Trial Chamber Not Properly Constituted, Disciplinary Hearings For Charles Taylor’s Lawyer Cannot Take Place

The disciplinary hearing for Charles Taylor’s lead defense counsel Courtenay Griffiths, which was scheduled to take place today, was adjourned as the Trial Chamber could not be properly constituted.

Griffiths was to be subject to a disciplinary hearing for walking out of the court on Tuesday, February 8, 2011 after he had made complaints about the rejection of the defense final trial brief by the judges. The judges said Griffiths had filed the final brief 20 days late. Griffiths responded he was awaiting decisions in several outstanding motions before the judges. After his walk-out, the judges asked for an apology from Griffiths, but the defense lawyer instead requested a disciplinary hearing, which was granted by the judges. The disciplinary hearing had been set for today, February 25.

However, when court was convened this morning, Ugandan judge, Julia Sebutinde, who had originally dissented to the order requesting an apology from Griffiths, refused to take part in the proceedings. Only the Presiding Judge Justice Teresa Doherty, Justice Richard Lussick, and the Alternate Judge Justice El-Hadj Malick Sow were present in court.

In giving the reason as to why Justice Sebutinde was absent in court, Justice Doherty read a notice that had been sent by Justice Sebutinde to her colleagues indicating that she did not intend to sit on the disciplinary hearing.

“This is to notify you that in view of the recent developments in the Trial Chamber, and consistent with my earlier views and opinion on those matters both in chamber and on the bench, wherein I dissented from the directive to lead counsel, I will not in principle attend Friday’s hearing,” the statement from Justice Sebuntinde read.

When asked whether the defense has any comments on the constitution of the court in Justice Sebuntinde’s absence, defense counsel Terry Munyard requested that the alternate judge, Justice Sow, be invited “to participate so the bench is constituted of three regularly constituted judges.”

The disagreement among the judges became very public, first with Justice Sebutinde’s notice of absence and then with Justice Sow’s remarks after the defense lawyers had suggested that he be allowed to participate in the proceedings.

“Let me make this clear…two  judges cannot sign decisions.  When the bench is sitting, it’s sitting with three judges, not two judges… I’m not here for decoration.  I am a judge.  This bench is regularly composed as everybody can see.  I don’t know how people can think that two judges – I don’t know where in this world you will see two judges sitting.  It’s not possible.  This bench is regularly composed with three judges.  This is my comment.  No matter how parties will look at it, it shows and it’s apparent that this bench is composed with three judges.  We are three judges sitting,” Justice Sow said.

His comments made clear that the other judges had prevented him from participating in the proceedings as a replacement for Justice Sebutinde.

Justice Doherty made clear that while the Chamber was not properly constituted, the situation still did not warrant the inclusion of Justice Sow as alternate judge in the proceedings.

“The Articles governing the composition of  this Court and the Trial Chamber mandate that it is to be  composed of three judges…Accordingly, in our view, this Trial Chamber is not properly constituted and we consider we have no option but to adjourn this hearing today.  The matter is adjourned to a date to be fixed.”


  1. Judge Teresa Doherty and Richard Lussick will sadly regret the day they decided to look upon Counsel Courtenay Griffiths as another black person trying to show off. Now who will be blame for delaying the trial now.

    1. Justice El-Hadj Malick Sow said it all this morning in court, “Let me make this clear two judges cannot sign decisions. When the bench is sitting, it’s sitting with three judges, not two judge I’m not here for decoration.” Judge Doherty then adjourned to a date to be fixed. What is she planning on during having a disciplinary hearing for Justice Sebuntinde. Judge Teresa Doherty and Richard Lussick will sadly regret the day they decided to look upon Counsel Courtenay Griffiths as another black person trying to show off and they will put him back in his place.

      1. The Appeal Chamber should throw Mr. Taylor trial out. The judges has cause to many problem among themselves that what every verdict they come to it is going to cause more suspicion in the international community about the International Court of Justice purpose of being in existed. Mr. Taylor should not have been charge with war crimes in this hybrid court but in the International Court of Justice as the other presidents of countries was and has been charge.

  2. Darkness and light can not get cope. Judge Julia Sebutinde is the light on the bench and the other two judges which are pure darkness will not make it. This court is dome for failure if things continue like this.

  3. Amazing!!!!. Again and I will it louder….this court has gone RACIAL!!!! No way on Earth will Mr. Taylor not be found guilty. Those two WHITE judges are set to sent him to jail…..SAD

    1. Noko4,
      It is not sad; it will be fair to the innocent people he sent to their early graves in Sierra Leone and Liberia. You only see Taylor as the victim, what about the almost 400,000 that died in both countries?

      1. Nosirrah,
        I hope you leave the TEARS outside and look at the CASE IN COURT….where evidences are presented. Plus, factor in the MANDATE of this court….this was where she handcuffed herself by LIMITING the time frame to Nov’ 96 and beyond.

        Now tell me what was the climate from that period in the region….we saw the prosecutors present their case and NOWHERE can you find a SOUND/AIR TIGHT evidence pointing to Mr. Taylor…..Even the prosecutors told us they were only there to establish a LINK and if you saw THAT LINK, please, please I beg show it to me.

        But here’s one of the link, Mr. Bockarie SALUTED Mr. Taylor…..maybe the ONLY African on the prosecutors’ team should have told those WHITES that it’s commonly done in African and it doesn’t mean TAKING ORDERS.

        Where are the BILLIONS Nosirrah?? Where can one man HIDE such money and no deposit slip to be produced?? Yes I feel for the VICTIMS and those that did carry out the crime based on the MANDATE of the court are locked up…..

        And please note this case is NOT about Liberia eventhough the prosecutors did their best to bring in LOTS about Liberia…if this was about Liberia and the evidences presented were air tight, I will say HANG ME!!!!!!

      2. Nosirrah,

        It will not be fair to President Taylor, because he is innocent. Please get the right man because he is not the right man ok.

  4. I can see dessenting view from Judge Sebutinde that will EXPOSE this court. One silly move by those two WHITE JUDGES and we are going back and forth.

  5. Could you provide us with the unedited version of Justice Sow’s comments. What were the reasons provided by the presiding judge to exclude Justice Sow ? .

      1. Thanks for the transcript . It was helpful. I must however note that the site moderators have really been lax in dealing with unfocused, threatening, and potentially inciting commentary(s). This trend, if unchecked, runs the risk of branding this forum a polarizing one rather than one for constructive debate and arguments. Healthy soft or hard criticisms being replaced by trashy and non-logical postings laced with abuse and overt threats is gradually being the norm .

  6. Right on, right on, right on Judge Sow. Suck it to them. I like when you said you are not a “DECORATION”, but instead, you are a “real judge.” UNBELIEVABLE. You can not make this thing up Judge Sow. I am laughing guys at this Kangaroo Court in the Hague. Let me ask you Judge Doherty, How many judges constitute a full and complete bench? If you don’t know, it is three. You guys were THREE (3) Today. Don’t you consider that to be a full and complete bench? What prevented you from doing your job today? What is your excuse this time? Is it President Taylor dictating to you by whispering in your ears like ghost whisperer, saying, don’t work today, delay, delay, and delay, in fact, don’t respect Judge Sow, he doesn’t count.

    Judge Sow, they think you don’t count. Tell them you count. Stick to your story that you are a “REAL JUDGE” and not a ” DECORATED JUDGE” who is just wearing an empty choir gown with piece of clothe tie around your neck like “billy goat” BEA BEA BEA.

      1. Hey Sam, why if someone calls Judge Sebutinde, that Black Sister is only looking after the Black Brother,taylor, and not the reality of the crimes in question? You see, people who usually cry racism are themselves racists. You guys are so racist, it seems, that you use it as a means to and end, rather than a factor that needs correction! Period!

  7. I thought this was about “justice” for the “victims” of the Sierra Leonean war. Oh my God, what is this turning into?

  8. In the wake of twists and bizarre turns in this saga and the likelihood of a delayed final verdict at the expense of the court does anyone know the monthly court paid salary of the following?
    Persecuting attorneys
    Defense counsels

    1. Taegin and Alpha,
      Do you have answer to my question?
      If yes and if that information is for public consumption, could you provide it?

      1. Dear davenport,

        Sorry we overlooked your comment. To answer your questions, the monthly salaries of those officials are not made public.



  9. Judge Sow is an alternate Judge – meaning that he is there to step in should one of the other judges become unable to continue on with the case (ie in the case of death, or serious illness for example). He is not a judge who can just step in when another is temporarily absent. That is why he was not permitted to step in today

  10. Could this court get anymore dramatic? How can a judge simply refuse to participate? I’m starting to think that Griffiths knew what he was doing when he walked out of court, and that him and Taylor planned the current drama as a rouse to get those who are backing the court to complain, and thus bolster the “western conspiracy” argument. Everyone in the court room should remember that everyday that this trial drags on is an open wound to those who suffered from the conflict in Sierra Leone. Whether Taylor is guilty or innocent, the case needs to end appropriately and swiftly so that the people of Sierra Leone can start to heal and move on with their lives.

    1. Paivy,
      Totally agree!!! But when we’re seeing INJUSTICE at the CENTER of this case…then something has to be done. A simple ACCEPT would have ease this mess…..what were the thinkings of those two WHITE judges???

  11. All I and speaking of many innocent others who lost their dreams in death and carries scars from the brutal war is that justice prevail. If Taylor is acquitted or convicted so be it but let justice serve those it was created to serve. I was 9 years old in Kakata, Liberia and today I am a grown man with a master degree from a foreign country. That tells you how detached I have been from my country and people because of those rascals, but those memories are part of my life story and the way I think.

    I can hardly speak my tribe. If a man from another country who isn’t my race had brought war I would have said he doesn’t like my race. But this was once a noble of my own race and fellowship. Man of my own tongue with the potential for peaceful collaboration. He had choices; one was to exercise assignation of whoever he wanted out and leave the innocent civilians alone.
    That war wasted our childhoods and stole our normal lives. That war thought us all lesson we were not ready to learn by professors who never had our interest at heart.

    When they were in charge they never cared about us. And if they did it was for their own benefits.

    Now we are in charge do we let our gates down with sympathy? What about the innocent girl that was raped and killed and dumped into the Kakata’s Doo River in the 90’s ( I will never forgot how that girl screamed and how cold I felt)? Was it her fault? What’s about me forced under gunpoint at age 10 by one Mike Nuah to drink hard liquor mixed with opinion from a human skull that he had killed, was that my fault?

    If it was just me, I did voice the same sentiments as some of you and set them all free out of sympathy.

    Friends, I hear your voices and I hear how sympathetic you sound.
    You are all Stewarts of the Holy Bible it sounds, ‘Love your neighbor,’
    ‘Vengeance is mine’ says the Lord but let’s also remember from that Holy Book we exercise laws and admonitions to live an orderly life.
    ‘ Thou shall not kill’ ‘He that lives by the sword will die by the sword.’ ‘Evil will pursue the wicked and his sons.’
    My friend, sympathy is a virtue. For we will never do to them the things that they did to us!
    That’s why we have justice. They used force on us we are using patience on them.
    No matter how long it takes, at the end I want to read JUSTICE PREVAILED.
    Liberia war took about 17 years for God’s sake so let the court take its own time.
    If evidence beyond reasonable doubts is needed so be it no matter how long but at the end JUSTICE MUST SERVE THOSE IT WAS MEANT TO SERVE in this case the dead and scarred.

    Next, we want the generals especially Benjamin Yeates and the one who killed Sam Duokie.
    With that I yield for JUSTICE TO PREVAIL!

    1. Emmanuel, these support group do not worry about the sufferings nor the reality of what happened to individuals! They are more concerned about justice for their role model, taylor, than what you have just called their attention to! You will not see them address your posting, rather, they will clevery, avoid you or pretend not to notice your pains! That is what they are, charles taylor off-springs! They missed taylor, because they must now live in the world of rules and laws, they are not accustomed to! Boy, isn’t that a pity?

    2. Emmanuel,

      Are you aware by any chance, that this fake case is not about Kakatown, Liberia?

      Why are you only interested in bringing general Benjamin Yeatan to justice but not the likes of Ellen, Butt Naked, Prince Johnson, Brownie Samukai, Demintee Conneh, Alihaji Kromah, Thomas Yaya Nimely, Dr. Fahnbullah, Dr. Sawyer, and etc?

    3. Emmanuel,

      Your lengthy comment was read with care. Emmanuel, even though, you made some interesting points, but according to the prosecution this trial is not about Liberia. Your presupposition, President Taylor is on trial for crime committed in Liberia. Undoubtedly, and legally, this is not what this trial is about.

      If you strongly believe President Taylor should be on trial for atrocities committed in Liberian, you have my vote. But it will never happened, it least not now. “When you pull rope, rope pulls bush.” In other words, it wouldn’t be President Taylor alone sitting in the defendant’s box.

      Consequently, why not join me, Jerome J. Verdier and others for the ellen lead government and the international community to enforced the TRC Recommendations and established a war crime court for Liberia. Way to go!

    4. 2-28-2011
      @Emmanuel Blimie from Brooklyn Center,MN

      For it is by GRACE you have been saved….Ephesians 2:8-9

      How tragic that years later that you are still making references to “my tribe” and “race” as if there exists more than one human race. Please, i beg you, stop the references to tribe this tribe that. It is a psychological tool used feed to perpetuate ignorance and divisiveness.


  12. Since when do lawyers and judges not come to court because they don’t like the decisions? This is disgraceful. One would think that these people would recognize how important their work is and would be committed to demonstrating the highest level of professionalism.

    If this is all a tactic by defence to distract people from the evidence it sadly is effective. Even the journailist here seems to have lost sight of what this case is about – it is not about lawyers or judges, it is about the crimes committed, Taylor and whether the evidence proves his responsibility.

    1. Roland,

      Judges can recuse themselves from a court procedence. This isn’t unique to this fake case alone. Equally, defense lawyer can take insructions from thier client not to represent him/her. It is also not unique in the court of law. But here where your problem lies. Since it is President Taylor on trial, you are just waited to be offended by him whether for good or bad reason, to have every reason why this peacemaker should be put behind bars. UNBELIEVABLE.

      1. It’s a shame for you to address taylor as PEACEMAKER! Rubbish, to say the least, Jose. Taylor is being tried for being a peace maker? Shame shame plus ignorance! Well, You might start bracing for the next big trial of your Grand Master’s trial to come soon,Gaddafy, taylor’s mentor!

        1. fallah,

          Just a Reminder!

          Don’t forget now, it was your darling girl who introduced President Taylor to Gaddafy. By now, I would have expected your darling girl to have vehemently condemned and denounced Goddafy for wanton atrocities against his people. But over her dead body, she will denounce Gaddafy when he is dead and gone.

        2. Fallah,

          It is Ellen you should be referring this Gaddifi story to, because she the one that always in deal with Gaddifi.

          Check this out Fallah.

          “The Jamahiriya has plans, though now considered overdue, to construct the war-shattered Ducor Palace Hotel. It has plans also to help fund the Foya Rice Development Project and a rubber processing plant in Bong County. These projects are likely to kickoff shortly, thanks to the discussion between President Sirleaf and President Gaddafi, which removed some of the lethargic “hiccups”, which initially assailed the agreements.”

          Fallah, what do you have to say about this rebel granny dealings with Gaddifi? You know what? let me just post the entire website and more revelation on this triggered happy warmonger and rebel grandma, Ellen and Gaddifi friendship and dealing.

          These are the kinds of blatant display of immoral and illegal hypocrisy by you guys. Now what you have to say? Nothing.

        3. Jfallahmenjor,
          Don’t forget about April 14, 1979, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was indee your sweetheart when you guys started what later led to the complete distruction of Liberia and the cold blooded killing of about half a million people in Liberia. Do anyone here think that President Sirleaf will denounce Gaddafy? O, hell no!

    2. 2-28-2011
      @ Roland

      Judges have a duty to discharge their duties with fidelity. Lawyers have a duty to represent their client with zealousness, especially in a criminal trial. Refusing to participate in a court process that has even a slight appearance of impropriety is consistent with those duties. Please remember, this SCSL is just a fiction of an African court.

  13. The white judges are now paying for their unprofessional decision; this clearly shows how bad it is for a judge to take side in any court proceeding no matter who is involved, BLACK or white. Justice is for all man regardless of skin or eye color.

  14. It has been a while since I visited this site but it seems as if nothing much has changed since the last time I was on here! By the way, can anyone give me a quick overview as to where this trial stand and the direction it is moving?

    And also what do each and everyone of you think about the current situations in both Libya and the Ivory- Coast?

    1. I personally do not care what the current situations are in Libya and the Ivory Coast. Those people will have to deal with their situation themselves. I will not benefit nor suffer from what every their outcome will be.

      1. That is remarkably cold. No wonder why you and the NPFL peanut gallary dont seem to care about the racism against the victims of Sierra Leone as much as you do about the perceived and made up racism against a former president.

        1. Bundu,
          What racism against the victims of Sierra Leone? My comment maybe cold to you but I rather say the truth then to hide behind a lie.

      2. Ken, that is simply a selfish comment, and one that tells what kind of individual you must be. Have a nice day on your island of self- containment!

  15. Dew,
    I thought so too but those two WHITES believe we’re still in the colonial days….MASTERS and SLAVES. What was wrong with accepting the defense brief regardless if it was late given the magnitude of this case???

    Did the defense have reason for the lateness…..HELL YES!!!. How can one close a book when there are chapters unread?? Pending matters to be resolve and those two WHITES didn’t want to considered that….eventhough the prosecutors told us they were on time, they were allowed to RESUBMIT/MODIFY their brief beyond the dead line….WHERE IS THE FAIRNESS???

    Except one person on the prosecutors’ team…the rest are US citizens, moreso, MILITARY PERSONELS….the former lead prosecutor now sits at the State Dept in charge of Human Rights….communications going on between the US and the prosecutors… of the judges talking to the US gov’t….and this shouldn’t be a concern??? We goet to read Wikileak about the motive of the US gov’t…regardless of the FACTS, Mr. Taylor will NOT BE WALKING free… And we’re told JUSTICE…..

  16. Fantastic….As i have said before …the future battle for Africa is between those that want Africa’s self determination and those that want to submit Africa as a Western Ptrotectorate.They had been conned to elude that they are upholding international law,when infact they are helping enforce western crazy and unprogressive rule over Africa….Justice Sebuntinde and Justice Sow …are highly intelligent people and are a self determined African….Mr Griffith is awesomely intelligent……..People like that stupid old witch in Liberia and Kabba are our problem…poor spirited people pretending to be intelligent aided to power so they can serve their masters by giving them ultimate rights over Africa’s resources and also help them oppress the people of Africa.

    The sad thing is ..they honestly believe they are in the path of the righteous..May god help the children of Africa.
    Mr Griffith ,Justice Sebuntinde, Justice Sow …..Oba!!!! May god bless you and give you the torch to enlight the African spirit in your capacity

    1. Has Cee lost his mind in this debate by direct insults to the Only Female President of Africa that she is an Old Witch? Boy, How ignorant and savagery can a black brother get? Well, you see it right here! These are exactly how Whites perceive Africans, that we get so emotional that we forget our own moral obligations and self conciousness. Cee should never be taken seriously from now on! I will trash anything i see on this site from Cee! This is a Promise Cee.. because you have lost your mind, just like Maumar Gaddafy, it seems!

      1. Fallah,
        Proposterous!!!Stop been so emotional people get called all sort in politics,shall i call her the queen of Africa who sold her people to European…thought it was only west african king and chief(men) who sell their keens to Europeans

  17. This is the same infuriating nonsense that went on when they pulled us out of Sierra Leone,some racial based nonsense on how the world body was uncomfortable with a “white” professional force tearing through a black country. Race had nothing to do with it,E.O. had chucks boys reeling and were pulled out for doing too good a job. Replaced by a bunch of blue berets that let it happen all over again. Piles of arms. Nursing mothers breasts cut off,the lethal lottery……that is Charles Taylors legacy. The color of a man’s skin is hardly the issue. He never should’ve been given the privilege of a courtroom,400,000+ certainly weren’t given any chances to plead their cases.

    1. Darren,

      You are missing the point here. President Taylor did not sign unto this inherently flawed court. His presence in this hybrid court is by force from big countries. If the same big countries want to do exactly what you want this innocent man to go through like denying his the right to court porcedence, they can do it in a split second. So boss, why are you so angry about this peacemaker being dragged into a white sponsored court? Whether you like it or not, President Charles Taylor is innocent. And if there is a rationale ahead of the trial with respect to the presumption of innocence, President Taylor stands to benefit.

  18. Well, well, well, it seems the circus continues. The court has now left the issue on hand and have gone on a wild goose chase. My question is who really benefits from all this??? Definately not the people of Liberia and Sierra Leon.

  19. Funny, the circus continues. The learnes judges have left the matter at hand and gone on a wild goose chase. For what really??? Egos??? most likely. What I need to know is who really benefits from the circus. Definately not the people of Liberia and Sierra Leon

    1. Sorry Taegin,
      I suspect its the S-Word or MF-Word!

      The people of Sierra Leone are not waiting for any judgement in the Charles Taylor trial.contrary to what the world had been led to believe,as they have got justice, the people that are actually responsible for the atrocities in Sierra Leone are either dead or imprisoned for a very long time.The people waiting for a judgement in this case are the Americans,some Western European countries and Liberians with scores to settle with Mr Taylor.

      Its a case of seeking justice in the wrong place for Liberians that have scores to settle…. and a blatant disregard for international law by the Western people…………………….A MERE POWER TRIP BY THE NUTTERS FROM WASHINGTON & LONDON, AS THEY ENJOY SPENDING THEIR MADNESS ON THE POOR MINDED’,ESPECIALLY IN AFRICA

      1. There goes Cee with his ignorant accusations of the West and never blaming his own ignorance and darkside life! Boy, can’t you see the truth? You just need a bit of reality check, starting with the self, before pointing at others! It is that simple, Cee, you don’t need a High School diploma!

        1. Fallah,
          i see the world the way it is going to be in the future based on the youth aspiration and awareness,whiles you see the world in the lense of the past colonial days…so we can’t debate really!!

        1. Cen,
          Profoundly sorry,trying to forget about that UN/western backed dough brain….people like kabba and ms johnson will never be tried just like their masters in the west bush/blair,they all work for the firm..The project is to suppress the people of africa and the middle east,whilst their mineral resources are looted.

  20. Dear Cee,

    We are unable to approve your post because a word you use in the last sentence does not comply with our website’s comment policy. If you change this word, we will gladly approve.

    Thank you.

  21. What will happen today?

    It is a wonder that the Taylorist are not attacking Alpha for been bias. What is so sensational about the Judges having disagreement, and what prove there is to suggest racism?

    What is taken place is just common human behavior. People will always have opposing views about issues and concerns. This does not put Griffiths at any advantage or about smartness nor the color of his skin as the Taylorist are suggesting.

    It is Taylor that is incarcerated.
    The time used to proceed with other court issues is now being use for Griffiths’s hearing.

    Good work Griffiths cause more delay. Like the song says “Time dat money!”

    1. Folks,

      While we await the next phase in this saga, I would love to put on my guessing cap.

      Now, my guess!!!!!! Hold tight.

      Who stands to profit monetarily from this legal wrangling? The persecuting team? The defense team? The judges? My answer – all three of them. Not a single party to this 6 years saga is off the hook when it comes to financial remuneration. The longer the trial the more pockets are lined. Who wants to be out of a high currency earning, high paying job in this financially stressed global economy?

      Whose fate hangs in limbo pending the settling of legal dusts? Charles Taylor. I believe CT wants to put this nightmarish situation behind and move on. I believe, if feasible, he wants to put an end to these three parties lining their pockets in the name of defending, persecuting, and condemning/acquitting him.



      Taegin, please earlier post and post this one…duplicate.

  22. Like i said earlier, its all a strategy for the defense,; no matter what the decision is in this case; it would always seem that Taylor did not get a fair trial. And what the defense intends to do is plant doubt in the minds of the world audience. I think they have accomplished that, especially the recent episode regarding judge Sebutinde’s dissent and recent absence from court in protest to her colleagues do not augur well for the court’s image as it pertains to the dispensation of justice.

    Remember, justice delayed is justice denied.

    1. political-guru,
      The prosecution has filed at least five motions for an investigation into contempt of the Special Court for Sierra Leone. How long will that delay this trial and what does it say about this court when both sides have accused each other of contempt of this court?

      1. Maybe if the defence wasnt desperatly trying to change the entire focus of the conclusion of this trial away from the overwhelming evidence against this Accused by i) making an issue of their own laziness in not getting brief in on time into a “fair trial” issue and ii) spending time deperately and pathetically trying to get prosecution witnesses to recant we wouldnt have these issues. By the way another query to the NPFL peanut gallary – if the prosecution witnesses were so bad as many of you have said….why would there be this effort to have them recant? What would be so important to recant? You know I do hope they let defence argue all they want in final brief, arguments whatever….I am sure they dont want to as this is perfect way for them to distract the public from how weak their case is….

  23. Dear readers,

    We want to remind you that while we welcome a robust debate on the Taylor trial and how it impacts Sierra Leone and Liberia, it is important to remember to keep the discourse civil and respectful of others’ opinions. Please refrain from threatening or harassing statements as we would like all participants in this forum to feel welcome and free to express their opinions on the issues.

    Thank you.

      1. Dear cen,

        As moderators, we try our best to limit those inappropiate comments. However, it is important to keep in mind people have various levels of sensitivity. What may be threatening to one person, may not be to another. We often err on the side of approval in order to not limit the ongoing debate.

        Kind regards,


  24. @ Bundu

    FYI, the brief was not considering late, not by the rules of the court. the judges made the rules at the beginning of this trial, but they seem to always want to change the rules as it goes on. both the prosecution and defense had about 5 days to summit a final brief. and by those rules the defense was on time, and even in the worse case scenario that the defense was late, this case is too large to simply delay it due to late submission.
    especially when the prosecution was more late and even extra late with their two revise final brief. they basically submitted a quick summary, and then had time to revise it, send it to their colleague in the US to review it and make corrections or modifications and then went on to resubmit, not just once but twice.

    @ the general forum

    this court is showing too many indications of favoritism or bias if you may. for example, the court granting the prosecutors an opportunity to re-open their case after it was formally closed. giving the prosecution yet another opportunity to bringing in fresh evidence after the case was formally closed. The prosecution bringing in extra witnesses after the case was formally closed. and to the point of “laziness” by Bundu, the prosecution who was very much not lazy submitted their brief “on time”, but had to resubmit “twice” before getting to what they really wanted. that doesn’t really seem like they were up to the deadline if you ask me. but i guess some see the glass half full, and some see it half empty.

    And to that logic, if the brief should have been submitted on time, then maybe, just maybe the court should have made a decision on all of the outstanding motions that was pending. those outstanding motions didn’t affect the prosecution, so in other words they had nothing to lose or gain if there was a decision or not; and yet they (the prosecution) could not have a final brief. i guess the saying is true that the third time’s a the charm. surely the defense was the one that had all to lose if those motions was not decided upon. so it was only right to have a decision before making a final brief.

    honestly, i do believe the defense do and did have a final brief, but with missing pieces. and it wasn’t going to be more than a day’s work to have the final copy submitted after those motions was acted on. both the prosecution and defense teams are very smart, and they can predict calculate the outcome of things before it happen. so i would bet that if the court would have try to be technical and make a decision early that morning of the deadline, the defense would have had a final brief in court ready to deliver. and i believe they would not have needed to “resubmit”, because as the saying goes, if you measure twice, you’ll only have to cut once.

  25. I am not here to fight with Ken, as many of you may know, I do believe in true Justice that is Justice for all not for some and I have said that over and over again here. We all know that Mr. Taylor and the NPFL did a lot of wrong things to the Liberian people during the war in Liberia. And there are Sierra Leoneans who killed their own people in cold blood are now power enjoying as the blood of their cry out loudly! Why haven’t they been held to answer to their people or the ICC for Sierra Leone? Can someone answer this for me?

      1. Ken,
        I did ask a question about the situation in Libya and Ivory Coast but it did seems as if you were combative due to the question I asked. The idea behind my question was that, I believe, due to this fake case against Mr. Taylor may have something to do with the Ivorian leader refusing to step down and Libyan Leader refusing to step down and leave . If the situation in the Ivory Coast continues, it will have an effects on the little peace the Liberian people have at this point. So that’s something as Liberian, we need to think about but back to the point at hand. What is the next step in this fake trial of Mr. Taylor?

  26. Jocone,
    There is not a need for us to be fighting about anything. The situation in the Ivory Coast will have effects on the little peace the Liberian people have only if the Liberian allows it. If the government gets involved in the Ivory Coast civil war, which seems to be restarting, then Liberian can throw what peace they have out the window. There is nothing Liberia can do to help the Ivory Coast only the Ivory Coast people can bring there problem to an end.

    The votes I am sure base on the two presidents and the spilt among the people (North vs. South) that the win was base on how many vote counted was from the North areas and how many vote counted was from the south areas, only show that the population in the North “may have been” slightly greater then the South. The election did not show any form of a united population that both sides has overcome their disagreements and was willing to unity to create a Democratic government.

    Below is a interesting commentary, “Why Western-style democracy is not suitable for Africa”

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