Pros: Now I want to ask you about arms shipments listed in the report of the expert panel.  First, how did the panel work?

IS: We worked as a team on some aspects, or in smaller groups. 

Pros: Are you familiar with the UN arms embargos affecting SL and Liberia at the time your panel was formed?

IS: Yes, there was a complete embargo on Liberia, and an embargo on all shipments to parties in SL except for the government.

Pros: Who is Leonid Minin, mentioned in your report?

IS: He flew arms to Liberia and throughout the region.  Has subsequently been arrested for many offenses, including drug trafficking and passport fraud.

Pros: The report discusses various flights of an aircraft owned by Minin.  What was your source?

IS: There were two sources.  The Angola expert panel told us about this plane taking a large shipment of arms to Burkina Faso.  We wanted to find out what happened to those weapons.  Our air traffic control expert went to Spain to review flight logs for this aircraft, also in Burkina Faso.  There was no data whatsoever available on this flights in Liberia.  We also spoke to one of the crew members.  We were able to document a 68-ton weapon shipment to Liberia.  Smillie reads part of the report detailing 6 flights between Burkina Faso and Liberia in March 1999.  We have photographs of the plane and its cargo.

Original photographs are being shown to the defense, witness and judges.