Change of Blogging Format from Unofficial Transcripts to Daily Summaries

We wish to inform our numerous readers that we are changing the daily blogging format from the “Unofficial Transcripts” that we have always put out to that of the “Daily Summaries” format. This is the first step towards several changes that we will be making to the website over the coming weeks in order to make the site more reader friendly to our numerous individual readers, the media, and civil society.

The new format will give the same regular report of proceedings but in the form of summaries of the proceedings for each trial session of the day. We will, however, ensure that we create a link to the daily official transcripts that are published by the Special Court for Sierra Leone. This will ensure that no one is at a loss as readers can read both the summaries that we publish and the official transcripts of the proceedings from the Court.

This change in blogging format will commence when the Trial Chamber resumes hearings on Wednesday July 2, 2008. We hope that this new format will be more beneficial to our readers.


  1. Will it be possile to post some of the evidence that is talked about in the trial( pics, docs, maps)

  2. Summarizing causes one to wonder what will be left out. You lose credibility here. You are in charge to do what you want, but don’t patronize us by saying you’re doing it to make it more “user friendly.” What is being covered up here?

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