14:30 p.m. – Day 34 of the Trial – Testimony of the Prosecution Witness Foday Lansana continues

Some further details emerged about radio communication codes this afternoon, including the fact that the Witness continued to monitor radio communications of the RUF even after his mandate changed when Trawalli replaced Foday Sankoh as acting leader and general commander of the RUF. Lansana also had access to codes for pretedermined frequencies which commanders used to establish private communications between them. Lansana also explained that he was aware of messages sent from the point of delivery to Sam Bockarie in anticipation of each delivery of materiel (arms and ammunitions). In monitoring radio communications, Lansana had knowledge of calls from Foday Sankoh to Trawalli in which he tried to change his mind about the peace talks. Sankoh had apparently himself been convined by his brother, Charles Taylor, that the peace talks were an opporunity to expand connections between Sierra Leone and Liberia, which was much needed since every line on route to the RUF was cutt off and it was not clear whether the RUF would survive. The Prosecutor then turned to other issues in his examination. Namely, fleshing out the relationship between Lansana and Dennis Mingo (aka “Superman”), commander in the RUF, who came to his defense when Lansana discovered a plot against his life set up by Rambo (Liberian front-line fighter in the RUF). Further details also emerged about the process by which the RUF procured materiel in spite of the fact that the commander charged with the procurement, Issa Sesay, lost the diamonds intended to pay for the materiel, as well as the way in which the RUF worked alongside the AFRC after the AFRC coup overthrowing the NPRC in 1997.The Presiding Judge then adjourned the Court until 9:30 a.m, tomorrow morning.