Who’s Who

The Accused

Case 001

  • Kaing Guak Eav, alias Duch: Ran the S-21 prison known as Toul Sleng.

Case 002

  • Nuon Chea: Also known as “Brother Number 2.” Served as  deputy secretary of the Communist Party of Cambodia.
  • Khieu Samphan: The Khmer Rouge regime’s titular head of state and foreign minister.
  • Ieng Sary: Served as the Khmer Rouge minister of foreign affairs. Died in 2013, before the trial concluded.
  • Ieng Thirith: Served as the minister of social affairs in the Khmer Rouge regime. She has been deemed mentally unfit to stand trial.

Case 003

  • Meas Muth:  Former Secretary Division 164 of the Revolutionary Army of Kampuchea and Commander of the Navy in Cambodia from April 1975 to January 1979.

Case 004

  • Im Chaem: Served as the Secretary of Preah Net Preah District in the Northwest Zone.
  • Ao An: Served as the Central Zone Deputy Secretary and Sector 41 Secretary.
  • Yim Tith: Served as the Southwest Zone Sector 13 Secretary, Kirovong District Secretary, and Northwest Zone Deputy Secretary and  Sectors 1, 3 and 4 Secretary.

The Prosecution

  • Chea Leang, National Co-Prosecutor
  • Nicholas Koumjian, International Co-Prosecutor

The Defense

For Kaing Guak Eav, Case 001

  • Kar Savuth
  • Francois Roux (Discharged by Duch in 2010)
  • Kang Ritheary

For Nuon Chea, Case 002

  • Son Arun
  • Victor Koppe

For Khieu Samphan, Case 002

  • Kong Sam Onn
  • Anta Guissé

For Meas Muth, Case 003

  • Ang Udom
  • Michael Karnavas

For Im Chaem, Case oo4/01

  • Bit Seanglim
  • Wayne Jordash, QC

For Ao An, Case 004

  • Mom Luch
  • Richard Rogers
  • Göran Sluiter

For Yim Tith, Case 004

  • So Mosseny
  • Suzana Tomanovic

Investigating Judges

  • You Bunleng, National Co-Investigating Judge
  • Michael Bohlander, International Co-Investigating Judge

Trial Chamber Judges

Pre-Trial Chamber Judges

Supreme Court Chamber Judges

Key groups, Organizations and Individuals

  • The Documentation Center of Cambodia (DC-Cam): An independent Cambodian research institute dedicated to documenting and preserving information about the Khmer Rouge regime.
  • Tony Kranh: Director of the Office of Administration. The office of administration handles the relations with the courts’ donors.
  • Knut Rosandhaug: Deputy Director of the Office of Administration and Coordinator for United Nations Assistance to the Khmer Rouge Trials.
  • Pol Pot: The leader of the Khmer Rouge. Died in 1998 before the tribunal proceedings began.
  • Ambassador David Scheffer: Former U.N. Secretary-General Special Expert on United Nations Assistance to the Khmer Rouge. Trials.


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