12.00 a.m. – Day 23: Continuation of Prosecution examination of former RUF radio operator Perry Kamara

The Witness continues his testimony concerning his travelling to Rosos in the company of Alfred Brown and other senior radio operators. They travelled with a group of 250 AFRC members, 60 RUF members and an unknown number of STF members. The RUF fighters consisted of Red Lions and a Cobra batallion. 1 September 1998 they left Koinaduku for a 21 day trip to Rosos. Commander was 05, name unknown. They travelled in a zig zag pattern. The Witness recalls the names of three towns: Karina, Pendembu and Mateboy. They destroyed these towns, abducted people and amputated hands and arms to make people fearfull. The Witness points out main radio locations on the map. In Rosos Gullit was still in charge. They carried out two missions in Rosos.

In november 1998 Sarh Musa came to Rosos. He wanted to separate from the RUF and the AFRC. He planned to attack Freetown with himself in charge and Gullit as second in command. On their way to Freetown Sarh Musa died and Gullit took over command. In december 1998 they were close to Freetown and in January 1999 they attacked Freetown against instructions from Mosquito.