Ninth prosecution witness concludes testimony in private session

Today, the ninth prosecution witness completed his testimony in the trial at the International Criminal Court (ICC) of Deputy President William Samoei Ruto and former radio journalist Joshua arap Sang.

Except for a few minutes at the opening of Monday’s hearing, Witness 356 testified in private session. During his public testimony, the witness confirmed that a transcript defense lawyer Karim Khan read out in open court was what he heard on a video that was played in private session.

The video was of a news conference that Orange Democratic Movement party leader Raila Odinga and other politicians held calling for the release of a prominent farmer of the Rift Valley, Jackson Kibor, if the police were not going to charge him. Kibor was arrested in February 2008 and later released.

A few minutes before the court adjourned for the day, the tenth prosecution witness took the stand. Witness 128 is testifying under protective measures that include his face and voice being distorted on the court’s live stream. He is also hidden from view of the public gallery by a screen. His first few minutes of testimony were in private session.

Witness 128 will continue testifying on Wednesday.


  1. Is icc Kenya cases have some similarities with that of Rwanda ( international criminal court for Rwanda) which was held in Arusha?

  2. these case is worse than the Genocide in Rwanda.
    first in Rwanda the govt was taken over by militia after the president assassination therefore the country was in absolute chaos.
    secondly Rwanda war was sporadic not organized in a certain fashion . Finally Rwandaneese war was goal oriented and attainable
    In other words rwandaneese were psychologically and emotionally apprehensive to the magnitude of the genocide. contrary to our situation political differences lead to death by hateful militia organization. Its terror in large scale.

  3. This cases at the criminal court will not help in restoration of peace. It is only enriching the witnesses who are only happy to be paid by giving faults testimonies. Some were idlers at home who never touched anything with their hands and now are living in a better life than the victims.

  4. I don’t know but i disagree with njoroge, the Rwanda genocide was worse than the pev in Kenya.The study and research reveals.

  5. Hallo Tom, i always read and follow your up-to-speed updates on the ICC Kenyan cases at the Hague. I also report on such matters. Keep up the good work….

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