Charles Taylor And His Defense Team Not in Court For Closing Argument

For a second day, Charles Taylor’s defense team refused to appear in court to take part in the closing arguments of the former Liberian president’s trial in The Hague.

The Court was scheduled to hear closing arguments from both prosecution and defense lawyers this week. When proceedings commenced yesterday to hear the closing arguments from the prosecution, defense lawyers refused to take part in the process because the judges had refused to accept the defense final closing brief. The judges had originally ordered that all closing briefs be filed by the parties on January 14 , 2011. While prosecutors filed their brief by the necessary date, defense lawyers refused to file because they wanted outstanding motions to be dealt with first before they could finalize their final brief. When all outstanding motions were dealt with and defense lawyers finally filed their final brief, the judges rejected it on the ground that it had been filed out of time.

Defense lawyers have therefore taken a position that until their final brief is accepted, they would not take part in the proceedings.

When court resumed this morning, a date that had been scheduled for the defense closing argument, Mr. Taylor and his entire defense team were absent.

The Principal Defender of the Special Court for Sierra Leone, Claire Carlton-Hancilles, who had been ordered by the judges to serve as duty counsel and represent the interest of the accused, was the only one present in the defense section of the court.

When asked this morning to explain why Mr. Taylor was absent in court, the Principal Defender said, “I have no information on why the accused is not in court this morning.”

The Presiding Judge of the Chamber, Justice Teresa Doherty, informed the parties that “Mr. Taylor has opted not to come to court and pursuant to Rule 60 [of the Rules of Procedure and Evidence of the court]. I will rule that the matter will proceed.”

Before the court adjourned for the day, a note was handed over to the judges that read: “Mr. Taylor has waived his right to be present for the closing hearings.” No indication was given as to where the note came from.

One of the judges of the Chamber, Justice Julia Sebutinde, had two questions for the prosecution based on the content of their final brief submitted yesterday. Chief Prosecutor Brenda Hollis provided answers to the questions.

The judges decided to adjourn the proceedings until Friday, February 11. Both prosecution and defense teams were scheduled to present rebuttal arguments to each other’s closing arguments on Friday. The prosecution is scheduled to present their rebuttal at 9:00a.m., while the defense is scheduled to present at 11:30a.m. on Friday. However, because there are no closing arguments for prosecutors to make rebuttals to, as a matter of procedure, the court will resume at 11:30a.m. on Friday to give defense lawyers an opportunity to make any rebuttal arguments they might have.

Outside the courtroom, Mr. Taylor’s lead defense counsel Courtenay Griffiths addressed the press, during which he said that his team will not be in court on Friday. He made clear that the defense team had not withdrawn from the case entirely, but rather they were just withdrawing from this stage of the proceedings until the defense final trial brief is accepted.

By close of business Tuesday, defense lawyers filed a motion for leave to appeal the decision of the Trial Chamber to reject their final trial brief. If they are granted leave by the Trial Chamber, the defense will file an appeal to the Appeals Chamber of the court, which has the authority to review the decision of the Trial Chamber. If the defense team is not granted leave to file an appeal, Mr. Griffiths says the defense will continue to stay away from the proceedings, in which case, all parties will wait for the final judgment of the Trial Chamber. The final judgment will determine whether Mr. Taylor is guilty or not of the charges against him.

The trial resumes on Friday.


  1. The first motion the court granted the prosecution about their final briefs was for typographical errors only. Now according to Mr. Griffiths and its seem to be true the court has granted the prosecution two more chances to get their final briefs together and at the same time refusing to accept the defense final briefs. I Agree with Mr. Griffiths that the two judges Lussick and Doherty have personalize this case as Taylor/Griffiths vs. Lussick/Doherty. Judge Lussick and Doherty have become confused about justice, fair trial and right of the accused, it more of you do what I order you to do. It is sad that the Trial Chamber is having this kind of confusing when it is time for them to start looking at the evidences in the case. Mr. Taylor will be not guilty on all accounts for lack of evidence to support the charges with or without the defense final trial briefs. The Judges must make their judgment of guilty or innocent base on the evidence put before them. From beginning to the end of this trial and the prosecution final briefs, their evidences is from witnesses who will be ruled unbelievable, tales of what a dead person may have said and testimony from their witnesses who they denied was there witnesses. Any conviction will be toss out.

    1. Well said Mr Ken . The face(s) behind the mask have been revealed. Mind you, I do not exclude this site from those not neutral with regards to the level playing field required for this court. They (masqurades) should be thankful Mr Taylor even accorded them the cloak of legitimacy for 3 odd years. This is what civillized persons call a CHARADE .

      1. Rgk007,

        I personally will not question the legitimacy of the court, as person who does not support Taylor or his management of Liberia, I try to see things from both sides. The charges against Taylor may have some merits, but the execution by the prosecution was greatly flawed. I am convinced that the evidence and testimonies presented by the prosecution and their witness DOES NOT warrant a guilty verdict. From the offset of these proceedings, I said that the trial was politically motivated. Some see Taylor as a regional threat (I do also), but I don’t support “injustice”(that’s why I am against his management of Liberia–he was a tyrant). Since we are on unfairness, I see more and more of a guilty verdict—reason, Taylor has hurt lots of businesses and nations, it’s their payback time! Sorry if I sound so blunt….but unfortunately, I may be right!

        You know what is said about Karma—it comes back to you

        1. So Bnker,

          It is no more about Sierra Leone? It is payback time because according to you, Taylor hurt lots of businesses and nation. UNBELIEVABLE. Bnker, your whole statement has been immensely naive and is being dissolved into a steamy anarchy by law.

          Folks, President Taylor has won the entire world including the puppet regime in Liberia. No case against this innocent man on Sierra Leone. As I suggested 2 years ago, you guys just go ahead and “KILL” him, because he will not submit to this fake case.

    2. Come Friday no call, no show, no rebuttal arguments from defense until FINAL BRIEF is granted. “The pen is more powerful than the sword.” The judges should be the ones with the pen. Instead, Justice Lussick and Doherty have decided to do away with the pen for the sword.

  2. i figure it will come to this. there is no way in any court of law that the judges can decided a case without a closinbg argument from both side. this is just getting more and more complex as the days goes by. i look forward to friday, in which there will be nothing for the prosecutors to rebuttal. every eye wat hing this trial know within their heart that this is not the right way or best way to deal with this case. the court will look stupid in the end when they have to take back their decision and grant the defense it’s closing argument. Mr. Griffiths will look like the smartest person in this case. becasue the rest are acting like fools and being pull in my their noise. am sure they all know the right thing, but the US influence is making them look like fools. lest wait for friday, it should be another day of fun.

  3. Bravo Mr. Taylor and defence team….Every man on earth got one death and thats it…Never give in until the fullness of your rights observed…

    1. Boy oh Boy; I am enjoying every bit of the proceedings as justice takes shape, and regardless of the baseless cries of foul by support group! you see, lies never win. All these cries of foul about this “innocent man” and all that garbage about the Court being based upon race, is the biggest BS I have listened to since this trial began! You taylor support had nothing to hang on but to cry ‘injustice’ for a character that has no concept of ‘justice! Go and hang yourselves if that will satisfy your anger against the Honourable Court of Sierra Leone! But to all peace loving Africans, our eyes are open, no more sleeping, struggle continues against all tyrants of Africa!

  4. And we are surprise?? HELL NO!!!!.

    Mr. Taylor until you are RESPECTED….stay away. The prosecutors filed and REVISED without any noise coming from those two WHITE JUDGES….Defense waited for OUTSTANDING matters to be resolved and afterward filed and those two WHITE JUDGES said NO WAY JOSE….TIME OUT!!!! Really, what are we to make of NONSENSE??

    Opps I forgot, we are seeking TRUE and FAIR JUSTICE…..

  5. Griffith, has made another uncalculated mistake! and this will come to hunt Charles Taylor! no court anywhere on earth will subdue to demands of involved parties, be it defense or prosecution. This man Charles Taylor and his high power lawers are no exceptions to this process. Enought have been laid out in the past few years during this trial, all of which leads to guilt. And QUILTY IT IS!

    1. Ziggy,
      If there is INJUSTICE done to your client, you will ride along right. Truly amazing to see some of us just don’t care of what is going on except HANG HIM.

  6. The presiding judge has issued a written order to Mr Griffiths to appear in court on friday. Something Mr Griffiths has said in a news conference that he will not do. The judges are just looking for trouble. they cannot continue to ridicule international justice by their beligerent stance and issuance of rivolous orders that do not benefit anyone.

      1. Alpha, et al,

        I am not a crybaby, as to why my comment was not published. It’s fine. Evenly so, I don’t need an explanation as to why my comment was not posted. The reason for not posting my comment maybe something that I wrote that doesn’t meet the site requirement. I have no qualms with that. However, I believe my Feb 10; 2:56 pm posting addressed to JusticLib was clean, not below the belt, but did not make the publication. On the other hand, on many occasions fallah had directly insulted me and others on this site without punitive. This has to STOP. After all, what is good for the Jews is also good for the Gentiles.

        1. Dear Big B,

          Your comment does fit within our guidelines and has now been approved. We apologize for any confusion.

        2. 2-10-11
          @ Big B
          There seems to be an extra layer of protection for Fallah. He has been allowed to insult and levy accusations of crimes against others with no curbing by the moderators.

          In fact, for days my post about fallahs unchecked behavior was ignored. After many attempts to post, Taegin finally responded asking me to redact. However, my post was no where to be found for redaction.
          What was the confusion Taegin for the delayed post by Big B and where is it posted?

  7. Taylor and his defense team should in no way be allowed to dictate the proceedings of the court. If they choose to walk out so be it. He is the accused and solely at the disadvantage. Let see how this game goes.

    No matter how you delay the game the ref will still blow the final whistle.

    1. JusticeLIB,

      I somewhat agree that no party should be allowed to dictate to this or any court. The rules are made for a purpose; they must be adhered to also.

      Good point!

      1. JusticLIB or whoever,

        Don’t take my word for it; ask any competent lawyer, as the matter of fact as counselor Gould if defense position is out of wreck. You don’t have a micro iota of court proceedings to make any infinite statement about the disposition of the defense. Technically, the defense should be at an advantage not disadvantage. The benefit of a doubt goes to the defense

      2. Bnker,

        What rule are you talking about? Shouldn’t the rule be applicable to all: most especially, if there is a rationale ahead of the trial with respect to the presumption of innocence? Didn’t this incompetent prosecution ordered this same court to have its case reopened because of what they described as “fresh evidence” (Naomi Campbell, and Bank Statement)? Wouldn’t you consider that to be a dictation to the court, according to your own understanding? Didn’t this same old prosecution take back their final brief and had it revised and resubmitted it at another time and not the required January 14, 2011 deadline? More importantly, isn’t it written in the rule and procedure of the court that a final brief can still be filed 5 days “BEFORE” the commencement of the closing argument? UNBELIEVABLE. Bnker, the defense has fresh evidence such as the wikileak and the American Ambassador to LIberia statement on this fake case. Let the same standard of measurement be applicable to all and not to some.

        1. Mr. Griffiths told Judge Lussick “to bear in mind Rule 86, “A party shall file a final trial brief with the Trial Chamber not later than five days prior to the day set for the presentation of that”-

          Judge Lussick answer, “Look, that’s the rule. You know we made an order, Mr. Griffiths, to file by 14 January. Don’t tell me this you think Rule 86 supersedes our order. It doesn’t.”

          That answer by Judge Lussick is total nonsense. Rule 86 of the SLSC do supersedes that order. Those rules and procedures of the SLSC are just like a constitution of a country it is the supreme law or rule. I really cannot see the Appeal Chamber denying the defense motion.

        2. And I say again…no one should dictate the direction of the trial. I however don’t subscribe to injustice. In one of my post, I referred to Jallah’s writings, where he made it clear that the each party has up to 6 days before the oral presentation of their final arguments…..

          Let me look at things from your perspective, so we will agree that Taylor is not being treated fairly, right? So why do you think he is being treated unjustly?

          Jose, you are funny bro, you think Karma has geographic restrictions? Man, you need to be a comedian. When I suggest that Taylor was a tyrant and murdered people, then your best come back is your irrelevent questions whether the trial is about Liberia? If Karma was restricted to as you want it, geography, then Chuckie and George Boley would be walking the streets….TAYLOR WAS A TYRANT, he was responsible for the death of thousands and therefore…guess what, Karma is real!

          Now, if because I disagree with your philosphy that Taylor is a murder (referring to Liberia) then, I am “unbelieveable”? Face it he is and you know it. I bet someone in your family was murdered by Taylor’s men…Or I got it, you subscribe to the song, “you kill my ma, you kill my pa, still I will vote for you”! Now I understand. I am sure we will not agree that Taylor is a murder.

          However, we can agree that the trial is political…at least so I think. So when I say, he upset businesses and nations and now they are after him, I stick to that. If this is not the case, why is he on trial though the dots don’t connect?

      3. 2-10-2011
        @ Jus lib and bnker

        The court’s sole function is to ensure a fair trial for the accused and deliver impartial decisions during that course. Once the court(judge(s)) become ego involved then their ability to be fair and objective has been compromised.

        1. 2-10-2011

          @ Jus lib and bnker
          But for the grace of GOD, there go I or you. We have to seperate feelings about guilt versus innocence and focus on how this court discharges their duty to ensure a fair trial and impartial decision. The whole institution of International Justice is at stake.

        2. Cen,
          Thanks for you comment! I agree that justice needs to be serve. You are correct the credibility of international judiciary is under the microscope…..Cen, this trial is political motivated. I am not a fan of Taylor as you have probably already seen, but he deserve justice even though he has never given that to anyone!

        3. Bnker,

          seriously, you are clueless. just when I think this thing can no longer get any more much dumber than what it is already, is when you prove me wrong. Surely, it can get dumber. However, I asked you couple of brilliant questions above of which, you intentionally refused and evaded in answering. That’s fine. For me, I will address the issue that you have raised concerning this trial is not being about Liberia. I will begin by saying, I am only regurgitating what this fake case and the puppet regime in Liberia said to the entire world that this case is not about Liberia. I was not the first to say it. It was the white colonial masters and their western puppet regime in Liberia that said it first. So buddy, if I said talking about what President Taylor allegedly did in Liberia is irrevelant, I am only repeating what I thought I must have heard. Am I wrong for saying the same thing that the descendant of Germany’s Hitler, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and her slave masters said first? UNBELIEVABLE!!! Bnker, if you think this innocent man allegedly committed those heinous crimes that you have mentioned, than petition and join us in requsting this trigger happy warmonger and rebel grandmom, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who is currently sitting on the 5th Flood in the Taylor renovated Foreign Ministry to implement the TRC Report, or ask for the establishment of a war crmes court in Liberia. Your backdoor and tie dye way of getting at this innocent man in the name of Sierra Leone is not working. Try again. Speaking about geographic location, what is preventing these “Big Countries” from supporting war crimes court in Liberia? Whats about George the Jungle Bush and “THORNY BLAIRE? Lastly, did I say you were unbelievable?

    2. Justice Lib or Lib Justice,

      Who told you that being an accused, you are at the disadvantage point? So if I accuse you now, does it mean that you are a disadvantage? It is because of mindset like you, that it is written, that the accused fair trial rightS must be respected and guaranteed. JE-SUS SAVE OUR SOUL.

    3. Yes they can blow the whistle all they want….atleast, we are seeing what had happened to previous accuse when the world was NOT watching. Now we see why we hear NO ONE escapes a GUILTY verdict.

      Those WHITE judges had their mind made from the get go and regardless from this point on, nothing has changed or will change it.

  8. It is said that “foolishness is bound in the heart of a child”, according to the good old book. but in this show of power by the west against a powerless african, foolishness is bound in the hearts of stooges in the forms of Richard Lussick and Teresa Doherty – their aim being to satisfy their masters in London/ Brussels and Washington only to reward with financial benefits and/ or fat jobs.
    You will also note that those stooges are doing all this because they and the prosecution know that they have no case against Mr. Charles Ghankay Taylor. All we are seeing here is a repeat of the Iraq scenario you know that you never find WMD and still use that as an excuse to go to war on because you think you deserve access to Iraqi oil, which is the 4th best oil in the world; and this is nothing but a mockery of justice.
    Remember this one thing however, that the west does not like smart leaders such Mr. Taylor becuase they (such leaders) will not allow the west to take away their resouces for little or nothing. Taylor is on record for saying that the Firestone lease agreement of thousands of acres of land for a rubber plantation on which people are treated as mere slaves (where all the resources within the range of that land is for Firestone Plantation Company) with the Liberian government back in 1926 is a 99-nonsense because the lease was previously for 99 years, 99 months, 99 weeks, days, 99 hours, 99 minutes and 99 seconds. This is just one of many reasons why the west will never the likes of Ghankay to hold the presidency in any African country.

    1. Winslow,

      Ridiculous, Taylor is no better than those companies like Firestone. He exploited the Liberian people the same way. He sold all the resources (timber, rubber, iron ore, etc) that were in the ports of Buchana, Greenville and Harper and pocketed the funds. He and Benoni Urey used the maritime payments as their personal account while he was president. Don’t bring this exploitation argument on this site again. Taylor is even worse than Firestone, because they(Firestone) were strangers and had no relative connection except business, but for Taylor to do that to his own people is as heinous and thievery as they come.

      1. Nosirrah,
        Mr. Taylor said he spent the money to fight the war brought on by ULIMO/LURD/MODEL. Liberian had to finance themselves in the war against ULIMO/LURD/MODEL. ULIMO/LURD/MODEL hold operation was finance by wealth foreign countries from beginning to end.

        1. Ken,
          The Liberian people did not mandate Taylor to use their resources through their legislature to fund any war and the time i was referring to was pre- ULIMO, LURD and MODEL. I was citing 1990, 1991 and some parts of 1992. During this time all the Liberian wanted was peace and it was the sentiment of majority of Liberians. It was TAYLOR’S WAR/S.

        2. Nosirrah,
          During 1990, 1991 and some parts of 1992 the war between at least 21 rebel groups was in full effect. At that time all the rebel groups was using the resources in Liberia to fund their own group. During that time also the government plus legislature had complete collapse. Liberian wanted peace and it was the sentiment of majority that the NPFL and their leader Mr. Taylor lead the country.

  9. Linda Greenfield, US Ambassador to Liberia, “The best we can do for Liberia is to put Taylor away for a long time” (wikileaks). This case suppose to be about Sierra Leone and not Liberia Greenfield.


    Most progressive African and decent people in the world believe in the rule of law,with no tolerant for impunity wherever it may happen in the world.

    The Special Court for Sierra Leone(SCSL) works well within it context.Most of the AFRC/RUF members who bares the greatest responsibility for the crimes commited in sierra leone during almost a decade of civil war had been captured tried at the SCSL and successfully convicted and sentenced for many years,the others had deservedly died.It is at this stage the rationale for the need of The Special Court for Sierra Leone ended in my view.

    As the evidence in this case is showing Mr Taylor do not bare the greatest responsibility for the civil war in Sierra Leone,the people that bares the the greatest responsibility are either dead or are in prison…..I can understanding why western countries think it is possible for a national of a country to overthrow his leader unbehalf of a leader from another nation as they are the masters of such manipulation..Its a unique request usually made by a western country to a person from the so called third world countries to perform.I am finding it very hard to believe that the leaders of the AFRC/RUF where committing all the crimes they commited against their own people on behalf of Mr Taylor.The fact is the AFRC/RUF where conducting a very violent revolution against an ineffective government in their country which failed and Mr Taylor was almost successfully conducting a violent revolution is his own country……Whats the agenda here?are the west trying to imaging that Liberia and Sierra Leone where going to merged if both revolution where successful or are they trying to say that Mr Taylor’s Liberia would have been the masters of the Sierra Leonean,pillageing and looting their mineral resources for his own benefit…I suppose anyone that messes with the natural resources in Africa without the west’s permission or involvement are the enemies or going to be the enemies,even if you are an African and the leader of that country.I imagine some right wing capitalist in the USA and Britain will love to charge the Leaders of China,if they could,as they have grown in the believe that they have monopoly right over africa’s natural resources due to our forebears inactions and lack of interest.China have been purchasing raw material from africa from the african and not through the british and american extraction companies that owned mines in africa.

    This case is a test case for the governance of Africa by western powers based on a so call rule of law.Everything had been planned except for Mr Griffiths….The judges,with regard to the one african judge its a majority rule,whether she verdict guilty or not guilty it does’nt matter.The western politician,prosecutors and journalist had work tirelessly in iniquity to achieve their vanity as Neo-Colonialism is under threat..The African and the world became a passive absorbers of the propaganda…Mr Taylors first defence team was even hand picked by them….but Mr Taylor (The rebel) !!!!!! opted to choose his own defence and there enter Mr Courtney Griffiths the tormentor of iniquitors!!

  11. I’ve seen Richard Lussick’s bullying previously in this trial and Teresa Doherty is a ditherer. Judge Sebutinde has a real grasp of the proceedings – a pity her term as President is over.

  12. Pro Taylor Folks,

    There is no injustice here. The white judges have caught up with Griffitt and Taylor’s tricks as well as Judge Sebutunde. Griffitt and Sebutunde are stalling for more pay and secondly, the defense team is aware of the difficulty in funding this trial and the longer the defense stalls, the more likely this trial won’t have an end and the prosecution will be force to release Taylor because of his fundamental human rights that forbids anyone to be held indefinately without trial or inconclusion of a trial.

    Filing all these motions are deliberate delay tactics by the defense to in effect make the court run out of money. Who is paying for Taylor’s defense? Spare me all this nonsense, FOXY DEFENSE TEAM AND SUPPORTERS.

    1. Nosirrah,
      I do not believe the SLSC is going to run out of money. However if they do that would teach them not to start something that they cannot finish.

      1. Ken,
        I am sorry. This court is on a budget as is every sensible business or organization and until Taylor can finance his own defense, the proceeding must conclude within the court’s budget and timeframe. The court cannot continue to allow cunning motions on the part of the defense as a delay ploy.

        1. Nosirrah,
          The SCSL just got millions from the U.K. to contiune the court until Mr. Taylor trial has come to a complete end.

        2. 2-12-2011
          @ Nos and Ken

          Money is not the issue at hand. The cost of running this court is a drop in the bucket, no make that a drop in the ocean, for the donor countries. The verdict and the timing of that verdict is at play here.

    2. Nosirrah,

      Speaking of these two white judges who are hell bent on convicting President Taylor at all costs, were just waiting to be offended by this innocent man and his defense team. And they were thinking that the ferrocious urgency of now has come. Therefore, they will not accept his final brief. Look at how cheap the white male judge responded to Mr. Griffiths concerning the rule of this inherently flawed court that was written by them. He said, he knows that rule allows the final brief to be submitted “5 days” before the commencement of the closing argument, but his order is his order. Mr. white male judge, you know the rules. But decided to intentionally violate your own rules that you yourself created in your own image. Besides, your order contravenes what your rules allow in this fake case. I tell you what. Go back and change your rule that will fit the profile of your unlawful order that no rational person will obey. You understand?

      1. Jose Rodriguez,
        My heart goes out to poor, innocent Charles Taylor!!! I wonder how well has he slept the last few nights? It must be a horrible experience to sit in that cell helplessly while powerful white Judges force orders down his throat. This sounds like something Taylor is familiar with–preying on poor, innocent people.

        By the way, what is all this fuss about final brief? If the prosecution has not presented any evidence of guilt as you have been claiming all along, then, Taylor has nothing to worry about.

        Remember, this is a criminal trial; the defense doesn’t have to do anything in a criminal trial. They didn’t have to present a case or call a single witnesses if they didn’t want to. The trial will continue with or without Taylor’s final brief. The burden of proof is on the prosecution–they MUST present a final brief or the case is dismissed.

        This is not about the Judges; its all about Taylor an his usual drama.

        1. Aaron Garyu,

          Now we know the real torturer in this court according to you. By the way, who told you that the defense has nothing to do in a criminal court? Are you understanding yourself Garyu? What do you think? Do you think we are bunch of zombies? Do you think planet earth is a zombie land? Talking about defense has nothing to do in a criminal trial. I tell you what. You be the defense in a criminal trial and say you have nothing to do other than to eat and sleep. The authority will lock you up easy. “Genius.” UNBELIEVABLE.

      2. Jose Rodriguez,

        I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings by writing something sarcastic about your beloved president. I apologize that you could not understand my post. I would advise you to re-read the post and you might find that the part about the Judges was pure and simple sarcasm.

        Additionally, I will rephrase my referrence to criminal trials to help you out.
        NO DEFENDANT IS REQUIRED TO PROVE HIS INNOCENCE IN A CRIMINAL TRIAL; THE PROSECUTION MUST PROVE HIS GUILT. Therefore, if a defendant believes that he is innocent, and he also believes that the prosecution has not presented any evidence as to his guilt, HE DOESN’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        We agree on one thing; the defendant in this case must do a whole lot to counter all the evidence against him, and try to plug the holes in his own testimony if at all he wants to be freed. By the way, if he is freed, it wouldn’t be because he is INNOCENT ; it would be because they found him NOT GUILTY.

        Now! If you can’t grasp this; UNBELIEVABLE would be an understatment.

        1. 2-14-2011

          I wasn’t going to repond to your prior posts because I got the sarcasm. Yet it seems that you really are misinformed. The defense must and really should put on a defense particulary in a case of this magnitude.
          Keeping it simple:
          I could swear out an affidavit that you punched me in the face and you would be arrested. At trial, I would get on the stand and repeat my story. Wait for it………….. your conviction is certain if you sat back and did not put on a defense. Believe that!
          Just curious, your personal feelings aside about CT, do you believe the SCSL is acting in a fair and impartial manner? How do you think the SCSL convictions will impact any future civil conflict in that region? How does a conviction of CT benefit SL? What of the other neighboring countries that lent a hand in fueling the civil war in Liberia? Were the civil wars in that region instigated and/or exploited by outsiders? Please feel free to answer all or none of the questions.

        2. Aaron Garyu Tarr,

          What have you written that requires some extra tutoring or re-reading? To me, nothing. I read and understood what you wrote. However, you were very acrimonious and contemptuous to this innocent man who is being wrongfully accused and maltreated for things he did not do. Your defense for his torture by the “white judges” rimming down the throat of injustice on President Taylor, while at the same time, regurgitating with nauseating disgust with their veins popping on their necks like an elastic rubber band, is being justified by saying in your own words, “this sounds like something Taylor is familiar with–preying on poor, innocent people.” You however, did not stop there. You continue by saying ” this is a criminal trial; the defense doesn’t have to do anything in a criminal trial.” After your false arguments were massively annihilated by Jose Rodriguez, you are telling the world that you were being sarcastic, your post should be re-read. In fact, after you were squeezed, you decided to rephrase what you wrote. By the way, you need to go and re-read what you have previously written. Boy, this website is not joke. When you are coming, come strong, especially dealing with Jose Rodriguez.

    3. Nosirrah,

      Did the white countries that are sponsoring this fake case ever told you they are running out of money? Have any of these big white countries ever complained to you or this inherently flawed about money? UNBELIEVABLE. Watch and see. President Taylor will never compromise to uphold what is right. He will stand in defense of the truth and equal protection under the law. You know him.

  13. It’s not strange that the pro-Taylors are again blaming the judge’s decision on western conspiracy and personal hate of Taylor. This has been and will always be their ground. Taylor,according to them, will never have a fair trial. To them i say Taylor will not serve the term that would certify the grief and horror he caused in Sierra Leone, but certainly , his term will serve as a deterrent for many and speak in a new tone to those does who think can treat the subregion in similar manner.
    Procrastination has always been a good tactics of the defense, whether reason been financial, justice , or intentional it is wise to note that an individual or group must not toil with the justice in an irresponsible way which i believe has been a habit of Mr. Griffith.

    1. Vem,

      Is the wikileak and the American ambassador to Liberia, Linda Thomas Greenfield’s statement about putting President Taylor away for a long time, because of lacking strong evidence in this fake case, also a western conspiracy? Boss, is the American “Plan B” of taking this innocent man to America on wire fraud transfer and child soldier to face trial, if he is acquitted by this inherently flawed court, also a western conspiracy? Gee, The moral defense and the honest seizure of conscience of this inherently flawed court has been exposed, and no way you can defend it.

  14. All,

    I concede that rules are meant to be followed and not circumvented. In this regard, it looks bad for the defense. However in a court of law, rules apply to all parties. So I still have to lay the lion’s share of the blame at the feet of the court because the rules seemingly contridict each other.

    On the one hand the judges ordered the final briefs turned in on jan 14 while on the other hand Rule 86 states that the final brief can be submitted at least 5 calendar days before oral arguments, feb 9. This is contridictory and ambiguous at best.

    Second, this issue would have been resloved had the Judges made it clear to the defense during the January Status conference whether they were going to accept or reject the late brief.

    Ultimately i think this has more to do with ego. Lussick vs. Taylor’s and Griffiths that is. I sincerely feel that Judge Lussick is trying to show that he has control in court and is not being dictated to by the defense, while the defense is trying to show that they will stand up for their rights no matter what. i think this is an overeaction by both parties.

    As a result both parties have backed themselves into a corner unfortunately. Griffiths wont all of sudden show up to court without the brief being accepted and Lussick and Doherty will not overturn their initial decision not to accept the brief.

    In the end there is a way both parties can save face. Griffiths should come to court and apologize to the judges if he offended them and the appeals chamber should over turn the trial chambers decision.

  15. Nosirrah:

    These Taylor fanatics, no matter how glaring the facts are they will still try to distort it. Whatever you do will certainly live after you.

    Monkey though he was a man until the hunter’s gun brought him down. I did not know Taylor knew about justice. How many of his victims were ever offered justice?

    Now he is facing justice he does not deserve.

    God will always be a good God and the devil will always be a bad devil.

    Now his fanatics are blaming the Westerners, but the same westerners that send you to slaughter us are the same westerners prosecuting you. According to Taylor he was aided by the CIA to escape.

    The game Taylor vs. Westerners ended in a draw. Taylor 1 , Westerners 1.

    Case closed

    1. JusticeLIB,
      Why concern yourself with the Taylor fanatics. I hope you did not lead yourself to believe that Mr. Taylor would not have any support/supporters in his time of troubles. JusticeLIB, think back, Mr. Taylor won the presidency with 75-80% of the votes over a large field of contender. Do you think all that support/supporter just disappeared because Mr. Taylor is on trial for something unlated to Liberian and Liberia.

      1. Ken,
        I don’t think JusticeLib ever said Taylor did not have support. He rightly said fanatics. Most of his supporters including some on this site, were nobody before Taylor made them somebody and they are now back to square one(nothing). Taylor’s supporters are fanatics; For them to ignore humanity and defend Taylor on legality despite the obvious is unfathomable.

        Taylor supporters should shut up and be glad that Taylor even has a case and is being tried considering he never gave anyone the opportunity to answer to charges. For you guys to complain on this site about minor procedures in this case is insincere and insane.

        1. Nosirrah,
          Why concern yourself with the Taylor fanatics, supporters or supporter fanatics on this site or any where on this earth?

  16. I so admire people calling an alledged war criminal a president. President of which planet? if you say mother earth, then which country? is it the Hague or liberia or the US or Great Britain? I really become confused when I read on this medium when the Taylor fanatics continue to call this fellow, president.
    What it really tells me is that these people had once taken oath in human flesh and blood that they will never betray their god father even if it becomes between death or alive. Surely I don’t blame you, it is your right to go by the terms of agreement between you and your war lord. You can continue calling him your president even when he is six feet deep.
    May God be your guide and Mercy for all the sins you people committed against him and humanity.

    1. Fuad,

      What is hurting you if somebody calls President Taylor, President Taylor? Whether you like it or not, he was a president of the Republic of Liberia from 1997-2003. That title of president will always be bestowed upon him. Fuad, find something better to talk about as oppose to title. You can add more meaning to yourself by speaking on the injustice meted against this innocent man in this fake case.

  17. Mas,
    Griffiths should come to court and apologize to the judges for what? The appeal Chamber will overturn the decision. The prosecution will then try to cause a reaction, because what I read of the prosecution final briefs it was 27 pages and the defense will file a 557 pages final brief. More to come.

  18. Dear JTF,

    We are unable to post your comment at this time because the fourth sentence, beginning with “Seventy-five…,” does not comply with our website guidelines. If you remove or rephrase this sentence, we will gladly post this comment.

    Thank you.

  19. Jose,
    You are a sorry and unfortunate case, really! I didn’t evade your question. I think I am one of the few who have called for War Crime Court in Liberia. I have said that the TRC recommendation should be implemented. But you on the other hand cowardly say, how about Sawyer and all other people who were not named. I’ve said, we have sufficient evidence in Liberia to indict all those responsible for the carniage in Liberia. You have always shiy away in the corner. Grow some and let’s seek War Crimes in Liberia.

    Back on SL, we agree the trial is not about Liberia, we both are on the same side that the dots don’t connect. I personally think Taylor was involved, but the prosecution failed to show that. Therefore, he should be set free.

    You have not answered my question, so why do you think Taylor is being prosecuted. Since you don’t think it has to do with economics?

    You mentioned something about “geography”, the case truely has geographic paramenters, but I’ve said Karma does not. You call it the golden rule. Taylor didn’t give people the opportunity that he has. This has nothing to do with Liberia, it has to do with fairness. I have a hunch that you are about to run into your corner, “this is not about Liberia”.

    You know what, Jose, you are right, just when you thought it couldn’t get dumber, then you hit bedrock nonsense! You do have a point, though, you have taken your ignorance and arrogrance with your inability to think rationally beyong dumb, it reached the level darn-right stupidity!

    Oh, you call Ellen Rebel Grandma, Samukai murderer for things in Liberia, but when it comes to Taylor, you use the word, “alleged”—Dude, you are pathetic. It’s either they all are called what it is, or you use the word, “alleged”. So, Ellen is a “murder”, but Taylor who was the face and controlled these blood thirsty cannibals, is placed under the category of “allegedly”. My man, you need to see a “shrink”— for real!

    I am done dealing with you, it’s difficult to argue with the insane. If I continue to, I may be categorized as same! Really, seek help, Jose. I am serious.

    1. Bnker,

      I understand your tricks. The more I read, the more I see you reacting to this fake case as the way you are reacting, the more I understand just what a huge win for freedom and justice for our people. Folks, are you guys following Bnker logic? Bnker is giving us options here. According to him, we either call all those that are responsible for the destruction of Liberia including the “rebel oldma” and “corrupt grandma,” Ellen, and Black Beret rebel leader, Samukai, names like murderers and etc, or otherwise. Sir, I’ve got no problems calling them the names you want us to call them, because it is who they are. However, you are on record for saying the trial is political and the evidence is not there to slam this innocent man behind bars, but you still want him in the “slammer”. Though no evidence in this fake case. Boss, there where the trick lies. What you are doing here is to use the back door and tie dye means to put him behind bars. Where is your inherently moral compass? Where is your seizure of conscience? Why support the jailing of someone for things he did not do? Why jail him because you Bnker thinks his so-call absence has brought stability to the region? Should someone based their judgment on speculations or facts? To me, it should be based on facts, especially during litigation. Now let me shift gear here. Yes banker, I want the establishment of a war crimes court in Liberia. I also want the TRC Report to be implemented. I have been on records for the past 5 years. What I don’t want, is selective justice. For example, if President Taylor is acquitted, he should not be allowed to live in his homeland, Liberia according to some. Why? If the trigger happy warmonger and rebel grandma, Ellen, and others can live in Liberia, why Liberia beloved president can not live in Liberia? However, before I leave this computer, because I am kind of sleepy right now. I did not tell you that I don’t think this innocent man is on trial because of economic reason. Please boss, don’t put words in my mouth. President Taylor is on trial for many reasons apart from this bogus reason of Sierra Leone. He’s on trial because of 1: white masculinity. 2: to secure the trigger happy warmonger and rebel grandma, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf regime in Liberia. 3: exploitation 4: popularity. 5: he will not obey the unlawful orders from foreign dominance and interference (not a puppet).

      Bnker, don’t just think you can throw little jabs here and there and think you can hide behind your rhetoric such as you are done dealing with me. Be advised, for every time you write, if I have reason to respond, I will surely do.

      1. Jose,

        You never fail to disappoint me….when I say “slammer” I refer to crimes committed in Liberia…period! I hope this is understood. I am not in favor of anyone going to jail for crimes he/she did not commit….the dots don’t connect here. Based on the evidence, he should walk…..

        But for crimes in Liberia, yes, I want him in the slammer–finish! Compri?

        1. Bnker,

          Now you are cooking with grease. I 100% agree with you that he should walk free from this fake case because the evidence is just not there to convict him. Thanks for making yourself clear that you want him in the “slammer” for crimes in Liberia. I also agree you with, but not only he alone. My thing here is we either hold all of them accountable for their gruesome actions, or forgive all of them. To me, I want all of them including this very Taylor man that I am defending in this fake case to face trial in Liberia. The chances of Taylor walking free on charges in Liberia is like putting one drop of sugar cube in the ocean to sweeten it. Lets bend and stick together to hold these guys responsible and accountable for their actions, as oppose to engaging in selective justice, and using the back door and tie dye means to get one man. Just about 2 years ago, you and I were exchanging, I think I remember you saying you graduated from St. Patrick or Cathedral (stand corrected), and I said I graduated from Monrovia College Wednesday, June 15, 1993. However, this is our time to set the agenda of Liberia. We are all qualified. We can not continue to live under the shadows of these failed politicians. Anyways Bnker, nice engaging you on this website.

  20. Ken,
    At no time was there 21 rebel factions fighting in Liberia, Not in 1990, 1991 and 1992. I don’t think if you combined all the the factions who fought at one time or the other, it would total 21.

    1. Nosirrah,
      What about 10-21 factions fighting in Liberia during 1990, 1991 and 1992. I do know it was more then the NPFL the way you would have one to believe.

  21. All pro-taylor writers, I am in complete simpathy with you all because your breeding place (Libya) is no more in existence. No more mercenary training in Libya, no more return and no more coming back with the pretence of Freedom-fighters to loot our properties and kill us as your pay, that was declared by your so called God-father (Charles Taylor). In Libya toady, the Leopard and the Goat are eating together. Whatever goes round can come back.

  22. Jose, it is time you keep on reading and get more understanding of Charles Taylor’s trial at the Hague. The Special Court from Sierra Leone that is handling the trial was neither formed in the U. S. none in U.K. With this understanding, you can now stop holding these countries responsible for your father’s trial. Also you must understand that we are living in the atomic world and stop comparing human attitudes in the 21st century to that of 18th century during the time of people like Adolf Hitler, Napoleon and many others who were involved in killing innocent civilians like what went on the Sub-region (West Africa) through the help of your God-father (Charles Taylor). Ellen-Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia was voted in as President of Liberia by the Liberians and not by rebels “You killed my Pa and you killed my Ma” I will vote for you. Stop degrading her now and wait for your president, Charles Taylor to come back so that you can be the VP or become the next embassador to Liberia.

  23. Jose, it is time you keep on reading and get more understanding of Charles Taylor’s trial at the Hague. The Special Court from Sierra Leone that is handling the trial was neither formed in the U. S. none in U.K. With this understanding, you can now stop holding these countries responsible for your father’s trial. Also you must understand that we are living in the atomic world and stop comparing human attitudes in the 21st century to that of 18th century during the time of people like Adolf Hitler, Napoleon and many others who were involved in killing innocent civilians like what went on the Sub-region (West Africa) through the help of your God-father (Charles Taylor). Ellen-Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia was voted in as President of Liberia by the Liberians and not by rebels “You killed my Pa and you killed my Ma” I will vote for you. Stop degrading her now and wait for your president, Charles Taylor to come back so that you can be the VP or become the next embassador to Libya

  24. All pro-taylor writers, the whole world is reading your writing declaring Charles Taylor”s innocent involvement in Sierra Leone rebel’s war. One thing you people have failed to realize is the training of RUF’s Rebels in Camp Nama in Liberia admitted by both Charles Taylor and jailed rebel Leader Sasey of Sierra Leone. How on earth a president is innocent of another country’s problem when he or she goes on training mercenaries in his/her country and sending them to destroy properties and lives in the neighboring country. Let us just assum that President Ellen-Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia, now opens a Mercenary Training Camp in Liberia to support president Gbabo of Ivory Coast, then in future we declare her innocent of the problem. I wonder if any human being with his or her five senses working correct can really site with these types of writings from you people. I want to believe that the writing in the Holy Bible, 2nd Timothy 3 = 3 is on course. So keep on denying his total involvement but, all sensable people believe his total involvement. For example when the Market Town in Sierra Leone which was called Kowait by NPFL fell we saw the amount of properties that was brought to Liberia by NPFL Fighters

  25. To all pro-taylor writers. Those who reading your comments in Charles Taylor’s trial, might have considered you people as the hard-hearted Africans from Liberia. The fact is that when Daru Army Barracks from Sierra Leone fell into the hand of NPFL, we heard the following conversation between NPFL spokeman at the time with Roben White from BBC, Focus on Africa as follows: Mr. Tom Woiwoyu, Daru Barracks is now under your control, how long is going to take you to reach Freetown? The answer was, it is just the matter of 1, 2, 3, we will be in Freetown. Don’t you people believe that this and other records as we know are before these Judges?
    My fellow pro-taylor Liberian writers, I will tell you poeple openly that if my child does bad, I will never back him or her. All the innocent people killed in Sierra Leone is the work of Charles Taylor and his brother, the late Foday Sankor. You people can see what going on in Libya today with their chief Army Commander Col. Kaddafi. The Fake Case, as you people call the trial will never end in his favor because too many were burried before their time for the crime they never committed.

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