11:30 a.m. Day 35 of Trial – Testimony of Lansana continues

The Court was alive with objections by the Defense Counsel and requests for clarification from the Judges’ bench this morning, accusing the Prosecution of leading the witness, while the Prosecution continued its examination of Foday Lansana.  Lansana, who appeared more impatient that yesterday, cracking his knuckles every few minutes,  gave details of whereabouts and communications between commanders at the time of the January 6th invasion of Freetown.  He also revealed a “misunderstanding” between Sam Bockarie and “Superman”, under whose command the witness was at the time.  Sam Bockarie having accused Superman of not carrying out his special orders to assassinate Saj Musa, and accusing him of keeping diamonds under the care of his Lebanese wife, whom Sam Bockarie referred to as “that idiot”.

Several pieces of evidence were also submitted to the Court, including a voice recording of Sam Bockarie on the BBC news, as well as a written document relating to the misunderstanding between Bockarie and Superman.  The witness also cited a statement made by Sam Bockarie to Gullit, an RUF commander, during the invasion of Freetown.

Among the “uncoutable” number of communications that the witness could recall between Gullit and Bockarie, was a radio communication order by Sam Bockarie to Gullit and all other commanders in Freetown when the troops were undergoing serious pressure by the ECOMOG.  Bockarie told them to ensure that they made themselves fearful, so that ECOMOG would not overrun their positions in FT, he said in Creole “Gulit, if it causes you to kill all the civilians, burn all the houses where you are, just so you won’t leave FT, you should go ahead and make sure to stay where you were, you should chase whoseoever should want to chase you, you know that FT is surrounded by the sea, you should chase them into the sea, burn any house, you should kill and make yourselves fearful, amputate higher arms, the civilians, let them go to the enemy, let them know that we are in something serious”.

 The Presiding judge adjourned this morning’s session, to reconvene at 12:00 p.m.