Prosecution Leads Witness TF1-567

Court convened at 9:30 on Wednesday July 2, 2008. Prosecution called Witness TF1-567. The witness testified in Krio, with facial and voice distortion, with private or closed sessions when necessary. 

The witness spoke about his capture and subsequent training by NPFL rebels fighting for the RUF in Bunumbu in 1991.

The witness said that after the training, he was chosen as one of the Mansion Security Guards to Foday Sankoh. He said that when the Black Guards Group was later formed to be personal bodyguards to Foday Sankoh, he was chosen as one of them. He spoke of times when he accmpopanied Sankoh to see Charles Taylpr in Liberia. The witness said that on such visits, they returned with arms and ammunition which were supplied to them by Taylor. He said he ramained bodyguard to Sankoh upto the time of his arrest in May 2000.

The witness said that the first attack on Kono in 1992 was led by Mosquito. He said that the attack was launched in order to get diamonds, which would be taken to Taylor in return for diamonds.

Presidning Judge Dougherty indicated the time for the mid morning break. The Court adjourned for 30 minutes.