Day 36 of the Trial – 12.00 a.m. Cross-examination of Prosectution Witness Lansana continues

Defense Counsel Morris Anyah continued to cross-examine Foday Lansana, taking him back and forth through his testimony of the previous three days concerning names, places and dates.
Anyah extensively questioned Lansara about whether or not promises were made to the Witness by representatives of the Office of the Prosecution (OTP)  in return for his testimony before the Court. Promises such as early release from his 10-year prison sentence, protection for himself and his family, and financial recompensation such as the payment of school fees for his children.
Anyah put before the Witness that in the timespan of 1990-1997 Lansara’s testimony about the many places he visited and/or was located as a radio operator and the many RUF/NPFL Commander he met, was the result of conversations he had with other inmates during his time in prison and not the result of what has happened to him personally. Lansana denied this.