Ruto and Sang Trial Continues in Private Session

The trial of Deputy President William Samoei Ruto and former journalist Joshua arap Sang at the International Criminal Court (ICC) was held over two sessions on Friday, which were conducted entirely in private session.

After the two sessions the court adjourned for the day, and there has been no official communication on whether Witness 727 testified on Friday. The witness had been scheduled to testify since Monday under an order issued by Trial Chamber V (a), but he had not done so by Wednesday. On Tuesday, Witness 727’s lawyer said the witness was in hiding because he feared for his life.

Ruto and Sang have been on trial since September 2013 for their alleged roles in the violence that followed the December 2007 presidential poll. They each face three counts of crimes against humanity.


  1. The witness’ refusal may be because of lacking anything of sustance to put across,otherwise why should he fear for his life as if he is the first one to testify is this case. Many have done and are existing.Lies and tailored plans against the two will soon or later Pave Why 4 The Reality And Truth.

  2. Trueth needs to be talked about here i see anothet blood shade in kenya if Rutos case goes otherwise public opinion is very important

  3. It is evidently clear that ICC and precisely prosecution had not done their work right.They have wasted Ruto’s time and Sang’s time.The only two remaining are Kalenjins.I wonder is the process intended to still bring any form of justice to the victims and parties affected or it has again become another political play given that 2017 is around the corner?

  4. A Competent Prosecutor Or Lawyer Should Start His Case By Presenting Very Strong Witnesses In Order To Build A Water Tight Case , In This Current Matter The Prosecutor Seems To Lost This Step And Her Case Is Week According To The Proceedings We Have Been Following,, No Miracle The Prosecutor Can Do Succeed With This Case Against Ruto And Sang. However The Judges While Soon And Hopefully T E R M I N A T I N G This Suite Should Thank The Current Prosecutor For Trying Its Best To Famble With A Case That Was Poorly And Wrongly Presented.

  5. may justice be done we don’t expect scenerio where innocent people are just punished to serve as example to deter criminal in future.may justice be our shield and defendet

  6. The real victims have forgiven and forgotten what happened,peace is what we want.Opportunist have taken over and seem determined to peddle false to achieve their goal. ICC TEAM must understand kenyans whether in HUMAN RIGHTS GROUP OR A VILLAGER- they love money(wealth) more than eternal life, they will cry,shout,beg on the streets,lie and swear by the holy book to get recognition and MONEY, PLEASE LEAVE THESE INNOCENT SOULS to enjoy the 60 or so years on earth with their loved ones.

  7. poor people are salve of the rich one.let the law takes its way,and let people not make decision of the court outside the court.

  8. I wonder what some people stand to gain if ruto is jailed. Are you telling me ruto should carry the burden of 2007? which in fact was a national crisis? Betrayal!!

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