There are four pictures of an aircraft.

Pros: Where did you get these photos?

IS: From a crew member.

Pros: Did this plane have any association with the accused, Charles Taylor.

IS: Yes, the airplane’s call letters (painted on the side) indicate it is registered in the Cayman Islands and leased or owned by Leonid Minin.  Oddly, the plane has the markings of the Seattle basketball team, the Seattle Supersonics.  When the panel interviewed Mr. Taylor, Taylor told them that Minin had tried to sell the aircraft as a presidential airplane for the Liberian government, but that it had been too expensive.  The type of aircraft is essentially an executive jet, not a cargo plane.  Pictures of the interior of the plane show crates in the interior with ammunition and weapons.  That it wasn’t a cargo plane explains that there needed to be so many flights.  All photos were taken at Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso, where some of the weapons had been sent by truck in order to make them harder to track.