Cayley asks questions about how long Teh has been in the Hague.  Teh said he would never of heard about the Hague if not for this trial.  Has been here 7 days waiting to give evidence.  In preparing to give evidence, spent 1 1/2 days with Bangura.  Can’t answer if Bangura took notes, doesn’t know.  Cayley presses – was Bangura taking notes?  W: Yes, saw him writing, but don’t know if he was taking notes on what I was saying.

Cayley reads from Teh’s first statement: At Burkina, met Mosquito who asked to join forces but I told him I was a pastor and man of god and could not join them.  Mosquito said pray for us.  On 27 Jan. 2004, said had nothing to add to that statement.  Question: you didn’t mention in first statement that you wanted to be a Field Marshal in the RUF in January 2004? 

W: I did make that statement.  I took an oath and said this. 

Def: Did you or did you not tell this to the Prosecutor?

W: I said it.

Def: Why didn’t you correct this when read it on 27 Jan 2004?

W: Mr. Lawyer, now I know it was something not in that statement but I know I said it.  I testified under oath. 

Def: You’ve had opportunity to check statement to see if accurate over 7 days, right? 

W: Don’t know the laws of this Court.  Thought what said to Special Court in SL was same as here.

Def: Did Bangura show you statements?  W: Yes.  Def: Did you read them?  W: Read some, not all.  Didn’t take it as important at the time.  Could not read them all because only had time to meet for a day and a half.

Cayley continues to press on why Teh didn’t read prior statements. 

W: I would never forget things inflicted on me.

Def: Today , you say you had 3 visits with Mosquito?

W: Correct.

Def: But your first statement only refers to single visit with Mosquito.  Reads from statement.

W: No.  To walk from Superman Ground from Boedu was not an easy journey and I did that 3 times.  Teh goes through three incidents.