a court of law FACTUAL evidence is what dictates the outcome of a case. We have heard evidence from prosecution witness who was brought to the court by the prosecution as someone who was amputated by the RUF but when she was been cross examined by the defence she vehemently insisted that it was not the RUF that amputated her limbs but the SLA (Government troops). It will also do you much good to read the judgement of this same court on the RUF case you will see that one of the factuakl findings in that case was that it was the AFRC that invaded freetown and not the RUF. The AFRC did not wait for the RUF re-inforcement to join thm before they proceeded to invade freetown. this is not hearsay but a fact that was found by this same court.

      On your allegation that Mammy I was engaged in amputating people, all I will say is PROVE IT! Your allegation remains what it is – allegation untill you have proven it beyond all reasonable doubt. even during her cross examination Ms Hollis who is know to put the most frevolous suggestions to defence witnesses during cross examination did not even accuse her of what you are saying. so the question is where did you get your information from? if your are sure of the authenticity of your claims please provide the infor mation to the prosecution the REALLY need it now to save their sinking case.

      Finally you claim that Superman was senior to Issa Sessay. well I will like to ask you who was the Battle group commander in 1998? and who was the battle field commander in the same year? also between an Area commander and the battle group commander or battle field commander who is senior? if you can answer these questions you will see the frivolity of your arguments that Superman was senior to Issa. It simple is not true. Denis Mingo AKA superman was never senior to Issa throughout the history of the RUF.

  9. Folks,

    The Grandmaster and Force Master Chief of this Great Website is not only back, but the strength and power that I Jose Rodriguez, AKA “General Fit it” bring to this debate, will enable doubters, critics and unbelievers of President Taylor to get out of the things that are keeping them shutdown, stuck, and stubborn. For example: shame, guilt, and regrets. Folks, I know it may take some time and certainly it is not an overnight accomplishment for these critics to have a 360 Degree U-turn, especially after hearing from the powerful who continues to drive out our voices of truth and real justice But they need to work in order to explore any blocks or events that are giving them some problems and difficulties. In short, I am very thrilled to be back.

      1. Tracy, I myself was thinking about Jose Rodriguez. We really miss him. He brings a whole lot of intensity and insight to this case. I hope he will continue to post.

    1. Jose Rodreguez, AKA “GENERAL FIX IT” Welcome CHIEF…
      Its about time the mice leave, time all the rats find their hide outs….straighten them up sir.
      We have long been awaiting this noble arrival……LEAVE NO TABLE,ROCKS, whatsoever unturned.

  10. My question is, will Benjamin Yeatean be brave to sell Taylor’s ammunition without his knowledge, while Taylor was complaining about shortage of ammunitions? That could be treasonable, beside how did these ammunitions pass through numerous checkpoints if this was not a state operation?

  11. Everything boils down to the same support, Benjamin Yeatean saw Taylor providing support to the RUF so this is why he sells to RUF.

    1. Justice Lib.
      Benjamin Yeaten was a thief who was banked on stealing the papays amors…. I wish he had been caught at the time.. I was going to Tabey him, well..well.

  12. Oh God, what a happy day that will be when Liberians and the entire african continent should be singing songs free alast thank God Ghankay is freeeeeeeeeee.
    God annointed one being criticized by those who don’t have the fear of God in them.

  13. fallah, what will he Sesay profit when he is in jail for his life? This man is saying what he saw, the truth is only the truth. I think what you want him to say is that I gave xyz diamond to Taylor, I saw Taylor sending armunition to freetown and Taylor gave order to cut off civilian hands,etc.
    You would have been one of the happiest men on earth to see Mr Sesay taking all these things.


  14. In your dreams Duala. Yes Justice need to be served but Justice must be fair. If someone is not guilty of a crime he must be acquited. In this case from all indications, there does not appear to be any evidence to convict this man. It all seems to be a stictch up by the prosecution; therefore in the interest of true justice Mr Taylor MUST be set free.

  15. Taylor did not need to go sierraleone for diamonds; There were enough in liberia. Taylor didn’t have to go fight or send any fighter in sierraleone; There was enough fighting against him in liberia, and he needed these men to procecute it right in liberia. Taylor is too smart of a leader, to send his forces to fight on another mans soil for no no reason. LEAVE THE PAPAY YAH….

  16. Benjiman Yeaton a trusted general of Taylor takes ammunition behind Taylor and sell it to RUF, whom NPFL has absolutely no relationship with?

    To have/Not to have WEAPONS?
    This testimony inadvertently revealed something. Is it possible that Yeaton will take 65 boxes of ammunition and sell it to RUF, if they barely had any (according to Taylor himself)?. Would Yeaton really allow NPFL to fall vulnerable to ULIMO or LURD or whoever their enemy was by selling the ‘little’ ammunition they had? How would they be able to defend themselves against their enemy if they barely had weapons? Ok so Taylor did say he did not have sufficient ‘weapons’ and that even his security force protecting him did not have weapons. But it could be inferred that ‘not enough weapons’ means ‘not enough ammunition’ right, or did he have barely any weapons but MORE THAN sufficient ‘ammuniton’? And if Taylor did have a lot of ‘ammunition’ and not sufficient weapons, would that be an indication that Taylor was expecting weapons from somewhere and eventually got those weapons?

    If Taylor was telling the truth about not having enough weapons, which would mean not enough ammunition, There is no way that Yeaton would sell all that ammunition and leave NPFL expose without sufficient ammunition. That will be certain death for a chunck of NPFL rebels, and Yeaton would be a fool while risking his life to destroy another rebel faction to ill equip the men fighting with him. That only leaves me with one logic reasoning in this matter. Taylor lied about the amount of weapons he had. He clearly had more than enough for Yeaton to sell 65 boxes of ammuniton to RUF with out putting a damp on their stash of ammunition. And here is something else i believe, Taylor was fully aware of the exchange. In 1991 according to DCT 125, Taylor assisted RUF with some ammuniton , weapons, and mostly food and meds. This only continued on after 1991. Let’s be for real, this witness is revealing a lot of information about NPFL that is contrary to prior testimonies.

    Also just because “Bockarie did not tell you that Taylor knew of these purchases” does not mean that Taylor did not know. It just means that Bockarie did not tell you of it. That is simple english translation. No Taylor did not know of these purchases, and Bockarie did not tell me that Taylor knew of these purchases mean two different things, feel free to correct me, anyone if i am wrong.

    This witness just totally contradicted the man he’s defending by sharing with the courts that Taylors Security force leader sold RUF 65 boxes of ammunition. Did Taylor not say he did not have enough weapons for himself and that even some of his security force men did not have weapons so how is the leader of Taylor security force doing exactly what Taylor testified in court he (Taylor) could not do, which was provide weapon for another forces, the same force that Yeaton ends up selling ammunition to?

    P.S: If you honestly want to have a debate respond to the information above, and not my character, education, me etc…

    1. I also encourage readers to stick to the issues raised by the testimony and the trial, and not personal issues related to other readers. Let’s not get distracted from our good conversations here!

    2. Ms. Teage,
      If you recall Mr. Taylor’s testimony, he said Bockerie and Yeaten had became FRIENDS….same age group….could it be from that friendship Yeaten was able to HELP???

      Mr. Sesay said Mr. Taylor name was NEVER EVER mentioned by Bockerie except Yeaten….unless you got PROOF to DISPROVE, I say just accept the answer…CASE CLOSE.

      But you must admit this witness is tearing the prosecutors’ case apart like a hot knife slicing a frozen butter cake…..ssssshhhhhhh. We’re now seeing for the first DOCUMENTS back up with MORE explainations in DETAIL.

    3. Ladies & Gentlemen,
      This time I’m very serious; Let me burst this secret with the hope that Papay does not read our comments. One day, Benjamin Yeaten sold rounds to me when I needed it for deer hunting. Thats how useless and thiefy thiefy he was.. true; I’m not

  17. Ms Teage,
    Even in your own house if you are struggling, your own chidren will aways steal from you some times without you knowing.
    Mainly former President Taylor was faced with so many issues at that time. when you are troubled in your own house, your beloving child can finger your eyes without you knowing,ok.

    1. V man,
      The only’household’ such an event can take place is a back stabbing lying cheating disorganozed untruthful ‘household’ i.e NPFL. The issue was not whether or not ‘amo’ was stolen, as I said that it was possible for Yeaton to steal from Taylor. But the issue I brough up was the possesion of suffient weapon supply versus the lack of it as testified by Taylor.
      Kids stealing food/sugar/ etc…from a house hold and a rebel general stealing ammunition from his own stash and jepardizing his mission/batallion are very different scenarios. Nobody dies if a kid steals a handful of rice, many die when a rebel general steals a great sum of ammuntion from a very low supply.
      Let me explicitly say again, I do not believe that that Yeaton is foolish enough to try such a thing if the drop in the supply of ammunition would have been quite obvious to Taylor. If the NPFL truly did not have sufficient weapons as Taylor testified under oath and Yeaton stole 65 boxes of ‘amo’ it would have impacted NPFL tremendously. Why would Yeaton deprive NPFL boys of the opportunity to defend and protect themselves by taking away something as important as their ‘amo’. If you have a gun and insufficient amo, what’s the point of having it? You eventually, sooner rather than later, run out of amo and fall victim to your enemy.
      Here is what I know, Yeaton if he did steal those ‘amo’ did not do so under the circumstances of insuffcient supply. You and I both know that if NPFL barely had weapons to defend themselves there is no way Yeaton will steal from the little stash that was available because as greedy and untrustworthy as Yeaton may have been there was still a very real enemy that sought to kill and destroy NPFL and Yeaton hated them and wanted them gone as much as Taylor. So the only conclusion that I’m left with is that Taylor lied under oath about the amount of weapons they had. They had enough that Yeaton could steal 65 boxes go unnoticed and not put the life of his comrades at risk. It simple logics.

  18. Dear Korma,

    I just received a post from you yesterday at 10:13pm which alas I cannot post as it focusses specifically on another reader. Can you rephrase it and report to focus on the issues emerging from the trial? If so, I can happily post it.


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