Court Resumes After Lunch Break: Cross-Examination of Witness Jabati Jaward Continues

2:30pm: Court resumed after lunch break and defense consel Terry Munyard continued the cross-examination of witness Jabati Jaward.

Defense counsel Munyard sought to highlight inconsistencies in the witness’s written statement to the prosecution and that of his oral testimony in court. Defense tried to highlight portions in witness’s written statement where he said he had first seen Vamunya Sheriff in 1996 when he fought for ULIMO K. In his oral testimony, the witness said he only met Vamunya in 2000 when he worked with the Taylor government in Liberia. The witness said that prosecution must have misquoted him when taking his statement

Defense counsel also raised concerns as to why the witness only spoke about Sam Bockarie and Vamunya Sherriff traveling together for the purchase of diamonds in March when he did not say so in his earlier statements.

Defense counsel referenced infightings between the RUF and AFRC as well as among RUF commanders themselves. Witness agreed with defense counsel.

Court adjourned for the day.