12:00 p.m. Day 35 of Trial – Prosecution completes examination of Lansana and Defense begins cross-examination

The Prosecutor solicited more information from the witness about the events following the invasion of Freetown, at which time the witness was in Lunsar, where he stayed until the signing of the peace accord in Lomé, after which he was involved in the first wave of disarmaments in Freetown in Port Koko on the orders of Foday Sankoh.  The witness then recalled trying and failing to meet with Charles Taylor in Monrovia to discuss the accusation against Superman that he and the Liberian troops under his command were a breakaway faction.  The meeting never occured, as the situation was apparently resolved between the people involved.

The witness then discussed his return to Sierra Leone in 2000, where he was soon arrested in Freetown and jailed at Pendemba Prison on 15 counts of “shooting with intent to murder and conspiracy to murder”.  It was unclear which particular incident was the subject of charges as Judge Lussick pointed out that the witness was arrested on 7 May 2000, and claimed that the arrest was partly founded on his alleged involvement in the shooting of 15 civilians at the residence of Foday Sankoh the following day.  The matter was not clarified by the Defense Counsel when it began its cross-examination.

The cross-examination was methodical and started by focussing on dates and names in relation to the arrest of the witness.  The accused, who had been taking notes assiduously during the examination in chief, put down his pen and listened attentively to his Counsel.  The Defense turned to the witness’ participation in the Special Court in Freetown.  The witness had apparently received some money from the investigators at the Special Court to purchase a suit for the interviews.  Mr. Anyah raised the question as to whether this was a practice used by the Special Court for other prisoners, though the witness denied having any knowledge of this.

On this note, Presiding Judge Doherty adjourned the session, to reconvene on Monday morning at 9:30 a.m.