Defense: Right to say that other NGOs were raising whole question of origin of blood diamonds in 1990s? 

IS: First report was done by Global Witness on Angola on 1998.  Over 200 NGOs involved in campaign.  First Kimberly meeting was small, but participation increased with discussion of terms.  Kimberly Process came on line in January 2003 but not effective until mid-2003. 

Defense: Efforts by Liberia to participate in Kimberly Process? 

IS: Liberian minister did participate in Kimberly meetings, both tried to persuade that Liberia should be admitted.  General consensus was that Liberia was problematic and they were rejected.  Recalls Liberian minister saying what do we have to do be convince you we are serious about seeking to participate.

Defense questions on 8 invoices referenced earlier in IS testimony.  Says the Liberian maritime organization by the 1990s was completely contracted out and in practice was run by an American company? 

IS: told by the company itself, but Liberian government had strong influence over it.  Not entirely sure who running it, who was on board of directors. 

IS agrees none of 8 invoice addresses were found to exist.  Defense: Although you said shows direct link to Liberia, doesn’t does it?  IS: When pulled 8 invoices, was a Liberian connection.  Never said diamonds mined in SL or Liberia, broad subterfuge covering what actually going on.  Defense: If address didn’t exist, no Liberia connection?  IS: His understanding was that couriers were delivering there, forwarding post office address. 

The Defense suggests it would be better to delay until tomorrow given the time, as it would certainly take more than an hour to continue.  Can’t give anything other than “barristerial estimate which is as unreliable as Liberian diamond certificates.” 

Judge Sebutinde agrees to adjourn until tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. for a continuation of the testimony.

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  1. Dear Webmaster, I just discovered this new weblog covering the Sierra Leone war crimes trial of Charles Taylor via a link at the BBC News website. I think that it is a great idea and am quite familiar with other online free speech and information projects from the Open Society Institute (meaning this blog has a built-in reputation at launch). One problem that I have is your use of abbreviations for people’s names (IS, TM, etc.) If you could avoid the use of abbreviations and use full names or at least surnames with titles and descriptions of who these people are that would be very helpful. Thank you and good luck LiveBlogging Charlie’s day in court at The Hague (ICC). Hope that you brought along your sleeping bag ’cause this trial is gonna take a while to complete.

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