Witness TF1-371 in seventh day of testimony

Prosecution witness TF1-371 provided a seventh day of testimony in closed session before the Special Court. We understand from Court personnel that the witness provided 16 hours of direct testimony and is now completing an equally-lengthy cross-examination by Taylor’s defense counsel. It is believed that the cross-examination will end shortly. However, Court personnel noted that the Prosecution will likely have an opportunity for further questioning on redirect, which suggests that the Court will remain in closed session for at least a few more hours.


  1. I don’t know the rationale or jurisprudence behind SCSL closed session. My concern stems from the fact that many observers see the trial of Charles Taylor as politically motivated. The closed session of his renders the entire process opaque. The closed session many observers believe that SCSL has something to hide. Come on, why will witnesses be afraid to testefy in open court? I still can’t understand what you called closed session.

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