Judges Dismiss Taylor Defense Request to Change Date of Judgment

The Special Court for Sierra Leone judges in The Hague have unanimously dismissed a request by former Liberian President Charles Taylor’s defense to change the date for the delivery of judgment.

After the announcment that the judgment to determine Taylor’s guilt or innocence will be delivered on April 26, 2012, defense lawyers filed a motion requesting a change of date because Mr. Taylor’s lead counsel, Courtenay Griffiths, has prior engagements in proceedings in the UK that cannot be changed. In addition, the defense argued that delivering the judgment on the eve of Sierra Leone’s independence will pose a security threat and add a bad taste to the country’s celebrations. Sierra Leone celebrates its 51st independence anniversary on April 27. Prosecutors opposed the defense request, urging the judges to stand by their originally announced date of April 26.

In a decision delivered today, the judges dismissed the defense request. Judges noted that when it issued their Scheduling Order on March 1 confirming that the judgment will be delivered on April 26, this gave Taylor’s lead counsel a notice of about eight weeks, which according to the judges “is more than reasonable time for Counsel to make arrangements to be present for delivery of judgment.”

The judges also noted that there are other co-counsel as part of Taylor’s defense team who would be present in court in a case that lead counsel cannot attend proceedings on that day.

On the point that delivery of the judgment on the eve of Sierra Leone’s independence could pose potential risk to security in the country, the judges noted that such an assertion “is entirely speculative and without merit.”

For these reasons, the judges maintain that they will deliver their verdict on the guilt or innocence of Mr. Taylor on April 26 as originally announced.

Taylor is accused of bearing responsibility for crimes committed by rebel forces in Sierra Leone during the country’s 11 year civil conflict. The war in Sierra Leone ended in January 2002. Throughout his trial, the former Liberian President has maintained his innocence.


  1. Without a doubt the prosecution all along has been playing a dual role from the start of the trial to the end. The prosecution has been playing the role of prosecutors and judges. The court denied most of defense motions and has ruled in favor of the prosecution on the exact rebuttal from the prosecution. It appears as if the prosecution set the stage in its rebuttal for the judges to rule on. The court accepted most if not all of prosecution motions, whether those motions were reasonable or unreasonable. Take for example; the Naomi Campbell’s subpoena. The trial ended, both parties rested. However, the prosecution dictated to the judges and they (judges) conquered to have Ms. Campbell subpoena on the ground of new discovery. Evidences were not available at the time during the trial to have had Ms. Campbell subpoena.

    The prosecution went to the extent of calling Ms. Campbell a “Court witness.” Indeed, it was a court subpoena not the persecution. To the contrary, when defense filed motion to allow a UN report into evidence on Liberians hired to fight in the Ivory Coast on the ground of new discovery, defense motion was denied. Furthermore, reasons given by the court to deny defense motion to change judgment date is an exact DNA of the prosecution’s rebuttal. So, who’s in charge of making decisions for the court? Is it the prosecution, the judges or the west? The correct answer is, all of the above.

    It comes as no surprise to me. Under no circumstances would President Taylor go on trial against powerful countries and win. It’s not just going to happen. This trial from the date of arrest to date of judgment has been base on injustice… Even though, defense is going to take an appear, but the appeal court is not the Supreme Court of the United States…

    1. Big B,
      It’s called CHANCES….we all watch the trial, every steps along the way, the prosecutors FAILED to even prove their OWN THEORIES…..they RESTED just to asked to REOPEN…then RESTED then REOPENED.

      Yesterday former Prime Minister Blair was in Liberia to tell Pres. Johnson-Sirleaf the verdict…..GUILTY and NEVER TO WALK A FREE MAN….I am wondering if the Iraqis can have JUSTICE too???

    2. Dear all
      Just remember: Since Taylor left for The Hague, there is PEACE in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Something he was talking about but didn’t do anything about.
      Like Alpha Blondy says:
      We want peace in Liberia, we want peace in Monrovia, Babylone shall not rise again, Babylone shall not stand again

  2. In the United States it is customary for the accused to have at his side during sentencing his Lead Attorney; this is a questionable practice.

    Here are the postings of filings and decision from March 1 2012, to March 7, 2012.

    See link: Scheduling order for delivery of judgment; http://www.sc-sl.org/scsl/public/SCSL-03-01-Taylor/SCSL-03-01-T-1265.pdf

    See link: Urgent, public, with confidential Annexes A and B and Ex parte Annex C Defence request to change date of judgment; http://www.sc-sl.org/scsl/public/SCSL-03-01-Taylor/SCSL-03-01-T-1266.PDF

    See link: Urgent and public corrigendum to Defence request to change date of judgment; http://www.sc-sl.org/scsl/public/SCSL-03-01-Taylor/SCSL-03-01-T-1267.PDF

    See link: Public Order for expedited filing; http://www.sc-sl.org/scsl/public/SCSL-03-01-Taylor/SCSL-03-01-T-1268.PDF

    See link: Prosecution response to Defence request to change date of judgment; http://www.sc-sl.org/scsl/public/SCSL-03-01-Taylor/SCSL-03-01-T-1269.PDF

    See link: Reply to Prosecution response to Defence request to change date of judgment; http://www.sc-sl.org/scsl/public/SCSL-03-01-Taylor/SCSL-03-01-T-1270.pdf

    Take care,


    1. Sekou,
      I guess that’s why it’s called SPECIAL COURT……invent RULES to benefit the prosecutor…..can you imagine a case in any Western Court where the evidence 99.9% based on HEARSAY??? Witnesses been PAID and BOUGHT and their WORDS become TRUTHFUL??

      I pray the judges will exercise the REASON why the court was set up……..”try those who bear greatest responsibility” for the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Sierra Leone after 30 November 1996 during the Sierra Leone Civil War”.

      The operative phrase to look at is “AFTER 30 NOVEMBER 1996”.

      1. Dear Noko4,

        I can say with matter-of-factual certainness that it happens all the time in the Western courts. In the United States we consider justice to be blind. And the immunity given the officers of Federal and State courts overburdens the innocent.

        I have confidence that our Supreme Court will reverse and remand those cases reflecting denial of counsel; that precedence is well established.

        Take care,


  3. The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want.
    He maketh me to lie down in green pastures:
    He leadeth me beside the still waters.
    He restoreth my soul:
    He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for His name’ sake.

    Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
    I will fear no evil: For thou art with me;
    Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.
    Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies;
    Thou annointest my head with oil; My cup runneth over.

    Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life,
    and I will dwell in the House of the Lord forever.

    — KJV

    1. Dear cen,

      I prefer this passage:

      Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.

      And it flows;

      For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses. Moreover when ye fast, be not, as the hypocrites, of a sad countenance: for they disfigure their faces, that they may appear unto men to fast. Verily I say unto you, they have their reward. AKJ

      Take care,


        1. Dear cen,

          Yes, the sister that is responsible for leading me onto the path suggested three iterations prior to daily prayers are necessary for atonement. She has since passed on and each day I make ready to join her.

          I will say that forgiveness is the test we must pass in order to enter into that heavenly home we read about. Some of us have been assured thought sight that home do indeed exit.

          If I could just only master C# & C++ I would be satisfied for awhile; not to mention X++.

          Take care,


  4. Taylor never respected the rule of Law,yet, he’s had a fair and just trial; he didn’t respect humanity , yet, people of the civilized world have given him the best treatment in observance of international norms ; He was never afraid to kill but he stood between life and death and chose life; He never gave his oponents grounds vindications yet was one of the best defence panel and able to testify on his own behalf .

    What more can pro-taylors seek for their papay? Freedom, which he did not pursue , respect, but destroyed? The time has finally come and it coincides with the same time he cast the spell of doom on the people of Sierra Leone………

  5. Sekou,
    This case is under trial at the SCSL & not rhe united states; so what the point? This your man Charles Taylor supported financialy,voaclly and militarly the notorious RUF; A group while under Taylor’s influence committed the worst carnage every known to mankind since the existance in west africa, and when confronted in this trial, he lied and give fuzzy accounts while under oath, lies that were later exposed by the prosecusion. This might not sit well with you and some on the othersides of this coin, QUILTY it is…….

    1. Dear Ziggy Salis,

      I was not presence to witness whether Mr. Taylor was a part of the RUF activity or not. I find it odd that you can accuse him of such acts and present no basic proof that establishes his guilt.
      Unless you are acknowledging that you were presence yourself; I think it is fair to say that you were one of the witnesses that came forth.

      I have never stated that Mr. Taylor is innocent of the charge; I am here to determine whether he gets a fair trial.

      It is expected from those that presume his guilt to acknowledge their belief that he is guilty.

      The outcome of this trial speaks great volume to what you may expect for yourself; my friend.

      Take care,


  6. Please judges in the Hague; kindly grant the defense council of former president Taylor, the opportunity to be present at the final verdict.

  7. The trial of Charles Taylor and the position of the judges to pass their verdict on 26/04/12 has nothing to do with Sierra Leone 51st. independent celebration. It is none of the business of the defense to show concern on Sierra Leone thereby asking for a later date for judgement. They are there to defend their client and not Sierra Leone. This is just game playing to buy more time and waste of donor funds on this matter.
    The defense know that they are on a losing battle and what they need is more money. Therefore the longer it takes on this matter the more money they make at the detriment of donor funds which are dependent on tax payers’ money. This is absolute nonsense. I really see in this forum why the Taylor camp usually become absurd. I want to assure each and every one that come the 26/04/06 the Angels will descend from heaven and God will pass his verdict on that day through the judges. The judges will be inspired by the heavenly father to give a fear judgement.
    The souls of those deceased are still waiting for that day and all of us will see miracles on the sky from heaven. On that day the souls of the deceased both in Liberia and Sierra Leone will rise up and say thanks to God. Let us wait and see, on that day some will be crying while others will be singing thanks and praises to God. If Issa Sesay and others from Sierra Leone were sentenced without any commotion in Sierra Leone, what does the verdict of Taylor has to do with our independent celebration? It is better for the defense team to find another excuse than to puck their nose into our independent celebration.

    1. Faud,
      His Chief Counsel has a PRIOR date in another court……what is wrong in honoring that request???

  8. To the Administration,

    Attached is an article that talks about Judge Sebutinde’s appointment as a judge in the ICC. Can you shed light on how this may or may not conflict with her duties in the Taylor trial.

    And are we to assume that the judges have already reached a verdict and will simply unveal it on April 26 or have they not reached a verdict yet? Anyone with legal knowledge can chime in also.

    1. Dear mas,

      Judge Sebutinde has been elected to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The latest information we have received is that she has not started working in her official capacity at the ICJ and will be present for the Taylor judgment.

      Regarding your second question, we have no way of knowing what the judges have concluded or have yet to conclude. Under the Rules of Procedure and Evidence, the “deliberations of the Chamber shall take place in private and remain secret.” Thus, we are unable to draw any conclusions on what the judges may or may not have decided already.


  9. free Mr.Taylor ok.He has proven beyound all reasonable diot that he’s not engage with the war in Sierra Leone.How can you rounder judgment against such high profile man on the eve of the independence of Sierra Leone?That has shown to the world that you want to make the Sierra Leoneans during the independence by handing down a guilty verdict against him.Secondly you know his lawyer has engagement on said date and yet you want to go ahead with you verdict.

    1. my dears, especially aki, nolo 1-5, and this latin-named somebody
      for all who like to see taylor free: imagine he’s coming back to liberia. all of those who like to see him free, for sure would like him as president once more? Instead of a woman, the first elected female president in the whole of africa? One of the few in the whole world? Who stands for a future in peace?
      Taylor stands for war, abuse, child soldier, corruption aso. The ultimate proof was his saying of not having money for his defense. After he was president of a country with jewels, gold and timber! And his children attending school in europe.
      good luck western africa, on the way to an arch of violation

      greez SWIZZ

      1. Swizz,
        Your post reads to me like “Deutsch”. What’s up with that? I believe “English” will work on this site…..Atleast for now..ha ha ha..Taylor have already told you and your friends that he is done with liberian politics. REMEMBER!!!!

        1. noko 5
          what you mean by deutsch? Am I not writing english?
          Besides, what taylor says and what he does are two different things, but it seems that you know him best, hm? and does mean “done with politics” also done with corruption and abuse?
          Think for once: taking sides with an alleged murder puts you in the same corner unless you’re a lawyer.

      2. Swizz,
        My friend, I want to let you know, the european economy is crashing: If I were you, I will start the process of finding a U S visa instead of being worried about Taylor. We also got jobs for DISH WASHERS her too. I can help you find something in the Boston and New York area…I’m just trying to be friendly. You can take my offer or leave it. JUST LOOKING OUT FOR YOU..ha.ha.ha..Thanks

        1. instead of laughing all the time, you’d rather answer questions, glamour boy. a laughing boy nobody takes serious. no wonder taylor ends in jail, if he relied on boys like you.

  10. Hi Gentlemen/Teagin,
    my post had always erased during the past week and don’t know why….However man born to die… Now Fallah you’ve been talking a lot of trash and it’s now time to stop you. THANK YOU….Hope you are ready to travel to heaven..

    1. Dear noko5,

      I have not seen any posts from you in the past week. If you resend, I will gladly review and post.


    2. You are absolutely right NOKO5, You’er at liberty to say anything on this site. Taylor is my main objective here and not roaches or bloodsuckers that live on others!

    1. Dear mas,

      It is fair to say that Judge Sebutinde submitted her decision in this case prior to the instillation at the ICC. On the other hand, I do not understand how her decision can withstand an appeal if she was not a setting judge at sentencing.

      Needless to say though, in the case of a guilty judgment this matter will be visited by the Appeals Chamber; this just my opinion of course.

      Take care,


    2. Hi mas,

      Thank you for sharing the article. Despite the fact that Justice Sebutinde has been sworn in as a judge of the ICJ, there has been no official word from either the ICJ, the SCSL, or Judge Sebutinde herself that she will not be present to deliver the judgment in the Taylor trial and in the absence of any such official statement, we will continue to assume that she will take part, alongside the other judges, in the delivery of the judgment on April 26.


    3. Mas,
      I guess your quest has been answered…but we wait to see the formation and the rule play out.

  11. An interesting article “Unknown Group Attacks Lofa-Churches, Home Set Ablaze.” President Taylor on April 26, eve of S.L. Independence will be thrown into the Lion’s den for the people of Sierra Leona to prey on. Sierra Leoneans have backing from the west, as a result, they (Sierra Leoneans) can do anything without impunity including President Kabba who aided and abetted Rebels to attacked and killed Liberians.

    1. Big B needs to stop this rumours of taylor being thrown into the Lion’s Den..and nonesense about Lofa County Churches..and etc…! You had always wished for chaos in your country, and all of a sudden you pretend to be caring! Caring my foot. Worry about your Uncle taylor and his fate that hangs in the balance..come April 26th!

      1. fallah, it’s not rumors that President Taylor will be found guilty. I have been saying President Taylor will be found guilty from the get go. Do you recall my comment I retrieved from the archive just for you that President Taylor will be found guilty. If you are not hip to western talks, Lion’s den is a metaphor for guilty. Secondly, why are you bent out of shape referring to Churches and School in Lofa that were destroyed by Sierra Leoneans as nonsense? I didn’t write the story. fallah, that goes to prove that you are a Sierra Leoneans with tides in Liberia. You claimed to be from Lofa, but a true Loffian will never call the Rebel act nonsense. As alleged that’s the reason ellen didn’t give you a cabinet position, because you were going to be asked to prove your citizenship during conformation. Instead, you were appointed on NPA board as a member, a position you turned down..

        1. For the last time; I am not Tom Kamara, I do not need a job in Liberia, and I am not Sierra Leonean but would be proud to be, if you ask me, Big B. Sierra Leoneans are great people and very friendly set of Human beings. Our objective here is not to identify with public sentiments nor please listeners for what we are; rather we are here to talk about why we believe the charges against taylor are true for the alleged crimes against our people of Sierra Leone. We want justice done and nothing more or less, Big B. We understand that those who support taylor believe he is innocent and should not be held responsible for the alleged crimes in Sierra Leone; and you are strong advocate for that, Big B, otherwise you would not hate the stand by those who want justice done! All other nonesense about others not being Liberian is just way to stray from the mean reason we are on this site! After April 26th, we will reasure you that we will care less if Big b is more Liberian than yakpawolo or fallahmenjor. You can live on your citizeship arrogance as only Liberian on this site!

  12. Big B, you sound happy at the news of attacks just to appease your worrying mood on Taylor’s fate.
    In any case, judgement on Taylor’s exploits in Sierra Leone will go very far in warning those bent on burning religious sites like chuches in Liberia. That culture of voilence which was crownd by Taylor in the subregion will end, even these kind of schemishes, because a lione without limbs is easy to contain…

    1. Vem, I am happy in the sense the prosecution during the trial portrayed Liberians to be barbarians, why Sierra Leoneans were portrayed to be Angels….There were no amputation of limbs during the Liberian civil war, unlike Sierra Leone war. President Taylor is blame for atrocities committed by Sierra Leoneans themselves. It was Sierra Leone President Kabba who sponsored Tom Kamara, A. Kromah, ellen, D. Conte, (LURD) Rebels to killed Liberians, as alleged

      1. And that’s OLIVER TWIST in the case….no one, I mean BIG PLAYERS, were brought in except Mr. Taylor…..even Mr Kabbah’s DEPUTIES told the court, they got ORDERS from the COMMAND IN CHIEF, Pres. Kabbah and they are LOCKED UP.

  13. We the Liberians in our country are awaiting the prouncement of the verdict of our former president and hope that the trail lwill be free and fair so as to know whehter democracy will be for all races.

  14. BIG B,

    You can say that again. We all know how heartless those guys are. I am sure President will be free, but if he is judge guilty, that verdict will be based on the greed for diamond which London and Washington need. They pretend that they love Sierra Leoaneans, but in real life they are the one killing them economically. Just look at the living condition of people in Freetown. Unbelievable yah??????

    1. Rubbish conclusion on why taylor will be judged guilty or not, Harris K Johnson. You seem to have very little knowledge on how the Western justice system works, or perhaps, just share ignorance.
      The West does not need to behave as you inferred in your thoughts to get diamonds from anywhere. And for you to think Sierra Leoneans live below poverty lines; just look at your own Liberia and see who is better off! If you are not educated on these matter, it would be nice to shut up or talk about things your level of comprehension. Your pieces are sometimes very silly and laughable, Harris. Please don’t let us go back and forth on these simple common sense thoughts on your fate and dark side on blaming the Westerners for your own way of life that has kept Liberia behind all other African states!

      1. Fallah,
        your old age has caused you serious brain damage. I will not waste my time sharing thoughts with silly old head like you. I have early warned that you stay way from me, let this be the last time you ever talk to me the way you do. As for the west, you can all go to hell.

        1. Harris, you will do nothing to me even if you knew who I was because you are a little ‘fly’ compared to jfallahmenjor. You have nothing to depend on except totting of drum, and singing praises to taylor as you did when he lived in central Liberia, Gbarnga! You are not what I consider a threat to me..otherwise, I live in Liberia and better off than you in education and wealth. Once again, we are here to see to it that justice for the victims of sierra Leone, is carried on, and not garbage from anyone like your types that has kept africa in the the Dark Ages just to protect eachother from justice! Is this clear? If not, I shall promise you another piece..soon!

  15. fallah, you are full of contradictions, on the one hand you write about staying focus on the issue, while on the other hand you deviate from the issue to personal attacks. Only folks who do not know your M.O. would listen to such rubbish. You should be very thankful to Liberia for hosting you under its open door policy during the late President Tubman era. Sierra Leone is your country of birth, where your navel string was buried, but for you to trash Liberia, you are being ungrateful, tom kamara.

    1. Taylor stands accused of atrocities of alleged Sierra Leone RUf crimes against humanity. These include alleged cannibalism per witnesses accounts, murders, sexual slavery of young women and teen girls of sierra Leone, child soldiers allegations of drugging them to carry on his greed for diamonds, and total disregards for human life in the process! Taylor remains to be charged for other crimes in Liberia that we plan on filing against him if acquited in the present charges he has been incarcerated the past three years, Big B. This is what we are here for; all other rubbish is not only stupid, but silly and reminder of who taylor support is made of..! Last reminder,Big B!

      1. fallah, just stop rambling about “Taylor remains to be charged for other crimes in Liberia that we plan on filling against him if acquitted….” Who make up the “we” filling charges? Is it Tom Kamara, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Prince Johnson, A. Kromah, Seku Conneh, George Dweh…Liberians defy your to bring it on! I don’t think you all have drank sufficient moonshine (cane juice) to bring charges against President Taylor for crimes committed in Liberia. Silly.

  16. I do personally hope that justice and fair play will take its course in Mr. Taylor’s trial.
    The rule of law must be respected, fairness and transparency must be the order of the day.

  17. My Pepo West Africa on fire again??? attached is a link about a coup de tat in Mali. When will all Africans and the West get serious about dealing with the root causes of the problems and instability in our region instead trying to simplify very difficult and ingrained problems by blaming it on Taylor.

    This is no defense of Mr. Taylor but he’s been out of power for 8 years now and we still see all kinds on instability in this region. Kindly add your inputs on what you think some of the real problems and solutions are.


  18. I thought the PROSECUTION said that Taylor was responsible for all the wars and anti-dictator military operations in West Africa? But since they falsely jailed our president in their slave quarters, West Africa has seen more deaths and destruction; in Guinea the military took over, Ivory Coast had a bloody war, and elsewhere was a coup, then now is Mali. So since Taylor is in their jail house , who is doing these things? It cannot be Taylor but the economic hitmen who engineer the ruthless overthrow of our president, simply to steal our wealth: they are responsible for the continuous oozing of our blood.

    It was just because of our OIL that they are persecuting Taylor, this case is TOTAL NONSENSE. They can convict Taylor all they want but just like Nkrumah and others revolutionaries Africans became more powerful in death so will Taylor be. The economic hitmen will never break our spirits, the prosecution and conviction of Taylor will harden our resolve to be more committed to the struggles for human dignity, civil rights, economic liberation, and democracy.

    We LOVE you America but you are making a terrible mistake by falsely prosecuting a strong partner, just to please a devious oldlady in Liberia called Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. Taylor is your best man to get the job done in Africa for renew partnership with the West.

    1. Wow, King Gray, for saying;”Taylor is your best man to get the job done in Africa for renew partnership with the West.” you seem to not care about how this statement sounds so ridiculous that it speaks volumes about your social and educational abilties in making analytical judgement on matters that concern, not only your welfare, but for others who have been left homeless by your taylor guy political stand in 14 years that ruined your very fabric, that leaves you more dependant on the West, than 1847, when you;”King Bob Gray” sold piece of the Tribal land to the then Settlers, from The United States, to settle on! You attempt to sound smart but you only make yourself look less informed and mediocre type of guy running around here, telling your country, in an attempt to make a case, that taylor is your best guy to run your country, even though, it is alleged he cannibalized those victims who would not aggree with him, and send others into refugee camps that would not tot guns, rape and terrorize the civilians like most of his support group did during 14 years! It is no surprise that those who helped in carrying out these orders are still alive and coming on this site to attempt making their case! What a shame such are to the world!

  19. King Gray,
    The message is powerfull and inspiring: It will sink in the heart and minds of all. Even the COWARDS who post TRASH all the days of their lives on this site. They are contineously masterminding the cold blood killing of our people as of april 14, 1979, till now. Shame on them and their Ma Ellen. Fallah Menjor; WILL YOU ACCEPT YOUR POST LATER? CRIMINALS!!!

    1. Noko5 only needs to read my piece to King Gray and see how Gray’s piece is inpiring and powerful! You all are just bunch of mediocres running around to say something here even if it seems to make no sense! Seriously, this is no April Fool, NOKO5!

  20. Camp Tajura and Camp Mataba in Libya than under the commands of Quadaffi, a site established in this trial for where Taylor & Sankour trained their blood thirsty followers, an activity that was later transfered to Camp Nama in Bong county R,L after Taylor gained control of that area which is just few miles down the motor road from Charles Taylor’s farm resulting into the violent purging of over a half million inocent lives in the MRU region, and even after Sierra Leone had gained some control of the carnage and requested Charles Taylor to return the fleading RUF combatants residing in Liberia he flatly refused instead chosed to order the assassination of ones like Sam Bokarie, who was ready to speak to the SCSL. Accounts surrending this assassination left trial watchers with taste of lies and deceptions by Taylor, his VP Moses, & right handman and SSS chief Smythe, presented contradictory accounts and forther implicating Charles Taylor in the killing of a key witness who if not silence was the trump card in this case. For his links in the death of Boakarie carried out by the than chief of his death squad Benjamin Yeatent who was kept away from this trial by Taylor’s defense team seplled noting but reasonable doubts which leads to guilt and GUILTY IT IS…..

    1. Excellent piece, Sallis, and this is all that is needed; remind these idiots over and over, what allegedly, happened and how the World remembered it, and according to eye witnesses accounts presented in the trial! They will attempt to ignore facts, even though they personally might know better than they pretend to know on this site. Yuo see how I, jfallahmenjor, have chased them until most of them have left their ‘sandles’ behind in flight of my verbal assaults and intellectual approach. Where are the ‘generals’ that once flooded this site…who, literaly sang their ‘war songs’ and rituals they performed on victims before, allegedly, cannibalizing and feeding on their intestines? They have vanished and very few are left in the fight! I challenge them to show up again because I have news for them before April26th! Taylor sits with his behind trimbling in prison, I bet!

  21. In less than a month, all Africans will learn if time has changed or not. I’d like to see the reaction in both S Leone and Liberia. Hope to also hear comments from African dealers and Western representatives on the matter of the outcome of this case. I’ve kept and shined my eye on the posts from Fallah, Big B, Noko5 and co throughout the course of this trial for years. My hope is that these interesting characters, whom I think kept the debate going (that’s just prsonal my opinion,) will find the courage to swallow the result; whatever it may be.

    Gentlemen, thanks for the passion shown for justice! Fairness is our collective thirst in the court of justice. And we as “Black-Sub-Sahara-Africans” must come to understand that the days of fighting each other (instead of educating one another about the problems and enemies we’re facing together for our own survival) are over.

    Closely observing the evidents of the case during the entire trial of Charles Taylor, I expect the X President of Liberty to walk out free to liberia after 26/04/2012! But being a history student, I know anything is possible when it comes to Africans/black person in western court of law.

    Albeit, we must still hold onto hope! For this case is more than just Charles Taylor and or S. Leone…
    It is about future African leaders and it is about an aging oldman who live and enjoyed his life in the segment of time.

    Bonne chance to both the judges and the spectators!!!

  22. I see and hear all the above comments and opinions but guys, this trial is just about formality. They already knew the verdict before they started the trial. Thats why I stop listening or watching this UN- fair trial. This should be a lesson to us on the continent of Africa. I don’t care what happen they always protect their own and prosecute ours unfairly when we give our brothers up to them.

  23. To All Taylor-Fans
    Taylor maybe the best for you. Have you suffered under his atrocities? I don’t think so, otherwise you wouldn’t say that he is your president. Much more I think you profited personally. Has anyone suffered under atrocities done by Sirleaf?
    Ask a few more questions, fellows

    1. Yes, we suffered from Ellen Johnson Sirleaf sponsored atrocities up to date. Just take a look at the TRC report and recommendations before you start your praise song for the devil in white.

        1. Good point, Swizz, but remember these are, most likely, alleged suppoorters who may have carried out taylor’s orders, in the first place! Therefore, to them, Ellen is wrong for coming to the aid of the Liberian people.Period! These are the same group that thought Gbabgo, of the IVORY COAST, WAS RIGHT IN REFUSING TO STEP DOWN, and that Gaddafi was right on the crack down of Civilians during the Libya uprising! These Brothers, are nothing but ‘gold diggers’ AND THE “NEO-mercinaries of Africa. They want leaders like Charle Taylor, Gbabgo, Mugabe, and Gaddafi, who will provide conditions amongst Africans so they can prosper from! These are the lowest class of Africans and must not be taken lightly! I fear if we don’t do something quickly, they will spred on the rest of the continent. The Boko Haram of Nigeria seems to have same agenda..don’t you concur, Swizz? We nedd to stand up against them in every litle ways we can.. they are the problems of Africa, and not the West!

        2. I am not sure if Gbabgo is someone Africa needs. It was Gbabgo who was in agreement with the west to extricate President President Taylor when he Gbabgo and the west were pissing in the same cup. Mubarak of Egypt knows it all… Africa needs more Taylor, Mugabe, Gaddafi, Jumo Kenyatta, Nkrumah …and not cowards, sellouts and warmongers like ellen, Kabba, tom kamara…

  24. Big B
    so you want more starving, bloodshed, cutted off limbs, sexual slavery aso? There you unmasked yourself.
    if you want to stand against the west, get rid of corrupt leaders, who work in their pocket and don’t give a damn about the people. They all forget that they are leaders of a nation and not director of a firm.

    1. oh yeah, and don’t forget: Africa is rich on Mineral Resources and Rare Earth. If Africa would sell these on a right price in an right mannor, the people would profit. But as long as africans quarrels about this, the profit goes only to a few and the real profiteur is the west.

    2. swizz, being a Nationalist is considered someone who wants more bloodshed, amputations etc, etc for his people, so be, I am guilty. I believe Africa is for Africans and mush be rule by Africans. Firstly, my intent is not to stand against the west. I am not anti west, rather a Realist. At this late stage in the game the west needs Africa more. Africa needs leaders who would stand up for her people and not leaders who when the west says jump without asking how far…

      Secondly, the west rigidly supports corrupted and inhumane leaders who are lacking compassion for his/her people causing excessive suffering as long as these leaders are incompliance. Yes Sir. On the flipside, if the west doesn’t get her way for some reasons or another, she (west) would mobilized and finance oppositions (rebels) to overthrow those leaders that were once incompliance. My question to you swizz who’s really causing the bloodshed, amputations, sexual slavery…? In my opinion, the west is a double edge saw.

      1. You did not answer Swizz’s questiopns, Big B. Swizz is not interested in your being nationalistic nor a realist views. i think Swizz is asking which of the two would you rather have;Taylor or Ellen? The one who cut off your limbs or one who is wiping the tears from your eyes?
        Anyway,Big B is on record, finally , for admitting that he does not hate the West, rather he hates When Western Nations support tyrants, such as taylor, mugabe, and other few. Of course, that is why the west has decided to change course; by arresting and putting behind bars all who do not take Humanity into consideration when they become rulers of their nations! Therefore the West, at the beginnig, the West did not feel comfortable with cries of foul from african nationalists over Neo-colonialism and etc..when, in fact, these very Nationalists turned around to enslave their citizens and surpress basic freedoms such as speech, due process,life and liberty! Just look around and tell me who Nationalist African Leader respected these basic rights in his nations in the past and tell me what course that nation is on today, Big B. This is how you make arguements and not all the garbage of “i am nationalist, I am realist” because you do not know who you are and leave that to History to say Big B is Nationalist from his consistent stand on so so and so..Do you understand where I am heading? therefore, Big b is just disgruntled ex-rebel for tayor, as alleged, and wishes to take a stand to the last on April26, when his leader goes down the annual of History in dirgrace, humiliatins and heads to prison in Britain, and never to see the Motherland again! Swizz, this’ what these guys are all about, the lowest class of inhumane activists of Africa!

        1. Fallah
          you’re right. all in favour of taylor must have profitted. i simply can’t imagine somebody in his favour. When taylor was in power, he and his fellows got forth. He lived in several nice houses, drove in nice big cars, had well furnished wifes, had his kids attending school in Europe, while all others where left behind in a wartorn country. since he has left, there is peace. I really hope it stays like this.
          But I’m afraid, Western Nations don’t put behind bars all who do not take Humanity into consideration. They should do so, yes. But business is more important, since in most Western Countries the rightwing is in power.

      2. Big B
        Do you know where nationalism led us in the past? to concentration camps and 55 Million deads in 2nd World War. so being a nationalist isn’t something good. it draw borders where there are none. we are all human.
        You’re right when you say, that africa needs strong leaders. But needed are human leaders and not slaughterers and not directors of firms.
        You’re right when you say, that the west supports corrupt and inhumane leaders. They do business with whoever is in Power. So vote and get out on the streets for socialist, democratic, green, leftwing leaders. Because they care for people and not for business. Overthrow a democratic elected government: only one or two nations are behaving so on our planet: e.g. US and China, maybe Russia. they are big enough, they can afford it. One again to mineral resources: blessing or course? if one doesn’t look after the right key to spread the wealth coming from these resources, it’s a course. With the right leader, better left leader, its a blessing.

        1. Swizz,great job in breaking it down to simple terms for Big b and others who have no abilities in being ‘rational’ when viewing History. This is the point missing in most of taylor fans arguements; blaket blame on the West, excuses for why they murder others, and justifications for any crimes they commit in the process!
          Besides, they always feel they know History than anyone else. Sometimes, they come after me over ‘mis-spell words’ and etc.. just as this guy did you on one of your posts below;
          On March 16, 2012 at 12:01 pm, noko5 said:

          Your post reads to me like “Deutsch”. What’s up with that? I believe “English” will work on this site…..Atleast for now..ha ha ha..Taylor have already told you and your friends that he is done with liberian politics. REMEMBER!!!!” Unquote:
          This is how silly they get and had chased most people off the site, unfortunately. They do not look for ideas or objectives in others postings. Rather they come up with silly talks like this such and such is not liberian and therefore must produce his birth certificate in order to join the taylor conversation! That is total garbage and that’s why I get back at them because they need some ‘education’! But thanks for youe points above, Swizz, we need people like you here!

        2. swizz, I may not know where “nationalism led us in the past” but with specificity nationalism did not take Africans to concentration camps and 55 million dead. Let save World War II topic for another day. Take for example, Ghana. The reason Ghanaians call themselves the BEST because they love their country. They are nationalist, country first. I am a nationalist in that regards and my broader view, I would like to see the United States of Africa.

          I will say to you what President Taylor said in Ghana to Tom Kamara and his crew back in the 70s that led to the hate Tom has for President Taylor until today’s date. There is no room for Marxism, neither Leninism nor socialism in Africa. I give you the last word. Peace!

        3. and Big B
          since you’re not familiar with history (or anything of the like) : think about the relation between racism and nationalism. None exists without the other. Maybe it’s because of that, that you do not like the west? Believe me, i do not like the west out of the same reason.

        4. fallah
          thanks. you seem to be the only one who is in favor of justice, a lasting peace, truth and reconciliation.
          that noko is a strange thing. noko 1 to 5? how come? Since i asked what’s wrong with my english, even noko 5 desapeared. maybe we’ll soon see noko 6 rising and he thinks we won’t notice.

  25. As We celebrate the Christian Holy Week, I wish to say “Thanks To God Almighty” for guiding us thus far in this trial. I pray that God forgives taylor for his sins as he serves his term in prison after the verdict. Although, he has new faith and has denounced servation through the Blood of Jesus, yet he is on the right course..a true worship of the Almight! For this I pray for his Soul..Happy Easter to all Believers of Jesus!

    1. Swizz,

      I have been trying to establish a firm comprehension of most of the points you are trying to argue, but have not seen substance in your outputs so, sorry for the inactivity with you. I will probably get involve when your pieces start to make some sence.

      As for fallah Menjor, I have challenged him several times and even requested a one on one but as usual, he is still rambling and failing to commit to know facts that have been placed on the table. He is persistant on his vague and unethical arguments..Sometimes people get tyre trying to convence a fool. I taught to allow him get burned so that he learns from it. I am burn out trying to educate an illiterate kissi man. Don’t get me wrong, people from Kolahun are good people. It’s just this GUY..ha ha ha.. Later man.,.

    1. too bad i’m not invited. how about you Big B, Johnson, tomas? you must have gotten an invitation for your broad support and to waive good-bye to the hailor, papa, king. can you hand one over to me, so that as poor student i can be part of that party too?

    1. Is Big B saying, then, that since the United Nations supports her Government, and Ellen being “warmonger’, therefore United Nations is Warmonger? Stop this nonesense as we come to the end of this trial, and for God’s sake focus on the ‘relevants and all your insanity, Big B! We are tired of your senseless approach to issues of importance. Talk with some sense for once. Taylor is not buying your garbage, I presume, because the more you say these garbage, the more indirect ‘insults’ taylor gets! Have you not noticed this?

      1. fallah, with all due respect, if any respect is due to you at all, you are suffering from Alzheimer disease. You have difficulties understanding simple things. What do one expect from a 72 years broken up old man? Big B is not saying “because the United Nations supports her Government and Ellen being warmonger therefore United Nation is Warmonger”. I didn’t write the article and your Alzheimer interpretation of the article makes me wonder if you were responding to the same article written by FrontPageAfrica. There is nowhere in the article that implies to your twisted and insane interpretation. This is not the first time responding to my comment that has nothing to do with the issue. Your logic is stupid, and it’s inductive. Table has four legs; therefore a cow is a table, because table has four legs. Does this crap make sense?

        The portion of your brain that interprets things is in a comatose stage. Monies you got from extortions blackmails and being a Rebel, why not take some of that money and seek medical treatment abroad for one of your many diseases, or else somebody that I know of would do the same thing to you, what you did to old man Kpoto, R.I.P. with Agnes. Think about it Tom????

        1. Not all oldmen are stupid, except if you would like to include your grandparents in this broad ‘generalization’! You are not as crazy as you sound. Kekula Kpoto and I were from the same origin, and for your information; Kpoto died on taylor ‘s farm during taylor’s reign! Go check out your liberian politico, Big B..you should know this information..of all people! Agnes is not your play toy and you could get your mouth ‘twisted’ Big B!

    2. the case of taylor is tried in a court for Sierra Leone. The SCSL only prosecutes the ones who bear the greatest responsibilities. lower charges liberian should be tried in Liberia. For shure, Taylor didn’t do all the crimes alone.
      maybe P. Sirleaf isn’t an angel, but shurely better than taylor. don’t forget that she was with the world bank. i don’t think you get a job there as a warlord.

      1. Sorry for offending you old man, as a Christian I believe in the Bible to honor your father and mother including anyone who is old enough to be your parents. fallah, first of all, you will have to respect yourself as an elder, than you will get the full respect from us, your children and grandchildren. You as an old man have bypassed your respect, now you’re facing your disgrace. My grandfather is an honorable man and has enough sense not to disrespect his children and grandchildren like the way you do. Bringing my grandfather into the debate shows how itty betty your brain is. Alzheimer has encapsulated your brain.

        You always mention how you and someone from the “same origin” a friend like you those who you referred to as from the “same origin” need no enemy. If you are not Tom Kamara as you proclaimed, why are you acknowledging Agnes…? If anybody mouth is going to be twisted is going to be Tom Kamara for allegedly sending old man Kpoto to his grave. Old man Kpoto’s children and siblings are allegedly the ones that would twist your mouth. I know “Agnes is not my play toy” unfortunately, President Taylor is not going to be around to save you this time pal.

    1. Dear Sekou,

      I do not see a posting from you recently. Can you kindly resend, and I will publish?

      Thank you.

          1. Thank you, Sekou.

            Everything has been posted, and we have not received any comments from sam. I am sure the site will be more active in the weeks approaching the judgment though.

            Kind regards,


        1. Dear swizz,

          What exactly are you referring to?

          Are you party to some shenanigan?

          Take care,


        2. sekou
          first you pray, then you post documents that everyone can look up for himself. All without commenting it. This is neither a church nor a blackboard, it’s about a trial, it’s about justice.
          so again: where is the point in the above postings, what you wanna say?

        3. Dear swizz,

          Perhaps you think that this is an online guessing game. If you do not know; how am I suppose to know?

          I post because I have been asked to. If you can review the documents without my assistance; do so and hold your reasoning to yourself; it reflects your development.

          Take care,


        4. Sekou
          you said:
          Perhaps you think that this is an online guessing game.
          – No Sir, i don’t, but you seem to think that, since it’s up to us to find out what you think by posting uncommented documents?
          you said:
          If you do not know; how am I suppose to know?
          – Excuse me? I do not know what you mean by the above postings. You don’t know either, hm?
          you said:
          I post because I have been asked to.
          – Who asked you? The authors of the site, or C.T. or his horrorboys?
          You said:
          If you can review the documents without my assistance; do so
          – Yes Sir, i do.
          you said:
          and hold your reasoning to yourself
          – Yes Sir, I could, when i only knew what you meant.

          it reflects your development.
          – For a development, i should really know what you mean, sekou.
          Sekou means wise, educated, right? So why the heck you don’t let us be part of your wiseness?

        5. Dear swizz,

          The reason there was no comment is due to the fact I had attempted to post all of the links at once and they were rejected by the Sites Portal.

          I did not have nor have any desire to misinform anyone; and thank you for correcting me.

          The comment amounted to no more than “Here are the latest court filings.”

          The filings I post are not published on this website.

          My you have a nice day.

          Take care,


  26. “Is Big B saying, then, that since the United Nations supports her Government, and Ellen being “warmonger’, therefore United Nations is Warmonger?”

    Fallah, you to be very irrational and less educated about world powers and international affairs to ask such a lame question!

    Who promotes “One World Order” at any cost? UN! Where do you think these shameless powers decide which country’s people they’re going to kill to have their way to changing regimes and stealing resources? UN! Who countrols the United Nations? Human Rights abuser and capitalists!

    Hate Taylor with any amount of hatred, son, but try not stand poorly breaded from the facts! Taylor is where he is not for S. Leone or justice. But he’s there because he stood in the way of the current Liberian president who is serving the one world order bosses as a puppet regime master. If Taylor had step aside after getting Doe, Ellen would’ve been made president. And all the factions that were formed to fight until he was killed for Ellen to take over power won’t be needed. By showing character, Taylor put where he is to pay for insubordination and serve as a statement for future politician in poor Africa to learn from. Fallah, don’t be blinded by your irrational less informed dislike. You sound sad. Sorry to say the least mehn!

    Hope you don’t coin me a “Taylorist”, I am for education and justice. Bonne nuit, ami!

    1. you’re rather a well camouflaged supporter of taylor. whenever i read your posts, it starts good but ends in favour of taylor. If Taylor had stepped down…, he didn’t step down! So what are you talking about?
      Africa needs to put an end to impunity. if taylor serves as an example – well done. put an end to impunity so that all african leaders can see, that they have to work for the people and not for their own pocket or the pocket of their relatives.
      That’s the point of the SCSL – and not UN-Rule or Western-Neocolonialism. Whoever speaks of that in relation to the SCSL only helps to continue the exploitation of the african continent.
      Use the Neocolonialism-weapon where it is right: with the multinational enterprises engaged in food, oil aso.

    2. Fallah sounds sad, tomas? You must be out of your sorry mind! Sad for having come this close to sending taylor to justice? If you do not have anything to offer here please continue to read what we put out here and digest it! Simple as that.. I have no further comments to you..because my main reason here is to see that justice to the victims of this case is rendered. I am interested in taylor paying for alleged rapes, murders, inhumane treatment of my people in Sierra Leone, and West Africa. That is why I am here and no rubbish talks from low class so called africans on this site that fuel anger in victims than talk with rationale! I have no patience with stupidity, tomas!

    3. Tomas,

      I actually enjoyed the way you put to him….Fallah ! read Tomas’ ( APRIL 11, 2012, 1:21 AM) post. you will enjoy it too…. oh my God, life..ha ha ha

      1. What a funny guy, noko 1to5. you laugh at everything. atrocities – laughter, sexual slavery – laughter, war – laughter. no wonder you can’t make any sense out of what i’m writing, since one must be out of mind if he laughters at everything.

  27. I’ll really like to understande something can any one help, George s Boley was deported as war criminal the us authorities said, if he was really a war criminal why was he not sent to the icc to be prosecuted for crimes committed against the liberian people instead they sent him to liberia. is it because they do not want to prosecute other liberian for the same crimes because of favouritism. as they did for the people of sierra leone, why is it not in the shoe of liberian dont we deserve justice too. we need a war crimes court in liberia. i alway hear people say these word those who committed crimes against humanity will not go with impunity, but people living with impunity are right under their eye.

    1. Hey james,

      These people would have only gone to see the ICC judge if their names were ending as Taylor. For example; GEORGE BOLEY TAYLOR, ALHAJI KROMA TAYLOR, PRINCE JOHN TAYLOR and SEKOU DAMATEH TAYLOR,etc. Worst of all, the GRANDMA of all REBELS but afraid to die, ELLEN JOHNSON SIRLEAF and , can not do a thing about it because she is enjoying the climate of the absence of the great Zoe, GHANKAY. Guess what, their seats will be hot again, come april 26.

    1. I am not your brother, tomas.We don’t seem to share common genes! sorry, Fallah would not eat from the same bowl with you,tomas..I hate treachery, and that is exactly what you are..taylorite! Worry about your chief,taylor, who comes back to give you a job as he did when he broke jail in the Great United States of America! Not this time, we will make sure he never again commit any crimes as alleged! Get it?

    2. that big business corrupts and is corrupt is nothing knew. What’s knew, is that africans take care of themselves. they send leaders – who work for their own pocket and do not comply with human rights – to jail. Just like taylor. c’est ce qu’on va faire, mon frère.

  28. Ladies and Gentlemen;
    Just curious and would like to know where these brothers are:
    AAron Garyu Tarr
    Andrew Jlay
    I hope they are around but if they went to the Maker, then I would say R.I.P. I want to say I enjoyed debating with most of you guys even though some did not make sense in their presentations, yet they made it interesting and may have learned from others! I can’t wait for the 26th of April, to see the disappointment on the faces of rebels and Joy on the ghost faces of victims of alleged taylor deeds against the people of Sierra Leone!
    For those who will never accept facts, I feel sorry because “ignorance is a disease” and there is no cure! Bravo..jfallahmenjor.

    1. On March 9, 2012 at 3:51 pm, BIG B said:

      Without a doubt the prosecution all along has been playing a dual role from the start of the trial to the end. The prosecution has been playing the role of prosecutors and judges. The court denied most of defense motions and has ruled in favor of the prosecution on the exact rebuttal from the prosecution. It appears as if the prosecution set the stage in its rebuttal for the judges to rule on. The court accepted most if not all of prosecution motions, whether those motions were reasonable or unreasonable. Take for example; the Naomi Campbell’s subpoena. The trial ended, both parties rested. However, the prosecution dictated to the judges and they (judges) conquered to have Ms. Campbell subpoena on the ground of new discovery. Evidences were not available at the time during the trial to have had Ms. Campbell subpoena.

      The prosecution went to the extent of calling Ms. Campbell a “Court witness.” Indeed, it was a court subpoena not the persecution. To the contrary, when defense filed motion to allow a UN report into evidence on Liberians hired to fight in the Ivory Coast on the ground of new discovery, defense motion was denied. Furthermore, reasons given by the court to deny defense motion to change judgment date is an exact DNA of the prosecution’s rebuttal. So, who’s in charge of making decisions for the court? Is it the prosecution, the judges or the west? The correct answer is, all of the above.

      It comes as no surprise to me. Under no circumstances would President Taylor go on trial against powerful countries and win. It’s not just going to happen. This trial from the date of arrest to date of judgment has been base on injustice… Even though, defense is going to take an appear, but the appeal court is not the Supreme Court of the United States…

  29. Fallah,
    The facts stands. You are a hard headed illiterate man, so people are finding it difficult encountering you further. I believe if you stop posting, these guys will come back. Eventhough they may not be posting, but are watching to see if you will stop sooner or later. JUST STOP POSTING OK !

    1. nobody takes noko1to5 serious, since he changes names like his underwear and laughs at everything, even at victims suffering.

    2. The word ‘illitracy’ means one does not read or write. Fallah reads and writes, therefore Fallah is not illitrate, NOKO5! I will never stop posting to the last day! Once we get taylor sentenced, I will stop and concentrate on my novel I am writing titled; ” The Twisted mind set of Neo african Breed in Post taylor Liberia” This novel will expose the taylorbans thoughts and logics according to their tribal mentality! Photos of cannibalism will be added to chapters as well..It will be a ‘most read’ gentlemen!

  30. Unconfirmed news has it, according to FrontPage Africa, that “NORWEGIAN MASS KILLER CLAIMS LIBERIA CONNECTION” Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 Norwegians at Summer-Camp last year, claims he visited Liberia in 2002! If this story is confirmed, what would this tell about Taylor’s Liberia? Wow, this must be an April surprise..this follows that Liberia almost turned into Den Of thieves under alleged Ali Baba!

  31. I hope all you Taylor supporters will be surprise to hear that the Norwegian Mass Killer Anders Behring Breivik claims to have visited Liberia under your master gangster Taylor. Here is Anders Behring Breivik quote in his 1500 pages manifesto:

    “I had the privilege of meeting one of the greatest living war heroes of Europe at the time, a Serbian crusader and war hero who had killed many Muslims in battle. Due to EU persecution for alleged crimes against Muslims he was living at one point in Liberia. I visited him in Monrovia once, just before the founding session in London, 2002.”

    Taylor was in power in 2002, and yet some of you still want this gangster to return back to Liberia. That say a lot about some of you Taylor supporters mindset. Liberia was a fail state under Taylor and yet some of you believe he was a good guy. Disturbing and Unbelievably!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. @ John Sayee and fallah, F.Y.I.

      This Norwegian guy is a complete lunatic and for your guys to align him with President Taylor is not only preposterous but insane. The National Bureau of Immigration has no record of this lunatic visit to Liberia, there are no records anywhere that he (lunatic) obtained a visa, airline ticket or any type of travel documents indicating his travel to Liberia. Publishing rubbish and quoting FrontPage Africa as the source, without actually publishing the link makes me wonder whether T.S./Alpha were asleep on the switch…
      John and fallah, your need to put up, or shut up.

      1. BIG B, please do not waste your time talking back to fallah and this just come john sayee. They are like hungry dogs who rush on every dirty piece of bone to satisfy their hunger, even if the bone is rotten. Let them ask the Ellen government to present prove of this crazy man present in Liberia anytime in 2002

      1. i meant of course you name it, John Sayee. Well said!
        Where you know all this from, Big B? You really must be an insider.

  32. Dear swizz,

    I am unable to edit your posts as requested, so I have deleted them. I am able to post them if you resubmit the comments with your edits.




    1. Only crazy people think the way you do. You Sierra Leoneans should take responsibility of your action and stop wishing evil for Mr. Taylor. You sound like a devil rather than a Rev. You must be crazy to call a former president animal, just take a look at yourself.

      1. Johnson
        a president who left a wartorn area and failed state deserves much stronger words than animal.

        1. swizz may be we call you grandfather an APE because we allegedly beat on your grandmother without a single prove of what he is accused for .

      2. Harris,
        Don’t even mind listen to that false rev. How can a person caal himself a man of devinity and in GO GO club every wednesdays and saturday nights…. Let Tamba find some here else to spread his lies about being what soever false title he’e claiming.

    2. You name it, Reverend! Not only Sierra Leoneans want him behind bars. All Africa knows after the trial, that the time of impunity is over, once and for all.

      1. A reverend should know better, but I am not surprised. I quite understand their frustration, for they have been misled by the so call west and their former president. Rev., you need to read your history with open mind or just shut up.

        1. Harris, Swizz is simply saying;’one who is alleged to have participated in cannibalism, as per witness, Mazdza, in taylor testimony, is equivalent to being an ‘animal’. I agree with this man because only animals eat the flesh of one another because they do not pocess a “soul’. in other words they know not between right and wrong. But if a man eats a flesh of another, then he becomes equivalent to the animal kingdom! Simple as that! Therefore such alleged individual becomes an animal!

        2. Johnson
          taylor had several years to reach peace in a rich country with rare earth, oil, diamonds, timber, a freeport, with vessels all over the world. he didn’t want peace and prosperity. more important was his personal forthcoming. he is a warlord, not a peacelord.

        3. it’s not about the west. it’s about impunity in africa, in westafrica. if you don’t want to see that…

    3. Rev. Tamba,
      You seem to want Mr. Taylor behind bars even if the prosecution didn’t prove their case. What a sad commentary for you as a Reverend.

      1. aki
        that the prosecution didn’t prove their case is your personal sight.
        in my sight they proved the case. taylor was only lying, everybody would lie, confronted with 20 years in prison.

  34. BIG B,

    If you fully understand the meaning of a fail state, you probably won’t be making comments like this:
    “The National Bureau of Immigration has no record of this lunatic visit to Liberia, there are no records anywhere that he (lunatic) obtained a visa, airline ticket or any type of travel documents indicating his travel to Liberia.”

    You guys will say anything to defend Taylor at any cost and that is the disturbing aspect of your arguments. I am not sure if you Taylor supporters were living in Liberia during 2002 to be asking for National Bureau of Immigration record. Maybe BIG B you start looking for records of all the weapons that came to Liberia during Taylor time in power. I can guess your response will be, show me record of those weapons entering Liberia. But those kids that were fighting for your boss were not using sticks, were they?

    These are some of the reasons that made Liberia a fail state under your boss that Norwegian Mass Killer Anders Behring Breivik exploited.

    Can you please give me any major differences between Taylor and Anders Behring Breivik. One of the differences I know for sure is that Taylor allegedly kill more people that Anders Behring Breivik. That is the sad truth.

    1. Dear John Sayee,

      We cannot approve your post at this time because the last sentence does not fit within our policy for comments. If you remove the sentence or rewrite using the word “allegedly” before “Taylor” we can approve.

      Thank you.

  35. I’m not sure what the verdict against Liberia Former President, Charles Ghankay Taylor would be, but it would also be a fair play if the supporters of Charles Taylor’s atrocity group are trialed as well. In fact, will the trial or sentence of Charles Taylor reverse the atrocity in Africa ? If yes, I’m fine ! If no, then I have to think again.

  36. Hi Teagin,

    I do not have copy of my post. If you can add the word “allegedly” before “Taylor” and re-post my comments, that will be fine with me. Thanks.

    John Sayee

  37. Charles Taylor, when you were elected president of Liberia by your popular rebels. during one occation, you totally denied your own self signature. After contineous questioning, you said “even God in Heaven made mistake.” Today in the Hague, you have been found guilty of all the 11 charges levied againsy you. In the first place, you got on the stage and asked for, forgiveness because people have lost lives which cannot come back and billion of properties damaged which is due to war. This is been understood by the whole World. In the second place, you got on the stage and denied doing anything bad, but you were making peace in Sierra Leone as well as Liberia.
    Where are you standing? The whole World now look at you to be inconsistant. The 11 charges are then correct. Your appeal will add more years to the eighty. Remeber what happy to your son (Nicodemus)

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