12.00 p.m. Examination continues after midmorning break

In spite of objections by the Defense, documents being handwritten lists that were made to indicate the Sierra Leonians in the 80U Base, were shown to the Witness, who was asked to mark all names of persons that were killed during the time of the execution of Sam Bockarie at the checkpoints and the names of the persons he learned that were killed, in relation to the killing of Sam Bockarie, when he returned in 2003 to Monrovia. All persons were killed pursuant to the general order by Charles Taylor in relation to the death of Sam Bockarie (early May 2003 in Nimba). The killings occurred from May 2003 until June 2003. The witness reads the names of the people he marked, beginning with Mohamed Barrie and Kamokai Kallon, who were killed. In total about 40 officers were killed who were mentioned on the first list (of the about 120 names). He can only identify 1 officer that was killed who was mentioned on the second list. He can identify 4 of 11 persons of the mechanics group that were killed mentioned on the third list. All people on the lists were Sierra Leonians, except for Deday Koney No 106 on list 1, who was Liberian. Witness is included in list 1 No 2. The lists are registered with the Court.

At 2.30 p.m. Court is adjourned for the lunch break.