With Anticipation, Sierra Leoneans Look Forward to Final Judgment in the Charles Taylor Trial

Mabinty Kargbo was just 15 years old when Sierra Leonean rebels cut off her hands and killed her parents in front of her during the country’s horrific 11 year war.  Now, she waits anxiously to hear whether the former Liberian President, Charles Taylor, was behind the rebel crimes as his trial draws to a close in The Hague.   

“We all want to hear the judgment that the judges will issue, and we hope they execute Taylor, let him die just the way he caused the death of our people in this country. But even when Taylor dies, we will not forget what the rebels did to us. When I look at my hands, and when I wake up in the morning and don’t see my parents, I will always remember the war in this country,” Mabinty, now 26, tells me.

I was in Sierra Leone over the New Year holiday, wanting to find out what people thought about the high profile trial of Taylor, who has been charged with backing Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels, the rebel group that fought an 11 year battle to control the territory and resources of Sierra Leone. The trial has lasted for three years and with prosecutors and defense lawyers set to make their closing arguments from February 8-11, Sierra Leoneans can hope that judges will deliver a final verdict before the end of 2011.

During the closing arguments, Prosecutors hope to tell the judges that Taylor “created, armed, supported, and controlled” the RUF. Prosecutors intend to impress upon the judges that Taylor supplied RUF rebels with materials and manpower and that if it were not for Taylor’s support to the rebels, “the crimes suffered by the people of Sierra Leone would not have occurred.”

Defense lawyers, on their part will stress Taylor’s innocence in their closing arguments. They will argue that RUF rebels might have had dealings with personnel within Taylor’s security apparatus but any such relationships were not with Taylor’s knowledge and support. Defense lawyers will tell the judges that when Taylor eventually had dealings with RUF rebels after he became president of Liberia in 1997, such dealings happened with the consent of other West African leaders and they were only geared towards bringing a peaceful resolution to the conflict in Sierra Leone.

Whatever the parties say to the judges, Sierra Leoneans will be waiting for only one thing—a final determination of whether Taylor is guilty or innocent. If the judges find Taylor guilty, many, like Mabinty, will be anxious to know the sentence he will receive.

Back in Sierra Leone, I had to explain to Mabinty that the Special Court for Sierra Leone will not hand out the death sentence on any convicted person.

Public opinion in Sierra Leone about Taylor is hardly neutral, with a larger percentage of people you speak with pointing fingers at the former Liberian president as being responsible for what the RUF did to the people of that country.

Speaking with people in Sierra Leone around the New Year holiday, a 46 year old man whose right hand was amputated by rebel forces in January 1999 tells me what it would feel like if he sees Taylor in jail.

“It will be a great day for, not only me, but for the hundreds of Sierra Leoneans who suffered at the hands of the rebels sent by Taylor, if he is sent to jail for the rest of his life,” Lamin Bangura, 46, an amputee says..

At a meeting with university students in Sierra Leone, a bulk of them have a common position – that the fact that Taylor has been subjected to a credible accountability process, whether he is found guilty or not, should bring a measure of satisfaction or justice to victims of the conflict in Sierra Leone.

A prominent Pentecostal Pastor in Freetown thinks otherwise, “I hope Taylor is not released,” he tells me.

On a radio discussion program held to commemorate the January 1999 rebel invasion of Freetown, a man makes reference to an alleged statement by Taylor in 1990, that “Sierra Leone will taste the bitterness of war.”

“So when rebels entered the country, from Liberia, just as Taylor had predicted, who are we to blame?” Yusuf Kargbo, who lives in the East of Freetown, asks.

Kargbo adds, “We all know that RUF rebels reported directly to Taylor, he gave them arms and ammunition to attack us in this country.”

Another man calls into the radio program and says that “we should blame our own Sierra Leonean brothers and sisters for what they did to us during the conflict. Let us stop blaming Taylor. With my senses, if a foreigner tells me to kill my own brother or sister, I will use my own senses to say no way. So let us not blame Taylor.”

I ask Eldred Collins, presently the interim leader of the RUF, what he thinks about allegations of Taylor’s support to the RUF.

“Let us wait for the judges to deliver their judgment,” he tells me.

This is what Sierra Leoneans now await – a determination by the Special Court for Sierra Leone judges on whether Taylor is guilty or innocent of the charges against him.

Many people you speak with along the streets of Freetown will tell you that the process has taken too long, and all they want to hear now is the judgment.

A university student tells me in Freetown that “if this year comes to an end without a judgment for or against Taylor, we’ll no longer be interested in the trial.”

A taxi driver who survived several rebel attacks during the conflict believes that the Taylor trial must be brought to a close so as to allow Sierra Leoneans to forget about anything that has to do with the war.

“As it is, the major thing that reminds us about the war is when we see the Special Court and know that it is still trying Charles Taylor,” he tells me, as we drive pass the Special Court for Sierra Leone premises in Freetown in early January.

“We want this thing over with.  Let the judges tell us if Taylor is guilty or not, and then we can put this all behind us,” he adds.

For Mabinty, however, looking at her arms and not seeing her parents will always remind her about the war. While she will carry the pain of her experiences for a long time, Mabinty believes that ensuring that those responsible for her ordeal are held accountable will still give her a measure of satisfaction.

“We feel like our cries are being heard…We feel like there are people who did not suffer like us but who want to make sure that those responsible for our sufferings are made to answer for their acts and that the same thing does not happen to other people again,” she tells me.


  1. I thought the evidence presented in court were enough to educate misguided Sierra Leoneans like Mabinty, that Mr. Taylor is in no way responsible for the senseless and uncivilized war that they Sierra Leoneans, waged on their brothers and sister? Sorry Mabinty, please open your eyes, those that caused you so much pain are eating with you in Free Town. Finally, Mr. Taylor will live and come back home as a free man.

    1. Alpha,

      You are a funny guy. You are incredibly amusing. Do you really mean what you wrote about this good and great defense team of President Taylor? Just as a reminder, this is what you wrote. “They will argue that RUF rebels might have had dealings with personnel within Taylor’s security apparatus but any such relationships were not with Taylor’s knowledge and support. Defense lawyers will tell the judges that when Taylor eventually had dealings with RUF rebels after he became president of Liberia in 1997, such dealings happened with the consent of other West African leaders and they were only geared towards bringing a peaceful resolution to the conflict in Sierra Leone.” However, you hope the defense advances that self negating and inextricably closing argument that you as a Sierra Leonean wants them to advance. Alpha, you did not even say the defense “might” advance what you want them to advance in their closing argument. But instead, you pretended to be a soothsayer or a false prophet, to say, they “will”. Let me say this to you, all the juicy closing argument the defense has on their side will be exhausted first before following the lead of some Sierra Leonean who works for this inherently flawed court. NICE TRY THOUGH.

      1. Jose,
        you are incredibly interesting…..you would argue or at least think you are making an argument even if nothing is said…..I know you are about to respond and challenge these lines below

        See them above this, yep, nothing! My point is, even if nothing is said, you are willing to say blah, blah, blah! You have from the offset in this trial accused Alpha of being biased. Not fair, he may have his personal belief but overall his commentary have been balanced. Be fair to yourself and to him….even if you want to be disingenuous to yourself, that’s fine by me, but show the man some level of respect—u know the basic, bc he is a human! Jose, you are becoming more comical than rational….you know who was very rational in this forum and I personally miss is logical stance, “Andrew”.

        Good day and I am not going to respond to any more “garbage” attacking Alpha. And no, I don’t know the gentlemen either, neither you.

        1. Bnker,

          No wonder why President Taylor dominated Liberian politics and still continues to have massive support in Liberia. Look at what you are responding to in defense of Alpha. Let me tell you something if you know. What Alpha wrote about the defense closing argument was direct and entangled with no way to untangle it. The damage has already been done. He was very clear. This is what he wrote that the defense “WILL” say in their closing argument.“They will argue that RUF rebels might have had dealings with personnel within Taylor’s security apparatus but any such relationships were not with Taylor’s knowledge and support.” The snake oil and elk slime Alpha is selling and robing will not work with some of us. What he is doing is to first preempt what the defense will say according to his own understanding and aspiration. Two, provide a leeway of shame for those who want to see this innocent man found guilty that Taylor is still responsible even if he is acquitted by virtue of the criminal liability responsibility of leader- subordinate role. So Bnker, what is the blah, blah and blah that I wrote? I simply told him that the defense will exhaust fully all the juicy closing argument before take his prophetic statement of what the defense will do. Besides, the defense doesn’t take orders from him. Let him continue to pledge and defend his everlasting support and loyalty to this inherently flawed court. For me, I can see straight through him. That’s why Taylor dominated. Every statement is examined like in the case of Alpha

  2. Harris,
    Don’t even feed into this bunch lies that have been put together by Alpha Sesay. This guy is only puttting out what he’s antecipating. GUILTY VERDICT.. But please Alpha, nomatter your selfish ambitions against Taylor, he will walk FREEEEE. If this is the only means for getting your christmas bonus, sorry shame will engulf you and you will walk with head bow like a chicken..

  3. Alpha,

    I will dismiss your reporting as lock of substance. The prosecution will have to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt if true justice should prevail. Those people you supposedly talked with have been denied access to the trial. They have the less idea what is happening or going on. Their only memories were that dreadful day when President Taylor stepped down from the UN helicopter handcuffed from Liberia to Sierra Leone. That’s the reason the accused don’t go into the court room shackle. If they did, juries and judges may preconceive his/her guilt without listening to the evidence. Sierra Leoneans were pruned to believed from media propaganda that President Taylor did indeed is responsible for there misfortunes. I would have agreed 100% with your reporting only if, our brothers and sisters in Sierra Leone had total access to the trial like the way you (Alpha) and others have. If you had asked those you talked with, if they know or heard of Naomi Campbell, Wikileaks, Linda Greenfield and or Ms. Hollis they would have probably said no. Do you get my point? Yes?

    People in Sierra Leone and Liberia have been denied access to the trial to make any rational decision as to the guilt or innocent of President Taylor. I don’t blame them for their ignorance; many people also believed President Taylor was guilty before the trial based on the propaganda. However, as the trial begun and the evidence began to unfold, those with access to the trial who once believed President Taylor was guilty, now seriously questioned his guilt.

    Alpha, with the little power you have as a media personnel, you should do everything in your whelm to educate your people about the trial. By going to Sierra Leone once a year and sticking a microphone in their faces, is not helping the situation. What if President Taylor is found not guilty strictly base on the evidence at hand? Your people will definitely wouldn’t understand why.

    I rest my CASE.

  4. Sorry I think the evience clearly showed to Sierra Leoneans that Taylor wasnt just aiding the rebels….he was in charge of them. The NPFL peanut gallary will keep screaming “where are the facts”…well read the transcripts and explain how 5 different witnesses from 5 vantage points all end up saying the same thing…thats called corrobroation and means one thing – conviction. I am glad people learned he was not just “aiding” the AFRC and RUF but that he actually was their CIC (Commander in Cheif) or Papay……

    1. Bundu,
      Just because 5 different witnesses from 5 vantage points all end up saying the same thing, by no mean make it the truth.

    2. It is only you and your Alpha see it that way, but the facts in this court prove the other way. Let me ask you, are you reading from another planet?

    3. Bundu,

      Let see which one makes more sense. Bundu who is hell bent on convicting this innocent man at all cost by even going to an extent of making a bizarre statement such as Naomi Campbell confessed by saying Taylor gave her diamond and the second verse is the same as the first such that the prosecution continue to bring in they say, hearsay, and etc to corroborate another they say, he say, she say or hearsay. To Bundu, this is all he/she needs. And he/she is willing to bring any piece of paper to this fake case even if the paper is worth more than the brain that wrote the paper. Or the RUF leader, Isaa Sasay who said, Taylor was never their boss. They did not take orders from him. Besides, the RUF Salute Report dismissed such a preposterously insane claim. More importantly, People who were in the echelon of power of the RUF have all said President Taylor was never part of the RUF. To me, the people that were in the middle of the war are the ones that is making more sense than Bundu. Ways to go boss.

    1. Mas,

      Thanks for the link. Let’s wait and hear what jfallah has to say about the Trial Chamber latest decision. QC is indeed a master brain. He does not care how many white vote against his motion, but he must win as long as justice is what he seek. Bravo QC, history will surely remember you for standing up against prejudice.

  5. I have to be qute blunt. ” If Sierra Leoneans want to know who was responsible for their war. All they have to do is look in the mirror”

    If today they still want to blame Charles Taylor for all the ills of the war. Then they have just refused to listen to the evidence. As for the countries who funded the Special Court .They could have given 10% of the contributions to a war amputees fund then people like Mabinty could have been fitted with prosthetics and given an education.

    1. All,

      As believers of true justice i ask that you all hold your collective horses against Alpha and indeed the folks that were interviewed. Alpha is simply reporting what he saw and heard in Freetown and cannot be blamed or accused of being biased.

      Rather then being disgusted at the victims we should put ourselves in their shoes. These people’s lives have been destroyed forever and if I had my hands chopped off by some rebel, I too might suspend all objectivity and assign blame to the first person accused.

      Unfortunately this lack of education and ignorance does show that Africa has a very long way to go. You better be sure the west knows are weaknesses and will continue to exploit that to meet their ends. For years the narrative has been fed to the people of Sierra Leone that Charles Taylor caused their pain and suffering to the point where people are still repeating this discarded theory of Taylor alledgedly announcing that Sierra Leone will taste the bitterness of war. The long and short of my note is the propoganda these people have been fed over the years will take a long time to wear away even if Taylor is found not guilty. I think we should spend more time thinking about how we as Africans can educate ourselves so that we dont swallow everything we’re fed by outsiders.

  6. If justice or no suffering has not come to Sierra Leonean with the trials and convictions of the AFRC, RUF and CDF, they are not going to get justice or no suffering from Mr. Taylor‘s conviction and imprisonment. Mabinty Kargbo, I do understand her anger and hatred of what has happen to her but she need to channel that energy into why the wars came about in the first place. There was war and suffering in Sierra Leone before she was born and if no changes occur, there will be suffering and wars after she is gone.

    If the “Prosecutors intend to impress upon the judges that Taylor supplied RUF rebels with materials and manpower and that if it were not for Taylor’s support to the rebels, the crimes suffered by the people of Sierra Leone would not have occurred,” is total nonsense. Sierra Leonean was being supply with materials, manpower and causing suffering to the people long before Mr. Taylor every came on the picture. As far, back as when they gained independence for Britain, there is no different in their suffering now, just a different generation.

    Those public opinions in Sierra Leone with a larger percentage of people pointing fingers at the former Liberian president as being responsible for what the RUF did to the people is bias. Who are they pointing fingers at for what the ARFC, CDF and their governments did to the people?

    The university students in Sierra Leone, common position is correct. However, it was the university students in Freetown that was the ones to protest the government, whom they felt was corrupt and unfair. Their protest and the government mean of dealing with it lead to the war that involved the RUF, AFRC, CDF and the government.

    This is a shocker to me, Eldred Collins, the interim leader of the RUF. I did not know that the RUF was still an organization in Sierra Leone. How are they functioning with their leaders in prison and what is their position with the present government?

  7. Alpha,
    You meant WELL, but are you telling us the ENTIRE population of SL wants Mr Taylor in jail??? 100%??? If not, then where is the BALANCEMENT in your reporting??? Are you trying to stir up EMOTIONS?? Really, what is your goal?? To PRETEND to be neutral but we all know you are far away from such.

    You are doing a good job but it can be BETTER if you give us both sides.

    1. Cousin4,
      The brother is a blatant lier; Thats an “under the palm wine booth” story. Very trashy. Didn’t think he would have ever, ever compromised his proffessional career prematurely as such. The story got no substance and will make sence to no body, even Fallah Menjor. YELLOW JOURNALISM..

    2. Noko4
      No where does he say that and not where was it insinuated. Maybe you need to look at the response from the Univ students. They said where guilty or not, justice would have been served. That’s not saying that everyone thinks he is guilty. Also in the commentary, he talks about a man who calls and say, why blame Charles Taylor, blame our SL brothers and sisters. Those in SL who want CT locked up are those who were directly impacted, like those amputees (rightfully so, they are angry and hurt), but it doesn’t mean their desire will come to fruition.

  8. Mas,

    Thanks for providing this must read link or website. I read and understood the Appeal Chamber’s decision and judge Sebutinde withdrawal from participating in the defense motion. These are the kinds of stories you will expect Alpha to carry. Anyways, let see if he will report this good news for true justice sake and not reporting some angry people who are shouting like African peasants with pitchforks, sticks, tree branches, and iron rocks in their hands ready to storm the gates of this innocent man to drag him out and maul him. Sierra Leoneans, you guys were tricked by this inherently flawed court in believing that President Taylor bears the greatest responsibility. Anyways, I genuinely mean this from the bottom of my heart. There were terrible things that happened during your war. People got hurt, killed, amputated, and etc. My heart goes out to you guys. Liberia was also faced with similar war. But Liberia did not blame anyone else except Liberians. Even with the most recent war in 2003, there were Sierra Leoneans fighting on the streets of Monrovia. You guy know where Ulimo a rebel group in the Liberian conflict came from (Sierra Leone). Lurd came from Guinea, and Model from Ivory Coast. Put the past behind you and build your country. Leave this Taylor man alone

    1. Mr Rodriguez, I am following up this discussion through your reply link because I want to start by commending you on your comments regarding this piece of non-objective journalism. I say welldone to you for seeing through such beggar and patronizing journalism.
      I shall begin by stating clearly that this article along with the previous Ruf/Afrc piece written by Mr Sesay do not belong to this forum and should have been published in one of the vindictive Sierra Leonean trash journals. One reason being that this forum is not solely for sierra Leoneans and not a means of disseminating bias and vile information albeit in the form of professional journalism. My disappointment at Alpha Sesay holds no bounds. I was hoping he might bottle his leaning as regards the guilt or otherwise of Mr Taylor but I guess he must have gotten full of himself after cavorting with the likes of Mr Rapp at some priviledged functions.
      Quite bluntly, you have shamed the professional elites of Sierra Leone by bringing your opinions to a forum such as this and disguising them as those of some amputees, illiterates and taxi driver. Are these the unimformed people you have gone to interview and not enlighten? My advise to you is not to crave relevance by any means necessary and to direct your so-called write ups to your target audience in Sierra Leone as pieces such as this belie your claims of being a lawyer. Start your own biased blog and recruit your followers after all a one eyed man is always a king in the land of the blind. It really is a shame and disgrace that you cannot and would not even respond to your critics.

      1. rgk007,
        You are a very far sighted person and thanks for the comment; Alpha got nothing to say because he irresponsibly compromised his professional by that story. No proffessional journalist will give any credit to such one sided story. Besides, Alpha cannot post that thing in any paper in Sierraleone or Freetown. If he ever did, that would be the last time, he ever steps his foot back there. Sierraleoneans are not stupid mr. Sesay, don’t try to make fool of them..thank you..

        1. Empty threats, it seems, NOKO5. Why don’t you argue accademically with this experienced Jounalist, Alpha, other than making all these silly indirect threats and intimidations of attempting to scare and insinuate that, Alpha wouldn’t report fair and balance in Sierra Leone because he would never live to tell the story. You think just like taylor who silenced jounalists and even chased them for reporting things that were not in line with his shaddy policies and corruptions. You need to make academic sense next time you post, my friend. Alpha seems better educated than most who criticize and attempt to be-little this brilliant Journalist, Aplha, a true Pan-Africanist!

        2. fallah,

          If you are such an “experienced journalist” as you profess to be why not apply for a job at the new democrat and replace tom kamara as the editor in chief. You are wasting your talent. “Man pot got to boil” tom kamara yellow journalism is hutting.

  9. hi Sierra leoneans,
    while i tend to sympathize with u folks, it is also good that we all await the final verdict from the court. people were amputed in your country by your own brothers. would not be good to request the international community to divert some substantial funds to the welfare of victims of war in Sierra Leone? if amputation was a style of perpetrating war, then more liberians would have been amputated like you. unfortunately, you probably will not amputees here except excombatants. the war that took place in this region was an unfortunate situation which propel us the younger generation never to give in those greedy politicians who are good at formenting confusion and hatred.
    my appeal to the special court is to slice their budget by half and submit same to the development of the amputees in sierra leone.

  10. God is no longer far from man kind any more, my fellow brothers and sisters, following this trial you can not understand by this time where this trial is heading to; President Taylor is a free man. Look God himself is bringing evidence to the Court, when starts between Judges of the Court God has done part. So can I caution you all for once please, gas your cars and get set to the Airport, please listen, do not say a word to anyone let them worry and create their hearts trouble. Thanks for listen sleep. Mr. Taylor is free.

  11. Please accept and insert few corrections brothers, I forgot to say happy birthday to my President, today marks the 63th birthday of president Taylor. happy birthday Sir. wish you many more years to come. miss you so much, those know this name knows what I mean.



  13. Happy birthday President Taylor.

    The Liberian people love and miss you. Just hang in there. Your chances of being a free man is getting greater by the day and at a disproportionate rate too in your favor; while the prospect for the quick turnaround of the prosecution fake case is dismal and blurred. Again, happy birthday President Taylor. We wish you many more years to come.

    1. To all those who are wishing taylor happy birthday, I say this to you from others words of wisdom:”I’ve learned – that maturity has more to do with what types of experiences you’ve had and what you’ve learned from them and less to do with how many birthdays you’ve celebrated.” That being said, I do not think taylor celebrates the day he was born. taylor probably will course the day he was born! It probably would have been better were he not born!..jfallahmenjor the best friend of taylor.

      1. On the other hand fallah, this day is blessed by God because this man, Mr. Taylor, was born on this day and when through the struggle of life like you and me and by the grace of God, was elected by the Liberian people as their leader. You will agree that no man that is cursed will ever lead is people. Fallah, please give some respect to this man who put his life on the line to bring true democracy to Liberia that you and Ellen are enjoying today.

  14. Alpha,
    Thanks for taking the time and providing this commentary. I think you’ve done a great job voicing the opinions of those in SL. Unfortunately, I don’t think the evidence brought forth my the prosecution warrants a guilty verdict. I think many may be disappointed in SL. I think spirits will be deflated and tears of disappointed may flow. Unless, something drastic occurs or the political heavy weights plays their cards “underneath the tables” Taylor is freed.

    Then again, there are attempts to get him in the US for other charges. He may join his other rebel compatriot George Boley.

    But as for this case, the prosecution actually shot itself in the foot—I would use this sad analogy, they amputated their foot.

    Good day and we await the next chapter!

  15. Show me a case within the entire international system that has as much evidence as this one? In ICTY? In ICTR? I beg…where is there case of someone of Tatlor’s level with so much evidence? You just want to keep insisting “no evidence” despite the reality of over 30 linkage witnesses. Yes 5 people saying same thing from 5 vantage points is called corroboration and puts things “beyond REASONABLE doubt”. The standard is not all POSSIBLE doubt. Do you know the difference? The evidence of Taylor’s guilt for SL is overwhelming. So despite his supporters on this board trying to cloud thr truth, when you read the evidence it is obvious. Do you think that all of these witnesses just came up with same story ahead of time and planned out to say that “Jugle brought ammunuitions” etc. That is corroboration my NPFL friends….so stop trying to dishearten my Salone brothers and sisters….you will sadly never be compensated for what you sufferred but a credible trial establishing Taylor’s guilt will at least set the history straight. And hopefully there will be efforts out there to build on it and go after some of the business people that stole from Salone as well through Taylor.

    1. Bundu,
      What evidence do you keep on refering too. The prosecution bribed the so called linkage witnesses with promises of favor. Do you remember tha Abu Keita now wants to sue the Special Court for not living up to their promises of providing for him and his family. Do you know that Moses Blah is now regretting everyday that he ever came to testify against Mr. Taylor. He is now destitute with no help from the proscution who promised to take care of him and no help from well meaning Liberians.

      Deep down inside there are many Sierra Leoneans and some Liberians who feel that Mr. Taylor should just be hung. Unfortunately this is not what justice should be about. He has gone thru the trial with no evidence to convict. However having said that you may still get your wish of a guilty verdict.

  16. Ok…how about the radio operators? You think that was just all a “coincidence”? What “bribes”? There has never been one found. Just parroting the defence’s unfounded allegations is not reading the evidence. You just say that every linkage witness was bribed and yet that has not been found with any of them? How can you just put that mis-information on the board. There were payments made to both sides witnesses for testifying which is normal in any judicial system…..people just dont take 10,20, 30 days out of their lives for free….not sure what planet you are on thinking this way…..

    1. Bundu,
      Bribed if you were an ex RUF fighter now being ostracised by your community. All of a sudden the prosecution contacts you and says we know Taylor was your master. Tell us what we want to hear and you know what you and your family can go and live in America or Western Europe. This is what has happened with several of the witnesses. Cindor Reeves was another witness which after his debacle in the RUF trial the prosecution dared not bring him in front of Courtenay Griffiths and his team. However he still got the opportunity to go and live in Canada.

      Since you brought up the subject of parroting. Can you or anyone else show me in the trial were the prosecution played an audio of Charles Taylor saying ” Sierra Leoneans will taste the bitterness of war ” You can’t because after going thru all the BBC tapes they found out he never uttered those words.

    2. Bundu,
      Plz out one WITNESS that the defense into the Hague that was BRIBED? We are NOT talking about bringing them to the Hague and making sure they ate and slept but PAYING OFF to come and LIE!!!. What operator was CLEAN?? Most couldn’t remember what they said the day before….

    1. Excellent referral, Mas. It appears like there is light at the end of the tunnel for the deadly treatment imposed on the victims by close collaboration between the RUF and NPFL rag-tagged, low class,and drugged generals and rebels for the purpose of greed. All those responsible shall rot in prison and set new Day in Africa for the Gbagbo types or taylor breeds! I wonder what Rodriguez, NOKO 4&5, Helen, Harris K. Johnson(no relation to Her Excellency), Aki, and so on.. will react to this new bomb by The Court. Whatever their reaction will be; there is no simple way out and justice is taking course!” No more sleeping, our eyes are open, struggle continues!”

    2. Again folks, let me say this to all who wish taylor luck in this trial: thanks for being humane and treating taylor at such. However, you need to remember this guy never treated anyone with mercy. For example; when Sam Dokie was murdered along with his entire Family, on their way to attend a wedding ceremony in Nimba, where was taylor? Did he show sympathy over this brutal murder or use his influence to bring the murderers to justice? No, taylor never didi, neither did he use his influence and authority to stop “Chuckie Taylor” Jr. from torturing citizens of Liberia! This guy has no concept of “sympathy” and should never be accorded any! Taylor is probably not sorry that his own son got long prison term..taylor only cares about taylor and not for all you litle boys he had used, allegedly, to commit crimes!

  17. Power TV in Monrovia had a news story of many people celebrating Charles Taylor’s birthday at his house on today. Hopefully next year he will be here to celebrate in person.

  18. Bundu,
    I want you to wake up from your slumber so I have to push this argument of the prosecution bribing their witnesses. Let us take the poster boy prosecution witness Zig Zag Marzah as an example. I know you believe in your heart that this man was truly close to Taylor and ate human flesh with him. My question to you is this. If Zigzag was so close to Charles Taylor what else could the possible reason be for him to betray his close freind if it is not for monetary gains or some other favor to improve the lifestyle for he and his family ? Are we going to be so naive as to believe that a cannibal like Zig Zag Marzah found religion and so for that reason he decided to confess all his sins ? I don’t think you really believe this is the case.

  19. Though the trial was very lengthy, I think most of the common people that bore the most sufferings will be let down. We in Lib know that this is a show trial because of the many lapses and interference from Western powers. My Taylor will be set free if this court was set up primarily to dispense fair justice.

  20. The end games are here, & Griffith’s delay tatices are not working! My suggestions to him is to enter a plead of guilty for his client Charles Taylor now; Why? for permitting him to testified in his own behalf for 3 months,and personally implicating himself, In exchange for a lighter sentence. This might not sit well with his supporters; But they must remember that no leader accused in cases like these and came out free, with no bruising. And this is no exception.

  21. Eloquently written feedback from Sierra Leone Mr. Sesay! Your words allow for a vicarious experience through the streets of Sierra Leone and the hearts of many of those afflicted.

    Whether or not this court finds him guilty or not guilty of the specified crimes, there is no doubt about it Taylor is NOT innocent. For those that say the Sierra Leoneans should blame their own people and it was not Taylor “directly”. WAKE UP! Did Hitler not kill the Jewish people in the Holocaust? Do we need physical proof that he was responsible? Do we say the Germans did it to themselves?? Or perhaps it was simply the rhetoric of hate, mixed with power, mixed with greed, mixed with bad business, mixed with the madness of a man enough to stir international persuasions…

    One thing is for sure about Taylor, since he left Liberia and the region, civil war in both countries has been placated, there is peace and not the scale of widespread abuse of humanity, rampant in his hey day. Honestly cant think of one good thing he did in 15 years yet some shout his innocence in light of the list of terrible things. The coincidence is uncanny…

    It would be curious to see/take a third party poll on what most Liberians think about Taylor today. Some might be surprised to see that he is not the highly revered statesman some on this blog are painting him to be…
    Your work on this site is much appreciated Mr. Sesay, keep up the reporting!

    1. Concerned Liberian in the US,
      Have not heard from you in awhile. Having said that remember your concerns about Taylor were the same concerns most Liberians living in the States had about him in 1997 . The people in Liberia thought differently and voted him into power with over 73% of the vote.

    2. Concerned Liberian in the US,
      Yes, you do need some physical proof that Mr. Taylor or any one else is responsible for an alleged crime. If not, one could very well say Concerned Liberian in the US is responsible for those alleged crimes and need to be brought to trial, convict and put in prison.

      Civil war in Sierra Leone was over long before the Liberia civil war ended. Both countries came too a peaceful resolution on their own. When Mr. Taylor was hijack to The Hague, there was peace in both countries according to the populace in the two regions.

      One good thing Mr. Taylor did during his presidency was to uphold his main duty as president. To protect the sovereignty of the country and it people. By not permitting ULIMO, LURD, MODEL and those foreigners they chose to enlist to take over the government and the people by the barrel of a gun. Those who formed ULIMO, LURD and MODEL did not take control of the government and its people and never will. All the bad things they did were for nothing and showed the people how they would have governor by death and mayhem. Concerned Liberian in Liberia is very happy that Mr. Taylor stood up for them against the unpatriotic ULIMO, LURD and MODEL gangs.

      A third party poll on what most Liberians think about Mr. Taylor today, will yields the same results the U.S. ambassador concluded in her cable, that Mr. Taylor is still very popular in Liberia. So much so that the present government is afraid that if Mr. Taylor get a not guilty verdict in his trial at the SLSC, his return to Liberia will change their plan of reelection, in other word they will not win. Now that is a very good sign of how popular Mr. Taylor is.

    3. Concern Liberian,
      You can huff and puff all you want. Taylor is just not responsible for what soever happened in Sierraleone. Be it war, death, distruction, goodthing or bad thing. Alphas reporting of this trial should be balance and balanced it should be. Thats all we are demanding. If this kind of story , like the one he just put out is term good in accordance with your standards, then good for you..Thank you.

    4. Concern,
      You need to CATCH UP on the trial….Seriously, you need to. Again, the MANDATE of this trial cannot be overlook…..Have you read the MANDATE??

  22. Hello folks, I do not care what you think about Taylor going free, not under my watch. Taylor is guilty to the upper limit. He will never spy the Liberian soil anymore. You guys know very well all the crimes this idiot world lord committed against the people of West Africa, and you sit there to anticipant his freedom? You must be kiddie right? You must be heartless to feel its okay to cut your arms. Who in Liberia that don’t know Taylor sent his rebels to fight in S Leone? When you bend down to look in someone ass, watch out someone may be looking in yours.

    1. Paul Jackson,

      Are you serious when you say, Taylor going free is not under your watch? How about not under your clock? What will you do if he is acquitted?

  23. Jose Rodriguez :

    I don’t know when last you came to Liberia and conducted a poll reflecting Taylor’s popularity. You always conclude in your post that Taylor’s is still popular in Liberia. If your assessment is true, than Liberia as a nation still heads for more destructions and chaos.

    A man who provided guns to our children on x-mas eve 1990;
    A president who couldn’t pay civil servants for up to three years;
    A man who killed and murdered ECOMOG Peace Keepers;
    A man who killed opposition politicians like Gabriel Kpoley, Jackson Doe, Sam Dokie, Isaac Vaye and others;
    A former sitting president being accused of providing support to the RUF for hacking arms and limbs of civilians;
    A former president currently facing trial for war crimes;
    A man who son Chukie Taylor headed the ATU and victimized Liberians and uncountable senseless acts.

    After all what Taylor did to this country and its neighbor you still calming that Taylor is popular. But you could be right, because Liberia still has a huge illiterate population, and certain individuals who don’t have this country at heart will strive on this kind of ignorance.

    1. Lib Justice,

      According to you, the reason why Jose Rodriguez could be right about the statement of President Taylor is still popular in Liberia is because of “a huge illiterate population
      and certain individuals who don’t have this country at heart will strive on this kind of ignorance.” Lib Justice, sorry, you just undercut your own argument. We don’t want to know your own personal reason why he’s popular in Liberia. The facts remain that he is popular. I will say this to you. If President Taylor was allowed to go to LIberia today by the white man, and decides to contest the presidential election, he will win in a landslide with no second round. That’s why you guys are afraid of, and are saying, they should keep him away from Liberia if he is acquitted. No way. He will come back. However, if Ellen, Sawyer, Fahnbullah, Kromah, Thomas Yaya Nimely, Dimintee Conneh, Brownie Samuka, Butt Naked, Prince Johnson, and etc can all live in liberia, Why Liberia beloved president can not live in Liberia?

      Jose, continue to seek the interest of justice and the people of Liberia. God bless you brother.

    2. Justice Lib,
      IT was because of this same rhetoric you spewed above that the slogan came about ” You killed my ma you killed my pa we will still vote for you “

    3. 2-2-2011
      @ Alpha
      I thought comments about unsubstantiated crimes violated the posting rules? I wasn’t surprised when you allowed Fallah’s baseless accusations to be posted. However, why are you allowing JusticeLIB unsubstantiated accusations to be posted?


      1. Cen please stop these childishness about fairness! Fallah and Concerned Liberian in US write legibly, Grammatically, and with policy of this site in mind, when they write. You never see rumbling garbage from us such as Big B, Noko5 nor Harris Johnson, the Junior High Teacher on Camp Johnson Road during taylor days in Monrovia. We write with sense, even though, taylor support thinks the opposite. Chill and focus on the last days of taylor before we drag him to the USA in chains to testify as witness in his Business Partner trial, as rummoured!

        1. Fallah Menjor,
          The true hurts and we both know; “LOL”, drag Taylor. IN YOUR DREAM.. What I personally know that,you Fallah Menjor will do is, spread your newest shirt for Taylor to walk free on..ITS COMING…..

        2. I used to read the New Democrat News paper to get other views on the trial. I had to stop. The reason I stopped reading the New Democrat, at the end of every month tom kamara will published something silly about the trial just to pay his publishing fees. Liberians made fun out of tom’s paper. The joke “man pot got to boil.”

  24. It is right for the former NPFL fighters that call themselves advocates for their god father to call Sierra Leoneans affected by the war folks because of expressing their feelings.
    I want to assure these former NPFL fighters, that, they will regret their garbage writings in agony and disdain sooner or latter. They write falsified stories and even abuse people they thought are ant- Taylor.
    From attacking the prosecting layers, J. Fallah, the prosecuting witnesses, Ismail, now it is Alpha Sesay.
    They are really miopic in thinking and therefore they can say all sort of rubbish against civilized and seasoned people like Alpha Sesay. Mr. Sesay, please continue your good work, for when you listen to the voice of the market, you woun’t buy.
    Leave the Taylor gang stars to spit all their venons against you and Sierra Leoneans affected by calling they folks. This type of behaviour is a manifest of their true colours as by thier deeds we shall know them.
    As I said it earlier on my first posting, that in 1990, Charles Taylor told Sierra Leoneans that they will taste the bitterness of war since it is the Sierra Leone soil ECOMOG is using to distablise the war in Liberia against Doe, therefore it is Sierra Leone that his fighting against him from forcifully taking power in Liberia. The result was that, some of these rag-tag NPFL advocates lambasted me. It came to past.
    With Mr. Sesay’s interview with some of the affected victims, one also coborated my previous statement, now they are calling them folks. These guys, have all sort of names on people they presume to be ant-Taylor.
    A day will come when they will cry to their Lord for marcy in agony and disdain.

    1. Fuad Tee,
      Can you direct me to the audio or text, “that in 1990, Charles Taylor told Sierra Leoneans that they will taste the bitterness of war since it is the Sierra Leone soil ECOMOG is using to distablise the war in Liberia against Doe, therefore it is Sierra Leone that his fighting against him from forcifully taking power in Liberia.” I would like to fact check that statement for its accuracy. It has been said that ECOMOG and Sierra Leone government took side with the Doe elements and was fighting the NPFL to keep Doe and his element in control of Liberia.

    2. Faud Tee,
      Please reread my response to Bundu of January 28th concerning your statement about the bitterness of war. Watch out for Mr. Taylor when he is acquited, he might sue you for defamation of character.

      1. Taylor will be so broke when we are done with him, that he won’t start any letigation, I bet him to bring any defamation against anyone, Aki. Except you support group broke-self who may attempt such!

        1. Fallah,

          Why would President Taylor be broke? If the prosecution can find the billion dollars as alleged and distribute the billion to the victims of S L than you could make such silly and unfounded statement. You are so bend on hate for this man; it makes me wonder if you have the ability to think rational on anything that begins with a T. President Taylor is not spending a dime out of his pocket on this trial. Everything is paid for.

          By the way, President Taylor is not a deviant person like you and your darling girl. President Taylor has no interest in bringing any legal sue against anybody.

  25. Alpha,
    Thank you for the commentary,i am really sorry for these unfortunate people,but really don’t you think these people should be left alone now to get on with their lives!!In all rational understanding of the troubles in Sierra Leone,the one conclusion is that the RUF,AFRC,KAMAJOR and the Goverbment cause the suffering of the people of Sierra Leone..But for some reasons the intelligent and the emotion of these people is been messed with again.

    It is obvious that these people had been traumatised,plus severeky lacking in education and understanding , and are quite ignorant on what going on in the world equally so are the people guiding them.

    It is time to help these people recover not time for endless witch hunt….but i won’t be supprise if these indoctorinated selfless eurocentric africans in sierra leone won’t be ushered again into another witch hunt…probably they will blame Gbagbo or some other africa leader who refused to conform for the limbless in sierra leoen soon.

    Bytheway i am sierra leonean!!!!

  26. Alpha,

    Could you please explain to the world what is preventing you from reporting on the decision of the Appeal Chamber. As you may recall, the defense took an appeal and filed a motion about the “wikileak” evidence, the conduct of the prosecution, and etc. However, the Appeal Chamber decided to accept the wikileak evidence, but dismissed all other motions. Why are you not reporting on this story? Look Alpha, report the news.

    1. Dear King Gray,
      Thanks so much for pointing this out. Kindly note that i have not taken a deliberate step to ignore the decision(s) of the Appeals Chamber. There are so many decisions coming out these days that it has just been impossible for me to do reports on all of them, especially considering that the closing arguments are just a few days away and there is so much preparation that has to be done for that. That i have not done anything on this one does not in anyway suggest that i am not interested in any victory for the Defense. Maybe people on the Prosecution side might also want to ask me why i have not done any reports on the Defense motions that have been turned down or the Prosecution motions that have been granted. In fairness, you can note that i have hardly done reports on any motions filed by the Prosecution, but rather, i have on many occassions done so when Defense file some very important motions. I try to be as neutral as possible irrespective of what people might say. Hope this helps.

      1. Mr Alpha Sesay. No one is outrightly accusing you of bias without reason. The issue in question concerns you writting some opinion based reports which clearly is not meant for this forum. No one is denying you your liberty to report in papers, tabloids and or jounals in your own country. This forum is NOT exclusively for sierra leoneans or for you to convey their anxiety to us non-SLeans. Clearly you are not coming across as a professionally objective individual. Question: Whatever part of the trial chamber evidence has your Mabuty(sic) seen ? Do let us know.

      2. Alpha, to be quite honest, Jose Rodriguez was the first to point this out. So, if there is anything like “thanks” for talking about the Appeal Chamber’s decision on the defense motion and or appeal, and bringing it to your attention, I think, he deserves the thank you and not me. But I appreciate your kind words.

      3. 2-3-2011

        Why were the following allegations allowed to be posted?:

        On January 31, 2011 at 10:58 am, JusticeLIB said:
        Jose Rodriguez :

        …A man who provided guns to our children on x-mas eve 1990;
        A president who couldn’t pay civil servants for up to three years;
        A man who killed and murdered ECOMOG Peace Keepers;
        A man who killed opposition politicians like Gabriel Kpoley, Jackson Doe, Sam Dokie, Isaac Vaye and others;
        …After all what Taylor did to this country and its neighbor…

  27. WOW! All of a sudden I see all these strange names coming out of the woodworks in defense of Alpha. It makes me wonder… Em!

    1. Big B needs to continue wondering why all “these big names have suddenly come to the defense of Alpha.” Big B needs to re-evaluate his thoughts and reasoning abilities in addition to his academic credentials, because it seems like he makes lots of noises, signifying nothing! I say to you, Big b, you are a fanatic lover boy of taylor to a point of extremism, and thus appearing silly at times in your arguements! You have lot of reasoning ability if you could only be rational for once in your written presentations that say a lot about who you are..believe it or not..!

      1. fallah,

        “Who the cap fit, let him wares it.” Apparently, the cap fitted you. I know how you operate (Modus Operondai). In Ghana back ion the 80s you used to call BBC two and three times a day under different names on the air talking craps about President Taylor. Your hate for President Taylor didn’t derive from this Fake trial ok. You know that.

        When you (fallah), Sawyer, Tipoteh, Mason and the late Matthews were preaching Marxism was best for Africa, President Taylor stood up to your troublemakers. President Taylor vehemently told you guys there was no room for Marxism in Africa. With the exception of you fallah, everyone else has a legitimate reason for been anti President Taylor. Their reasons are strictly base on this Fake case.

        Fallah, if you can call me a fanatic lover boy of President Taylor, how will you call your loyalty to ellen, a candy liker to be polite. I am a realist and a fanatic lover of JUSTICE. (FYI) You used the word “extremism”, back in the 80s extremism was a word associated with Marxism. “Leopard can not change its spot.”

        1. Big B and others; let me say this for the last time: I never lived in Ghana other than visiting Ghana in 1982 on Conference representing Liberia. I spent 2 weeks in Accra . I never delt with taylor and have no rerason to hate him. I only dislike taylor’s behavior, lies, corruption, doubled- standared dealings, and extreme greed! You are mistaking who jfallahmenjor is , and trying all the silly guess work, Big B. Jfallahmenjor is a true freedom fighter for Liberia..and sooner or later you shall find out! I have no time for little potatoes like I see on this site, except that I have to respond each time to set record straight. Taylor is my focus here as I have always told you. After we get him then we will weed out the rest….!

        2. Fallah,

          Save me the grief, if you have never lived in Ghana than I have lived on the moon. It’s on the record on this site when I put forward the Agnes situation, you (fallah) admitted to the fact. However, when I squeezed you on the Agnes situation you (fallah) denied knowing Agnes. The record is on file, do you want me to pull it? Yes? Why the flip flap?
          Fallah, I know your Modus Operandi.

          It will be against this Site Policy to unmasked the man behind fallah manjor, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who you are. Stop the jabbing fallah.

    1. I am wondering…..did the prosecutors factored in the MANDATE of this court….from what I am reading, MOST of brief are PRE Nov. ’96.

      Again, I don’t see the CRIMES back with FACTUAL FACTS….

  28. Ladies and gentlemen,
    I don’t know why two of my post of 02/01/11 disappeared from the moderation screen and never got posted…can some one help..

    1. Dear noko5,

      Your posts from 02/01/11 are located underneath the comments you responded to (rgk007 and jfallahmenjor). They are located towards the end of the comments section of the webpage. Please let us know if you still cannot locate them.

      Kind regards,


    2. Noko 5 thanks for the response. However, I would like to state clealy that I am not knocking Alpha Sesay as an individual as I do not know him and I am not a Sierra Leonean to experience whatever mayhem that went on there in the 90’s. My grouse with him is that he is getting carried away by taking advantage of his opportunity as a major contributor/facilitator of this site to spew out opinionistic (sic) commentaries and categorizing it as professional jounalism/work. My forebearers in Lagos Nigeria actually originated from Freetown and along with other prestigious families are not known to be daftyly prejudiced in their thinking. Whilst we do have a few gratifying and fame seeking journalists in Nigeria, they are certainly in the minority and not in anyway encouraged.
      I am sure Mr Sesay has chosen to align himself to a cause that is not beneficial to the larger populace in Sierra Leone as reconciliation and moving forward should be the major focus of his works instead of using his priviledged opportunity to be divisive. I wonder why he chose not to interview the educated ( however few ) elites and seek their take on the whole trial issue. The court of law is not one for conjectures or vindictive/supporting opinions but strictly facts.
      Just because the piper pays you does not mean his/her tune(s) is always interesting. Mind you, I would still oppose if the leaning of his work is advantageous to Mr Taylor. The media must not be abused. Once again, my advice is for you to seek another journal or outlet patronized by individuals such as Mr Jusu Jarka ( he got a free Hajj trip ) and all those who heard the now famous ” bitterness of war” radio broadcast. Lastly, if you do not have any information concernig the trial for us, you can always keep quiet. A word is enough for the wise. Cheers.

      1. 2-3-2011

        Alpha’s professionalism and ability to internalize constructive criticism was conceded a long time ago.

  29. King Gray

    I am very sorry King Gray the wise Bassa Chief, like I asked where did you gather the facts that Taylor is still popular.

    If you think Liberians love the culture of impunity with no regards to the rule of law, looting, corruption, the lack of merit system and other ills of society than you are living in a fantasy world.

    Liberians now are focusing on repairing the damage that your tyrant Charles Taylor left. Roads and other institutions are now being built and the reputation of the country is gradually being restored.

    You are quite right when you mention warlords like Prince Johnson, Dimintee Conneh can live in Liberia so should Taylor. The point that Liberians don’t have the guts to prosecute these criminals doesn’t mean they are not criminals; these individuals should face trial under Liberian Law for crimes against humanity and prosecuted.

    They were the same architect that went to the Accra Peace Talks and cunningly crafted a document exempting themselves from prosecution, and Liberians foolishly accepted this peace accord simply because they were war weary.

    Now just look the madness had started, murdered and warlord Prince Johnson who in the presence of international and local journalists brutally order the cutting off the ears on live TV of the late dictator Samuel Doe who is Senator for Nimba is now contesting the presidency. What a shame for Liberia.

    Look Chief Gray, people only voted for Taylor because of fear of retribution.

    Kindly considered your own opinion as your own and not others, moreover you are entitled to your views but does it reflect reality?

    1. Lib Justice,

      I will use Lib Justice against Lib Justice to decimate your false and hateful argument. Where in recent memory, Liberians have been prosecuted for the war wage on the country? No record by this regime. No such thing carryout by Ellen and her corrupt regime. To me, they love the culture of impunity, especially with them being implicated in the destruction of our coutry . If it is not true, than let them implement the TRC Report. By the way, I did call Ellen name as one of those troublemakers that is currently living in LIberia, why did you intentionally omit her name when you were calling the names of troublemakers that I have called that are living in Liberia? I know. Because you don’t want the spotlight to be on her. Lib Justice, Liberians are now focusing on regime change in Liberia. This fail and enigmatic regime of Ellen has continue to deny the people the opportunity to reconcile the country. Instead, she is telling the people of some selective implimentation of the TRC. If you will claim that President Taylor damge the country, than I will say, he was only following orders from Ellen who instructed him to level Liberia and the Mansion and she will rebuild it. By the way, the Mansion got burnt right in her presence and she can’t even renovate the Fourth Floor, least to mention the country. I guess her foreign partners of exploitation has not yet consider renovating the Mansion. So as the result, she is still occupying the Taylor renovated Foreign Ministry as the seat of government. Speaking about the Accra Peace Accord, Ellen was also part of the agreement. She was there. She participated. In fact, she wanted to have headed the Interim Government. This was confirmed by one of her prot’ege’, who also lobbied for her and is now her appointed Election Commision in Liberia, Mr. James Fromoyan.
      Concerning Prince Johnson, I 100% support his desire to run. This is a slap in the face of Ellen and her international partners who are hell bent on promoting this immaculate Ellen and condemning others who also participated in the war. This is a reminiscent of what happened during the 1997 election that usher in Liberia beloved President, President Taylor. Lib Justice, the double standard is clear. Just imagine if Ellen name was not on the TRC Report. All those that are mentioned would have been locked up today. Let me ask you. Why are you mad about Prince Johnson running to become president? If the trigger happy war monger and rebel grandma Ellen can run, why can’t Prince Johnson run? In closing, if Taylor comes to Liberia today, there will be a spontaneous combustion of a National Holiday for probably days or so.

      Lib Justice, were you in Liberia during the 1997 president election? Did you vote? Did you vote for or against Taylor?

    2. Yes, Mr. Taylor remains the most popular politician in Liberia. This is why Ellen and her American friends want to keep him away from Liberia. If Mr. Taylor returns today, he will defeat Ellen head down come October 2011.

  30. JusticeLIB,
    Sorry, but your statement that, people voted for Taylor because of fear of retributribution is just quite regretable and frustrating. Did you witness the million man march? Were people forced out of their homes or houses to get in the streets for it? Those who voted Taylor, did so because of the love they got for him. 85% and more of Liberians love Taylor and will do so forever..keep dreaming.

  31. Fallah Menjor,
    Your comment about me not being academic with the lies Alpha Sasey posted is very naieve and irrational. I am not one of those persons that will polish or make political statements about issues that have to be directly delt with as is. Fallah, I will squarely tell you not to even try bringing that old school education argument around here anymore. It is obsolete and completely outdated. I really don’t care about somebodys’ educational standards on this site and not worried, or will not be intimidated by that crap. I do not need any kind of academic standard to know that a lie or the truth has been told, if I have to, especially when the lie was so so cheap as was written. I will say it in plain and simple english.

    1. I am not going to question the judgment of the court, but in my opinion both the wikileaks and New democrat motions should have been granted. Perhaps, this would have gavin Griffith the privileges of grilling Tom Kamara the so-called editor in chief for always publishing disinformation about the trial.

  32. Fallah,
    Just before I close for the day, I am puting up an open intellectual challenge to you. If you think I was not proffessional in the presentation of my opinion to Alpha, and because of that you would like to represent, feel free and bring it on. NOKO5 NEVER RETREATS…..We will clash headon..

    1. 2-3-2011
      You are not being fair to Fallah. Your challenge to him must be in line with his ability to complete.

  33. King Gray:

    The fact that Taylor introduced the culture of impunity, looting and mayhem and provided adventure for our youths and children as small as six to parade with arms steal and kill innocent civilians. Most of our youths are venerable, no jobs, the lack of skills and illiterate and this created a breeding ground for the Taylorist.

    The phase you KILL MY MA and YOU KILL MY PA I will vote for you is clearly an indication of the lever of illiteracy and ignorance that we speak about. Why will I reward a man that slaughter my relatives with power? This is not because of love but because of retribution, fear from he and his soilders . Taylor made lots of treats to the than Elections Commission at the time. ” Even the Angels from Heaven will not save you.” you remeber this quote from Taylor?

    My question is if your Taylor was such a great state man and a great leader why you go through lots of pain and agony to convince people about his deeds and legendary.

    I don’t think South Africans will go through such pains to convince me about Nelson Mandela.

    Sometimes your diction is so harsh.

    I am very sorry I don’t mean to cause any offense to you.

  34. Yes, you are right. This is while Ellen is always in the United States appealing that Taylor remain in jail or transfer in the United States to be trial according to wikileak. Please brothers and sisters we are forgetting about one liberian politician who throws rock and hide him self in the closet, Tom Woewiyu.

  35. Alpha is probably not even a sierra leonean, perhaps a pseudo name used by the CIA aiming to manipulate the views of the contributors in this site…


      1. Alpha’s bio reads that he has worked in DEFENCE OFFICE OF THE SPECIAL COURT….Alpha could you please tell us which one of the cases you worked on??

      2. 2-3-2011
        Big B
        Alpha could be from anywhere. l have to see his dna profile before I cosigned to his lineage. Oh, I would also have to review and accept the chain of custody for the dna results. lol
        peace and blessings

      3. Oh yes Big B,

        thanks!! just want to pull a prank…he looks like an individual that will thrive to appease the views of westerners regardless” …selflessly pusuing the views of the paymaster.But their are lots of sophisticated young africans these days to counter people like Alpha…as i said before,the future ideological battles in africa will be between the people that want to submit africa as a western protectorate against the people working for africa self determination,progress and dignity,notwithstanding international standard of decencies and integrity.

  36. Hey guys
    as this is my first time posting a comment on this site, I just want all of you to know one thing. God is above all and HE(GOD) will have the final say in this trial. I really believe that the western nations should leave our continent and allow us to solve our own problems. This fake attitude of showing us Africans that you care about us is just total nonsense. Now you want justice for Sierra Leoneans? Why can’t you use the money to give support to those affected during the war. WHY YOU WESTERNERS ALWAYS WANT TO JUST STRANGULATE OUR CONTINENT? WHY??? WHY GEORGE BUSH CANNOT BE TRIED FOR ORDERING THE DEATH OF INNOCENT IN IRAQ AS AN AMERICAN AND YOU HAVE CHARGED CHARLES TAYLOR JR. FOR CRIMES COMMITTED IN A FOREIGN NATION AS AN AMERICAN CITIZEN. WHAT MAKES HIM A DIFFERENT AMERICAN FROM GEORGE BUSH? OH OKAY HE IS A FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE USA. BUT THEN YOU CAN COMPEL A SITTING PRESIDENT TO STEP DOWN AND THEN INDICT HIM FOR WAR CRIMES.





    1. Sir,

      When one uses the name of the Almighty in an introductory statement I believe they should manifest such a belief in their comments. Love your neighbour, criminal trails are a form of Democracy and I dont know if you understand the impact of the Special Court in Sierra Leone. It was the first International Court to deliver a conviction around the issue of child soldiers. It therefore has created an International Precedent and this has lead to the International Criminal Court taking cases of similar magnitude. The essential nature of trails such as highlighted above is paramount for the success of International Law and the prevention it will create with regards to possible future atrocities.

      Please calm down and before passing judgement on Iraq (which used in your argument confused me) read on the issue and you will realise the United Kingdom is currently undergoing a tribunal to ascertain the actions in Iraq where justified.

      I wish you well.

  37. To my friend Noko4 – you say the following “I am wondering…..did the prosecutors factored in the MANDATE of this court….from what I am reading, MOST of brief are PRE Nov. ’96. Again, I don’t see the CRIMES back with FACTUAL FACTS….” I am just curious when you mistate things like this….do you think people just won’t click on the link to the brief? I went into it and it is really really impressive for an “introduction.” It is almost all 1998 and 1999 and has much corrobroation. Look at the footnotes. I dont even know what the heck are “factual facts”…what find of expression is that? Anyway, just because you say something and get the NPFL peanut gallary to back you up on this board….cant we at least agree that you shouldnt just make things up? (You and some of the NPFL peanut gallary remind me of this guy in the US on Fox News called Glenn Beck – conspiratorial and making up things to fit the conspiracy)

  38. 2-3-2011
    I am shocked that anyone can form an opinion as to guilt without access to the secret aka “closed testimony, evidence” etc.. I am more shocked that the use of secret witness’ has not generated any real debate on this blog. Also, although motive is not necessary for a conviction, I find motive to destabilize the region lacking.

    On a different note, any opinions on the disparity in news coverage and western reponse to Egypt versus Ivory Coast?

    1. Cen,

      The people inthe middle east(The youths of Arabia) have grown to be very sophisticated,minus the religious fundamentalist.

      Cen,Africa and the Middle east possesses the worlds most precious mineral resources!! to date benefitiing the West more than the people of africa and trhe middle east…..Leaders that are ignorant of the value of these resources and the actual and genuine benefit it could bring to its people are empowered by the west…in the case of egypt,eventhough they have very little or no mineral resources the country is strategically located for western military to protect what they will like to call their interest in the middle east and africa.Mubarak oblidge over these years to assist in this enstranglement of africa and the middle east,either intentionally or inadvatently…I believe inadvatently ,as so many of africa and middle eastern leaders do not semm to be intereted in reseach and development or the value of their resources.

      The deal so far is that a sum is paid to these leaders for the permission to explore and extract from their respective countries……its a case of give me £2 a yesr to dig in my back garden what ever you find it yours,even if you are becoming stinkingly rich by dealing on the product you find in my back garden.After the second world war and even before,when the west practically owned the mineral resources in africa and the middle east through colonialisation.After the second world war Germany,Japan,South Korea and taiwan where the sweat shop those days….bought their african natural resources from western companies.

  39. Big B,
    Please unvale the devil lets give it a “pap behind the Kehteh”.. and tell it to shut up, because older and experience people are talking…

    1. According to the scripture God give man threescore years and ten to live. If you are fortunate to live 85% of those years it’s time to find solace and atonement with your creator. It’s time to put an end to hate and enjoy the few years left on this earth. “When I was a child I spoke like a child.”

      Unfortunately, many people just don’t get it, but who am I to judge. “He who has not sin let him cast the first stone.”

      Undoubtedly, sometimes “fighting fire with fire” and an “eye for an eye” is the only thing necessary for change. I will not pick a fight not because I am feeble, it’s because I am not a barbarian. To the contrary, I will not back down from a fight either. I am willing and able to take on my opponent head on.

      1. Barbaric thoughts, Big B, it seems! Why are you always bent on fight, fight, and head on…bra bra..? You are not tired fighting after 14 years of rebellion? Well go to the newest fighting grounds, Egypt!

  40. 2-7-11
    @ Taigen or to whom ever is moderating

    Why have my posts in response to your dear Fallah not been posted?

    1. Dear cen,

      Your posts have not been approved because the language in the third and last sentences in the first paragraph does not comply with our webiste policy. If you can rephrase and respond to the substance of others’ comments we will gladly publish.

      Thank you.

  41. Jose,
    Brother, you know both of us are good followers of the lord, and because of that he listens. HE WILL DEFINATELY be freed

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