Castresana Gives Recommendations on Strengthening the ICC

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Carlos Castresana, former head of the UN Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG), recently spoke at an event on the future of international justice at Open Society Foundations in New York. In an interview following the event, Castresana emphasized the need for International Criminal Court (ICC) member states and the United Nations Security Council to do much more in support of the ICC. He urged states to play a more active role in dealing with the African Union, saying that “the ASP president should work with African States to resolve the current tensions and remove obstacles to existing cases.” He also insisted that the Security Council must not refer a situation to the court, as they did in Sudan and Libya, and then act like their job is done.

The interview also touched on what the ICC can do to respond to criticism that it only prosecutes Africans, as well as on lessons learned from his work with CICIG. The article can be read in full at here.



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