Examination of witness TF1-388 Jabati Jaward continues

The Hague,

July 14, 2008

Court is in open session beginning at 9.30 a.m. (with half an hour audio/video delay).

In response to questions by Prosecutor Mohamed Bangura, the witness stated to the following:
He met General Ibrahim in Voinjama who was on his way to Buedu in December 1999. They went by truck with a diamond mining machine to Kongo. The machine was from Charles Taylor. The witness was taken to a location of the CNC where he was tied and blindfolded. Sylvester and Jungle rescued him from execution and took him to jail. Sylvester and Jungle confirmed that they had killed Sam Bockarie, his wife and all troops that went with him to Bankoi. The overall boss to this execution was Benjamin Yeaten. All soldiers were given orders that all men should be killed and various soldiers at checkpoints were given these orders. Charles Taylor issued such a general execution order. Jungle informed him of the reasons of the death of Sam Bockarie: his presence was threatening as the UN searched him and Bockarie could inform them of the involvement of Charles Taylor in the RUF, furthermore Charles Taylor was not satisfied with him anymore as Bockarie was involved with other people to overthrow Charles Taylor. Therefore the indictment by the UN related to the situation in Sierra Leone caused his death. Sam Bockarie was very close to Charles Taylor and Charles Taylor was trying to deny that he had any connection with the situation.
After the break Witness will indicate which Sierra Leonians of the 80U Base were killed with the help of a list.
At 11.30 a.m. Court is adjourned for the midmorning break.