2.00 p.m.

The Witness testifies that the combatants were given orders to take food for themselves. This is known as “Operation Pay Yourself”, meaning the combatants could take anything they wanted from civilians. From each town they passed, they took food, abducted children and women, killed husbands or abducted male civilians for forced labor. Furthermore, the RUF and AFRC instructed the combatants to make the Kono area fearsome.

The Witness testifies to the communication he received to rob a bank in Koidu. The stolen money and diamonds from this bank were being traded for food, ammunition and arms with Charles Taylor.

The Witness also explains how they recorded data in logbooks. He is being shown several documents, which he identifies as records of names and ranks of officers, of captured civilians, of captured women being forced into marriage with commanders.


  1. Please go back to the original format where you transcribe as best as possible what the witness answers are to the prosecution or defense lawyers questions.

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