Prosecutors Want Taylor to spend 80 Years in Jail

Prosecutors at the Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL) in The Hague have recommended that convicted former Liberian president Charles Taylor be sentenced to a maximum term of 80 years in jail for crimes committed by rebel forces in Sierra Leone from 1996 to 2002.This recommendation was made in a sentencing submission made to Trial Chamber judges yesterday. On April 26, three-judge panel found Tay


  1. This is a mockery of justice and an insult to the judges of Trial Chamber II. The RUF and AFRC persons who Mr. Taylor was only aiding and abetting received a more lenient sentence then 80 years. How can the prosecution justify the aider and abetter being sentenced to more time then the people who were found guilty of command responsibility, JCE, ordering of murder and mayhem and of instigating murder and mayhem ?

    Breaking News. Morris Anyah has been appointed to represent Mr. Taylor on his appeal.

      1. Swizz,
        You are grabbing for straws. Leader of a country so what. Then your Tejan Kabbah should have already been serving several years as leader of the Kamajors.

    1. Where is Aki coming from with this silly claims of “mockery of justice?” Is he then saying it would be mockery of justice if taylor was acquited of all the mountains of evidents against him?
      To Aki, mockery of justice means things did not go his way, and justice is when things fall in line of his narrow mindedness! Wow, you better go get your high school diploma and fall in line with conventional norms, Aki.
      You sound so silly, to think that public opinions will change this verdict, that I am left with no stronger response than this! Besides, let me say this to you and your fifteen so called civil organizations of Liberia that are trying to make ‘Mockery’ of justice, that this comes to prove my ‘theory’ of lowest level basic education as biggest problem for post taylor Liberia, and nothing else! If members and organizers of these fifteen paid demonstrators for justice for taylor knew few facts of the matter, there would be a second thought or consideration. However, if a blind leads a blind, where do you think both going to end? In a pit with taylor !

  2. What did charles taylor do to the americans that they hit min so much. Moses blah bad things about taylor, prince johnson did the same. But today they are at least saying some good things about this man.. But for the US, they’re there thinking about the worst.. madam hollis, divid crane and rest of them…..

  3. Please, someone help me. According to the verdict of the special court, Taylor is guilty of “aiding and abetting” the crimes committed in SL. Does this carry a heaver weight than those who committed the actual crimes? For example, RUF—Issa Hassen Sesay – 52 years, Morris Kallon – 40 years, Augustin Gbao – 25 year. CDF—Allieu Kondewa – 8 years, Moinia Fofana – 6 years ( Taylor should get 80?

    1. How much help people need to understand why Charles Taylor’s sentence is severely hasher then the other? Charles Taylor is the “Big Boss”, the “Criminal Master Mind”, Architect of Chaos in Sierra Leone and Liberia, and the list goes on. Without Charles Taylor, none of these guys would have been. Simply, he was their inspiration to commit atrocities. As for them, their days are numbered don’t worry about that. When an organization is in big trouble, its Leader is in an even greater trouble. Hope you get the picture.
      Look people, Ghankay equally deserved what he got. Well if you disagree, I understand your sympathy for him. On the other hand, if you are vehemently against this ruling I suggest you try his ideologies and see how much oppositions will emerge and how far you can go with it in this day and age. I still ponder on the question – What is Justice?

      1. Justice is when one gets what he/she deserves. Not the one in this remote control court of Sierra Leone.

      2. Kezoe,
        Given your utterances , It is clear you did not listen carefully as the judges gave their verdict of not guilty on the charges and claims you mention above.

  4. You all keep ignoring that he was also convicted of “planning” the worst incident in whole war – the Freetown invasion. (not just aiding and abetting) And judgement made clear he was “indispensable” for the AFRC/RUF. Planning is a direct form of 6.1 liability….and most legal professionals consider it higher and more clear doctrine of liability than the much-maligned JCE.

    1. why all you people hiding the true.we all the the true behind all the Charles Taylor case,it is not all about LS but the America people interest from Liberia the he deny them off.In Liberia war that the American people send Taylor to fight did his men cut off people arms and lags like there RUf and other did in SD?

  5. God is Great! 80 years is fine because it will ensure this monsters dies in prison. It will finally bring to closure hurt and despair this man caused so many of us for life! Many of my familt members lost their life because of taylor. If I had not prayed hard I would go on the rampage to get even with his family members, but God is wonderful that we chose to be patient to this day! Now is time to rejoice that justice is finally here. Bravo, tyalor you shall rot in prison for your sins and then you will finally be forgiven after serving your term(recommended 80). Good luck with your new Defense Team!

    1. yes fallah
      and history will still treat him better then he did treat the people of two or more countries.

    2. jfallahmenjor, why i u saying God is Great. i u not the one that was saying in 1997: U KILL MY MA, U KILL MY PA, I WILL VOTE FOR U? Y today u i against ur former President Mr. Taylor

      1. P.Pannoh, I believe you just joined the conversation and therefore need to read before opening your mouth here! You seem to be like a deaf man at the conference, who attempted to share a joke, not knowing all previous jokes, repeated a joke that had already been told, and thus, getting the greatest laughter as people thought;’what a loser!’ and dumb, that seems to have not paid attention to the jokes all along?
        That is exactly what you are, P. Pannoh! If you surely think you have a point here ,so be it, but I believe jfallahmenjor would have been the last man to waste a ‘vote’ on taylor or associates! Go back to class and learn to address jfallahmenjor the kissi warrior! You should be demonstrating at the Hague to pressure International Body to free taylor to come and repeat crimes convicted on, upon you poor ignorant Liberians that seem to know no good!

  6. What a shame fallah. Look! taylor trial is not about sierra leone. So if i were in your position, i will give myself a knock out from this site. Your comments lacks maturity, and full of hatred. I haven’t heard u commenting on your own people( sierra leoneans ) who look at their own people and give them shot sleeves and dog theeth. Horrible! We liberians are not taking anyone to court cuz we were not treated the way u people treated ur own people. Go on and keep using taylor as a scapegoat. But ur conscience will always remind u fallah… The world will get to know u guys are..

    1. Yes Lib pekin, the World is watching and seeing how arrogant some of you feel, just the same arrogance your convicted likes of Joseph Kony, the WANTED african alleged rapist and child soldier recruiter! Yes the World sees it clearly, and only you narrow minded die hard support group of taylor see things differently!
      What a pitiful set of africans you guys are! But you know what..? After this some you will fall in line with the rest of civilized World Order and stop your cannibalistic practices! I see why Liberia continue to have highest rape cases in West Africa. Seriously, you seem so patriotic that you call yourself “liberia peking’ and not knowing how people view you,becuse you are ignorant and have no clue or knowledge of civilization,dumb taylorite!

      1. well jfallahmenjor ! if taylor told about 18000 plus SL men , go and kill your own SL mother, kill your SL father, take all the little children give them long sleeve and shot sleeve and not forgetting give them dog teeth then i think your should sell that entire country and start asking for asylum in somilia or sudan cuz maybe SL stands venerable for another aider and abider. Look if u give charles taylor 1 billion years, it won’t change the fact that we all know u jfallahmenjor look at your own bor bor them
        and redesign them.. U are dangerous. this is why we from lib must never identify ourself on this site cus shot sleeve and dog teeth PRODUCER them on this site. you wanna talk about civilized world? The first thing a very old man like u never had old IBM machine until charles taylor trial. you are so confuse, hot writing nonsense all over the place BIG DUMMIE FALLAH! As a older man i am kindly asking you to comment according to ur age. Here’s one of your lies you people carry around to gain favor from the west.. It says, elen j johnson spent a year in prison under taylor rule..

        HERE’S ONE

        1. Lib.Pekin, jfallahmenjor is kissi, liberian, naturalized citizen of the United States, wealthy individual,retired and moves freely without depending on anyone nor praise singing for taylor for handouts, and finally a civilized oldman as you presumed, who has answers to your needs of instructions, as hash as these instructions may be, to educate and lead you ignorants Liberian brothers that have come to learn uncivilized ways under charles gankay taylor, that live, and sometimes think like cave men,that the verdict is passed, and taylor is history! I hope you do not get lost comprehending this piece, LIBERIA PEKIN.

        2. Okay Lib. Peking, your narratives may have happened in Sierra Leone, but none like cannibalism that took place in Liberia. Taylor rebel forces killed and ate half of the 250,000 victims! What do you have to say about that Lib. Picken?
          Then also tell the world why taylor rebels engaged in mass rapes and public degradations of female victims during taylor rebellions?
          Tell the world the justification of hanging human intestines at taylor held areas at checkpoints?
          These were all civilized deeds, eh? you see, this is wyh you guys sound so barbaric that we need to put end to some of these acts, although taylor is gone, by setting up prosecution courts in Liberia and bringing advocates, who were equally guilty, to justice!

  7. What a joke. The prosecutors should have asked for 500 years for this monster. I hope he never walk on this earth as free man anymore. Do you remember the last comments this monster made when he was kicked out of our beloved Liberia: “God willing I will be back”. God is not evil.

  8. Wow!
    So the international criminal justice system received prosecutorial recommendation to cage CT for 80 years? Oh boy! I wonder who will be around to receive his remains at the end of his jail term? I know the magnitude of his crimes could be conmesurate with the recommended punishment. I also know this could be a message to Africa’s “bad boys leaders” or war barons that the age of impunity is over. However, CT is already aging (I think he’s in his early 60’s). His currently looks is a far cry from the boyish black hair charismatic smart-talking revolutionary leader that emerged on the world’s stage in the early nineties. Maybe he could serve a quarter of the recommended jail term excluding time already served, but I do not sit on the panel of judges. Well, until then, we anticipate some mini melodrama in the appellate process.
    We need to move on though! Liberia must move on! We cannot afford to look behind! Tomorrow does not wait for us!

    1. Davenport,

      I believe you are a Judge on the panel, since you are . You should carry your travelling bag for his remains. It might help you live a better life after, since his remains is of importance to you.

  9. Lo, Jfallah or whatever u claimed to be! We have a very fine saying in Cote d’Ivoire, that, “everything is paid on Earth.” So, please watch what you say about the Liberian family when you’re dealing with an individual character on this website, old man! Reason may be far from you in nature, but learn to be prudence when you rap with lack of complete wisdom. I am not asking toi for logic or integrity. Just informing you that your insolent conduct has gone out of control, Sir! Show some ethic (grow up) in your writings when you dare talking about a people you know not..
    And by the way, I’m not interested in your comment or response, thanks!
    Just be careful what you say…

  10. wow! The verdict is for Sierra Leon as well as Liberia, who suffered more brutalities and dictatorial leadership of convict Taylor. This verdict is in line with the saying, “hundred days for thieve-man, one day for master”. So shut up all you blind supporters of Taylor the “Showman”; be glad that a monster is behind bars forever and ever… Amen!

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