5.00 p.m.

During the two afternoon sessions Defense Counsel Anyah again takes the Witness back and fort between events, names, places and dates.
The Defense established that, even though Lansana was captured by the RUF, he later voluntarily joined the NPFL. Apart from having worked for the RUF as a radio operator and monitor, Lansana testified to have participated in combat, in 1994 for the RUF, in 1998 with the NPFL in Makeni and Kono.

Lansana testified that the radio operator Alice Payne was at the time his girlfriend. When the Defense asked Lansana about her present whereabouts, Prosecutor Christopher Santora requested the Court to enter into private session, which was granted. When the Court goes into private session, the public may remain in the public gallery, but the sound system is disconnected. (For your information: a closed session will not allow the public to be present at all.) During this time Taylor conferred extensively with both his Counsels Anyah and Munyard. After about 20  minutes the private session ended and the sound system was again connected to the public gallery.

Anyah continued by establishing several time spans when Lansana either did not work as a radio operator or did not function well as such:
– from April 1991 – April 1992, when the NPFL was ordered out of Sierra Leone, Lansana was on probation;
– between 1996 – 1997 in Kangari Hills Lansana could not function properly as radio operator due to language difficulties;
– from May 1997 until February 1998 Lansana was not assigned with monitoring messages but was assigned to being a protocol officer.

At this point at 4.30 p.m. Presiding Judge Doherty adjourns the Court until tomorrow 9.30 a.m.