Cross-examination of prosecution witness continues: 

Wit: I do not see the name Emmanuel Williams in the statement.

Def: So when you gave the statement, you did not mention the real name of Rocky, did you?

Wit: “Rocky” is there.

Def: But you didn’t mention his real name, Emmanuel Williams, did you?

Wit: I’m here making a continuation of my statement.

Def: But you didn’t mention Emmanuel Williams in Nov 2002 when you made this statement.

Wit: I mentioned Rocky in 2002.  I’m continuing the story today.  I know what I went through.

Def: We have sympathy for your suffering, but you need to answer the question.  The first time you mentioned the name Emmanuel Williams was to Prosecutor Bangura this week in The Hague, right?

Wit: It was not in The Hague.

Def: Where was it when you gave him this information?

Wit: It was in Sierra Leone.

Def: Was that this year, 2007/2008?

Wit: It was 2007, but I can’t recall the date or month.

Def: The statement you made to the Office of the Prosecutor in May 2007 – do you recall?

Wit: I remember the statement, but I can’t say which month.

Defense is pointing to to statements to prosecutors from 2007.

Def: Can you indicate in this document where you mentioned the name Emmanuel Williams, if at all?  You didn’t mention it when making this May 2007, did you?

Wit: It was not only in 2007, bt they used to call me to Freetown and I gave other statements.  The name Rocky is more important to me than the name Emmanuel Williams.  It is the same person.  I mentioned it to prosecutors.  I even gave Morris Kallon’s other name.  I was traumatized during the time this all happened.

Judge Sebutinde: Please just answer the questions directly.

Def: So you’re saying you met Mr. Bangura in 2007 and gave him this name, Emmanuel Williams.

Wit: Yes, I told them that Rocky is called Emmanuel Williams.

Defense tells the court that there was no disclosure of this from the prosecution.

Judge Sebutinde observes that the May 2007 documents are “interview notes”, not a “statement”.

Defense says, true, but prosecution has an obligation to disclose.

Sebutinde: Yes, but to be fair of the witness, this is not a statement.  These are notes on a statement by the witness.

Defense asks the witness to look at the May 2007 notes.  Do you remember speaking with the prosecution in May 2007?

Wit: Yes.

Def: Were these notes read back to you, or did you read them yourself.

Wit: Shymala Alegendre (a prosecutor) gave them to me and I read them through.  She gave it to me together with my older statements.  I looked at them and showed them some typographical errors in the first statement.  I showed her.

Def: Were you shown these notes again by Prosecutor Bangura here in The Hague?

Wit: She didn’t give it to me, but she read it to me.