10:08 – proceedings delayed briefly

9:30 (10:00 with the delay in video and audio): Court is in session.

Presiding Judge Doherty notes that Charles Taylor is not in the courtroom.

Judge Doherty references an urgent, confidential motion on additional protective measures filed by the prosecution yesterday, but defense says it has not yet had a chance to read it.

Taylor has arrived in the building, but is not yet in the courtroom. Court management says it will take ten more minutes for the accused to be brought into court. Judge Doherty asks lead counsel Courtenay Griffiths what caused the delay. Griffiths says there was a serious accident on the motorway outside of The Hague, and security did not want to become stuck in traffic, so returned to the detention facility until the roads were clear.

Court will adjourn briefly until Taylor is brought into court.