Staying Informed on the Trial of Ruto and Sang

As the trial of William Ruto and Joshua arap Sang opens in The Hague, we would like to draw your attention to the following background material on the process now available online:

The Open Society Justice Initiative, which runs this website, has produced a 13-page briefing paper which includes a detailed timeline, while outlining likely defense arguments and explaining the trial process and legal background.

Human Rights Watch has published a Q & A on the opening of the trial that addresses issues including the current political and legal context in Kenya, and the views of the African Union.

The Coalition for the International Criminal Court, which is supported by over 2,000 civil society groups in over 150 countries, has collected its statements and summaries of events in the case here, available in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

For live updates from The Hague on events on the trial’s opening day, you can follow @icctrialmonitor on Twitter.


  1. The ICC should show justice on these criminals without favoritism whatsoever so that they can know that Kenyans are human beings and should be led by good leaders and not criminals. Jail them even.

    1. Bush,be wise as u r brave 2 say ua stupid thngs 2 ua siting presi en his deputy coz No one,neighter ua god father wl fly u 2 America or whchever place wen our own great nation is in dilema! We r seekng 4 fare justice not 4 de few bt, 4 all without gooling,drafting,imagning,fixing en exegeratng 2 others 4 OTHERS! No! We need 2 b real U.

  2. If justice is to be done,it is clear dat de so called prosecutor has been funded 2 condem en destroy de strength of others 4 de other crooks who are nw cen she dcide who blong 2 jail at diz stage?nw as a kenyan citicen,i demand bensouda out of her chair or appolgize 2 all kenyans who took their elections in a peacful way truely en in large numbers 2 elect de innocent, young leaders with good vision to de pple of kenya.kenya is now a democratic state en de rest of de world wl live 2 knw btween de rights en will of de pple en playing games 4 some selfish leaders who uses money 2 buy truth from wrng sentments whch does nt much: big shame 2 prosecutors who wants 2 put de wrng thng 4 de bneft of one ‘s desire 4 2017 top sit.very very bitter 2 c even a mother of children on dat sit actng without fear of miscoduct of big offce 2 her future grandchildren.VERY SAD!

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