12.00 a.m. – Day 30 of the Trial: Crime-Base Witnesses continue to give their testimony

Prosecutor Shyamala Alagendra continued to examine Witness TF1-101. The Witness testified that he had seen Rambo once before Rambo stopped the killings and amputations and that he was aware that Rambo was a rebel. The Witness concluded by stating that his hands were amputated on 19 January 1999. The Defense had no questions.

Subsequently the expert report of Beth Vann MSW (Master of Social Work) was discussed. Defense Counsel Terry Munyard objected to extracts of the report being submitted. The Court upheld the objection. Prosecutor Alagendra subsequently summarized the report, which focussed on war-related sexual abuse of women and children during the civil war in Sierra Leone, mostly committed by RUF and AFRC members, commenly referred to as “the rebels”.

Towards the end of the first session, Witness TF1-192 was called to the stand, who recounted events that took place in Bomboafuidu (Kono District) during the rainy season of 1998. Rebels came to this village, which caused the civilian population to flee into the bush. After some weeks in the bush, some people returned to Bomboafuidu. However, the rebels found them and other civilians and forced the civilians to have sexual intercourse while the rebels themselves watched. Women were beaten and abused.