5.00 p.m.

Court resumes at 2.30 p.m. Mohamed Bangura introduces Karsten Keith as Prosecutor.

The Witness gives further testimony related to names and ranks on the document shown to him during the morning session and identified by him as a logbook.

The Witness relates to places and procedures connected with diamond mining, how the mining was organised around Koidu area and what the diamonds were used for.

The Witness testifies to three major operations that took place during the time he was in Superman Grounds:

  1. Bumpeh Mission
  2. Goaltown ambush
  3. Fitti Fatta Mission

The Witness relates to the why and how of the establishment of a new base in Rosos in the Bombali District in the north of Sierra Leone.

The Court adjourns at 4.30 p.m. until tomorrow 9.30 a.m.


  1. I am sorry but this format is wrong. I cannot make an inform decision based on your summary of trial testimony. I used to religiously follow the question and answer of the trial. Is there another website that is providing this format?

  2. From 1989 to 1997, Charles Taylor led the National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL), a rebel group that sought to unseat Liberia’s then-president, Samuel K. Doe, and later to take over control of the country. Taylor gained international notoriety for the brutal abuses of civilians perpetrated by his NPFL forces in Liberia, and for use of child soldiers organized by the NPFL into “Small Boy Units.” On July 19, 1997, the conflict ended when Charles Taylor was elected president of Liberia in an election in which there was an implicit threat that Taylor would resume fighting if he lost.
    Before we know go past history can we find out first the root caues of how the war stated in Sierra Leone. Where did Charles Taylor came form before he went to Sierra Leone? We do not have to sit and allow international community tell us what they want us to know. How did Charles Taylor leave the Jail House? When he left and how? Where did he go? Who took him there and why? To get rid of Samuel K. Doe and what happen after.
    They should sall him say how he got to Liberis . From where and who help me then we can now know what happen in Sierra Leone. If they ghave not help him to get out of the jail house he willnot have gone to Sierra Leone. i wish I hade the opptunity to fine out the root causes of the war in Liberia. Who were the primary actors in the conflict? Who were he secondry actors? Who else has influence over events?
    We as Africans should not sit down and allow this to happen we need to know from Charles Taylor who help him and we can put a stop to them.
    I have been colleting stories from prepetrators in Liberia since 2004. I have had so many stories and we need to hear what happen before he went to Sierra Leone that is were the war started?

  3. Bethuel Goodridge,

    You can access the trial transcripts at sc-sl.org. Click on the picture of Charles Taylor and the menu will come up.
    I believe this blog site will lose it’s appeal if they do not reverese their decision of not reporting live witness accounts from the trial.

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