Day 15 of witness testimony – in closed session; indications of coordination problems between the Special Court and the International Criminal Court

The trial of Charles Taylor before Trial Chamber II of the Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL) continues this morning in closed session.  Despite indications that the judges intended the public gallery to remain open, albeit without audio of the proceedings, security staff of the International Criminal Court (ICC) did not let anyone enter.  ICC guards said that court was in closed session. 

The SCSL is paying the ICC for use of one of its courtrooms, as well as other facilities.  (The ICC does not yet have any trials in progress, and only two indictees in custody, both in the pre-trial phase.)  The confusion about access to the Taylor trial raises questions about the relationship between the SCSL and the ICC, and it is clear that there has been some friction between staff of the two institutions.


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