Day 3 of witness testimony

Welcome back to the live-blog of the Charles Taylor trial before the Special Court for Sierra Leone, sitting in The Hague.  We will continue with our rolling summary of what transpires in the courtroom.  This is not a transcript, official or otherwise.  While we try to be as accurate as possible, there can be no guarantee of accuracy.

This morning we expect Taylor defense counsel Andrew Cayley to complete his cross-examination of the second prosecution witness, Alex Tamba Teh.  According to the witness list distributed by the court, the prosecution will then call its first so-called “insider witness”, purportedly a former associate of Taylor’s.

There is a half-hour delay to the media center here at the facilities of the International Criminal Court.  The trial was scheduled to resume at 9:00 this morning (8:00 in Sierra Leone and Liberia), which means that we should get underway here at 9:30.