2 p.m.

At 12.00 a.m. Prosecutor Alagendra continued to examine the Witness. She testified that after two days in Kalabataa all girls were taken to Makeni (via Waterloo), where they were handed over to Brigadier Issa Sesay, commander in the RUF. The girls stayed in his house to do chores. After three weeks, she and the other girls were taken to Buedu and handed over to Mosquito (Sam Bockarie, at that time Commander in Chief of the RUF), the chief of the rebels, as the Witness put it. She was then handed over to Krio Mammy to be trained together with 20 girls in Makeni. They were taught to crawl and fire guns. The RUF rebels marked the girls’ chests with the letters “RUF”, using knives, so the girls would always be linked to the RUF, even if they succeeded to escape. The Prosecution then showed photographs of the Witnesses’ marked chest.

After six months of training, the girls were returned to Issa Sesay in Makeni, where they were forced to “marry” RUF rebels. The Witness became pregnant, but managed to escape when the war was coming to an end. She returned to Wellington and was reunited with her parents, who were still alive. Later, she had a baby girl.
On direct orders of Charles Taylor, the Defense had no questions for the Witness, as they stated not to be in a position to interrogate the Witness.