13:30 p.m. – Day 34 of the Trial – Testimony of the Prosecution Witness Foday Lansana continues

The Witness’ direct examination continued on the subject of codes used in radio communications, and which were developed based on those used by the NPFL.  Lansana also explained more extensively his role in training radio operators for the RUF.  Lansana took the Court through a document used to train the “black guards” – body guards to Foday Sankoh, training which the Witness was involved in carrying out from the beginning of 1992 in Pendembu and later in Kangari Hills from 1994 to 1997. Lansana explained that only operators would have access to such codes (which contained word, location, rank and name codes). Although his mandate changed once Sam Bockarie took acting leadership of the RUF, the Witness explained that he continued to have access to the codes and to monitor radio communications. One of the names listed on the code document was that of General Ibrahim.  Lansana attested that this was the financial comptroller of the RUF under the instruction of Sam Bockarie while Foday Sankoh was in prison in Nigeria, as well as his business associate – indeed Sam Bockarie’s “best friend”. Lansana met General Ibrahim on several occasions in Liberia, and on one of these occasions General Ibrahim gave Lansana US $500 for “shopping”. The Court adjourned for lunch, to resume at 14:30.