Defense: Did you ask Taylor where the Kimberlites were discovered?

IS: Didn’t, only had an hour with Taylor.

Defense: When preparing report did you investigate current state of diamond industry in any serious way in preparing report?

IS: Yes, we did.  Minister in Liberia keen to show us where new diamond find was.

IS agrees that knowledge of Liberian diamond industry is no where near knowledge of Sierra Leone diamond industry.  Is aware of diamond rush in Greensboro, there are a number of companies in Liberia undetaking exploration and always have been.

Defense questions statement in report concerning low quality of Liberian diamonds.  Source was from 1985.  IS says other sources exist and well known that Liberia is a producer of low quality value.

Defense questions on price of Liberian diamonds, value of $25-35 was price in the 1960s and 70s.  Work out now as something closer to $190-200?  IS: not sure you can say that, depends on the market for low quality goods. 

Defense: average carat value varies depending on variety of factors over time, including nature of rainy season.  IS agrees.  Defense: also depends on who controls miners?  IS: figures used for countries are export figures.  These are affected by factors mentioned.

Defense: Accepted that Belgian figures are worthless?  Attributing to actual production?  IS: Yes.

IS concedes no way to confirm process until Kimberly Process.