Defense (Andrew Cayley) asks witness to look at first statement from Nov. 2002.  Reads statement – from time captured, RUF and AFRC would talk to me freely, some would say leader was Johnny Paul, their soldiers were more disciplined while RUF was more untrained and unruly.  Recall this?

W: Yes.  Recall statement.

Def: Concerning Johnny Paul Koroma?

W: Yes, said something about him.

Def: also see RUF as untrained and unruly as moved from place to place?

W: Something I heard other rebels saying.  Never taken on specific mission.  Had to ask for permission to go somewhere, was a captive.

Def: Know there were former SL army members in AFRC?

W: Yes. 

Def: SL Army was national army of SL?

W: Yes, they were AFRC or junta.  RUF and AFRC were 2 different groups.

Def: SL was a professional army?  W: Yes.