Def: You had nothing to add to your Nov. 2002 statement?

W: I wanted to make clear concerning RUF in Sierra Leone, nothing to add. 

Next statement, Oct. 18, 2004, apparently 2 statements with the same date.  Def: do you recall speaking to officials of the Court on or before that date and providing more information to them?

W: Yes, concerning Windedo (sp.). 

Def: Testified in January 2005, remember that?

W: Yes.

Def: Interview notes from May 2007, recall speaking to Prosecutor office then and making further statement? 

W: Yes.

Def: Finally, you made another statement on June 26, 2007 concerning the bodies of your wife and childremn, recall that? 

W: Yes, that’s in my first statement as well. 

Def: This statement provides more detail?

W: Just had to ask me to say something about my children, didn’t go further than that. 

Def: 5 statements made altogether?  Please answer the question. No tricks are going on here.