Witness Says Sang Asked Fellow Villagers to Block Roads

A witness told the International Criminal Court (ICC) Joshua arap Sang called on people from his village to block roads as others were doing elsewhere after the results of the presidential election had been announced on December 30, 2007.

On Monday, Witness 658 said that Sang made the call while on air at Kass FM, a Kalenjin language radio station where he was the star presenter. He said Sang’s village is called Kipkege. The witness is testifying in the ICC trial of Sang and Deputy President William Samoei Ruto. Both men have been charged with three counts of crimes against humanity for their alleged roles in the violence that followed the December 2007 election.

Ruto had been in court on Thursday and Friday last week, but he was not present today. His lead lawyer, Karim Khan, said Ruto had been excused and would return to court later in the week.

The witness said that a day after the presidential results were declared, Sang announced there would be a fundraising event for the youth that day, December 31. He said the event was to be held in Ziwa. The town is about 37 kilometers north of Eldoret.

He said Sang did not give any other details about the fundraising event, or harambee, as they are commonly called in Kenya, but he believed it was connected to the violence that had started in the country at the time. The witness said that just hours after the presidential results were announced Kalenjin and Luo youth were burning tires in Eldoret and war cries filled the air. He said the Kalenjin and Luo youths were supporters of Raila Odinga who had been declared the loser in the elections.

Witness 658 was asked to give more details about the war cries. He said they were only made by women in Kalenjin culture and the words they repeated were kako bok, which he translated to mean, “We are being attacked.”

In the afternoon, the witness said he went to the fundraising event and on the way there he saw a truck carrying about 300 young men armed with bows and arrows. He said the truck’s licence plates were concealed with paper. He said the name and address of the owner of the truck, which in Kenya is normally displayed on driver’s door, was also concealed with paper. The witness said he also saw another truck coming from the opposite direction and there were also young men in it. He estimated they were as many as 300.

Witness 658 will continue testifying on Tuesday.


  1. I would like to see a truck on Kenyan roads that s carrying 300 ( Three Hundred ) People. OMG! I hasten to add; estimated by someone who is some distance away from the vehicle which may be is in motion!

  2. all recordings of kass fm of 31st dec should b played to show weta indeed Sang announce harambee or call pple to block the road, and again the witness shuld tell us how many dd he/she contributed. Last 300 youths in a single truck, hw long is this truck an if the number plates were consealed, dd he/she made a follow up. Truth shuld prevail nt just allegations brought by coaching. God bless us

  3. though iam not a good kalenjin translator ,i don’t think the words kako bok means “we are being attacked” but it should mean “it is finished”

  4. even a trailer may not possibly ferry 300 passangers at ago may the witness reveal where he/she collected the information.secondly it was impossible to organize fundraising on 31/12/2007 since there was chaos allover the country. it is realy a movie

  5. This is another classical coached witness who seems not aware that million of KASS FM were listening to what the station was airing on those days and no time ever did I hear from that station Mr. Sang calling for road to be blocked instead he was calling on people not to block roads.

  6. where there no any police in the road?at what distance was the witness to see that the front license and insurance was covered?He/she claims to havep attended the fundrasing,how much did he gave? it seems the witness was coached

  7. it’s self evident that this is pure fabrications and utter lies. the spontaneous eruptions of chaos could not allow for any arrangements to be done neither could anyone marshall any organized groupings whichever of his/her status in society. going by the read, one could feel a directed well choreographed chronology of events. yes, the witness has kind of cute memory but the hiding of the number blade is unbelievable let alone the hiding of owners name on the cars’ body. I believe this witness is schooled+these last group- enough such that they must have mastered the art of lying by and not limited to following the testimonies previously heard. all in all i wish that justice prevail, both to the victims and the accused.

  8. Reply
    This word kakobook/kakobookchech differ significantly within the various kalenjin subtribes and i bet in the region of kipkeigei there must have been keiyo/nandi/terik/tugen etc/who then was decoding this words for this varuous subtribes.two since when did women go to war and finally i thinks this witness is throwing in kalenjin words hopelessly hoping something might stick.it interesting indeeed.

  9. If at all the kalenjins shouted ‘kako book’! who in particular were attacking them? this witness should clarify

  10. Agreed as above we have been attacked now by who exactly as opposed
    d ongibookchi.so the whole meaning changes automatically and the witness seems not to know what he saying an indicator of provably intense couching

  11. Actually The Mouce Game Is Over And Witnesses Are Now Coocking Anything They Think It Can Suite The Situation. Actually For Someone To Alledge That Immediatly After A Fund Raising In Ziwa Within Within Eldoret , That Mr. Kapondi Could Availl Weapons For Youths On The Same Day Of 31/12/2007, Its Not Logic.

  12. How does one determine the ethnicity of an individual or people by looking at them in a gathering? Definitely not by physic in a cosmopolitan area like Eldoret. Besides things couldn’t be that bad if the witness had all that time to be in all the places he alleges and come out unscathed.
    Give us more!

    1. Just for the record, the word ‘kakobok’ is Kalenjin word commonly used as a distress call, an SOS call for help against an imminent danger… in self defense for that matter.
      The cry could be applied to repulse protagonist whose target is to invade the abode, homeland.

      And so if the women were shouting ‘Kakobok Kipkeigei’ the meaning was that ‘Kipkeigei is under attack’

      The opposit of this is ‘Oawen’ a word used to mobilise foot soldiers to a common front. The later word can rightly be said to whip up numbers for a clasified as agression.

      Normally the cry ‘Oawen’ would mobilised to a common frontier with protagonists.

      If then for instance they shoulted ‘Oawen..’ no doubt they would not be mentioning Kipkeigei but some frontier destination with a protagonist community, a common border.

      So for the witness to have submitted that women of his community were mobilising for agression using the word ‘Kakobok Kipkeigei’ is completely untruthful, a monumental lie.

  13. Reply
    Kipchomber,thats spot on and that is why i believe this witnesss doesnot know the nandi words he is throwing around.

  14. This witness is couched stupidly.After election the then Minister For internal security Michuki banned life radio and TV broadcast, this witness is a supper natural Human Being.He was everywhere, kitale and eldoret at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. This witness is couched stupidly.After election results were announced,the then Minister For internal security Michuki banned life radio and TV broadcast, this witness is a supper natural Human Being to be able to hear sang live in Kass FM.Further still he seems to be everywhere during that time i.e kitale and eldoret at the same time.Did he anticipate to be a witness someday? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Fred kapondi was in jail during 07 -08 elections, he voted in wen he waz in custody, ope defence have such information

  16. Sang used the words ” oyat ortunwek kakobichiit” it means all roads should be unblocked becouse of emergencies f.I pregnant women and urgent medical suppliers amongst others

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