Death threats to the family of prosecution witness Varmuyan Sherif?

BBC News is reporting claims by Vamba Sherif, the brother of prosecution witness Varmuyan Sherif, that unknown men entered the family’s compound in Monrovia and made death threats, and that another written threat was subsequently received by the family.  The report comes one day after the Special Court prosecution raised concerns about identifying witnesses’ family members in open session.  It also comes one day after witness-protection concerns led the judges to order a closed session for the duration of testimony from the current witness.


  1. person like sheriff is just looking for favor from de international community to help him and his family from the suffering in liberia.
    no one care of his life.he is very sure of his testimony that will help him take justice to the place it,let him not be afraid of anything.

  2. What ever the case is with Mr. Sheriff It is bound to happened cause if u betrayed a man for sure those whith him will definitely want to face u.

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