Defense counsel Andrew Cayley continues cross-examination of prosecution witness Alex Tamba Teh:

Def: What year did the RUF finally leave Kono District?

Wit: For where?

Def: When did the RUF leave and the government take over Kono District?

Wit: I was in Kono.  I saw the UN enter there in 2000 for the disarmament.  It was then I realized they’d left finally.

Def: You were there in 1999 and 2000, in Kono?

Wit: Yes.

Def: You told us yesterday that you’re a teacher as well as a pastor.

Wit: Yes, I am a teacher.

Def: When you were captured, you told Capt. Banya that your name was Isaac Teh, didn’t you?

Wit: Not to Capt. Banya.  It was Rocky I told I was Isaac Teh after I was first captured.

Def: So you’re known as Alex Teh and Isaac Teh?

Wit: I got the name Isaac because I’m a pastor.  I didn’t give them my real name.

Def: Some of the rebels came to know you as Isaac Teh.  The RUF were running three schools for the poor in Kono District during 1999?

Wit: They were running many schools.  Every town had a school.  I can’t say how many.

Def: These schools were free?

Wit: That’s what I heard.

Def: During 1999, a Reverend Isaac Teh is listed as supervisor of schools in Kono District.  That’s you, isn’t it?

Wit: I’m not saying I was.

Def: Were there two Isaac Tehs in Kono District?

Wit: I never told an investigator that I worked in the schools.  I don’t want to talk to you about what’s not in my statement.

Def: Are there 2 Reverend Isaac Tehs in Kono District?

Wit: I am the only person called Rev. Isaac Teh in Kono District.

Def: You said yesterday that Rocky told you his real name during your captivity, Emmanuel Williams.  He said he belonged to a tribe that came predominantly from Liberia.

Wit: Yes, he told me his real name was Emmanuel Williams, from the Bassa tribe in Liberia.

Def: The first time you mentioned this fact was this week to Prosecutor Bangura in your preparatory sessions.  Is that right?

Wit: I stand by by oath, and I told the Special Court before what Rocky’s name was.

The witness is being shown his first statement from November 15, 2002.  Def says Prosecution disclosed this as a new fact this week.

Def: Did you disclose in your first statement what Rocky’s real name was?

Wit: This is not new. 

Def: Did you state this in your first statement, that you knew Rocky’s real name and that he was from Liberia?  Is it in the statement?

Wit: It’s in the statement.

Judge Sebutinde asks witness to show in his November 2002 statement where it states Rocky’s real name.  Sebutinde asks whether the witness can read English fluently.

Prosecutor Bangura: He can read English, but not fluently. 

Wit: I’m a country boy.  I can hear English and speak a bit of it.  I can read English, but I’m not perfect because there are some words I can not easily understand.

Judge Sebutinde:  Can you point to the name Emmanuel Williams in the statement?