The prosecution is playing another clip from the documentary “Blood Diamonds”.  The clip gives an overview of Sierra Leone’s history since it was first encountered by Portuguese explorers in the 15th century, including its roots in the slave trade, colonial history, and the role of diamonds.

The documentary clip goes into the trade of diamonds into Liberia, and a diamond rush in the 1950s.  Under Siaka Stevens, who became president in 1967, his regime established a one-party state and nationalized the diamond trade.  Witness IS appears in the clip saying that Stevens brought in all kinds of “shady characters” including the American mafia.

The defense is objecting to others who spoke in the documentary clip who are not witnesses.  Defense counsel argues that Smillie is not a historian and is not qualified to testify about the history of SL.  Prosecution says the the history provided is very general, and that Smillie is qualified to talk about this general history.  The judge has ruled that Smillie has not been called as a historian; prosecution cannot introduce evidence through documentary clips.